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Win a New ARRMA Granite Mega Monster Truck!

You KNOW you want a ARRMA Granite.
It’s a great truck! ARRMA and Hobbico have been kind enough to let us give one away!
We are doing this QUICK! No need to wait months to win! You only have till Thursday Night, September 18th to enter! What are you waiting for CLICK HERE to go enter!

What's new: Thursday, November 18th, 2010

axial xr10 carbon fiber axial xr10 carbon fiber
Need to get that XR10 a little higher? This new Axial XR10 Stage 3 Aluminum Hi-Clearance Links Kit will do just that! It’s a replacement kit for the upper and lower links on the stock XR10 and adds more clearance to the chassis. If the places you crawl have you rubbing your belly, this kit might be what you need to get a little breathing room over the pointy stuff!

Check out Axial’s site for details.

Noobs, guru’s, it doesn’t matter, they all have questions….

“Hi, I would like to know what size Lipo you would recommend for the
Evader EXT2? I know I will have to add the LVC, but they say the rest is good to go
with a Lipo. I an new to Lipo technology and not sure how to size (20c,30c and so on).

Cubby- What’s up Robert? Thanks for the email.
First thing (and most important!) to consider when buying a new battery is fit. Check the dimensions of your battery tray and compare to the size of the battery you are looking at. If you are new, you’ll want a battery that drops right in without modification.

Second thing to consider in a new Lipo is how much voltage? A one cell Lipo is 3.7 volts, two cell is 7.4, and three cells is 11.1. The vast majority of Lipo’s sold for use in tenth scale cars are 2S 7.4 volt. This voltage works well for pretty much all stock electronics, and typically they drop right in without modification. Later, if you upgrade to a way-super-dope brushless system, you might want to consider a 3S 11.1 volt for some truly eye opening power levels.

Third thing to consider is- capacity. The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer your run times. Also, larger capacity cells typically hold higher voltage under load, making your truck faster than a smaller capacity pack. But, the higher the mah, the more they’ll cost.

About “C” ratings- I’d be more concerned about buying from a reputable brand name, than what “C” rating the battery is. Internet keyboard smashers loveee to argue about “C” ratings. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these “keyboard experts” have done little to none real world testing, they are just spewing what they’ve read on forums from other “keyboard experts”. Truth be known, some brands 30C packs are better than other brands 40C’s. But, that can’t be known until they’ve been driven and put under a West Mountain CBA, making it extremely difficult for an average consumer to know which is better. Thankfully, most of the better names relentlessly test their products to ensure they are putting quality cells into the marketplace. The better manufactures do all the testing so you don’t have to.

Now, to recommend a Lipo for your Evader, I’d go with the MaxAmps 2S 5250. You can find more info about them HERE!. These are good solid packs that give wheel popping power, and great run times. Enjoy!

“Hi, can you help me I am in california and need 5mm shaft (brushless) pinion
for 1/5 scale conversion. please ***/***/**** I am going to fontana speed
way. Greg H.”

Cubby- So you are venturing in to the world of 5th scale brushless. Awwww ya! I can smell the rubber in your tires burn’n from here. :)

Here’s a couple of links for ya Greg. These two companies are the leaders in the industry for large scale pinions.

The first is RC Monster. Mike and the RC Monster crew have their act together, and I’m certain can help you out with anything you might need. Click HERE for the site.

The second is our good buddies over at Kershaw Designs. Kershaw does a lot of work with large scale pinions, feel free to shoot’em an email. ClickHERE for Kershaw.


Well that’s it for this week, send us your questions, comments, rants and raves to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

axial xr10 carbon fiber axial xr10 carbon fiber
The XR10 is on the Axial carbon fiber express this month! Axial now has a Carbon Fiber Battery Plate to go along with their electronics plate and other carbon fiber goodies! This plate is height adjustable with all the hardware needed to lower your batter as low as possible! That’s a good thing!

I’m gonna have to start a new shopping list!

Check out Axial’s site for this and other carbon fiber parts!

axial xr10 carbon fiber axial xr10 carbon fiber
New for the XR10 from Axial is a sweet Carbon Fiber Electronics Plate. If your looking to shave some weight, this plate is 65% lighter than the stock plate! Every little bit helps when your trying to stay on your wheels!

Check out Axial’s site for more info!

What's new: Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

rc car magazine closing

It is with great sadness that we make this announcement. According to the RC Car Magazine Blog, they have closed their doors. Their last issue will be the February 2011 Issue.

As you know we give the magazines a hard time around here, especially Cubby. But it makes us sad to see the end of RC Car. Besides having some GREAT people writing for them, their magazine was probably one of the best written of the bunch. They didn’t pull punches, they said the things they wanted to say, and it wasn’t all fluff and ads. Over the last year their magazine had made a huge improvement, and we were pretty sure their magazine wasn’t going to be the one pulling the plug this year.

Goodbye guys! It was fun hanging out with you at iHobby, and I’m sure we will be seeing you all soon! Stay in touch!

What's new: Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

auction kings rc tugboat auction kings rc tugboat

As what is starting to be a regularly updated section, we ad another post to our RC ON TV section! This time on an episode of Auction Kings Paul and his team get a huge custom RC tugboat! The thing is about 6 feet long, and weighs over 90lbs! It had some great detail, and looked like the whole thing was wooden. Someone had brought it in to try and auction off. Paul’s guys had to do some battery maintenance to get it running, and they eventually got it out on water to test it. It was pretty cool to see. It ended up selling for $750, which I think is a good deal for something that size, and the amount of work that went into making the thing.

Again, another great example of getting the hobby in front of the people!

RPM savage flux skid plate

Looks like RPM is showing some love to the Team Associated folks with their new Rear Axle Carriers for the SC10, T4, B4 and B44! These new carriers use the larger bearings like the ones found in the Associated #9730 axle carriers with more axle contact than the standard bearings. They come in black with the RPM warranty!

Note: the bearings are not included.
Visit the RPM RC site for details.

What do you say ROAR? How about sanctioning these bad boys? It might get me into racing.  Ah, who am I kidding?  I’d just use mine to break stuff.

Check out all the other awesome R/C bot platforms that Inspector Bots makes.  Christmas is just around the corner and I’d like one of each please.  They take PayPal!

h/t to [H]ard|OCP for the find.

What's new: Monday, November 15th, 2010

Here’s something cool from Pro-Line.  A Volkswagen Bug body that actually has fenders on it.  How novel.  It actually casts a much different attitude than all the fenderless beetle bodies that populate the alternative-style short course landscape.  This new vision of an old body is officially licensed by Volkswagen, so you can expect all the decals necessary to replicate the look of the real thing, logos and all.  A spoiler with mounting hardware, window masks, and overspray film are also included.  The Volkswagen Full Fender Baja Bug body is available now at a list price of $39.95.  Unfortunately it’s only made to fit the Slash and Slash 4×4 right now.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

Am I just crazy or did Ferrari suffer a meltdown with their race strategy at Abu Dhabi? For those not in the loop, yesterday was the season finale to the Formula 1 series. Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso stood an excellent chance of bringing home the World Drivers Championship, but due to getting stuck behind slower cars after an early pit-stop, he’s finishing the race in 7th place, handing the World Championship to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel. Certainly Vettel is a deserving champion, but it’s a hard pill for a Ferrari fan like me to swallow. Any which way, the 2010 F1 season was incredible from start to finish.

In toy car rc World Championship news, arguably the most prestigious race in our hobby was held last weekend in Thailand, the IFMAR 8th scale off road worlds. This race is the epitome of all that is wrong with rc racing.

I might very well be clinically insane, but- the event was too freak’n long. Most of the major factory teams have been there well over a week, and have visited this far away venue multiple times already this year. There is absolutely no need for rc racing teams to fly over to Thailand multiple times for preparation, that simply is a huge waste of money. If IFMAR would have banned the teams from pre-running the venue, and eliminated the “pre-worlds/warm up” race, they could have saved the teams tens of thousands of dollars, money that would have been better spent paying team members or even feeding the starving people of this world. Seriously, just how does having factory teams visiting (read- testing/getting in laps) months in advance lead to getting a more deserved World Champion or to “better racing”? It doesn’t. This is a grievous error on IFMAR’s part. Hopefully they pull their brains out of their rear-ends and limit the time at the worlds venue to just the week of the event. And yes, this can be policed, it’s pretty hard for Hara or Drake to just show up somewhere and not be noticed, especially in Thailand.

Practice on Thurs, qualifying on Friday, “mains” on Saturday, and catch a flight out of there Sunday morning IS the optimal schedule. Just where is the need for a team to show up days early, then qualifying for a week?

And since when are 6 rounds of qualifying a good idea? Can anything be determined by 6 rounds that you can not do in just 3? IFMAR needs to take a LONG, HARD look at full scale racing to see how it should be done. A week worth of qualifying is an Enormous waste of time and resources. What is IFMAR trying to do, waste as much money as possible? Work the teams till they physically drop? The top teams and drivers need to say “ENOUGH”. The race program is far too long.

Also, the TQ after 6 rounds of qualifying ended up being American Jared Tebo. Props to Jared, he worked and drove his a$$ off. So you’d think Tebo would have started first on the grid correct? Nope. IFMAR has the most ridiculous way of holding the mains. The fastest driver of the two semi finals was Hara, so he actually started on pole for the main. So, just why in the hell do you hold 6 rounds of qualifying to determine a TQ, for the TQ to not occupy pole position during the final? That is asinine. Does anyone at IFMAR ever use one TINY bit of common sense?

Just added some video of the COD – Black Ops RC-XD vehicle in action with a mini review for your viewing pleasure. Please check out the video, and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Feel free to check out the written review in our RC Reviews section or just go directly to the COD Black Ops RC-XD Car Review!.

What's new: Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Traxxas Slash Kawasaki Edition

Normally Traxxas releases come with a lot of hoopla, and with good reason, but this was we just spotted in the wild a little under the radar! This is the new Traxxas Slash Kawasaki Edition! Comes with the TQ 2.4 Radio, sweet Kawasaki paint job with green rim covers! NICE! The box even has Jake Weimer on his Kawasaki bike on the box!

Traxxas Slash Kawasaki Edition Traxxas Slash Kawasaki Edition Traxxas Slash Kawasaki Edition

I REALLY dig the paint job on this one, and glad to see Traxxas released it!

For more info check the Traxxas Website.

Photo of the Week:

Jeff Hoy's MicroMan
‘Jeff Hoy Does His MicroMan’ by Brian
After packing up at iHobby, I decided Jeff had spent way too much time behind the camera, and it was time for him to give us his best Wesley ‘MicroMan’ Dennis shot!

Blog: “Axial’s Blog” – Axial’s Web Blog – Always filled with some good pictures and stories! If you haven’t checked it out, you should give it a read.

Build Log: Autonomous, Wirelessly Controlled Hovercraft – Build it for RC or to drive on it’s own!

Cool link: Worlds Smallest RC Car – Ok, seriously? I want one! Actually, like a dozen so we can race on tracks I draw on our iPad!

Shameless Self Promotion: 2.4 Ghz Transmitter Shootout Looking for a new transmitter? Check it out!

Video of the Week:

This one is a classic, but they just posted it ‘officially’ to Youtube, from my buds at Top Gear. One of the best car shows on TV.