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Have you Entered to Win the Losi 5IVE-T Today?

5ive-t_win Just a reminder, we are giving away a A brand new 1/5th scale Losi 5IVE-T! Mind blown right? If you haven’t entered, make sure you head over to the Official Giveaway Page.

We expect entries to hit record numbers for us, but if you haven’t entered, you can’t win. The deadline for entries is April 29th, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.

What's new: Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Another week, and yet more fun with reader questions…

“This question is for Cub Reporter,Is it ok to rev my engine real high with the wheels off the ground?????
Xie Xie,

Cubby- What’s up “Wang”? Seriously, is that your name or did you just sign “Wang” on your email as a cheap joke? Either way, your question is a sound one that I’m certain many a noob has pondered.

You mention the word “engine” in your email, so I’ll assume you drive nitro. In a nitro engine, I’ve seen people break cranks and rods by revving their nitro burners too high with no load on their engine. Now personally I have tortured several nitro motors, mainly after a crash where the nearest marshal was texting with one hand and smoking with the other, so I’d give my buggy the death/panic rev to get their achtung, and I seemingly never hurt any of my engines. So perhaps YMMV with this one on nitro engines.

For you flashlight drivers out there, electric motors have a different set of issues. When you hit too high of an rpm, whether it be under load or not, you can ruin the bearings that support the rotor, or worst case, shatter the rotor from centrifugal force. Some brushless motors now days are good for nearly 100k rpm, others much less. On normal cell counts you might not have to worry about hurting your motor from too high of rpm, but on higher cell counts you might very well be able to blow it up.

And you’re welcome.


“Dear Sir

Browsing through the internet we find your contacts.

Happy Flower Racing were first introduced to the RC market at 2008, among all the RC On Road Cars manufacturers, Happy Flower is without doubt the youngest and the fearless. READ MORE

What's new: Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

We just got this, so it’s a little late to the party, but MaxAmps is giving you $15 towards the purchase of anything on their site, TODAY ONLY! That’s June 02, 2010. There is no minimum purchase with this, so you don’t have to buy like $200 worth of stuff or anything like that. You just need to use the coupon code: 15BONES .
On top of that, they have their free warranty upgrade! Just go to the Max Amps page, log into your membership account, use the 15BONES coupon code at check out, choose the free warranty upgrade in the drop done meny, and you are set!
One coupon per household!

Make sure you head over to the site for more info!

Recently we talked about and showed some pictures of the Venom Gambler SC truck, well now the video that provided those shots is ready for your viewing pleasure!

Visit for details.

What's new: Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

PROTOform D-HD Are you big into the RC Oval Racing Scene? PROTOform has just announced the D-HD Oval Race body. It features a ton of aero dynamic tweaks to help keep the traction with great detail, and plenty of room for even the most offset batteries.

Visit the PROTOform site for more info.

ST Racing Concepts HPI Blitz strc

Looking for more hop ups for your HPI Blitz? ST Racing Concepts has ya covered! The new STRC In-line Steering Knuckles for the HPI Blitz are CNC machined aluminum. They help improve durability and give you more steering with the in-line bearings. The should be around $20 a pair and come in some sweet colors! I’m digging that Orange.

Head over to the ST Racing Concepts web page for more info!

What's new: Monday, May 31st, 2010

Proline Trencher Tires Proline Trencher Tires

We recently got our hands on the new Pro-Line Trencher 2.2 SC Tires, and put them to the test! If you are looking to get some new rubber for that short course truck you have, make sure you read our review before you go shopping!
Head over to the RC Reviews section or click the image to check it out!

Traxxas Tuning Springs Traxxas Tuning Springs

Looks like Traxxas has come out with another set of ‘most have’ hop-ups for the Traxxas Slash 4×4! These new progressive-rate Tuning Springs sound pretty cool. The progressive-rate design allows you to take small bumps without compromising the need for strong springs on the big air! They are color coded, 20% softer than stock are orange, 10% softer are green, 20% stiffer are blue, and 10% stiffer are pink. Front springs will run you about $5 and rear are $6.50.

For more info check the Traxxas Website.

Welcome to yet another uber edition of the rc worlds most maligned weekly column. :)

Btw, you guys have been seriously slack’n with your hate mail lately, or maybe I’ve been slacking on flip’n out on people. Maybe it’s a bit of both? Any which way, you aren’t cool unless you’re spewing the hate to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com.

On to actual “important” things…

What the HELL was Sebastian Vettel thinking on Sunday? The move he put on Mark Webber looked just like what happens to me every weekend on the rc track. Replacement cost for the a-arm on my Losi truggy is ten bucks, the cost of taking out your Formula 1 teammate? Priceless…

America, specifically Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino California, hosted a round of the motocross world championships last weekend. Why would you care? Maybe you don’t, but I can write anything I want to here, so lucky me. Anyways, the moto USGP was lightly attended by fans, and both classes, MX1 (the big bikes) and MX2 (the 250F class), were won by non-Americans. Best American finishers were Mike Alessi in MX1 and Zach Ozborne in MX2, both finishing second overall.

Speaking of Alessi, our 909 correspondent had this to say about pro motocrosser Jeff Alessi running a JBRL race a couple weeks ago-

What's new: Sunday, May 30th, 2010

So I recently mentioned we were heading out to join the NIRC and XIRTIC guys that were doing a little local RC Rock Crawling here in Illinois. It was a great time, with some sweet courses. The turn out was good for their first get together, and I think the key was everyone had fun. There was some great advice given, and some very cool vehicles! If you are in the northern Illinois area, and looking to get into or just check out the rock crawling scene, one of these NIRC events is a good place to start! I’ll post some pictures here, hit continue to see them all, and Bill posted a TON in the photobucket page you can see right HERE

RC Rock Crawling RC Rock Crawling

RC Rock Crawling RC Rock Crawling

Bill also posted a video! If I embed it, the music won’t play, so just hit his Firesprink281 youtube page to check it out.

RC Rock Crawling RC Rock Crawling

What's new: Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Bass Pro Shop RC Bass Pro Shop RC
So last weekend I’m looking through the newspaper, cutting coupons or something when I get to the Bass Pro Shop ad. I flip it open and right there on the inside is a picture of one of those 1/18th or 1/28 scale micro X-Mod style tracks, you know the ones with the red and black floor tiles. Under the picture it says bring the kids to come race on our RC track! WOW I thought to myself.. this is pretty cool Bass Pro Shop is hip to the RC scene? And thinks showing it off will bring in people? I have to go check this out! So I grab Mini Squid (my four year old) and head down to the store. We go inside, the place is packed! After looking for the track for while, I finally find an employee who tells me the track is setup outside, around the side. AWESOME! This is gonna rock! So we venture outside, walk around and ‘ta da’. Possibly the most pathetic attempt at RC I have ever scene. Where’s the XMods track? Where’s the 10 cars it showed in the pic?! They had two cars. The Nikko Fast and the Furious vehicles! Not even the 10th scale ones.. these were like 1/18th scale.
The lady walks up to me and says ‘Would your son like to try one?’ Even my four year old looked disappointed. LOL. She hands him the controller, and says ‘Please don’t crash into the sides, these cars break easy’. Ok.. seriously? You just handed a 4 year old a RC vehicle, and told him not to crash? To make it worse, these cars sucked so bad, the turning radious wasn’t tight enough to actually make a turn on the track without backing up! Mini Squid lasted about 10 seconds before running into a wooden barrier. The bumper fell off, and the hood popped open! I laughed. The lady seemed really upset that I let it happen. I brought the car over.. closed the hood, and sent it back out. 20 seconds later..crash… pop! Now she’s pissed! haha.. This goes on for about 2 minutes then Mini Squid hands me the controller, and says ‘this car doesn’t work’. I drive it back around.. fix the hood.. hand the lady back the controller and we walk away.
Now it’s not her fault that the toys suck, or even that the track sucked.. but someone somewhere down the line had a epic fail. I appreciate the fact that a company so big would entertain the thought of RC vehicles bringing in the people, great job on getting the word out about RC, but then to hand people these junk toys? Come on now.. A for Idea.. D for effort!

No Photo of the Week: Cause I couldn’t find any good photos this week.

Build log: MAN TGA Dakar Truck

Help Out: Leighton Dillard Benefit Raffle

Next Weekend: R/C RACING SAT., JUNE 5 – WINFIELD, IL – R/C racing in Winfield continues in 2010. There will be a second fundraising R/C race at the Winfield Community United Methodist Church in Winfield, IL. The address is 0S347 Jefferson St. in Winfield, IL.

Also next weekend: 5th Scale Power Jam – June 4-6, 2010 in Monon IN.  Racing mainly, but also featuring common basher pastimes such as:

  • Drag Racing
  • Sled Pull
  • Gasser Fun Run
  • Dare Devil Challenge
  • Last Man Standing
  • Long Jump

Video of the week:

Tamiya YJ Islander

What's new: Friday, May 28th, 2010

Traxxas Bandit VXLXL Prototype Traxxas Bandit VXLXL Prototype
As you can guess, we get a LOT of email here at BSRC. Today I open the mail box, and start to sort through the first dozen or so, when I see one that says “Traxxas SPY Video!” That caught my attention real quick! We get our share of spy pics and videos, but rarely do we catch Traxxas in the act. So I open the mail, and it starts off like “My cousins, neighbor’s brother works for Traxxas, and he was testing this outside, and we caught it on video!” You bet I clicked that link! He’s calling it the Traxxas Bandit VXLXL! While I am pretty sure this probably didn’t come out of the Traxxas R&D group, it IS a really impressive build! The beast halls! Man I’d like to get behind the wheel of it! I’ll have to give my buddies a call at Traxxas and see if I can squeeze some more info out of them! :)

Traxxas Bandit XLXL Prototype Man, that thing has basher written all over it! After checking out the pics and video, I was surprised it didn’t come from Bill “Firesprink281″ our main mechanic here BSRC HQ! I’ll have to get him on this as his next project!

Thanks Jibberjabbs for sending in the pics and video, awesome build! If anyone else has anything similar they want to show off to fellow bashers, drop us a line, spy shots included!

Normally we write the news in our own voice here at BSRC, but this one is too important for us to jack up, so we’re going to let the organizers speak for themselves.

March 6th, 2010, RC Racing lost one of its family.  Leighton Dillard or as he was affectionately known Big L died on the drivers stand during the PyscoNitroBlast in Atlanta.  Leighton was well known all over the southeast in RC Racing. He had a passion for it like no other.  Five years ago, he helped open the “Leighton Dillard Memorial R/C Park” formerly known as “Trackseekers R/C Park” .  He had two dreams, one was to have a track that would host a professional race and the other was to “Run with the Big Boys”.  Last year, HIS track hosted an R/C Pro Race.  He designed the track and was soooo proud.  (Dream number one came true).  When Leighton died, Adam Drake and Mike Truhe were on the drivers stand next to him.  He was running with the Big Boys when his heart failed him and he died on the drivers stand with them.  Leighton Dillard was 41 years old when he died.  He loved his family and provided for them when he was alive.  However, like a lot of us, he did not have provisions for them in the event of his untimely death.  Shellie, Chris and Jessica need our help.  Adam and Mike are doing their part to help, won’t you?

All you have to do is purchase a raffle ticket for Adam or Mike race vehicle for $10.00 and have a chance to win.


For $10.00 you can have a chance to win Adam Drake’s Losi Truggy or Mike Truhe’s Losi Buggy.  They come complete electronics, engine, and all the hop-ups Adam and Mike useThe radio and transponder are not included, but it is complete straight from the race track to the winner of the raffle.  The drawing will be held Friday night June 18 at the Leighton Dillard Memorial Race.  Trackseekers R/C Club is feeding the drivers that night and hosting a live and silent auction to raise money for the family.  You DO NOT have to be present to win, but you might want to come race on Leighton’s Pro Track.  This is the last lay out Leighton did before he died.  Come race with us for a really good cause and help us raise money for Leighton’s family.

Check out Trackseekers for more info.

I will personally place your contact info onto the raffle ticket and enter it into the drawing.  If you have any additional question feel free to contact Bubba Barham at or 601-946-2337.  All proceeds will go directly to the Dillard family.

Follow this link to buy a raffle ticket for Mike Truhe’s buggy.

Follow this link to buy a raffle ticket for Adam Drake’s truggy.

So what do you say Big Squidateers?  I got my raffle tickets, how about you?  If you’re in the Flowood, MS area and you attend the event in person send us some pictures and tell us all about it.  You can email all that stuff to Brian (at)