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What's new: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Robitronic is finally stepping onto the short course with their Smasher Short Course Truck.  The Smasher is 2wd, with extra long a-arms, a new style of chassis that provides more ground clearance, oil filled shocks, full ball bearings, a strong gear diff, and plenty more.  It’ll come from the factory as an RTR with a brushed 20-turn motor matched to Robitronic’s Speedstar 2 ESC, and it also features a 2.4 GHz radio gear and a strong steering servo.

Check out Robitronic’s website for more info.

LRP has a couple new chargers for both types of people, beginners and non-beginners.  The Element charger is useful for charging 4 – 8 cell NiMHs and NiCads at selectable rates of 1, 2, or 4 amps.  It takes it’s power from good ol’ AC outlets.  The Element Pro adds 1S – 3S LiPo/LiFe charging capability with a cell balancer built in.  It also includes the option to suck juice from 11v – 15v DC power sources.

LRP promises an “unexpectedly low price” for these guys, but don’t mention how low that might be.  Though you should be able to find out for yourself soon as they are shipping now.  Check out the LRP website for more info.

What's new: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

TrakPower is adding some big capacity to their line of hard-cased LiPo batteries.  Three new batteries are now available: a 2S/6200 mAh, 2S/5600 mAh, and a 4S/5600 mAh.  TrakPower claims a continuous discharge rate of 60c for the 5600s and 50c for the 6200.  All of them come with Deans Ultra connectors and balance plugs preinstalled.  MSRPs are $120 for the 2S batteries and $250 for the 4S, expect street prices to be lower.

Now, in this second paragraph is where I usually say “check out so-and-so’s website for more info.”  Unfortunately the TrakPower website consists of a single page with the TrakPower logo and a small marketing blurb, plus some links to Facebook and YouTube.  Not much to see there.  Go if you want, but don’t expect to find any more info.

To paraphrase Lee Iacocca Charles Wilson, as goes full scale, so goes our hobby.  Axial has a new set of large tires for rock crawlers, and in the announcement for the new Ripsaws Axial says Within the 1:1 crawl & off-road race segments, overall tire diameters have been on the rise, literally and directly influencing the R/C crawl segment… So that’s why you’re seeing massive 2.2″ tires mounted on a 1.9″ scaler rig.  The Ripsaws are molded with Axial’s sticky R35 compound, have an overall height of 5.5″, and include standard foam inserts.

Unfortunately Axial hasn’t updated their website with complete information, so no word on availability, but MSRP is going to be $35.00.  Also check out the Axial blog that goes into a lot of detail on mounting these massive monsters on the SCX10.

From: Pro-Line Racing
Direct Link: Pro-Line Street Fighter SC Tires
Direct Link: Pro-Line Split Six SC Wheels
Review by Cubby

If you are truly a core BigSquid reader, then you don’t spend much time on a track, you spend most of your time bashing. In fact, that’s what the vast majority of rc’ers do, they bash- from city parks, to empty parking lots, to suburban cul de sacs, if there is an open enough space, then it’s the perfect place to get some wheel time.

Pro-Line has some uber new tires for your short course truck called Street Fighters. Do they live up to the famed Pro-Line reputation? Are they worth your hard earned cash? Let’s dive right in shall we??

What's new: Monday, February 28th, 2011

Our editor/publisher/boss, Brian, is out of town for a while, so I have total control over the site (insert evil laugh here).  With that, I’ve decided to let you all in on a little secret.  The only reason we post news about ACER Racing introducing some new sizes of ball bearings is so we have a reason to post the pics of their hot promo models.

With that out of the way ACER has a bunch of new boobieshot chicks … sizes of their super high-end, extremely smooth blondes, brunettes, and red heads … Ceramic Nitride bearings.  They are now available in all of the following sizes:  B, C, D, DD … 15x28x7mm, 10x22x6mm, 35x47x7mm, 30x42x7mm, 25x37x7mm, 25x37x6mm, 17x26x5mm, 12x28x8mm, and 10x26x8mm.

For more pron info be sure to check out the ACER Racing website.

Why carry around a Fluke Multimeter when you can toss Hobbico‘s tiny Pro-Series Lithium Voltmeter into your tool bag and promptly loose it?  Well, that might be a reason, but seriously folks, do you need a big multimeter just to check the voltage on your LiPos, LiFes, and Li-Ion batteries?  I really don’t think so.  The Pro LVM can give you volt readings on any of those types of batteries from 2S to 6S, and best of all it’ll give you total volts for the whole pack or it’ll break it down for you and display the volts in each individual cell in a pack.  The LVM includes a FlightPower and Thunder Power 6S inline adapter and comes with Hobbico’s Pro-Series 2 year warranty.

MSRP for the LVM will be $14.99 and it’ll be hitting shelves in early March.  Check out the Hobbico website for more info.

CubbyIn rc we are used to getting hacked, meaning you go into a corner and the guy behind you rams ya and parks ya in the cheap seats. Shoot, “hacking” happens in nearly every corner of the local novice class. It’s a bit more rare seeing “hacking” at the top level of AMA/Feld Supercross, but last night in Atlanta Chad Reed let it be known that he’s in it to win it by hacked James Stewart late in the race in an attempt to take the win. The hack didn’t go as planned for Reedy, as both he and Bubba hit the turf, allowing Ryan “The Leaping Leprechaun” Villopodium to take the win, but a bold statement has been made- Reed isn’t backing down for Bubba ANY more. Last nights live airing of the ATL Supercross was epic to watch, expect even more exciting action (read- Bubba’s payback!) to go down live on Speed this coming Saturday in Daytona, check your local listings.

I daydream. I daydream a lot. I daydream more than a middle school full of 7th graders the hour after lunch break. I daydream more than Brian after his 7th beer and 3rd Riddlin at The Tilted Kilt. This week I decided to share with you what I daydreamed about last week. In my daydreams, these things come across as actually being real……………..

Associated- Associated has not been first to the table in a long, longggg azz time. In my daydreams AE have just released an all new from the ground up SCALE 10th scale buggy, something that looks like it just came off a full size track. It’s got scale rims/tires, shocks, and body, yet it drives like a dream on an rc track. Oh ya, and it lets all the air out of the tires of the Losi 22, making Losi look like they are idiots for releasing a new platform in a dead class. AE’s new scale buggy takes over the world, and once again the world is right because AE is back to being in a market leader instead of the last to the big show.

HPI- The Savage platform has been wildly successful for HPI, but it’s getting extremely dated. I mean, wasn’t the original savage released a decade ago? Well in my dreams HPI has just released a totally updated Savage with huge big bore shocks, tougher parts, and more unique engineering from head to tail. It’s tougher, meaner, faster, and just plain looks cooler, everything a great selling monster truck needs to be.

Traxxas- Traxxas paid the big bucks to Feld/Monster Jam to be able to sell Grave Digger/Maximum Destruction/Monster Mutt/etc bodies on their trucks. Unfortunately, Traxxas put these uber shells on their dated Stampede platform. In my dreams Traxxas engineered an all new chassis to go under those uber lids. Traxxas took a look at the full sized Grave Digger and just scaled it down for their rc version. In my dreams the scale Traxxas MT rigs have multi-link suspension, hefty axles, and multiple huge shocks. Not only do they look scale, but they are tough as nails, and jump like a dream (and they take over every bash spot in America).

Losi- In my dreams the Losi badge is only used for race specific vehicles, while all the other cars/trucks they sell get re-branded as Sportwerks/Electrix/etc. You will no longer see a Losi LST, it would be the Sportwerks LST, no more Losi Mini-T, it would be the Sportwerks Mini-T, and so on.

Pro-Line- In my dreams Pro-line makes a lot more than just bodies and tires, they also put out upgrade a-arms, shock towers, chassis, and esoteric progressive clicker shocks for Everything (from a T4, to a Mini-T, to an RC8). Oh and, they’ve forgotten all about that ridiculous “cab forward” craze.

What's new: Sunday, February 27th, 2011

We printed out all the entries for the GH Racing Slash Hop-Up Contest and picked two names out of the box. Congratulations to our two winners, Phil R. and Davy C.!!! Phil’s name was drawn out of the box first, so he will get the choice of the Silver set, or the Red and Blue set, and Davy will get the other.

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped us test out the comment system at the same time! We have another awesome one coming up we will be telling you guys about in a few days, so stay tuned!

What's new: Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Photo of the Week:

my rc car
by Tim Green

R/C Around the Web took a little break last week because there really wasn’t anything worth mentioning anywhere in the R/C web-o-sphere.  It probably would have been funny, in a hipster d-bag ironical kind of way, to post a blank R/C ATW, but I’m not a hipster d-bag.  There’s not many good projects out there that are showing true progress, there haven’t been any great discussions, and the reviews are few and far between.  I guess now really is the winter of our discontent, perhaps one of these days to be made glorious summer by the sun of… something…

Charity: Get your tix for the RCX $10,000 Baja 5T raffle for the American Red Cross.  Also win a piece of racing history with the proceeds going to the Kyle Busch Foundation for the little childrens.

Reviewed: XTM Rail by Ultimate RC, Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL here @ the Squid.

This Weekend: The 43rd annual WRAM Radio Control Hobby Show is taking place this weekend in White Plains, NY.  It’s generally an aircraft-centric show, but it’s still something cool to check out if you’re in the area.

Obvious: TIME places radio controlled cars among the top 100 most influential toys since the 1920s.

Video of the Week:

What's new: Friday, February 25th, 2011

Budget radios are everywhere these days and HPI is not one to be left out of the fun.  Their TF-20U radio, which has been the 2.4 GHz pack-in radio for many of their RTRs, is now available separately.  Being a budget radio it’s not big on features, having only 2 channels, a steering dual rate switch, throttle and steering trims, and servo reversing.  There will be two packages available, one with the electric friendly RF-20 receiver and 4-cell battery box, and one with the nitro-centric RF30 receiver, which only works with 6v (5 cell) batteries and includes a low-voltage cutoff.  You can also expect to find a switch harness in both packs.

The MSRP for the TF-20U is $129.99 and it should be on it’s way to hobby shop shelves now.  Check out the HPI Racing website for more info.

Robitronic is ready to juice up your glow plugs with more power than you’ll likely know what to do with.  Their new LiPo Glowstarter is said to provide a full days worth of glow igniting goodness from the 3.7v, 1200 mAh LiPo battery.  The ignitor has a built in voltage regulator that brings that 3.7v down to a more appropriate 1.5v, so you don’t burn out your glow plugs prematurely.  It also has a built in charging jack, a LED plug condition indicator, and includes an overnight wall charger.  Robitronic says that the 1200 mAh LiPo will provide power comparable to a 3600 mAh NiMH.

Sorry, but no word on price or release time frame.  Check out the Robitronic web site for more info.

What's new: Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Here is my garage were I have all my trucks!

adams rc garage

My trucks are all scaled up R/C trucks- I have a full scale HPI Wheely King,an Axial SCX-10, and two Axial AX-10s. I’m still building my full scale Venom Creeper. Here are some pics of all my trucks in my garage. Am I lying? You decide.

adams rc garageadams rc garage

adams rc garageadams rc garage

adams rc garage Did I fool you?