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What's new: Friday, October 15th, 2010

hobby town Once again our local Hobby Town is having an amazing sale this Friday and Saturday! They have a 25% off coupon anything in the store! If it’s not in the store, and special order, you get 15% off!! If you were thinking about picking up a new vehicle, with 25% off, NOW is the time! Click the image for the big coupon to print out! Don’t forget to tell them BSRC sent ya!!

HPI is feeling extra generous, they’ve extended their factory rebate until the end of this month.  Depending what you buy you can get $25, $50, or $100 back from HPI.  Here’s a generic list for you to peruse because I’m too lazy to try to write it out in a creative fashion.


  • Baja 5T RTR
  • Baja 5B 2.0


  • Baja 5B SS
  • Vorza
  • Savage Flux HP
  • Savage XL
  • Savage Flux 2350


  • Savage X SS
  • Savage X 4.6 RTR
  • Nitro 3 Evo+ RTR
  • Nitro MT2 G3.0 RTR
  • Wheely King
  • Cyber 10B
  • Cup Racer
  • Blitz RTR
  • Blitz ESE
  • Mini-Trophy
  • Hot Bodies Ve8
  • Hot Bodies D8T

Check out the HPI web site for info on how to get your rebate.

ST Racing Concepts, the makers of many fine aluminum hop-ups, have taken the time to make even more aluminum hop-ups.  This time for the Kyosho Ultima line, including the Ultima SC and Ultima RT5.  Parts include a front suspension brace, front bulkhead, precision steering rack, hub carriers, motor plates, and more.  All parts are available in blue, gunmetal, and red anodizing.  Some of the parts are also available in different configurations for additional tuning options.

Prices range from $6.99 up to $28.99 and they should be available soon.  Check out the STRC web site for more info.

Thanks again to our friends at HobbyMedia.It we get to see the first in-the-wild pictures of Kyosho‘s new Inferno Neo Race Spec from the 2010 Tokyo Hobby Show.  There’s not much info available just yet except that it’s going to be a RTR with a 2.4 GHz radio and the Kyosho KE25 engine.  No word on the exact release date either, but expect it early next year.  For more pics of this new buggy hit up

It’s not often we get news about the Traxxas Stampede.  It’s a shame really, they are fun trucks.  But today JConcepts sends word that they now have a new body based on the Ford Raptor.  This is an officially licensed body, so it features all the details of the full scale version, including all trademarked emblems.  Window masks and a complete decal sheet are included.

The Stampede Raptor body is available now with an MSRP of $32.00.  Check out the JConcepts web site for more info.

Surprising no one the Punisher is now available for Associated’s RC8B-eJConcepts debuted this body at the ROAR 2010 Electric nationals and won the whole enchilada.  Now you can emulate your favorite professional racer that is sponsored by JConcepts.  It’s got the cab forward design that has been so popular of late plus all the other stuff that the other Punisher bodies have.  It comes from the factory clear and includes window masks, decals, and overspray film.

Retail price is $29.00 and it’s available now.  Check out the JConcepts site for more info.

Max Amps Race Edition
Just announced! The new MaxAmps Race Edition 150C Hard Case LiPo Battery! Wowza! The packs are 6500mah, and will be ROAR Approved. They come with the 3-year, 300 cycle guarantee, can charge at 5C, 100% waterproof, and come with deans ultra wire. They are available in 7.4v, 11.1v, and 14.8v versions! Looks like someone just raised the bar!

Max Amps Race Edition Max Amps Race Edition

Make sure you head over to the site for more info!

What's new: Thursday, October 14th, 2010

kyosho v-one r4 kyosho v-one r4

Our friends from are currently covering the Japan Hobby Show, and have sent a few pics our way of the new Kyosho V-One R4 Nitro vehicle. It looks pretty darn sweet! How often do you see a new RC vehicle and say ‘whoa.. look at that!’ These pics are from the 1/8th scale on-road version, due out in 2011! Fingers crossed someone will have one in a booth at iHobby Expo next week!

You can see a few more pictures on their site here.

pac man halloween decoration
Ok, I know it’s not at all RC related, but as a lot of our readers know, I’m a bit of a video game nut, so when I found this awesome Pac-Man Halloween inflatable, I knew I had to get it and share! The night picture didn’t turn out so great, sorry! It’s about 4 feet tall, and 8 feet long. At night the lights blink on and off for each ghost separately, and looks pretty cool!
Anyway, it’s was a slow news night with iHobby coming up, everyone is saving their news. Enjoy the pics!
pac man halloween decoration pac man halloween decoration

Vampire Racing has a couple new LiPo packs for your combustion consumption today.  These two new setups are targeted at 1/12 scale racers and 1/8 scale electric racers.  Both batteries are 5700 mAh and “rated” at 50c, but one is a 4s brick and the other is a 1s pack.  Both feature a hard case and fancy graphics.

No price was mentioned, but they should be available now.  Check out the Vampire Racing web site for some more info.

When a lot of people hear the name Schumacher, they usually think of one thing, expensive cars.  Well, apparently Schumacher is tired of listening to all your belly aching about cost.  They’ve created a new 1/10 scale, electric sedan, called the Mi1, for the budget conscious drivers out there.  It may be a low-cost ride but it has some nice, high-end features.  The Mi1 has a 2 belt drive-train with limited slip ball differentials front and rear, a fully adjustable suspension setup, and plenty of purple anodized alloy parts, a complete set of ball bearings, and a LiPo ready chassis.

The kit price is going to be £129.99, while the assembled roller will be going for £159.99.  What is a £ anyway?  Is that Monopoly money?  Anyway, for those of us that use real money, that converts to about $207 for the kit and $255 for the roller, though American prices may actually be higher than that.  The Mi1 will start shipping in November.  Check out the Schumacher web site for more info.

I typically post shorter questions that we have received, just to save people time, but I’ll start off this week with a long one. Enjoy! :)
regarding your article ‘Pay Up Suckers!

I read your article on local tracks organizing trophy races to keep afloat and completely agree with your observation on the growing trend of racers domination in this hobby. However, I blame the track owners/hobby shops largely for getting in this situation. It seems like there is a considerable degree of complacency demonstrated by hobby shops to promote this hobby. If track owners want, they can really turn things around by employing some creative business models to not only generate revenue but also help this hobby reach a wider audience. For example: how many tracks offer their premises to hold birthday parties or corporate events? that’s big bucks right there….how many tracks offer rc’s (or batteries) for rent? there have been so many instances where i have had guests at my place and have gone to the track with 5 kids and only two cars (with one battery each) only to have the kids drive the trucks for a couple of laps each.

Finally, there are so many local institutions that can be used to reach a wider audience for promoting this hobby (YMCAs, schools, technical institutes) etc that it’s mind boggling that it hasn’t happened yet.

I introduced this hobby to my 6 year old and as much as he likes the idea of driving a vehicle, he would rather switch on his Xbox and do it at home via a video game….That in my opinion is the first sign of the decline of this hobby. It would be interesting to see where this hobby lands up after a decade or two..

Udit N.

Cubby- First off, thanks for the email, one of the best we’ve ever received here.
Next, ya, there are a lot of hobby shops and tracks out there that do a poor job of promoting the hobby. But worse still, are the hobby shops that do pop the coin to buy radio/tv/paper advertising, only to then do their best to run off any of the true noobs they receive from that advertising. A noob hears a hobby shop ad on the radio, goes out of his way to find the place, then the hobby shop owner insists that a Rustler is the only thing the noob can handle. Two weeks later the noob shows up to race, only for the hobby shop owner to say “You wanna race that Rustler? You’re crazy, come back after you get a real race truck”. That kind of stuff goes on wayyy too often.

What's new: Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Losi Micro SCT When Brian walked into my office 3 weeks ago with a TINY little box and a smirk on his face, I just knew the convo was about to get interesting.

Brian- “Cubby, would you P L E A S E review this for BigSquid?”
Cubby- “What in the hell is it?”
Brian- “Oh, it’s neat, it’s the new 24th scale 4wd Losi short course truck. You are gonna love it!”
Cubby- “I hate Losi, well since Horizon bought’em out anyways.”
Brian- “Remember our meeting about having a more positive attitude?”
After that, I do remember Brian’s lips moving for like a half hour, but as they say I was letting it all go in one ear and right out the other.
Anyways… Here is the review!