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Have you Entered to Win the Losi 5IVE-T Today?

5ive-t_win Just a reminder, we are giving away a A brand new 1/5th scale Losi 5IVE-T! Mind blown right? If you haven’t entered, make sure you head over to the Official Giveaway Page.

We expect entries to hit record numbers for us, but if you haven’t entered, you can’t win. The deadline for entries is April 29th, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.

What's new: Monday, June 28th, 2010

vampire rc lipoNew from Vampire Racing is a 1/18th scale 1800 mah LiPo battery. They are hard cased, and ready to put your micro to work!

Check out the Vampire Racing site for more info.

So I was at a local track this weekend trying to finish up the BigSquid test of the HPI Blitz ESE, and there were a number of other rc enthusiasts there. I approach them all and ask a simple question, “Who’s gonna win the nats this weekend?”. Simple enough question really, and if you are a core racer, or work for a race oriented company within the industry, you’d know immediately what “nats” I was talking about. Well, none of the guys I asked this question to were hard core racers, but they were deep enough into the hobby that they were actually at a track busting out laps. To boil their answers down, none of them knew what “nats” were ever going on over the weekend.

Now my sample size was quite low, and it might have been quite biased, but zero out of ten rc guys at my local track had any idea the ROAR Nitro off-road nats were going down over the weekend. So of course I had to probe further, and while all of them “cared” about who won the big rc races, none seemed to know just what the important races were now days. Additionally, when asked who their favorite drivers were, they only had two answers, Drake and Tebo, and they couldn’t come up with any names besides those two. When questioned yet even further, the main reason why none of these guys tried to keep up with the current race scene was due to overload. When they log on to their favorite rc sites, or look in the mags, they see ad after ad, and pic after pic of “big winners/national champions”, all of which are different people. When there are 30 national champions, it’s hard to remember them all.

There are a lot of companies that spend a LOT of money to send guys racing with their rc products. Do they not see how watered down a “big” race win has become? Do they not see their precious marketing dollars going to waste? At the end of the day, if Team Joe Bobs best factory driver wins the biggest race in the world, but nobody realizes it, was it money well spent? Of course not…..

Congrats need to go out to Jared Tebo and Kyosho for sweeping the 2010 ROAR nitro off-road nats this year, winning both buggy and truggy classes. Sweeping those classes against the incredible competition at that event, is a monumentally difficult thing to do. But guess what? A couple dozen other national champions have already been crowned this year, and there are plenty more national championships left. Jared could easily win another half dozen before the year is over. Does that really make any sense? Can’t we just make ONE really important national championship, instead of having 30 that the masses can’t or won’t follow??????

That’s it for this week, as always, support your local hobby shops, tracks, and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Sunday, June 27th, 2010

We added another video to our Big Squid RC YouTube Channel . This was a fun little shoot. We were at our local hobby shop, when a friend of ours from 3DHobbyShopRocks came by with a couple of planes he was looking to ‘retire’. Of course Bill’s eyes got real wide real quick! We grabbed the 4×4 Traxxas Slash, a couple of ramps, and went to work. It was raining pretty good, and was super windy, so you are looking at some AMAZING flying skill there!

Enjoy! Also note, there is a higher res version on YouTube.

I have another video in the works where Bill and I did a little skatepark invasion. Those are always fun, but we always end up with a lot more parts then when we left.

Pro-Line swamper tires
Another sneak peak from Pro-Line shows their new Interco TSL Super Swamper tires! These tires are designed to be true scale with an official license from Interco Tire Corporation. They will be out soon for 2.2 and 1.9 scale trucks!
Head over to the Pro-Line website for details.

What's new: Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Photo of the Week:

Jumps by mikeTYKEallen

(re)Build log: TMaxx 2.5 Engine/Truck rebuild – Good rundown of how to break down and fix up an old engine.

Shopping Around: Lots of summer deals online. Free Shipping @ Tamiya, 15% off @ Pro-Line, 10% off @ Voodoo Modifieds.

This Weekend: I’m at the ROAR Off-Road Fuel Nats handing out stickers.

Video of the Week:
I’m having all kinds of issues with Flash on my computer, so I haven’t been able to find any videos. Here’s a link to a search of YouTube for radio control videos uploaded in the last week, find your own.

What's new: Friday, June 25th, 2010

Check out this new truck from HPI Racing and TSA Motorsports. The HPI Mini-Trophy Truck is an all new RTR 1/12 scale, 4wd, Desert Truck that was designed in conjuction with TSA Motorsports as they built the full scale version to be raced in the 7200 class of the SNORE desert racing series. There’s not much info available about the Mini-Trophy yet, HPI tells us to keep an eye on our favorite RC news site… obviously referring to Big Squid, so when we get the info, so will you.

Read the full press release at HPI’s web site.

The fine folks at Tamiya America have decided they want to offer up some free shipping from their online store on orders over $50.  The deal is only good through the 29th, so hurry up and get to buying.

Check out the Tamiya Online Store for more info.

They are taking place at Colorado Fast Track @ Aztec Motocross Speedway just east of town on Highway 94 this weekend.  I’m going to be there tomorrow and Sunday spectating what I’m sure will be some great racing action.  I’ll also have a load of stickers on me to give away.  Remember, stickers are like currency around this place.  If you can’t easily identify me from my old picture, just start yelling “HEY BIG SQUID RC GUY!  WHERE ARE YOU?” as loud as you can and I’ll find my way to you.  I’ll also have a Big Squid RC sticker on my shirt (since Brian keeps forgetting to send me a proper t-shirt).  I’ll try to be there at 9:00 am both days.

I was told by one of the organizers today that there is no entrance fees for spectators and while there are bleachers it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring your own chair.

For some more info check out the Colorado Fast Track web site.

Directions from the South (Pueblo)

Directions from the North (Denver)

Pro-Line summer sale
Just got word that Pro-Line is having a SUMMER SALE! This weekend, get free shipping on orders over $75 AND 15% off any online orders all weekend!
Update: coupon code no longer needed!

Head over to the Pro-Line Sale website for details and some savings!

Pro-Line closed cell 1/10 scale
A little sneek peak from Pro-Line looks like we will be getting 1/10th scale closed cell buggy foams in our near future! Sounds like they are in testing now, and rumor has it we can expect to see these in peoples hands around August.
Head over to the Pro-Line website for details.

A day late, but back better than ever (not… LOL)! I’ve been working on our Blitz ESE test this week and missed my deadline for Ask Cubby, but here ya’ll go…..

“Dear Brian & Squiddy,
I wanted to let y’all know, “great job on your editorial reviews.” I love going to your page every day and reading BigSquidRC, keep up the excellent work. I respect your views and opinions a lot,
especially from fellow bashers! Since I’ve been reading your web site I have learned a lot of things! Also I’ve started a project on a 2wd Traxxas Slash and recently just finished it (most of my
idea’s came from your site), I thought that I would share a couple of pictures before I went out completely destroyed my project Slash. “lol” I want to apologize for the lack of a BigSquidRC sticker(s)
in advance.
slash fan slash fan

Cubby- Nice pics of your Slash JP, but there is no excuse for not having BigSquid stickers plastered everywhere from your Slash, to the front door of your house and 1:1 ride. :)

And JP, you sound like a true Core basher- you build up a way super dope project just to taco it out jumping it off the roof of your house. Our kind of guy for sure. :)


My name is Jeff, I am wondering if you’d like to exchange links with JustAreaRugs.c0m? If so, please let me know and we can go from there.Thanks for your time.

Cubby- Jeff, Brian said I couldn’t post your email, but I decided to give it the green light. I mean, I really don’t think our readers have any idea the crazy emails we get here, and I’m all about giving our readers the full scoop. You aren’t going to see RedRC or RCCA posting a readers email like this one, but at BigSquid we don’t hold anything back.

With that said, Jeff- I’ll be checking the mail every day for an uber new silk rug for under my desk, and I’m thinking Brian digs some sort of leather, both types I see listed on your site. And ya, thanks in advance, my lil’ piggies are looking forward to it! :)


That’s it for this week ya bunch of dirty skallywags. Send in your strange links, home made ice cream, lightly used underwear, and mouse eradication tools to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

I saw two very interesting RC related things happen on Fathers Day. The first one while I was on my way to the store to pick up some food for the grill. I was driving around a corner when I saw this girl (around 14) dart out into the road to pick something up. I slowed down, not because I didn’t want to run her over… well, that was part of it, but because she had a RC controller in one hand, and a RC motorcycle in the other! I thought to myself how rare of a site this was. First, you just don’t see that many girls into RC. (Mini Squid is an exception….but she doesn’t get much The other odd thing was that she had a motorcycle. When you take the small, tiny, itsy bitsy percent of people that run RC motorcycles, then take the percent of that, that are girls. It has to be a negative number. I had actually thought about stopping, saying hello, and giving her some Big Squid RC stickers for her cycle, but better judgment kept me from being arrested for trying to talk to a kid about her toy. “No really officer, I run this website…”, “Yea yea.. Get in the car!”

The second RC sighting on Fathers Day, was one that makes me cringe a little. We were driving to dinner, and one of the neighborhoods we drive through is a bit Richie Rich. I look over to see a guy, and two kids standing almost on top of a very large RC helicopter. Were talking like Raptor 90 size here. All sorts of warnings started going off in my head. They were on a slight hill, with houses on either side of them by about 20 feet, a gate in front of them, and a pond behind them. The area was WAY too small for this size chopper unless he was a seriously skilled pilot. The way they were standing over it, while he had it on a angle looking for a ON switch, or starter or something just screamed that he was probably not a seriously skilled pilot. Again, I kept driving. Mostly because we were on the other side of the gate (semi gated community) and partially because I didn’t want to witness what was about to happen if he did find the ON switch. As I sat there at dinner, I recreated what I thought was the likely scenario in my head. Wife walks into a hobby shop and says, my husband mentioned that he saw someone flying a RC helicopter, and it was cool. I have a lot of money.. set me up! (I have been in shops and witnessed that exact thing happen.. and it’s never with something easy.. like an electric car. ) and my guess is, this was the fathers day gift.. come on kids, lets go fly daddy’s new toy! Dude.. if your reading this, and it was you, I hope things went good! Seriously though.. you need a bigger field!

If either the girl, or the dad is reading this, drop me a line, I’ll get you some stickers! It seems Cubby’s dream may be starting to become more and more real… RC is slowly going a little more mainstream. All I can say is, I’m glad I can be along for the ride!

Hope all you dads had a great Fathers Day! RC is a great way to spend some ‘friend time’ with the kids!

What's new: Thursday, June 24th, 2010

More power is always better, bigger motors are always better, strong motor mounts to keep those bigger and more powerful motors are always better.  Kershaw Designs has a new motor mount for the Traxxas Revo and Summit that will let you securely bolt on those bigger and more powerful motors.  The Kershaw Designs XXL motor mounts will let you mount Kershaw’s own monstrous XXL motors and various large Castle Creations motors such as the 1518 1Y, 1520 1Y, and 1717.  The mounts raise the motor height slightly to clear the rear shock tower.  These mounts are available directly from Kershaw for $29.00.  Check out the Kershaw Designs web site for more info and ordering.