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thunder innovations 4 shoe

New Pro One 4 Shoe Clutch System From Thunder Innovations

8th scale nitro buggies are a favorite among the bashing crowd because they rarely break. Hobby-Pro USA and Thunder Innovations has a new Pro One 4 shoe clutch that fits most 8th scale buggies (except Kyosho). Their new clutch is said to smooth out power delivery without losing any low end power. The Thunder Innovations clutch system comes with a [...]


MaxAmps Updated 12 Volt

Updated MaxAmps 12 Volt Power Supply

MaxAmps are not only makers of fine batteries but they also have high output DC power supplies. Recently the MaxAmps crew updated their power supply line-up by adding front grills, putting on fresh wraps, and making small internal changes. The 12 volt model shown above is good for 47 amps of output and costs right at $80. For complete specs [...]


Hot Racing Wheel TQ

Hot Racing Steering Wheel for Traxxas TQ Radios

Traxxas has sold untold amounts of ready to run trucks that come equipped with their TQ radio. Hot Racing just happens to make an upgrade aluminum steering wheel that not only increases the looks of the TQ, but also comes with better foam on the wheel for improved grip. The Hot Racing upgrade wheel comes in different colors, is constructed [...]


proline mystery tire

Pro-Line Has Trick New Mystery Tires

You don’t stay the leader in tire technology by sitting on your hands, and yesterday the hard working crew over at Pro-Line posted a sneak peak of one of their New Tires. As you can see by the pic their new tire is small pinned for track use, but Pro-Line makes a tire for every terrain, Badlands and Trenchers are [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 06.28.2012, Version- I Leave You Longing F…

HPI Bullet Parts Hoi Bigsquid, Mij name is Jeroen B and i am from Holland. I just read that a part was broken from the HPI bullet. 2 years ago I bought a HPI Bullet MT and a do have a lot of parts. Perhaps I can help you. Can you tell me what part(s) you need? My experience with this car [...]


pivothead glasses

Pivothead HD Video Glasses

I recently stopped in to our Hobby Town in Orland Park, and Steve (the owner) was testing out some new video recording sunglasses from a company called Pivothead. There are a lot of people in RC that are often trying to record themselves doing stuff, but it you haven’t tried, it’s very difficult to film AND drive or fly at [...]


axial exo rtr

Axial EXO RTR Unboxing Pictures

We recently posted the Axial news about the EXO RTR coming soon. Well today it showed up at the office, so here are a few pictures before we go beat up on it and start the review process. You can see the Castle system in a few of the shots. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img [...]


MIP Tuning Package

MIP Has A Pro4mance Chassis and Tuning Package for the Losi …

The good guys over at MIP not only make the best tools on the market but they have just released an upgraded chassis and tuning kit for the Losi Ten SCTE. The MIP tuning set comes with a new chassis, shock towers, springs, center drive-shafts and more. Performance is improved thanks to less weight, better shock pistons and springs, and [...]


BZM Losi Motor

BZM 28.5 CC Motor For Losi 5ive T

The stock engine in the Losi 5ive-T makes decent power, but it does not make loads of torque. BZM has a new motor called the Micro 28.5 CC Torque Tune that puts out the torque you are craving for. Features include reed induction, large phenolic bearings, Nikasil cylinder lining, and it costs around $900. If you are looking to make [...]


GPM Savage XS Shocks

GPM Has Aluminum Shocks For Your HPI Savage XS

The HPI Savage XS Flux is undoubtedly one of the most bash-able trucks on the market today. For those of you looking to add some bling-bling factor to yours, GPM now has upgrade shocks available. These aluminum shocks come in different colors, come with extra springs, and will set you back under $20 a pair. CLICK HERE to get more [...]


kawada arsa software

Kawada ARSA Timing System Software

Our good friends from posted an interesting story about some new timing system software from Kawada. The software is called ARSA – Advantage Race System, and the idea behind it is that it allows for a handicap of your time and laps similar to the way a handicap works in bowling or golf. Essentially letting the total newbies get [...]


MaxAmps Dual Core 8000 mah

New Dual Core Lipo Batteries from MaxAmps

The MaxAmps battery crew out of Spokane Washington announced a new battery to their line-up today, a Dual Core 8000 mah 150C discharge Lipo. Their new battery uses 4000 mah cells that when wired in parallel are said to give the lowest possible resistance while giving outstanding voltage under load. The new Dual Cores are capable of a 5C charge [...]


pro-line Blockade

Pro-Line Blockade SC Tire Review

THE Pro-Line Blockade SC Tire ReviewNot every basher is a cul-de-sac aficionado, in fact many get their bash-on at local tracks. Stock sct tires typically feel like you are driving on ice when on dirt, the proper tires can totally make a trip to the track much more pleasurable. Pro-Line just happens to have a tire, the Blockade SC, [...]


craftwerks billet light covers

CraftWerks RC Has Trick New Billet Light Covers For Your Los…

Looking to uber-out your Losi 5ive T? If so, CraftWerks RC has some new billet light covers made especially for the biggest truck to ever sport the Losi name. The covers are available in 3 different colors and will set you back about $42. Click HERE for more information on how you can get your hands on a set.Looking for [...]


Hyperion 730iNet3

Hyperion EOS0730iNet3 30 Amp Battery Charger

Do you have large Lipo batteries? Are your Lipo’s capable of high charge rates? Are you late everywhere you go and have a minimal amount of time to charge your packs? If you meet any (or all) of those requirements here’s some great news for you, Hyperion has a charger capable of a 30 amp charge rate (up to 550 [...]