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What's new: Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Remember in our Losi Ten-SCTE review when Cubby said that the truck’s wheel offset is incompatible with every aftermarket wheel on the market?  Kind of a kick to the nuts right?  But fear not as the aftermarket always adapts and overcomes.  DE Racing was among the first to market with a Ten-SCTE compatible wheel.  Their popular Trinidad design offers a realistic look and an advanced ribbing design is said to offer greater strength and durability.  And now they are offering them in silver and white, in addition to the black.

The wheels are available now direct from DE Racing for a low, low price of only $8.95.  Check out the DE Racing website for more info.

Kershaw Designs has collected too much stuff over the last couple years and they’re tired of tripping over it every time they walk in the door.  Well their frustration is your gain, they’ve taken a ton of that stuff and started putting it up on eBay to get rid of it as quickly as possible.  Right now, at this very moment, one of their Grenadier 1/5 scale electric buggy rollers (no electronics) is up on eBay and bidding for it is at just about $300.  That would be an incredible deal.  But that’s not the only thing you’ll find as they are also selling off brushless motors, battery chargers, electronic speed controls and more, with the additional promise of adding more new stuff every day until they’re done.

Hit up the Kershaw Designs eBay store for all the details

It looks like Axial Racing has finally got their website updated with some real information, pictures, and even a video of their until now secret Axial Wraith. No lie, watching the video gave me chills! I’m not sure what it is that has me so pumped up about this truck. Maybe the fact that it looks freakin’ awesome! From the specs here, it looks like it will feature fully locked diffs, a lipo and CastleLink capable Axial AE-2 ESC, 20T brushed motor, a 2.4 GHz radio, and a waterproof receiver box (whoo hoo!). 6 LEDs are included on the truck, 2.2 Ripsaw tires, and it even comes with a dig-capable transmission!

Click the MORE to see the video after the break.

The Team Checkpoint TC-950 / Trakpower TK-950 Soldering Station Review

From: Trakpower
Direct Link @ Tower Hobbies: Trakpower TK-950 Soldering Station

Review By: Evan
Photograph By: Evan

Anyone who has been in the hobby for very long at all recognizes the value of a good soldering iron. It only takes one cold solder joint, one melted wire, or one burnt finger to see that having a good soldering station is just as important as a good battery, motor, or speed controller. When I first got started in RC, I fell victim to the “a soldering iron is a soldering iron” approach. They were cheap, crappy, electronic store irons that in hindsight were just awful. However, when that is all you’ve ever used, that is all you know.

A good station isn’t cheap compared to those $15 irons you get at R@dio Sh@ck. However, I didn’t exactly want to go out and spend $300 either. I decided to give the Team Checkpoint TC-950 (also called the Trakpower TK-950, more on that later) a try. Hit the jump to find out how it stacks up versus those cheap alternatives.

What's new: Monday, April 4th, 2011

Hey all, we just heard about a benefit race being held over at RJDHobbies and Raceway for one of their family members. The race date is April 22, 2011. Were all about supporting hobby shops and their families so head on over to their website for the info, and if you are in the central Illinois area, think about checking it out.

Cubby Hello rc’ers, it’s Monday morning, the perfect time for your weekly fix of rc satire, comedy, and outright lies (aka- THE Cub Report).

I received a particularly frothy email wondering why I mention motocross in nearly every Cub Report. Well… I talk about supercross because many rc’ers are moto tifosi, rc off road tracks are based off of sx tracks, and I can write about whatever I want to here (so heck yes I chose some moto!).

Speaking of AMA/Monster Energy/Supercross, Bubba got arrested last week, then torpedo’d Chad Reed in Dallas on Saturday night to lose even more points towards the title. Speedy Reedy rode his seriously tweeked Honda 450 to an 8th place finish handing the series points lead back to RV2 (Ryan finished second on the night). And… Honda factory shoe Trey Canard took the win in Dallas, leading wire to wire. The 2011 SX series has been one of the wildest I can ever remember, and next week is the STL Supercross, which has always been known as the race where it really gets nutz (Fro broke MC’s string there in 96, RV broke his leg there last year, etc). So gets your tickets to the Edward Jones Dome while ya can, BSRC will be in the house this coming Saturday for some serious Supercross action (and to check out the Traxxas demo’s of course).

Speaking of Jeff “Fro” Emig…. Remember at Troy Ohio back in 97′ when he wore a solid black Shift jersey at arguably the hottest mx national of all time- just to psych out his competition? Well rc world, I realize that solid black “909″ t-shirts are all the rage right now, but… I’m not trying to psych out anybody when I’m marshalling a 30 minute gas main in the brutal mid-west heat. Can somebody Please sell white shirts for those of us that don’t want to die of heat stroke while we support our hobby? Thanks in advance! :)

Speaking of having a stroke.. yes guys, we take April Fools Day Seriously around here, so please take a mental note to not believe Anything we post on April 1st. I know pretty much everything we post here is suspect, but on April Fools I can assure you virtually nothing will be for real. Although…. there is a certain measure of truth to BSRC being bought out, as we have received 2 pretty serious offers in the past, but those are stories for another day. (And No, there are no plans to sell any time soon, not while we are having this much fun!)

Speaking of mental notes, here’s one for the guys over at Firelands Group/Helion- please have the Pro-line guys do the bodies for ALL your upcoming vehicles. I only mention this because the first truck from Helion, the Animus 18SC, has the ugliest body I’ve ever seen in the history of rc. Despite the Stevie Wonder body design (and paint job), look for the BSRC review of the Animus in a few weeks. On a better note, the Firelands Group/Anza uber Slash chassis that Peanut was running at Cactus was pretty trick.

Speaking of coming weeks… the next two shootouts are lining up nicely- one will feature 4×4 short course trucks, the other will be 2S Lipo packs priced under 50 bucks. Both are going to take some seriously long hours for us to complete, but hopefully we’ll learn a lot and you guys will enjoy reading them when they are finished.

In closing… last week was the biggest week ever for people visiting BSRC, so here’s a big Thank You to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to check us out. Goodness knows BigSquid isn’t for everyone out there, but to those of you that actually do get what we are about, we really appreciate you choosing to spend some time reading our lunacy. There are thousands upon thousands of cool rc sites on the net, we are lucky when someone choses to spend some time with us. Just a couple years ago we sometimes wondered if it was really worth all the effort, but after seeing our numbers blowing up, it does nothing but motivate us even more to make BSRC even bigger and better.

That’s it for this week, support your hobby, and if you can, hit up your LHS, local tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Traxxas Monster Mutt

We just picked up the Traxxas Monster Mutt! We really wanted to review one of the new Monster Jam vehicles, and it’s hard to not want the one with the floppy ears!

We just started testing it this weekend, and something that really surprised me, just about everyone who saw it said ‘Hey, where is the tail?’ I’m not sure what the true answer is, but I’m guessing the way this thing wheelies, that tail would last 10 seconds! Anyway, check out the unboxing photos.

You can hit the Traxxas web site for more info on the truck, and we have started testing, so watch for a review soon!!

What's new: Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Photo of the Week:

worned #2
by Csicsó

Milestone: The Radio Control Show reaches episode 100, has many big guests, such as Dennis Anderson of Grave Digger fame, Tanner Foust of Top Gear and other fame, and Ken Block of shoe making fame.

Nerd stuff: Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 were released in the past couple weeks.  Keeping your browser updated to the most recent version is always an important security measure, but it also helps us out too.  The more of you that use modern browsers, the more cool features we can implement on Big Squid.

Next big thing?: A couple of the guys at Axial have built themselves some Formula Offroad rigs. Brandon’s Axial Formula Offroad Build, Bender’s Formula Offroad Build.

This Weekend: The Weak Signals show is going down in Toledo. It’s mostly an aircraft show, but there’s some car & truck exhibitors as well.

Video of the Week:

verizon rc helicopter

So we had another RC On TV sighting! This time in a Verizon commercial! The guy is got his new super smart phone hooked up and broadcasting video. He connects it to his RC Helicopter, then fly’s it over his house that has a big sign saying ‘party at 8:00, be there!’ or something like that. Once again.. very cool to see some RC on TV!

verizon rc helicopterverizon rc helicopter

Don’t forget to check our RC On TV section for other sightings, and feel free to drop us a email if you spot one we haven’t caught yet!

It appears that the team over at GH Racing has a new alloy upright set to trick out your HPI Trophy Truck. Avaliable in either blue, red, orange, or silver; (pictured here) they replace the stock upright part #HPI104851. They can be yours for around $24.

What’s even better is that GH Racing is offering 10% off their entire tools and accessories line now through April 8th. Head on over to GH Racing and score yourself some new bling for your ride at a discounted price.

Pro-Line Caliber 2.0 SC tires

Looks like Pro-Line has decided to get off the diet and pack on some inches! We got this sneak peak of the new Caliber 2.0 SC tires, and they are getting big! Looks like more traction for everybody! There wasn’t much other info with the sneak peek, so we’ll have to wait for some official numbers.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

What's new: Friday, April 1st, 2011

april fools Hey everybody, Happy April Fool’s Day! Apparently not everyone celebrates this day the way we do, because man did we get the emails! We have been doing a April Fools’ day day for many years now, and every year we get a few people off guard, but this year was special.

Maybe because we have just grown so much bigger and it’s the same percent of people, I’m not sure, but the mail box was flooded today! From fans, readers, and companies! Sorry to bust all our competitions’ bubbles, but we were NOT bought out, and we are NOT going anywhere! It would take serious yacht money for us to loose this baby with the growth we have been having. (B. Gates.. call us!) But until then, your stuck with myself and the rest of the Big Squid RC crew bringing you your daily awesome RC news and reviews!

For all of this years foolery click here.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled rc news!

Apparently Axial is having a little trouble corking the leak in their company.  First their Wraith rock racer was leaked a month and a half before it’s scheduled announcement and now this image of what appears to be an Axial designed drifter just showed up in our inbox from a “spy” in the company.  The spy couldn’t provide any info other than it’s still an early prototype, and it will likely be an RTR with a brushless system by the time it’s released.  From the pic it looks like it’s got official Nissan logos on it, so it may be officially licensed, keeping with Axial’s desire to keep things scale.  When we get more info we’ll be sure to pass it on to you.