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What's new: Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Has it already been another week? Read on as I go through all our mail and grab a couple for the BigSquidRC front page. Here’s what I yanked this week…
“Dear Bigsquid,
After hours of researching on-line, I decided to buy a new HPI Vorza. My question is should I go with a 4S lipo or a 6S lipo?

Cubby- Nice pick on the Vorza Max, it handles well, has loads of power, and is very durable machine.

Now, should you go with a 4S or a 6S battery? In my opinion, a 4S Lipo battery will give you tons of power, in fact, plenty more than you can handle if you are an rc noob. You can expect around a 40 mph top speed on 4S, with insane torque off the line and over jumps.

What does 6S get you? Mainly more of the same, LOTS more. Going from a 4S battery in your Vorza to 6S will make it feel nearly twice as fast. It won’t actually be twice as fast, but it WILL feel that way. So while a 4S feels ridiculously fast, running on 6S will feel just plain stupid fast!

Now your typical “hard core” racer type will say “Don’t go with 6S because that is just too fast!”. My opinion is- we are driving toy rc cars, so run as much power as you want to. A 6S battery will make your new Vorza much harder to drive, but you can’t beat the smile you’ll be wearing because of it. With that said, 6S does come with its downsides. You will see much faster drivetrain wear, more broken parts, and hotter motor and speedo temps while running the higher cell count.

Or might I suggest you start off with 4S, and work up to 6S in a couple months? :)

In closing, I’ve given you the info, it’s your car, buy what you think suits you the best. The only thing that truly matters is that you have fun with your sweet new ride.


i read Bigsquid almost every day i just got a MGT 8.0 which is a 8cc nitro monster truck, do you think it is waterproof? thanks

Cubby- Hey ya Berney, thanks for the email, but quit slack’n and make sure you read BigSquidRC EVERY day!

Is the Associated MGT 8.0 waterproof? Great question. I’ve never owned or even driven one, so I placed a couple phone calls to attempt to find out. From talking to my bash’n crew guys, the answer I got from them was “NO!”, so there’s your answer. So what would it take to make it waterproof? Seal both the throttle and steering servos, seal the receiver, and do what you can to keep water from getting into the engine. Your best bet is to avoid as much water as possible with this one.


That’s it for this week. Shoot us your questions, comments, and whatever else is floating around inside that cranium of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Pro-Line has been filling up their You Tube channel lately, and some of their how-to’s are pretty good. Since we just posted about the new Swampers, I thought the new video for them would be appropriate.

Schumacher Anderson On Road RC Motorcycle bike

Schumacher Racing has just announced they are distributing the new Anderson Racing On-Road bike. It’s a realistic 1/5th scale on road motorcycle that uses the Anderson gyro system that keeps the bike so stable you can even power slide on a wet track!
It uses a metal chain drive, has a adjustable angle front suspension, adjustable rear shock, and a load of other stuff!

If you are looking for a new rc bike, hit the Schumacher Racing site for more details.

Hobbico Thunder Tiger

Just a quick RC industry news blurb. Hobbico has gained exclusive rights to distribute the Thunder Tiger brand in the USA. The first product available will be the Titan X50 Helicopter, and I’m sure we will start to see some new motors and maybe even some vehicles to follow!

What's new: Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Pro-Line interco super swamper 2.2

Looks like Pro-Line is keeping with their trend of knocking out the licensed products. That’s probably a good call with more and more people digging the ‘scale’ or ‘realistic’ look.
These new Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2.2″ Tires are licensed and created from the same data that creates the real deal! They are available in G8 (rock terrain) compound and come with the memory foam inserts. Cubby has been claiming that the future of the hobby is realistic, well it looks like Pro-Line has been listening and thinking the same thing.

Pro-Line Interco swamper Pro-Line interco swamper tires

Check out the Pro-Line web page for details.

Pro-Line review contest
Over at the Pro-Line site there is a new contest! Write a review, and you have a chance to win $1000!

Only one week left!! Get writing!

Head over to the Pro-Line Contest page for details!

Pro-Line bulldog body Pro-Line bulldog body

Pro-Line will be shipping a new body called the Pro-Line Bulldog for the B4 buggies. It has the same aggressive cab-forward design that has proven itself well in the 1/8 scale classes, and now is set for the 1/10th scale folks.

Get over to the Pro-Line web page and check it out.

Looks like a new Pro-Line short course body is on it’s way! The Pro-Line Desert Militia body is can fist most short course trucks with a little trimming, comes with window masks and stickers. I really dig the look of this one, might have to paint one of these up.

Visit the Pro-Line web site for more details.

What's new: Monday, September 20th, 2010

Schumacher genius Schumacher genius

Here is the new speed controller from Schumacher Racing called the GM Genius 75 ESC. It has a few wins under it’s belt and is designed for smaller vehicles like the 1/12 scale touring cars with 9.5t motors and above on 2S lipo or 3.5t on 1S.

It runs cooler, has a new faster processor, 10 user programmable modes and updatable firmware.

Check the official Schumacher Racing site for more details.

“Try to give you warning, But everyone ignores me, Told you everything loud and clear, But nobody’s listening, Call to you so clearly, But you don’t want to hear me,Told you everything loud and clear, But nobody’s listening”
Linkin Park

For years I’ve gone off on how messed up the “stock” class is…. and it’s quite obvious nobody’s listening.

The IIC race was held a couple weeks ago out in Vegas. IIC stands for “International Indoor Championships” and is put on by arguably the best race announcer (and promoter) in the country, Scotty Ernst. This is an indoor carpet race that typically brings in the most elite competition from all over the world, and this year was no different. The IIC is considered by many to be the best indoor race on the calender.

So just how was it that two time IFMAR world champ Atsushi Hara won a 17.5 class at this years IIC? Lets see here, aren’t 17.5 brushless motors supposed to be used in the “stock” class? Well technically, Hara won the “17.5 Super Stock” class, some are referring to it as the “17.5 Expert” class, but still, a 17.5 is a 17.5.

I’ve got a few more questions burning in my head. Isn’t a 17.5 “Expert class” an oxymoron? Isn’t the “stock” class for less experienced racers? Why would one of the best promoters in the country even allow an IFMAR world champ in a 17.5 class? Why would a world champ even WANT to race in a 17.5 class? Is there any honor in a world champ winning a 17.5 class?

I can not speak for Carlton Eppes of the RC Pro Series, but I’d guess he wouldn’t let a world champ race in a class intended for mere mortals. Hell, as much as I like to bag on ROAR, IMO they wouldn’t allow it either. (I’m quite certain both will let me know how they feel on this subject in the next few hours! LOL) There are lots of things messed up in rc racing, and while some are
nearly impossible to fix, others, like world champs racing a stock class, are Very easy.

On a different note, my nominee for most obvious press release of the week goes to Losi, for announcing “Team Losi Racing Sweeps Podium at Rock Crawling Nationals”. My first thought was “does Austin Dunn drive for Losi now?”, but after actually opening and reading the PR I find out Losi swept the 1.9 class. Isn’t Losi the only manufacture in that class? Wow, nice sweep Losi. I hope they don’t forget to shoot me the press release when they sweep the micro short course nationals.

The new page that Brian and Jeff designed for BSRC looks pretty uber eh? In case you haven’t noticed the new “BSRC Shop” tab, give it a click for stickers, and some new bashing swag coming soon! Also, give the forum a try, feel free to talk all the smack you want. :)

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Over in the RC Reviews section we have posted up a review of what a lot of people have been talking about lately! The new MaxAmps Multi-Voltage LiPo packs! If you have been thinking that these might be an option you would consider, head on over and
check it out!

We recently got an email pointing out these new vehicles from a company called Extreme Machines and it struck as as really interesting for a few reasons.
First off, the RC vehicles you normally see at places like Target, Walmart or ToysRUs, are really not even close to being what would be considered a ‘hobby grade’ vehicle. Sure there are those sighting where you can buy a Traxxas through ToysRUs online, but you are not seeing them at the actual stores. So this is a cool thing! There are no other vehicles you can buy at any of the ‘big box’ stores, where you can actually go get hop-up parts, or replacement parts, or even have parts that are standard sizes with most RC.

These things have normal radios, receivers, 540 motors, dog bones, oil filled shocks, and all sorts of stuff that sets them apart from the toy shelf vehicles.

They have a 1/16th scale vehicle and a 1/10th scale vehicle. They are 4WD, come with AM transmitters, NiMH batteries and chargers, and with a decent price point. $99 for 1/10th and $59 for 1/16th, and are currently exclusive to Target stores!

I know a lot of people are going to start saying these are not the same quality as a Traxxas, or a Associated, and sure they probably aren’t, but it might be a great stepping stone to get someone into the RC hobby! With the exception of Traxxas, there are not a lot of companies doing what they should to get new people (kids) into the hobby! I bet a lot of kids are going to be getting these for Christmas, heck I bet more kids find these under their tree than a Associated or Losi!

You can also check out the VIDEO of the trucks in action.

We’ll see what we can do to get our hands on a couple, and give them the once over!
Visit the official Extreme Machines site for more info!

What's new: Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Recently we picked up the Duratrax Deluxe Hauler Bag, and it’s time to head over to the RC Reviews section and see what we think! It’s one of the biggest on the market, do we think it’s one of the best? Click Here to find out!