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What's new: Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Want to step up the performance of your RC wave racer? Aquacraft gives you some new GrimRacer Speed lipos tested and approved by world champion Mike “Grimracer” Zaborowski to do just that. Featuring 10-gauge wire and Deans Ultra Plugs, these batteries are equipped to handle super-high current rates. They are available in 2S and 4S packs and range from $60-$150 depending on the mAh rating and should be available in early April.

These would be the perfect pack for the Motley Crew Brushless FE Catamaran I mentioned earlier. I bet they would make it To Fast For Love! Okay, that’s my last Mötl3y Crü3 reference, I promise. Head on over to Aquacraft to check out these new lipos!

Looking for some new high performance juice packs for your ride? TrakPower has you covered with their new Performance Lipo batteries! The 50C lipo is available in a 2S 6200mAh configuration for around $100. The 60C lipos are available in a 2S or 4S 5600mAh setup at around $100 and $180 respectively.

These bad boys should be available by late May. Check out TrakPower for more info!

TrakPower has all sorts of new stuff today! Their new power supply, TK-950 soldering station, 2-in-1 temp gauge & stop watch, and Speed Wash nitro cleaner will all be available in late May. They also list some new tire glue, KryTech lubricant, 500cc fuel bottle, and Speed Equipment T-Shirts as being available at that time as well.

Head on over to TrakPower to get all the details on this plethora of new products. Rumor has it that yours truly may be posting his very first review on one of these new products very soon! I’ll give you a hint… It gets HOT!

Kickstart My Heart! Aquacraft has just announced their new Motley Crew Brushless FE Catamaran. This thing is sure to attract all the Girls Girls Girls with its fiberglass hull, water-cooled 6-pole 1800kv brushess motor, 60A brushless ESC, and Tactic 2.4GHz radio system. This boat has Looks That Kill with the official graphics from Ron & Scott Roman’s world champion offshore racer. This boat is sure to make you feel like Dr. Feelgood while driving on the Wild Side when it is avaliable this May for a street price of $349.99.

Check out Aquacraft for more information. And yes, I realize this boat isn’t actually licensed after the band. However, I was able to work five song references in there :) Not bad, if I dare say so myself.

It looks like the guys over at MaxAmps have released yet another ridiculously awesome battery for all you 10th scale bashers out there. The new 100C Super Sport 5250mah 7.4v Bullet lipo pack features a 3-year 300 cycle guarantee, a true 100C rating, and is capable of charging at 5C. The hard case pack should give you about 30 minutes of runtime and 40+ MPH speeds in most brushless setups. Best of all, these packs can be had at a special introductory price of only $89.99!

Blaze on over to MaxAmps and check ‘em out!

VTX10 Viper RC

We met some of the guys from Viper RC back at iHobby, and again at RCX. We just got a little PR from them about their new VTX 10/10R electronic speed control. Built for 1/10th and 1/12 scale vehicles, the VTX 10 is a sensored system, has a dynamic drag brake and timing boost, SBEC for up to 7.0V, battery cut off, ESC temperature and motor temperature protection, WATERPROOF case, ability to use their ProGauge system for tuning and 8 default profiles.

The VTX10 has a 540/6.5T motor limit, and the VTX10R has a 550/No limit setup.

Visit Viper RC for more details.

A big and hearty Congratulations to HPI Racing and the Savage Flux HP, The Ultimate Basher!

Nine days ago we started March Bash-ness with 16 trucks. After all of you guys cast nearly 6,000 votes (most of which were legitimate!) over that time, 15 trucks have been sent home and we now have a winner.  The Ultimate Basher as decided by the fans is HPI Racing’s Savage Flux HP!  Though just barely, when the final vote was cast, the Savage Flux and Slash 4×4 were only separated by 2%!  The Savage Flux HP squeezed out the win with 51% of the nearly 1,000 votes cast over the last two days!  It was so close that we weren’t really sure who would win until the poll was closed.

While the Savage Flux HP drives away with the trophy, Traxxas fans shouldn’t feel defeated, it was a hard fought battle and the Slash 4×4 is certainly a worthy runner-up, just making it to the final was a feat in itself.  This was a fantastic showdown between two heavyweight contenders, and the back and forth fight was proof of that.

Giveaway Info: I imagine you’re all wanting to know about the giveaway.  We will be announcing the winner this Friday, April 1st, after we go through all the entries and get the official prize from HPI, so check back then for the official drawing.  But you know, we’re in such a giving mood after this and we’re so close to 500 Fans on our FaceBook page, that Brian has decided to give something else away when we break 500 Fans.  So click on over to our FaceBook page and click the big Like button at the top, then keep an eye on the front page for news about what we’re going to give away when 500 falls.


hey fellas,
First off my name is Vern. My brothers an i have been racing the pavement with our rc cars since i was old enough to hold a controller. Well it has come time to let my son run the ropes. For the past six weeks i have been looking for a truck thats close to my traxas slash and losi strike for a starter for my 4 year old. i was on youtube and found a couple of duratrax evader dt videos by or for big squid rc. Soooo i looked in to the truck, and for a few more days i pondered. I found more videos and one some one drove it full speed in to a curb! wow! Any way just want to thank everyone at big squid for the forums and and honest opinions and product stress test”curb test”i didnt feel like u were tring to sell a prouduct. the reviews were real and solid. Unlike my local hobby shop where i can never get a strait answer on what a product is worth and how durable it is. i ended up getting the duratrax dt for my son. Well now he sleeps with it right next to him he is so proud that him and i can race. thanks for helping me make the right choice. as far as my sons
driving, nothings broke but mybe my pride,crushed in a drag race. i didnt change my remote battries never got off the starting line. I hope to see Big Squid around for years to come! my next rc will follow one of your reviews and product videos!

“may the pavement lead to dirt, and dirt to epic jumps ” safe driving! A new fan of big squid rc.
vernon r.

i told my friends about you.

Cubby- Thanks for the kind words Vernon.

BigSquidRC is a site aimed right at the vast majority of people in our hobby-backyard bashers. And while bashing, drivers hit things like curbs Really hard. Our readers slam curbs on a daily basis, we pound curbs with our personal vehicles, so while testing it’s only fitting we tag a few curbs wide open. Some manufactures hide their heads in the sand thinking their trucks will never take such a pounding, and if they do, they consider it customer “abuse”. Fortunately for you core bashers there are other companies that know what really goes on in the real world and build their products to take some pretty gnarly hits. Glad to hear your son is loving his Duratrax DT, it is a seriously tough (and fun!) truck.

ps- You must have told a lot of friends because our numbers are through the roof lately!

Hey guys,

After getting back in the hobby, I’ve noticed that lipo/brushless systems are all the rage now and have touched every facet of rc. So I’m wondering. where are the 1/8th scale brushless truggies? I’ve seen several companies with their versions of brushless buggies but no truggies. Associated had their RC8Te but was discontinued after a short while. I thought the brushless truggy scene
would’ve exploded when the Mamba Monster systems (and other large brushless systems) were released. Any insight? Did I miss something?

Cubby- What’s up Joe? Thanks for the email.

IMO truggies can be considered superior to buggies in many areas. Truggies handle bomb’ed out tracks better than buggies do and truggies make better bash/jump machines because they have greater ground clearance. The bigger truggy tires handle bumps better, and there is more room inside for higher cell counts and/or larger motors.

And no Joe, you didn’t miss anything, but consumers have voted with their wallets, and that vote says they prefer E-buggy over E-truggy. And why is that? I think it boils down to two reasons- keep reading..

What's new: Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I have to admit the excitement of the final March-Bashness round is killing us! Myself, Jeff, Cubby, Evan, Wrench, Adam and the rest of the gang are sitting here watching the screens and counting down till midnight! I can’t thank you all enough for casting your votes! The kind words about how we ran it, (not just asking for votes and then picking a motorcycle) and emails have been awesome!

The back and forth today between the two trucks has been insane! I couldn’t believe it when the count was around 630 votes and they were tied!! We really do appreciate all of our fans and the support! Thank you all!

Animus 18SC from Helion

So remember a few days ago when we mentioned the news about Mike Gillette, Gil Losi Jr., and Jason Corl launching a new company called Firelands Group? Well it’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days as we have scooped some more info. First off, here’s a nice big picture! The info we have been able to gather from about a zillion phone calls isn’t much but here is what we know.

Type: 1/18th Short Course Truck
Drive Train: 4WD, shaft driven
Radio: 2.4ghz INCLUDED!
Power Plant: Brushed Motor.
Kit: Totally RTR, and includes a NiMH battery!
Shipping: Mid May
Price: $99!

This is all we could muster. Those janitors over at Firelands are tight lipped!

The website isn’t up and running yet, but we will leave the link because it should be up soon.

LD Racing Products has some great looking new wheels for fans of The Tiniest Crawler of All, the Losi Micro Crawler.  The new 8Trax wheels are available in nice and heavy aluminum for those times when you need the weight, or lighter, black Delrin for times when you don’t.  They are a great looking wheel, if I ever get around to buying a Micro Crawler or 4×4 Trail Trekker I might have to grab a set.

The 8Trax are available now, exclusively through RPP Hobby (aluminum, delrin) for $38.99  for a set of four.  Check out LD Racing’s website for more info.

Ken block E-Revo

Our friends from Traxxas just released these pictures of the special edition (read 1 of 1) Ken Block E-Revo. It’s got his signature paint, green beadlock rims, huge Chevron tires, custom hubs and Exo-Carbon wing! This was made special for Ken and is a one-off. Enjoy the pics, I dig those HUGE beadlocks!

Dear Traxxas, your killing us here! We know the 1/16th scale vehicles are fun and popular, but teasing us with some bigger scale stuff, without any new announcements any is making us sad. :(

What's new: Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

THE Venom 1/10th Gambler SC RTR Review

From: Venom
Direct Link: Venom Gamber – Short Course Truck

Review by Cubby
Photos by- Sam “The Photog”

Venom Gambler

Ever since the Traxxas Slash was introduced to the world, short course trucks have been all the rage. The rc world was used to driving alien looking “stadium trucks” and “buggies”, but instantly fell head over heals for the realism and just plain cool factor that the scale looking Slash had to offer. With the Slash being such an overwhelming hit it was obvious that there were going to be plenty more short course trucks on the way from other manufactures.

At Nuremburg 2010 Venom announced they were tossing their hat into the 2wd short course ring with a truck dubbed the “SCX”. Venom certainly isn’t know for being a car manufacture, they are known more for their batteries, heli’s and such, but it is always good to see more choices in a hot product category. Well, after over a year of development, the Venom truck is now hitting hobby shelves renamed the “Gambler“.

Venom is selling both a brushed and brushless version of the Gambler, this week I am reviewing the brushed RTR version. So just how does it stack up to the competition????