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lipo battery bucket

Bucket of Doom

While doing a little track testing recently I spotted this Bucket of Doom outside. Talk about something you don’t want in your garage! LOL. Maybe they are saving them up for a good size Fourth of July show! We usually have a few puffed packs around the office, but there were some here that were completely round! Just thought I’d [...]


THE Cub Report, 05.14.2012, Version- Where Art Thou Space Jo…

Boiling down the last week in rc into one quite petite (and quite sarcastic) lil’ lovable report. Now on to the news… No doubt the Axial EXO Terra buggy has already made a heck of splash. While our test unit may have had a few new model gremlins, it’s still a kick a$$ buggy and one that might very [...]


mothers day

Happy Mothers Day!

I know there are not a lot of moms that read Big Squid RC, but I can best most of the people reading have a mom, in some form or another. So why not bring a smile to everyone’s face today, get out there and bash, and let mom take the wheel! Seriously.. imagine her tearing up her own flower garden [...]


strc axial exo parts

ST Racing Concepts – Axial EXO Buggy Hop Up Parts

Continuing their support for aftermarket parts, ST Racing Concepts sent over some pics of their Axial EXO Buggy upgrades. The parts consist of aluminum and graphite, and include Front Chassis Brace with Upper Steering Plate, HD Rear Chassis Brace, and Steering Bellcrank System. The are available in Black, Gun Metal, Green, Orange and Silver. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: [...]


de racing wheel sticker

DE Racing – Wheel Sticker Disks

Back at RCX we got a chance to see these in person, and they looked pretty cool. Now DE Racing has officially announced the Wheel Sticker Disks. A lot of bashers out there do what they can to personalize their vehicles, and this old school concept is a great way to do it. They are available for both the “Borrego” [...]


hemistorm penta body

Hemistorm Penta Body for Losi 5IVE-T is Shipping.

We have mentioned the Losi 5IVE-T body that is coming from Hemistorm called the Penta was coming soon. Well, we just received word that it’s now shipping! We know a lot of people have been looking for a alternative body, everyone likes to be different. Well, now’s your chance to get your 5IVE-T to stand out from the crowd. [...]


traxxas slash

Traxxas 2WD Slash – Rob MacCachren Edition

Looks like Traxxas has released a new 2WD Slash to the world in the Rob MacCachren Edition. This version also includes the new Mopar/RAM body, a TQi Radio, 7-cell NiMH battery, 12T 550 motor and XL-5 ESC.Visit the Traxxas site for a few more details.


big squid bash

Big Squid RC – Summer Kick Off Bash!

For those of you in the area Illinois area (or for those that like to drive) we have scheduled an official date for our Summer Kick Off Bash! Mark your calendars for June 9th 2012! The event is being hosted by the Orland Park, Hobby Town USA. You can get more info on their store here! Scheduled events [...]


atomik rc metal mulisha

Atomik RC Teams up with Brian Deegan and Metal Mulisha

Atomik RC has just announced the Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha MM 450 R/C Dirtbike! This is cool. The Atomik RC bikes are pretty fun to drive and bash with, and now they have gone and added some more scale looks and a ‘mini Deegan’. Metal Mulisha fans should be lining up for this one. #gallery-10 { margin: auto; } #gallery-10 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 05.10.2012- Welcome To More Of My Answer D…

I am getting back into rc after almost 30 years (i started then with a frog kit) which I would love to see more of now, and am simply amazed at how far r/c has come. With that being said and me being an extreme bash and speed freak, I am addicted to your review link. What are the [...]



Kyosho Mini-z Moto Racer unboxing and video

  The Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Racer bikes finally came out last week and I eagerly picked up 4 of them to add to the Chicago Mini R/C fleet.   What you get inside the box is the new KT-19 transmitter, the motorcycle itself (assembled and ready to run), a USB charger (mini-USB on the charger, standard USB on the power side), a 120mah [...]


Talk amongst yourselves, and with us!

Is there anyone out there? We are currently chatting on the front page of Big Squid RC in the comments of this post. Chatting starts at 10pm cst, (April 25, 2012) and usually lasts 30min to a hour. As always, there will be several BSRC crew members to answer questions. Come discuss anything you want. No trolling [...]


Anyone up for a Wednesday Night Chat?

Just a heads up that a few of us squids will be on tonight around 10pm CST. We will announce/open up a chat thread in the comments of a post, and usually discuss whatever is on our minds. If you are around then, feel free to stop by, ask questions, make comments, or just enjoy the craziness that ensues. Hope to [...]


vs tank pro 1/24

VS Tank Pro Review

THE VS Tank Pro ReviewWe recently got our hands on two VS Tank Pro vehicles. The M4A3 Sherman (USA) and the Pz.753 (German) seemed like good choices. We opted for the infrared instead of the Airsoft versions because we knew with Cubby around we’d have bb holes in walls and bruised shins. On the official VS Tank website the vehicles [...]


rpm losi a-arms

RPM – Losi Ten SCTE, Ten-T and 810 Front and Rear A-Arms

RPM continues to show the love for the Losi Ten SCTE, Ten-T and 810 with their newly designed Front and Rear A-Arms. The new arms are created to be ultra strong for racers and us basher types while being aerodynamic in shape. Additional outer hinge pin support has been increased by almost 60% to really help when you accidentally clip [...]