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What's new: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

trackseekers A week or so ago we mentioned the Trackseekers Flowood Indoor RC Track in Flowood, MS. They recently let us know that their official ribbon cutting is Thursday December 9th, 2010 and their Grand Opening Toy’s for Tots race is Saturday December 11th, 2010! The place sounds amazing, and the pics on the site look good. If your in the Mississippi area, you should stop on in! Tell them Big Squid sent ya! Then write back and let us know what ya think!
Check out the Trackseekers site for details.

Are you a lover of 2-stick radios?  Do pistol grips just not push your buttons?  Have you been waiting around for a budget 2.4 GHz radio in the form-factor you prefer?  Wait no more, Core RC is here with their new CODE Sport 2.4 GHz FHSS radio.  This low-cost, 2-stick wonder is about as bare-bones as you can get in radios.  Beyond the reliable nature of the 2.4 GHz signal, this radio only features servo reversing and trims for steering and throttle.  But you can get it for a low price of £39.99 (or just over $60 at current exchange rates) with a receiver, or £24.99 (~$40) for just the transmitter.  That makes this one of the least expensive 2.4 GHz setups out there, and just about the only surface focused 2.4 GHz 2-stick setup (Futaba has one, the 3GR-FS, but it’s list price is $349.99).

For more info check out the Schumacher web site, the distributor of CORE R/C products.

What's new: Monday, December 6th, 2010

axial rodney willsGood friend of Big Squid RC, Rodney Wills (seen here in a blurry shot with yours truly) has left HPI Racing and headed off to Axial! Rodney had been with HPI for a while, and I think it’s an interesting move in the RC industry. It reminds me of another recent Axial addition.

It’s great to see Axial gearing up with some big names as they continue to push forward in the rock crawling and other segments of RC! We wish Rodney luck with his new endeavor! It’s going to be exciting to see what Axial has up their sleeve for the future!

You can read all the official stuff on Axial’s site.

Team Associated is opening up their warehouse to the public for their First Annual Warehouse Sale. This Friday, December 10th, from 10:00am to 3:30pm you’ll be able to buy select kits, RTRs, batteries, and parts at low prices, straight from the warehouse. If you want to know exactly what kind of deals you can get, well, you’ll just have to show up.

Click on through for the address and a map to the warehouse.  Then check out the Team Associated web site for good measure.


Taiwanese outfit AMR (who?) has a  brand new RTR 1/12 scale nitro buggy ready for your consumption. Called the Gears 10, this new buggy is 4wd and looks the part of it’s much larger 1/8 scale counterparts.  The drive train is shaft driven, with durable gear differentials at either end, and also includes a slipper clutch, housed beneath a nifty looking shroud to help keep debris out.  The suspension is made for racing with long stroke shocks, adjustable turnbuckle tie-rods, and anti-roll bars front and rear.

The Gears 10′s engine package is an adorable 1.6cc (~ .10) pull start with an aluminum muffler and manifold.  It’s also available with two radios, a bare-bones 27 MHz AM radio or the AMR Navigator 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio.

Unfortunately there’s no word on whether or not the Gear 10 will be available stateside.  Robitronic is distributing it in Europe.  Check out the AMR web site for more info.

Many a week goes by where the rc world is slow on news, but not this one….

Horizon finally introduced a replacement for the decade old Losi XXX buggy, it’s called the Team Losi Racing 22. Whoaaaa, did the 22 arrive right on time, or way too late?

The uber racing crowd has been proclaiming the TLR 22 to be a “game changer”. The 22 comes with a metal chassis, big bore shocks, and it can utilize either a rear or mid mounted motor. It’s quite obvious the TLR 22 designers (Dan Hissam, Todd Hodge, Jukka Steenari and Brent Redlin) have developed a buggy with all of today’s best technology, a design that finally brings 2wd electric racing up to modern times. While the older designs (like the Losi XXX and AE B4) were set-up for 6 cell Ni-mh’s and brushed motors, the TLR 22 is optimized for Lipo and brushless. Overall, the 22 is quite stunning, and I for one can’t wait to wheel one around a high bite indoor track.

The internet pundits have taken a harsher look at the new TLR design. The 22 still has e-clips on it, and as we all know, e-clips are the devil and there is no excuse for them being on a new car. The 22 also uses a rather suspicious looking steering rack, one that looks prone to jamming due to dirt, rocks and debris. The pundits also disapprove of the 22′s ability to be run either as a rear motor or mid motor car. One of the two motor mounting positions has to be superior to the other, I mean, you don’t see F1 cars or TORC series trucks moving their motors around for different tracks.

But perhaps the biggest problem the 22 has is its release date. The 22 is “roughly” scheduled to hit hobby shops in late February 2011. If the 22 would have been sitting on hobby shelves in October 2010, the entire winter would have been a TLR 22 sales bonanza. Instead, most racer types are putting together 8th scale buggies for the summer season during Feb/March, not buying new 2wd 10th scales. To top that off, when racers do start buying their gear for the winter 2011/12 season next fall, Associated, TQ, Schu, Kyosho, or Durango might very well have a new release to take all the wind out of the 22 sails (and sales). In short, very poor timing that might very well cost Horizon big figures in potential sales.

Of course with all the buzz on the new 22, the rumor mill gets kicked into overdrive. The biggest rumor being that Thunder Tiger/Associated is just months away from releasing an all new RC10B5. Perhaps the tastier rumor is that the big AE is working on a “scale looking” buggy that will change the 2wd buggy class like the Traxxas Slash changed the truck class. Also, the TLR 22 debuted this weekend at the Spektrum race in Wisconsin, and what was the biggest rumor circulating around the pits? It was about how has the 22 got its name- with the rumor being that it cost Horizon 22 million dollars to buy out Losi back in 2001. Gotta love that rumor mill, it just keeps on giving and giving…

No doubt it’s awesome seeing a ground up new design coming with a Losi badge on it. The 22 incites great memories of the glory years of rc racing, back to a time when 2wd mod was the elite class, and Losi vs Associated was an all out war of technology. But, and there is always a “but”, while I’d love to test drive one, I’m not going to buy a 22. In fact, most of the people I talked to over the weekend thought the 22 was an exciting new race weapon, but they weren’t going to buy one either. Many of todays uber race guys are all about 8th scale and scoff at anything smaller, and honestly you don’t want to show up at a local bash spot with a spindly lil’ 2wd buggy (unless you want your new 22 going home smashed to bits by some Revo or Savage). Personally, I think 2wd buggies are too fragile and hard to drive, and I just simply have much more fun wheel’n an 8th scale. We’ll see if the hardcore racer and nostalgia types will buy enough of the 22′s to make it worth Horizons research and development expenses.

That’s it for this week BigSquid readers. Until next week, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Saturday, December 4th, 2010

The hot looking Robitronic Protos V2 1/8 nitro buggy is now available as a RTR set.  The new setup includes a .28 size engine with an 8-port sleeve design and a black anodized tuned pipe.  It’s also ready to hit the track right out of the box with plenty of racing features, such as front and rear anti-roll bars, adjustable turnbuckle tie-rods, full ball bearings, large bore shocks, and alloy shock towers with multiple mounting positions.

The Protos V2 RTR includes Robitronic’s own TL-3C 3-channel, 2.4GHz radio system.  This radio features a 16 model memory, digital trims, and all kinds of other top level features you’d expect in a modern computer radio.  Steering and throttle are controlled by Savox servos.

No word on a price point, but it is available now.  Check out the Robitronic web site for more info.

Have you ever wanted to be a beta tester?  It’s not as fun as you may think, trust me, I know.  But here’s an opportunity from Pro-Line with their new Pro-Core tire tech.  According to Pro-Line this technology is so new that it is still under development by our R&D department. They are releasing a new version of their recently released Street Fighter SC tire with the Pro-Core tech integrated into it.  Pro-Core is a new type of internal support integrated directly into the tire, eliminating the need for foam inserts.  It is said to increase durability and cornering speeds.

The Street Fighter SC Pro-Core tires will only be available for a limited time directly from Pro-Line.  Check out the Pro-Line web site for more info and ordering.  Click through the read more link for a video of these tires in action.


Photo of the Week:

You know, ever since the first time I saw a steam powered r/c boat, I’ve wanted to build a steam powered r/c car modeled after a Stanley Steamer of yore.  That would be a fun project, assuming it doesn’t burst into flames.

Build Log: PontiacGT201′s SCX10 project – Forum member PontiacGT201 show’s off his latest project.  Get involved.

Good News: Stolen 5B recovered – It’s always nice to see a victim get their property back, especially in cases like ours where very few, if any of us actually insure our expensive toys.

Sad News: Tamiya has discontinued the Clod Buster.  Again…  Kinda…  The (much) more expensive Metallic edition is still kicking.

Tech Article: Convert your 1/8 nitro buggy to electric @ – Nitro to electric conversion based on the RC8B.

Video of the Week:

What's new: Friday, December 3rd, 2010

adam parade truck adam parade truck

Good friend of Big Squid RC and fellow basher, Adam G. sent in a couple of pics from a parade he was just in with his Slash. Not only was he showing some school spirit, but he was doing a great job of promoting the hobby to thousands of people lined up on the street! Even better the parade ended up on TV, so even more people got to check it out!

Great Job Adam! Way to help promote the hobby!
More and more I have been hearing about RC vehicles showing up in parades! I know Bill has been doing them for years now, and it’s a great way to show people how far the hobby has come in recently!

Pro-Line raptor Pro-Line raptor

We had our first look at iHobby of the new Pro-Line Ford Raptor body, but now the official pics and specs are out. It comes with the bolt on number and side dam plates.

They have a version that fits the Slash, SC10, Ultima SC, and Blitz, then another version for the SCRT10 and Hyper 10SC. Make sure your ordering the correct one. I personally really dig bolt on accessories and hope Pro-Line continues to keep doing stuff like this.

Check out the Pro-Line web page for details.

Click through for a couple more pictures. READ MORE

What's new: Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

big squid rc team photo Yep, it’s that time again! We are still growing faster than we can keep up, so it’s time to look for some more writers!

Do you hang out in the forums? Always love to talk or write about RC news? Maybe you are a former writer for a RC magazine? Maybe BSRC’s biggest fan looking to realize a dream? Well we are on the hunt again so CLICK HERE to get more information about what we are looking for!

Our friends at MaxAmps sent the following video of a huge MaxAmps pack starting some real full size dragsters! Check it out.

Don’t forget to check out our lipo car starting video we did a while back as well!

Check out the MaxAmps web site for other battery information.