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What's new: Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Plastic, nylon, delrin gears… who needs ‘em huh?  They’re always a weak link in any drive train and one of the first recommended upgrades when you’re stepping up to the mega power of brushless or high torque crawler systems is to change those gears for some metal equivilents.  But even in some situations those metal parts might not be up to the job.  RC4WD knows that, and that’s why they’ve introduced a new line of Hardened steel gears for the Axial XR10 super crawler.  One kit includes five gears, enough to completely convert one axle to hardened goodness.  These gears are a little weightier than the stock gears, which RC4WD says lowers the center of gravity, offering better crawling performance.

RC4WD will be selling them for $39.99, and they should be available very soon.  Check out the RC4WD website for more info.

From: Losi Racing
Direct Link: Losi TEN SCTE

Review by Cubby

losi ten scte

What’s the fastest growing class here in the good ole’ U S of A? The 4wd short course class is of course! Sporting the realism of their full sized counterparts, and 4wd systems that make them easier to drive (and more fun to bash!), it’s no wonder this genre is blowing up. Losi has now jumped into the 4wd SC battle going up against Ofna, Jammin and Traxxas with their new Ten SCTE ARR. Just how does it stack up?


Congratulations to our very own Adam the Intern who pulled off a win in his 19T truck class with a Duratrax Evader at the ChiTown shootout last weekend at Leisure Hours Raceway! It sounded like it was rough and tumble but the Evader pressed on without any major breakage all weekend! Great job Adam, and way to represent!

They grow up so fast… ‘sniff’

What's new: Monday, March 7th, 2011

Those championship winning chaps at AKA just aren’t content to sit on their laurels and keep raking in the trophies.  And you get to benefit from their endeavors.  Their new R-Line series of unmounted and premounted tires feature their new, softer (and red) closed-cell foam inserts.  AKA makes the claim that these new inserts are made to stand up to big bumps while still maintaining it’s shape during hard cornering.The premounts come glued to AKA’s versatile Evo wheel.

Every tire that AKA makes for 1/8 buggy and short course truck is available in this new line.  Prices start at about $25 for the unmounted and just under $40 for the premounts.

Check out the AKA website for more info.

Cubby So what’s the news???? Here ya go….
Geico/Honda rider Justin “Bam Bam” Barcia didn’t win the Daytona Supercross (he finished second in the Lites class), but he did give Team Associated a big shout out from on the winners podium. Props to both AE and Bam Bam for get’n rc some huge exposure live on Speed channel Saturday night.

Bet ya didn’t know BigSquid has an on-line swag store. Well we do, so we actually do sell stuff now. About a billion times at trade shows or other events, people would ask us “What do you sell?” and we always had to reply with “Ummmm, nothing!”. Click the “BSRC Shop” link at the top of the page to show your love for BigSquid. Oh and… I hear Brian has some pretty uber “BSRC 909 Flatbill” hats on the way. Those hats should go great with your black Metal Mulisha shirt/shorts/belt-buckle, tall black socks and black DC shoes.

BigSquid has a review every Tuesday, so what’s it gonna be this week? The Horizon/Losi Ten SCTE 4wd short course truck. After weeks of bashing and thrashing we’ll give you the true verdict on whether it’s the best thing ever, or not worth your time/money.

Billy Fischer may not be one of the biggest names in rc racing, but IMO he is the fastest overall racer in the USA. And just how can I say that? I can say it quite easily because his resume is as diverse as it is accomplished. Fish has excelled at everything from oval, to 18th scale carpet, to nitro 8th scale off road. If our “national championship” was determined by racing a half dozen different genres of rc, I’m quite certain Fish would crush it overall. Anyways, Durango made it official last week, Fish is racing for them now. Good for Durango, they landed one of the most elite racers on the planet.

X-Factory claims to have released Brian Kinwald from their team, but we all know that is impossible. You see “The King” BK is kinda like Chuck Norris- you don’t release him, he leaves you. And when he does leave, hopefully he decides not to destroy the tiny planet you live on while doing so. Just say’n….

Thunder Tiger/Associated has some new uber “stencil” t-shirts and 909 hats for sale. I heard a rumor the shirts are individually painted by Bansky, and their flatbills are made out of 10 mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum (guaranteed to remain perfectly flat Forever).

Venom announced last week they are releasing a new transporter race case. Should be all good right? Ummmmm, no. Now this isn’t a beef just against just Venom, this is my beef with the entire industry- all those race cases cost too much and they ALL break after 6 months. PLEASE quit sourcing those things from the same company. PLEASE source them from someone else that uses heavier frames, heavier boxes, and costs half as much. Thank you.

That’s it for this week. The weather is slowlyyyy turning nicer, so try and get down to your LHS for a new car or truck, then hit your local track or bash spot to “break” that sucker in!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Sunday, March 6th, 2011


Just recently we were talking about the new Losi TEN SCTE, but we have had our hands on one for a little bit now. It was time to get the unboxing pictures out of the way because the review is around the corner!

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to the team here for keeping things going smoothly not burning the place down while I was out of the office last week doing a little business. Jeff and Cubby did a great job of keeping the front page rolling while Wrench and Adam the intern were keeping things dialed in!

I’m not sure how those 1/18th scale tire patterns ended up on the main hallway ceiling, but it looks like I missed some fun! Looks like I have a TON of email and news to catch up on, not to mention some sleep, so I just wanted to say Thanks Team as we return to our regularly scheduled program.
I’ll make the ice cream run!! Woo Hoo!

What's new: Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Photo of the Week:

Nissan Skyline GT-R 32
by Alexandre Bricka

So I finally did my taxes yesterday, and now that I know that I’m getting a refund, I have to decide how to spend it.  I might finally get that Clod Buster I’ve been wanting.  Although now that Spring is starting to show up around my parts it’s time to get my boat cleaned up and ready to go.  It’s overdue for some upgrades so I might get a new brushless system and a couple new pairs of LiPos for it.  So many decisions to make, but when the refund finally gets deposited, I’ll probably just save it for that road trip to Florida that I’ve been planning.

Also, RCX is only two weeks away.  I got my ticket, do you?

For the Fans: OFNA launched a new website called OFNA Fan.  It features a large collection of OFNA videos and news.

How-To: DIY 4WS on Losi Micro Crawler – It’s not an easy mod, but it’s looks like it works great.

Mainstreamin: A writer at the hugely popular tech website, CNET, posted up a review of his first hobby grade r/c car, an HPI E10 sedan. Thanks to Armaan for the link.

Video of the Week:

What's new: Friday, March 4th, 2011

:-( Despair, Inc.

While the following news is more pertinent to flyboys rather than us drivers, it’s important to pay attention to government regulations being imposed on any part of the hobby.  The FAA, over the past few years, has been coming up with rules and regulations related to small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (abbreviated sUAS).  Those sUAS’ also happen to include the r/c model aircraft being flown by thousands upon thousands of r/c enthusiasts all over the United States.  Some of the regulations that have been proposed over the last couple years include a FAA mandated safety program which appears to suggest things such as checks for flight worthiness of models, requiring accident and incident  reporting; restricting size, type, propulsion, and performance depending on the location of the flight area, among others.  There also appear to be proposals relating to limiting the hours of field operations, field locations, and traffic pattern and flight operations.  Though the regulations are still being debated and nothing is set in stone yet.  At this point it’s looking like r/c model aircraft could get an exemption from the rules when the final restrictions are published this summer.

To sum up what is going on, the FAA wants to step in and start regulating an activity (flying model aircraft) that has done a pretty good job of self-regulation (via the AMA and other groups) over the past 75 years.  Whether or not you believe that is necessary is completely up to you, but don’t think that just because this is happening to flyboys right now, that similar calls for regulations can’t come to our part of the hobby in the future.  The important thing is to be a part of the discussion.  The AMA (which, as you might expect, is against many of the proposed regulations) has a lot of information about this on the Government Relations section of their website.

Speed Passion is ready to tell you all about their new line of brushless motors.  The Ultra Sportsman V3 series will feature sensored operation, a locked end-bell, and zero timing, making these a good option for stock/spec racing.  The motors will be available in a number of winds from 10.5 up to 25.5 for multiple applications.  There will also be a modified version for off-road applications that will be available in 7.5 and 8.5 (and possibly a 5.5 turn version as well, their announcement didn’t say as much, but included a link to a 5.5 version product page).  To keep things equal for spec levels of racing the Ultra Sportsman line features a locked end bell design that prevents adjustments from being made.

For more info, check out the Speed Passion website.

What's new: Thursday, March 3rd, 2011


First off, one I stole from Brian’s mail bag……

Hey Brian,

First, after a 10+ year hiatus from the hobby I’ve finally returned and your website provides me a wealth of knowledge since a LOT has changed since then so I tip my hat off to the Big Squid Crew.

Speaking of changes, I have never seen such aggressive marketing in the RC world than what Traxxas is doing nowadays. All those sponsorships and mainstream racing events are making the public take notice. Here’s an example:

I have a co-worker who is a die-hard motocross fan and he just attended the motocross race up here in Oakland. We were talking this past week and I brought up the subject of how I’m back in the hobby. I even showed him pictures of my Revo 3.3, which he has no idea what it is but he was very impressed. He was asking me a bunch of questions like “how fast does it go?”, “is it easy to work on?” etc, etc. Then he says, “have you heard of Trakis?” (mispronounced) I said, “oh, you mean Traxxas?” He said yeah and continued to tell me about the demo Traxxas did at the race. He was telling me of how they had these rc monster trucks with really small bodies (I’m guessing E-Revo’s or mini E-Revo’s) do backflips off the jumps. So we went to the Traxxas website on my computer where I was telling him about the different vehicles and about the Revo I hopped up. He got really excited and was amazed about the speed and performance of the vehicles. He said he wants to buy one now but he doesn’t know if his wife will let him. LOL So I guess that’s sort of a victory for Traxxas marketing, either way, it’s working…..


Cubby- Cool email, and thanks for writing in Joe. And yes, our hobby is very fortunate right now, lets hope that Traxxas and the other companies pump’n the big bucks into marketing to the masses see a large enough return to continue doing so.

For those of you that have never been to an AMA/FIM/Monster Energy/Traxxas Supercross, support your hobby and give one a shot. Nine races remain on the 2011 schedule- Daytona, Indy, Jacksonville FL, Toronto, Dallas, St Louis, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Vegas. Traxxas sends a crew to every event to support a booth in the pits and to put on a small driving display. So if you hit a Supercross, drop by the Traxxas booth, they’ll be stoked to see some friendly rc faces.

Thanks so much for your help, I would be eternally grateful if you would help me with one other matter. I’m thinking of getting into Nitro trucks but don’t have a huge budget to blow, found this site called selling Exceed Nitro trucks at a great price. As they are an American company and I live in Europe I thought you might have a scope on them, are they bona fide and if so what are the trucks like???

Any Intel on the matter would be greatly appreciated

Cubby- Buongiorno Jud, and thanks for the email. Are you as anxious to see the 2011 F150 race at Melbourne as I am? Surely Alonzo can land the WDC this year….

So how is the quality of the trucks from Honestly, nobody at the BigSquid offices has driven one of their Exceed trucks, and they haven’t sent us one for testing… but… I have seen them in “action”. Well, I don’t know if I can honestly say I truly saw them in action, as they didn’t tend to run for very long. Based on what little I’ve seen of them in the field, I’d put them right around Redcat territory. To boil it down, at this point, until we get the opportunity to test one and prove me otherwise, I’d have to recommend that you pass on the Exceed trucks.

I’ll also recommend that you if you are gonna go nitro, don’t buy used. Too many used nitro trucks labeled as “barely broken in”, or “only 1 gallon on the engine” are anything but that. As a noob nitro buyer it’s hard to tell if a used engine has been abused- such as run without an air filter, run too lean, etc. Abused or worn out nitro engines will only make you curse, and then curse some more, then curse until you smash the entire truck with a sledgehammer. So buy new, buy from an established brand, and carefully follow the break-in procedure.

Hey, that’s it for this week folks. Shoot us an email, you know ya want to! Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com is the addy, so let’er rip. Whatever is kick’n inside those minds of yours is good for us. Supercross, Formula 1, nerd questions, hell, even rc questions, I don’t care, just send’em in!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Venom has a new transport case, and it’s a hot one, with looks to match the function.  The Transport Race Case features all kinds of pockets and drawers to help you carry everything you need and keep it neatly organized.  The top portion of the bag features a built in tool organizer.  The top drawer is large enough to hold a 1/8 scale buggy and there’s four other drawers with plenty of room to store a lot of other stuff.  A lot of stuff usually means a lot of weight.  To help out with that problem the case also has wheels and a retracting handle to make moving it along easy on your back.

The Venom Transporter Race Case is available now with an MSRP  of $199.99.  Replacement drawers are also available at a MSRP of $69.99.  Check out the Venom website for more info.

It’s not a patented Big Squid RC giveaway (another one coming soon, keep your eye on the front page), but it’s still an awesome giveaway.  Traditional and online retailer Hobby People is giving away 25 radios over the next couple months.  All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter and, as along as you’re a resident of the US, US territories, or Canada you just might win your choice of an Airtronics SD-10G competition aircraft radio or, more pertinent to us, a super high-end Airtronics M11X.

So to get your name in the hat get on over to the Hobby People website and sign up.