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What's new: Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Recently we picked up the Duratrax Deluxe Hauler Bag, and it’s time to head over to the RC Reviews section and see what we think! It’s one of the biggest on the market, do we think it’s one of the best? Click Here to find out!

Head over to the RC Reviews section for the Kershaw Designs 1:8th Scale Brushless 4S System Review. We get emails all the time asking us for opinions on a low cost brushless system. It’s hard to beat $134! Go check it out!

What's new: Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Photo of the Week:

RC Drift cars
RC Drift cars by Mia_spb


It’s some Slim Pickens this week around the web. It doesn’t help that I’m out of town for a few weeks and don’t have as much time to browse the interwebs as I’d like to have. But oh well, if you don’t like it, ask for a refund.

Laughing at other’s expense: Dumbest Tanker EVER!

Salute to redneck racing: RCTVLIVE has some great Trailer Trash racing action in this week’s episode, starting at about the 6:30 mark. If you are unsure as to what that is, all racers have a trailer attached to their vehicles, the last vehicle to be driving with a trailer still attached is the winner. Right up our basher alley. Check out this forum thread for a little background on this race.

Video of the Week:

What's new: Friday, September 17th, 2010

Wow! Traxxas again is doing an amazing job of getting the word out there about RC! Traxxas, along with Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon, were all on NASCAR Now on ESPN doing a little Slash racing! The trucks were all custom painted to look like the drivers vehicles, and they all look pretty good. Stewart went on to take the win in a 5 lap race. I wonder how many of these guys actually one RC vehicles.. I know a few do for sure.
Thank You Traxxas for all you are doing for the RC industry! Head over to the Traxxas website for more info and pictures.

Photos supplied by:Joe Faraoni/ESPN

UPDATE: Several people have written in to remind me that Stewart co-owns Custom Works which is a RC company that makes sprint cars, and other vehicles. I remember seeing some pics of him a few years back with him doing some RC.

Futaba Austin Dunn Looks like Futaba is got some cause to celebrate. Austin “Gatekeeper” Dunn won the overall points when all 3 classes were combined to choose a winner. Austin won the 2.2 class, and was the only person to finish both courses and several bonus gates after that! He was running his new Gatekeeper M.O.A. prototype with Futaba BLS152 servos and a Futaba 4PK radio.

What's new: Thursday, September 16th, 2010

golden horizons ball end remover golden horizons ball end remover

A new product from GH Racing could come in useful. It’s a Ball End Remover made from billet aluminum. Helps remove ball ends from ball studs without trouble. Two size ends, 4-4.8mm and 5-6mm. Available in red, black or blue for under $12
Head over to the official GH Racing site for more info!

Venom microjets Venom micro jets

These look kinda cool! The new Venom Micro Jets are available in eight different models. They are ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) and are Electric Ducted Fan style. They come with a brushless 4200kv motor, esc, servo’s and 3s Lipo! Charger and 3 Channel radio not included, but for a price under $85, that’s pretty darn good.
I have never been a good pilot, but maybe I can convince one of my flying friends to get one of these a try, I’d like to see them in action. They are just over two feet long with about a 18 inch wingspan.

Visit for details.

Traxxas Torc Series
Didn’t get a chance to make it out to any of the Traxxas TORC series races? Well now you can catch them on HD Theater! Tune in every Thursday night for some racing action!

Need more info? Visit the Traxxas site for details!

Every week we get tons of email, and every week I pick the two that are easiest to answer and use them here! Hehehe
I was wondering whatever happened to the HPI Hellfire that was supposed to
be the next big monster truck for HPI?
Patrice from Québec”

Cubby- What’s going on up there in the land of hockey, curling, donuts, fries w/ mayo, and high test Molson?

Funny you mention the HPI Hellfire. Last week I was getting some laps in with a guy driving a Hellfire. I still think it’s one of the toughest looking truggies of all time.

About your question. I think a better one would be, “What the hell happened to truggies as a whole?!” For a couple of years truggies looked to be taking over the planet, today, while still popular in some circles, it’s obvious their sales have really dropped off. Why? IMO, the biggest reason is because they look ridiculous, there is no full scale truck (in this solar system) that looks remotely like an 8th scale truggy. Combine that with their high buy-in price point, high cost of their tires, and needing a fairly expensive servo to throw those big tires around, and you just don’t have a vehicle that is going to be embraced by the masses, no matter what brand it is.
“Hi Cubby big fan, how does a Lipo balance charger work?

Terry G.”
Cubby- Hey ya Terry, thanks for the email.

So just how does a balance charger work? First off, there are basically two kinds of “balance” chargers around now days, the type that only connects to your balance tab (that doesn’t use the larger main positive and negative pack wires), and another type that connects to your balance tab and your batterys main power wires.

In the first case where the balance charger only connects to the batteries balance port, it works by charging each cell separately to 4.2 volts. READ MORE

de racing wheels de racing wheels

New from DE Racing are the Trinidad Wheels for the Team Associated SC10. They come in white or black, and your choice of front or rear. They are designed for strength with a realistic look, meet ROAR requirements, and are made in the USA!

They have a bunch in development for all sorts of vehicles so hit up the DE Racing site for more info! Don’t forget to tell them Big Squid sent ya!

What's new: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

If you looking to upgrade to the HPI Flux Brushless system, you can now buy it one piece at a time. The Flux Q-Base Brushless ESC can handle 14.8volts of LiPo power and is ready to work with the Alphastar 2350 brushless motor. It comes with a Deans plug to connect to your power source and can be programmed with the HPI Programming Kit. (#100573)

The Flux Alphastar 2350Kv Brushless Motor is the other half of the system which can now be purchased separately. It uses a 5mm shaft, and is ready for action!

Hit the HPI Racing website for more info.

Want that BIG TRUCK look for your Savage XL? HPI has released the GT Gigante Truck Body. The body is clear, and designed to fit the Savage XL with provisions for the shock towers, engine and exhaust. Comes with decal sheet and official logos. It will also fit any other Savage or similar size monster truck, just need to change the body tower holes.

What's new: Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Duratrax Evader EXT2
Not that long ago we got the Press Release about the Duratrax Evader EXT2! and before that we had the DuraTrax EXT2 Exclusive Spy Shots!

Well, now we finally have one in the office! I have become a renewed fan of the DuraTrax Evader series after the release of the Evader DT! Heck we did a Evader DT Week! So I can’t wait to get it outside for some action.

Duratrax Evader EXT2 Duratrax Evader EXT2

Quick impressions out of the box, it has a lot in common with the DT and the original Evader. I am missing the huge soft bumper that the DT had, so we will see how much of a beating it can take. I have to admit I like the sticker choice to go with the eyes and mouth instead of the grill and lights. It has those also, but I like to be different, so these brought a smile to my face! I could literally hear Cubby’s eyes rolling in his head as I applied them. That makes them even better!

Tons more pics here! READ MORE