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Have you Entered to Win the Losi 5IVE-T Today?

5ive-t_win Just a reminder, we are giving away a A brand new 1/5th scale Losi 5IVE-T! Mind blown right? If you haven’t entered, make sure you head over to the Official Giveaway Page.

We expect entries to hit record numbers for us, but if you haven’t entered, you can’t win. The deadline for entries is April 29th, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.

What's new: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Well, today must be a day that ends in Y because Kyosho has announced another Mini-Z.  Their new MA-010 AWD SP Limited kit is another limited edition (only 2000 will be made before the molds are thrown into a violently erupting volcano and lost forever!) Mini-Z.  This one is in kit form and requires the separate purchase of the receiver/esc unit so you can pick which radio system you want to use, the old 27 MHz or the shiny new 2.4 GHz, the choice is yours.  The MA-010 also includes some optional parts with the kit, including a ball bearing set, aluminum motor mount, and front ball diff set.  In addition to the radio gear, you’ll also have to provide a body from the Auto Scale Collection and the usual round-up of batteries.

This new Mini-Z should be on shelves now or very soon.  Check out the Kyosho web site for more info.

Kyosho‘s solid axled, stylish, monster truck, the Mad Force Kruiser, is getting a makeover.  The Mad Force Kruiser VE readyset is ready to go with a ton of brushless power.  It features Team Orion‘s Vortex brushless system with a 2000 Kv motor.  Other features include hardened steel diffs, a shaft and chain drive train, full ball bearings, and a sealed radio box.  The Mad Force Kruiser VE is built to run off of 4S LiPo power.

No MSRP is mentioned, but it should be hitting hobby shop shelves in September.  Check out the Kyosho web site for more info.

What's new: Monday, June 7th, 2010

Hawkers of high-end hardware, HUDY, have put forth for your consumption a brand new starter box for 1/8 scale nitro vehicles.  The HUDY Star-Box is a professional grade starter box that features a compact and lightweight design.  The starter wheel is spun up by a strong 775 size motor and it can suck electrons from two 7.2v NiMHs and it is also LiPo ready if you’ve moved into the future already.

No price is given, but being HUDY, it’s probably a somewhat pricey item.  Check out the HUDY web site for more info.

The crew at Team Orion is ready to present to you their brand new Advantage IQ605 Battery Management System.  The IQ605 is an AC/DC charger that can pump the juice into all the various acronymed batteries like LiPo, LiFe, NiMH, and NiCd, and even some non-acronymed batteries like lead-acid.  Other features include charge rates of up to 5A, discharge up to 1A, and an integrated balancer for up to 6S LiPos/LiFes.  It also works with the optional USB Data Link software so you can keep track of your batteries charge and discharge curves to help you gauge performance over the life of your battery.

Sorry, no price or ship date is given, but for a bit more detail check out the Team Orion web site.

Losi‘s still fairly new Boss Claws 2.2″ crawler tires are now going to be more metallic.  Losi is soon to be offering the Bosses in their silver compound for additional traction on varying surfaces on those hot summer days that we all know are coming soon.  These new Boss Claws will be available early next month and have an MSRP of $29.99.

Check out Losi’s site for a rundown of all the info.

Losi is jumping on the closed cell bandwagon.  They’ve recently announced a new closed cell foam tire insert for 1/8 scale buggies.  These new tire inserts, as is common with closed cell foam, are very durable and won’t break down quickly.  You can also reuse them multiple times, saving you money in the long run.

These new inserts should be hitting your hobby shop’s shelves in a couple weeks and will retail somewhere around $17.  Check out Losi’s site for a little more info.

Remember those Hole Shot SC tires that Pro-Line let us sneak a peek of a little while ago?  Well they finally decided to let loose with the info.  These tires are going to be available in the soft M3 and super soft M4 compounds and have a highly reinforced carcass.  The Hole Shot SCs will come with durable closed cell inserts and an additional inner foam insert set for Traxxas Slash drivers.

For more info click on through to Pro-Line’s site.

Breaking Bad is the best show on TV, yet every time a new episode premiers our fearless editor in chief calls me, to which I always ignore his call then send him a text saying something to the effect “Breaking Bad is on, are you CRAZY calling me?”. LOL So if you haven’t seen the show, do NOT catch next Sunday nights season 3 final episode without watching all of seasons 1, 2, and 3 first. BB is not a show you can jump in mid-ship and truly enjoy.

Are all you guys digging the BigSquid Charger Shootout? I was not an integral part of testing for that one, but I know Brian, Bill and the rest of the crew had an insane amount of hours piled into that one, so I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t read it, click HERE.

The boss was on vacation last week, writer guy Jeff seemingly has lost all internet access, and the hot lil’ hispanic gal that normally cleans the BSRC corporate offices has been at home sick. That left me in charge of things (Gasp!), a very risky move by the guy cutting the checks, but luckily I did NOT burn the office down. I do have one lil’ confession to make- Brian, I’m sorry in advance for the HPI 5B burn out marks on the hardwoods. :) :) It was really hot outside, so I decided to see how well a 5B corners indoors on carpet and hardwoods. (Pretty damn good btw)

Judging by the amount of conversion kits being made to convert the Losi XXX-T truck to a short courser I’d say Losi missed the mark on their Strike. Mental note to Horizon/Losi- no matter how much you lower the price on the Strike people are only going to lay down their hard earned cash for a XXX-T based SC truck. Or better, why not get Really Reallyyy crazy and start working on that XXXX platform? You know the XXX platform is over a decade old right?

For the second year in a row, exactly why would ROAR hold a separate national strictly for 8th scale electrics? I mean, they have an 8th scale nitro national, and they have an electric national (to be held at Joliet Illinois own Leisure Hours), yet they can’t find a way to fit 8th scale electrics into one of those events? I know I’m a broken record when I say there are way too many national titles, but I’m starting a new record by saying if you have 20 national titles do you really need 20 separate events? What’s next, a mod-2wd-spec tire-on the third tues-of the second new moon of the year national? What’s next, a ROAR national every weekend, one for every class? You know at some point the manufactures are going to count their pennies and figure out it’s not worth their money to send their factory boys to 5 separate ROAR nats for 5 separate classes, and once the factory boys quit showing, you can stick a fork in ROAR.

So I got the call the other day. “Cubby, put down your Dom filled flute and grab a Lipo, we want you to go outside and jumpstart a car with it”. I never thought when I signed on here that one of my job assignments might be to burn down a full size car. Luckily for me (ok, really lucky for the owner of the car.. LOL) we didn’t burn the car to the ground. The Lipo made it through without even a whimper, and I even put fresh batteries in the camera to make sure and capture the entire test. If you haven’t seen our segment on jump starting a full size car with a Lipo, click HERE!

I heard a rumor that a Lipo battery company that starts with the letter “M” is going to be in our Lipo Battery Shootout 3. But you didn’t hear that from me. :)

That’s it for this week, as always Thank You for reading, everyone at BigSquid appreciates you taking the time out of your busy day to give us a click. As always, try to get by your LHS, local track, or local bash spot!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Pic of the Week:
giant scale rc plane
This week, with the 5th Scale Power Jam happening, I was in a bit of a giant scale rc mood, and that picture is just insane. I have been to a few 1/4 scale rc plane events, and they are a blast to watch, but it’s like flying a full size plane, from the ground! I used to fly planes a long time ago.. this one would make me cry.

Build log: 1/4 Scale Dragster Build

Videos and Pictures from the 5th Scale Power Jam event.

That’s it for this week, said it would be quick. :)

Follow Up: Several people sent in links to a video of the above giant B52 crashing and burning. Ouchie! Here’s a link to the YouTube b52 in action. Thanks to our buddy Bill for the first link!

What's new: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Ever hear that you can jump start your 1:1 car with an rc car Lipo battery? Well, so have we, and like the all American good guys were are, we decided to put the rumor to the test, so you don’t have to! :)

First we drained the battery on a full size Ford Taurus. We did this by charging a few big 4S 6500 mah Lipo’s off a Hyperion 720 at 15 amps. We checked to make sure the car battery was too low to start the car, then it was showtime!

Earlier we had fully charged a MaxAmps 3S 5250 mah Lipo and removed it’s Deans connector. We then soldered the wires from the MaxAmps pack directly to a set of large automotive battery clamps. Lets Watch!

As you see in the video I attempt to start to the car, then jump out and hook up the MaxAmps Lipo battery and try to start it again. The 3S 5250 pack had more than enough power to successfully start the car. The Lipo did not get hot, puff, or seem to be damaged in any way.

But…. upon further inspection, we found that during the brief time the Lipo had been hooked up to the car after the engine was started, the cars alternator had overcharged the Lipo battery. Using the Lipo for the jump start had used very little energy out of the pack, and once the car was started, the brief charge it got from the alternator was enough to put the Lipo well past 12.6 volts, the maximum voltage recommended for a 3S Lipo. For this reason, although the Lipo did jump start the car successfully and we had no other problems with the pack, I would not recommend trying this at home. If you overcharge your Lipo battery too much (which will happen
Really fast when hooked up to a cars electrical system) the battery can, and will, go in to thermal runaway, ruining the Lipo and becoming dangerous to be around.

To boil it down- Yes! It’s a Fact, you CAN jump start a full size car with an rc car Lipo battery!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Friday, June 4th, 2010

Tekin SC4X New from Team Tekin comes the SC4X sensored motor, designed for pro 10th scale 4wd short course vehicles. The longer rotor helps keep the temperatures down while providing the extra torque you need for 4wd. Available in 4.5 and 5.5 turn.

Head over to the Team Tekin Website for info.

The AquaCraft folks just posted up a new video of some SuperVee boat racing action!

Check out Aquacraft’s site for info!

Get them while they’re hot! We always like to try and help fellow bashers save some $, so if your looking to pick up something from A Main Hobbies before the end of June, here’s your chance to save some cash!
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