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What's new: Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

It appears that the team over at GH Racing has a new alloy upright set to trick out your HPI Trophy Truck. Avaliable in either blue, red, orange, or silver; (pictured here) they replace the stock upright part #HPI104851. They can be yours for around $24.

What’s even better is that GH Racing is offering 10% off their entire tools and accessories line now through April 8th. Head on over to GH Racing and score yourself some new bling for your ride at a discounted price.

Pro-Line Caliber 2.0 SC tires

Looks like Pro-Line has decided to get off the diet and pack on some inches! We got this sneak peak of the new Caliber 2.0 SC tires, and they are getting big! Looks like more traction for everybody! There wasn’t much other info with the sneak peek, so we’ll have to wait for some official numbers.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

What's new: Friday, April 1st, 2011

april fools Hey everybody, Happy April Fool’s Day! Apparently not everyone celebrates this day the way we do, because man did we get the emails! We have been doing a April Fools’ day day for many years now, and every year we get a few people off guard, but this year was special.

Maybe because we have just grown so much bigger and it’s the same percent of people, I’m not sure, but the mail box was flooded today! From fans, readers, and companies! Sorry to bust all our competitions’ bubbles, but we were NOT bought out, and we are NOT going anywhere! It would take serious yacht money for us to loose this baby with the growth we have been having. (B. Gates.. call us!) But until then, your stuck with myself and the rest of the Big Squid RC crew bringing you your daily awesome RC news and reviews!

For all of this years foolery click here.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled rc news!

Apparently Axial is having a little trouble corking the leak in their company.  First their Wraith rock racer was leaked a month and a half before it’s scheduled announcement and now this image of what appears to be an Axial designed drifter just showed up in our inbox from a “spy” in the company.  The spy couldn’t provide any info other than it’s still an early prototype, and it will likely be an RTR with a brushless system by the time it’s released.  From the pic it looks like it’s got official Nissan logos on it, so it may be officially licensed, keeping with Axial’s desire to keep things scale.  When we get more info we’ll be sure to pass it on to you.

april 1 It looks like Losi has decided to take things one step further smaller with their new Sub-Micro 1/256 scale SC Truck! It’s based on a super scaled version of the Mini-T. It will be 2WD, RTR with a brushless motor, 2.4ghz radio and 6 mah lipo!! You know I bet it’s going to be hard to find a Futaba receiver or steering servo for this one, and forget about upgrading to a Castle speedo! Recharge will be hella quick! Best thing about it will be 8 truck racing on a 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Just need to draw out the track, put some toothpicks down for bumps and your racing! They also mentioned this will not be for children under 3 due to choking hazards. “Mom! Billy’s bashing in his stomach again!”

april 1 Wow, it really looks like these big three are now unstoppable! Adding another notch to their belt, Gil Losi Jr., Mike Gillette, and Jason Corl have started another company! This time they are getting into the naming business! Their new company Gil-Gil-Ja Names Inc. will be providing their talents to not only the RC community, but any and all major companies needing an awesome name to go with their new products. Gil Losi Jr. had this to say “It seemed so obvious. We have been coming up with some amazing names over the years and knocking out home runs with AKA and now the super catchy Animus, we just couldn’t keep this talent to ourselves.
They also mentioned that they are already being flooded with work and people begging for their help. Traxxas was apparently one of the first in line! Peter Viera of Traxxas said “After their last announcement we brought a wheelbarrow of cash and asked for their help. We are super excited to announce the Traxxas Sumina will be will be the name of our next truck! And just to keep you on edge, the Traxxas Saxxart and Traxxas Qwerty are gonna rock your worlds! These guys are incredible, I don’t know how they do it!

Wow… that’s all I can say.

april 1 april 1

Based on the huge success of Pro-Lines BullDog Cab-Forward designs, they have just announced the new HoundDog Cab No Where Design! If you thought your vehicle was aerodynamic before, wait till you try these new bodies out! Available for nitro and electric on 1/8th, 1/10th, 1/16th and 1/18th scales!

I think there are a few people that would of liked to seen a few more cm chopped off the top, but I’m guessing they are saving that for a upcoming release!

Click to embiggen.

Hi Torque Publications, Inc. is happy to announce it’s recent acquisition of Big Squid and all subsidiary domains, trademarks, and content.

Hi Torque’s president & CEO had this to say about the buyout “We at Hi Torque are very happy to be bringing on board such a recognizable entity, we look forward to continuing to develop the Big Squid RC brand into a much larger community.  Buying Big Squid RC represents a very large investment on our part and we do intend to fully realize it’s potential.  Online content is the future, and Big Squid RC is our way to get into the game quickly and easily.  The Big Squid RC staff have already done all the hard work, we’re just glomming on.”

Hi Torque Publications will continue to develop the Big Squid RC website, but also has big plans for the future of the brand.  One of Hi Torque’s intentions is to develop the Big Squid RC brand into a traditional magazine format, representing Big Squid RC’s first foray into traditional publishing, after 7 years of being an online only entity.  The #1 issue of Big Squid RC Magazine is expected to hit newsstands later this year.

The former owner of Big Squid RC, Brian Smolik, said “So long suckers! I just bought a yacht and I’m sailing around the world! Take this website and shove it up yo…” Unfortunately the telephone connection dropped before a full statement could be taken and attempts to make further contact with him have failed.

All current staff will have the opportunity to stay on-board the new Hi Torque Big Squid RC, dependent on relocation, those that do not wish to relocate for their positions will be offered a satisfactory severance package.

Hi Torque Publications is the publisher of many popular extreme sports lifestyle magazines, including Motocross Action, Dirt Bike, ATV Action, and more.  This is not Hi Torque’s first foray into the R/C hobby world, being the one time publisher of the now defunct R/C Car magazine.

What's new: Thursday, March 31st, 2011

March Bash-ness Winner

So I’m sure you all heard about the March Bash-ness craziness we have had going on, and Jeff mentioned we were going to give away a vehicle from whatever company was crowned the winner from your votes! Well, we grabbed all the people who commented, tossed them into a huge spreadsheet, mixed them up, then used a random number generator to pick the line number of the winner.
It picked #204 Adam ###### who’s email greenblitzbrushless@####### we will be contacting. The comment he left : “Let them have a round of tug of war and the one that loses get blown up. Poor little slash its gonna go BOOOOMMM” Note: we don’t condone blowing stuff up around here, seriously! :)

Thanks for participating Adam! Congrats! You have won a brand new Savage Flux 2350 RTR!!!! Special thanks to HPI Racing for providing an awesome prize! And a THANK YOU to everyone who participated, voted and left comments! Stay tuned for another contest REAL soon!

Axial just posted up a teaser of their new rock racer, the Wraith, which is still pending an official announcement.  There’s not anything new in this video, but it sure does look cool.

Check out the video after the break, then hit up Axial’s website to patiently await the official announcement, coming in a couple weeks.


DuraTrax has some new tires and a new wheel color for your 1/8 scale buggy. The new C3 “Soft” compound tire was developed for exceptional grip and is available in four different tread styles (Lineup, Posse, Shotgun, and X-Con). You can choose either mounted or unmounted options. To top it all off, the entire line of DuraTrax performance tires can now be mounted on yellow wheels, which are also sold separately. I can’t lie, I really like the names of those tread types.

The mounted tires come in around $25 for two, while just the rubber comes in around $17 for a pair and should be available early April. Visit DuraTrax to see more!

Aching to burn up a little pavement 2-wheel style? DuraTrax has the cure with their new DXR 500 1/5 Scale RTR Brushless EP Motorcycle. The flywheel gyro makes it easy for anyone to run at any speed while stile maintaining control. The bike comes with front air fork shocks, an oil-filled rear shock, and a brushless 3800kv motor with a lipo-ready ESC. You only need a battery as the 2.4GHz radio system comes pre-installed as well. The DXR 500 should be available anytime in four different colors for right around $400.

Hit the link to jump over to Duratrax and check out all the specs of this new pavement peeler.

Want to step up the performance of your RC wave racer? Aquacraft gives you some new GrimRacer Speed lipos tested and approved by world champion Mike “Grimracer” Zaborowski to do just that. Featuring 10-gauge wire and Deans Ultra Plugs, these batteries are equipped to handle super-high current rates. They are available in 2S and 4S packs and range from $60-$150 depending on the mAh rating and should be available in early April.

These would be the perfect pack for the Motley Crew Brushless FE Catamaran I mentioned earlier. I bet they would make it To Fast For Love! Okay, that’s my last Mötl3y Crü3 reference, I promise. Head on over to Aquacraft to check out these new lipos!