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losi micro truggy

Losi 1/24 Micro Truggy

Looks like Losi just announced the new 1/24 Micro Truggy. Comes RTR with oil filled shocks, 2-1 esc/receiver, molded composite chassis, it’s 4WD, threaded axles with no e-clips, and a AM radio. I guess to try and keep the price down they went back to a AM radio, because they just announced their Micro SCT was coming with a 2.4 [...]


Novak GTB X Drive Ballistic System

Novak GTB 2 w/X-Drive Ballistic System

A new combo from Novak is the Novak GTB 2 X-Drive LP ESC and Ballistic Brushless motor. The GTB 2 is a sensor-based esc built for all non-timing spec style classes for 2WD buggy racing. You can get it with either a 8.5T or 17.5T motor which are all spec legal. Head on over to the Novak website [...]


Motorama 2012 Video

A couple of weeks ago we posted a bunch of pictures from the Motorama 2012 event. We just got word from our Hobbico friends of a video they just released from the show. Enjoy!


ASK Cub Reporter, 02.29.2012, Version- Bring The Questions O…

Cubby, I’m looking at getting a mini to have fun with in and out of the house. Just wondering if you have any preference between the small scale stuff. RC18T or RC18r or losi 1/24 rally, I’ve ruled out the mini-z’s as they are indoor only. Also need to get something a 2year old can play with so a little [...]


xo-1 winner

We Have Our XO-1 Winner!!

Wow! What a contest what was! We had over 500 entries in this one.. that has to be some sort of record for us. The official winner of our Big Squid XO-1 Contest is Duston D. from Mankato, Minnesota !! Congratulations! Your entry was picked by our random number generator, and now it’s all yours! An email has been sent [...]


thunder tiger bmw m3 gt2

Thunder Tiger Goes BMW M3 GT2 Crazy

Word from Thunder Tiger is that a bunch of their on-road vehicles will now be available with the BMW M3 GT2 Body. It will be availiable on the Tomahawk VX and MX as well as the Sparrowhawk VX and DX. So if you looking for a little more style, head over to the Hit the Thunder Tiger site for more [...]


Duratrax Tool

Duratrax 12-Tip Multi Driver Tool

Now this looks like something every RC tool box needs!  DuraTrax just announced their new 12 Tip Multi Driver Tool. It stores 6 double sided tool bits in the handle, the cap rotates to the selected bit. Bit length is also adjustable. Look for it at your local shops or online in March! Hit the official Duratrax page for more [...]


traxxas xo-1 skate park

Just a Few Hours Left for XO-1 Contest!

Just a reminder, only few hours left to register for our Big Squid XO-1 Contest!! If you haven’t done it yet, you don’t have much time. Good luck!


Lets Chat Here Tonight!

Hey All! Instead of chatting in the forum, lets chat here on the front page.. Comments are on! Post Away.. Stop by and say hi! I dare ya!



Traxxas XO-1 Review

The Traxxas XO-1 ReviewWe finally got our hands on the Traxxas XO-1, easily one of the most talked about car releases of the year. This was Traxxas’s answer for a Supercar. There was controversy from the beginning, and there was also a lot of praise. This is probably the most anticipated and honest reviews of the Traxxas XO-1 you [...]


rpm slash a-arms

RPM Green Slash A-Arms

Need some new A-Arms? Want them in Green? RPM just released new rear a-arms for the Traxxas Slash 2WD as well as front and rear a-arms for the Slash 4×4. So if you have a green Monster Energy paint scheme going on right now, these will be the arms to finish off your look! Check out the RPM website for [...]


team durango

Team Durango DESC210R and DEST210R

Team Durango has just posted a teaser about their upcoming DESC210R and DEST210R Short Course and Stadium trucks that are coming soon. They are using something they are calling ‘hybrid technology’ which allows their gearbox to be adjusted to effect weight, balance and torque. In true Durango fashion, the first teaser does not show much, but it will still make [...]


Anza LCG Chassis for Traxxas Slash

Firelands Anza LCG Conversion for Traxxas Slash Review

Firelands Anza LCG Conversion for Traxxas Slash ReviewIt seems like forever ago that we heard about the Firelands Group was going to be putting out a LCG (Low Center of Gravity) Chassis upgrade for the Traxxas Slash. Then when we finally got to see a picture, we thought WOW, this could be interesting! Then we got one in our hands, [...]


acer superworm wire

Acer SuperWorm Now in 10 Gauge

I know a few people that have been digging the Acer Racing SuperWorm wire, and they have just announced that it’s now available in 10 Gauge 1000 strand 5 foot sections. You get 5 feet of black, and 5 feet of red for $9.99. It’s also available in 12,14, and 16 gauge if you are looking for something different. Head [...]


max amps low voltage alarm Low Voltage Alarm

MaxAmps has sent word that they have a new LiPo product/accessory available. It’s the smallest Lipo Battery Tester and Low Voltage Alarm. Just plug it into the JST-XH style balancing tap on your LiPo battery during discharge and it will let you know when it’s time to unplug. It will also let you check the status of your pack at any [...]