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What's new: Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Acer Racing Girl We just received word from ACER Racing that they now have a Ceramic
Nitride Pro Series Ball Bearing Kit
for the Traxxas 1/16 Slash VXL 4×4. If you are looking to squeeze that extra bit of performance out of your ride, this might be a way to do it.

Head over to the ACER Racing Website for info.

What's new: Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Schumacher Racing has a new high-end touring car in the line-up, hot on the heals of their recent budget tourer the Mi1.  The Mi4CX is being touted as a competition ready car, with all kinds of high-end features like an ultra-lightweight front spool with increased durability, ultra-lightweight aluminum transmission housings, dedicated front & rear high strength steel CVD driveshafts, and a ton more.  The Mi4CX will start shipping sometime next month and it will be available as a kit or pre-assembled roller (all electronics and wheels required).  The assembled version will be just over $600, while the kit will go for $570ish.  Check out the Schumacher web site for more details.

Hitec quite possibly wins the best product demonstration of the IHobby Expo.  Their new(ish) waterproof servos, the HS-5646WP and HS-5086WP, were operating during the entire run of the show completely submerged.  The HS-5646WP is capable of nearly 100 oz/in of torque at a speed of .26 sec/60°, while the HS-5086WP is able to do about 40 oz/in at .18 sec/60º.  List prices for these are apparently $79.95 for the big one and $73.95 for the small fry.

Keep an eye on the Hitec web site for more info when they get around to putting it up there.

We told you we were going to get the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies H-Cell 2.0 Fuel Cell R/C car after the show was over and we did.  It went out the door in the hands of our pro driver Tim Mohr.  We’ll let you know if it lives up to the hype and claims after a thorough test period.

Hot Bodies has decided that Atsushi Hara is deserving of his own kit.  The D8 Atsushi Hara Edition features many upgrades over the stock D8, including a thicker, 3mm chassis, lightweight drive train components, aluminum spindles and hubs, and upgraded shock towers and new longer shocks.  It also comes out of the box with all you need to replicate the world champion’s personal setup, including the proper shock oil weights and gear ratios.

Be sure to check out the Hot Bodies web site for complete details.

What's new: Monday, October 25th, 2010

Rogue Elements Components is turning on the machine and cranking out some limited run pieces for the Venom GPV-1 motorcycle.  This piece is a new rear sprocket that replaces the original which is known for being less durable than is expected. REC’s new piece is machined out of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, and the teeth and hex are machined at the same time for a perfectly concentric finished product.  These sprockets are only going to be available for a limited time and the only way to get one is to pre-order it and put down a $5.00 deposit no later than November 7th.  Then pay off the remainder of the $22.95 cost before the shipping date.

Check out the Rogue Elements Components newsletter for more info and ordering instructions.

Another release of the Pro-Line Bulldog cab-forward body, this time for the Team Associated B44.1.  The body will come from the factory with decals, window masks, overspray, and a new wing.  You need to provide the paint and artistic skills to not make it look like crap.  It should be hitting your local hobby shop shelves “soon” and at a reasonable MSRP of $28.95.

For more info hit up the Pro-Line web site.

IHobby may be over, but we still have quite a bit of news and photos to share from the show.  Pro-Line had a ton of new products this year and we got to most of them, here’s one we didn’t.  This new wheels, called the Renegade, is going to be releasing some time soon.  It’ll be available in an offset to fit Slashes and other stock short course trucks, and it’ll also be available in an offset specifically for the Protrac Suspension setup that Pro-Line offers as a hop-up for the Slash.  The Renegade will be available in white, black, and Pro-Line yellow.  The price has yet to be determined.

Keep an eye on the Pro-Line web site for more info.

Redcat was showing off a couple new 1/5 scale products at IHobby this year.  The major one is the one on the left above, it’s a brushless powered 1/5 scale buggy.  It’s going to be a fully RTR setup with a 2.4 GHz radio.  No price or date as of yet.  The other is their Rampage MT Pro, which features a new 30cc engine, 2.4 GHz DSM radio, and is also fully RTR just like all Redcat vehicles.  It’ll be available for $1499 some time soon.

Check out the Redcat web site for more info.

An example of why we use pro drivers during our bashing demos and keep the rookies out of it.

What's new: Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Again, I think this truck is the Dad’s prize more than the kids.  But I’m sure it’ll provide them with hours of family fun.

And the winner of our Microman edition Kyle Busch and Scott Speed autographed short course body.

Our last give-away of IHobby 2010 is the biggest.  We’re giving away a brand new Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate to one lucky fan that screams louder than anyone else out there!  You gotta be here at our Bashing Demo at 3:00 pm to win though, so if you aren’t here yet, you better get here!

But that’s not all, our favorite guy, Wes “Microman” Dennis is giving away a Microman short course body for the Blitz, SC10, or Slash.  It’s prepainted with his paint scheme, logos, and real battle damage from serious racing action.  But wait, there’s more!  This body is actually autographed by not one, but TWO NASCAR Stars!  Kyle Busch and Scott Speed are good friends of the Microman and have raced with him on many occasions.  In fact, this body has been used to beat Kyle Busch in no less than Seven races!  Take that Kyle!

If you’re in the crowd you may also get a t-shirt or other Big Squid RC swag, and be sure to stop by our booth right next to the track to get stickers and chat with the gang.

We think the Dad is the one that’s really getting this truck.  You have one more chance to win if you’re here.  At 3:00 pm we’re giving away the Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate.  You gotta be here and you gotta be LOUD!

Brian “The Squidinator” Smolik giving away a brand new Traxxas Mini Slash.  He loves giving stuff away!