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What's new: Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Is it just me or am I a day late with this as well? :) Let’s get on with your questions/comments….


“I’ve really enjoyed your battery and charger shootouts. It’s nice to see
someone take a somewhat scientific approach to this stuff. Too many people
make crazy assumptions that if you pay 3X as much for something, that it
must be 3x better, and your shootouts show quite well that some of the
cheaper options are just as good (or nearly so) as the pricey stuff.

I was wondering if you’ve ever considered doing a similar shootout for transmitters/receivers? I picked up a ridiculously cheap 2.4GHz flysky GT-2 a couple months ago, and it performs flawlessly for what I use it for. But every time I recommend it to someone, they always say “if it’s that cheap, it must be junk”. I think you should compare the GT2 and fancier GT3 to the some of the more expensive (futaba, spektrum) units and see if you really do get anything extra for your money with the name-brand stuff.

-Chip Andre

Cubby- Yo what’s up Chip Andre? Perhaps you and I are from the same mold? I’m the type of person that would much rather test first hand and find out if a $500 part is REALLY better than a $80 one. While I’m sure at some level all the marketing hype does affect my view of products, but I’m the type that takes anything and everything said in an advertisement with a very large grain of salt.

As you already know, we’ve got our 4S Lipo shootout coming up in a couple weeks, but after that, I’d be totally stoked to do a radio shootout. The rest of the staff and myself have already shot around test categories, ones that we can truly measure, and ones that really matter at the end of the day. Just like you, I’d like to know if in fact a uber high-zoot $300 transmitter is truly worth the money over one that only costs half as much. Perhaps we’ll find out in a couple months?


I just bought a new Jammin 4×4 SCRT-10 and I want to put the best of everything in it. So far I’ve picked up a Castle brushless system and Pro-line wheels and tires. Cubby what would you recommend for best the servo?


Cubby- What’s up Jammin? READ MORE

Pro-Line sniper tire Looking for a new short course tire? Pro-Line has the new Sniper SC 2.2″/3.0″ M2 tires. These tires use the same design as the Hole Shot tires but scaled up for dustier track conditions. So if your track isn’t getting watered enough.. check these out. Sized to fit Slash, Slash 4×4, Slayer, SC10 and the Blitz.

Get over to the Pro-Line web page and check it out.

Venom micro lipo
Have a micro plane in need of some Micro LiPO’s? Well Venom has the Micro LiPO for you! These little guys are 25C, 3.7v and come in 120mah or 150mah. They are ideal for Parkzone or E-flight micro sized aircraft. They have a micro price as well under $7!

Visit the for details.

What's new: Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Pro-Line jeep wranger body

Pro-Line has added another Jeep body to their growing stable of licensed goodness. This time it’s the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon is designed for 1:10 scale rock crawlers and scale builders. It fits 12.3″ wheelbase rigs, and it pretty tall so you may need some extended body posts to make it right.

Pro-Line jeep wranger body Pro-Line jeep wranger body

Get over to the Pro-Line web page and check it out.

Pro-Line sale
Getting in the sale spirit, Pro-Line has a sale going on for 15% off till September 6th 2010! Use discount code LABOR15PL to get your savings!

Head over to the Pro-Line page, and stock up on some bodies and tires!

golden horizons sale

If you have been holding off buying some hop-ups from GH Racing, now is the time to finish off that shopping list! September 3rd – 7th, 2010, they have a 15% off store wide sale with no minimum purchase required!

Head over to the official GH Racing site and start clicking add to cart!

mini rc mini rc
The focus is on the car.
The drivers’ line is silent.
Thirty seconds to go and … FINISH!
The young racer asks, “How many laps did I do?”
It’s clear: another enthusiast is born!

Sunday, August 29th, Hobby Town Orland Park invited the Chicago Mini RC Club out to the 9th annual Mopar/AMC Show and Shine to do demo of the new Losi 1/24th scale Short Course Truck (SCT) and Rally car. We’ve recently posted our unboxing of the SCT and Rally and the next step for a proper review was a day of bashing/racing in the hands of the target demographic, newbies, kids, and their parents (wallets). With the fleet of vehicles fresh in hand Friday night, I invited Craig from I-lap R/C lap timing systems over to my place for some PCB diagnostics. After some banter regarding Losi’s decision to include a 27mhz setup vs 2.4ghz, Craig was able to locate a regulated 3 volt circuit connected to the switch of the PCB. Following a successful test, the first harness was in. The transponder lit right up and our initial tests showed that even with just 3 volts, we were getting registered laps with the bridge sensor as far as 3 ft above the car (and this was with no holes drilled in the body for the transponder IR emitter). The game plan was coming along nicely. New trucks in the hands of new drivers running timed races. In the words of my 10 Y.O. at heart, “COOOOOL!”

mini rc mini rc

When we arrived at the Show and Shine, which was being held at an empty car dealership, we had a choice to use the indoor showroom (wide open space with power outlets, but no air conditioning and no breeze), or use part of the parking lot. I’m not the biggest fan of being under the sun from 12-3pm while running around marshaling cars driven by new drivers (my quadriceps are KILLING me). We decided we’d setup in the showroom . The new Losi Tracks aren’t released yet, so we setup the club’s RCP tracks. Again I tapped my inner 10 Y.O. and began looking for boxes to make ramps for the track. The corner markers Losi includes made for some nice little bumps in track too. On Craig’s advice we also made the track wider to accommodate a center area for inner marshaling. The white board is up announcing the race start time. Will a crowd form? READ MORE

What's new: Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

golden horizons fuel cooler

Another cool product from GH Racing is this Fuel Cooler. Made from 6061 Aluminum for 1/10th nitro vehicles, helps keep fuel cool with a heat sink design. Helps stabalize fuel flow to the engine also. Comes in blue and orange.

Head over to the official GH Racing site for more info! Don’t forget to tell them Big Squid sent ya!

venom hop up parts traxxas slash 4x4

More and more people are releasing hop-up parts for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 which is making me think it’s really starting to catch on! New from Venom are a ton of cool Aluminum Hop-Up parts for the Traxxas Slash 4WD! They also have Steel Universal joint shafts from front and rear! (seen on top)

Here’s a list of what they have available: Front and Rear lower Arm Sets, Front Knuckle Set, Front C Hub set, Rear Hub set, Front and Rear Shock Towers, Motor Plates and Motor Plate Mounts! All in Red or Gun Metal!

Venom hop up parts traxxas slash 4x4 Venom hop up parts traxxas slash 4x4

Venom hop up parts traxxas slash 4x4 Venom hop up parts traxxas slash 4x4

Venom hop up parts traxxas slash 4x4 Venom hop up parts traxxas slash 4x4

Visit for details.

golden horizons shrink tubing golden horizons shrink tubing

New from GH Racing is their packs of Heat Shrink Tubing. Each pack has 4 strips, 1/8″ diameter and 4″ long. Designed to shrink up to 1/2 it’s original size. The are available in yellow, black, red and green.
You know you need some! Head over to the official GH Racing site for more info! Don’t forget to tell them Big Squid sent ya!

What's new: Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Pro-Line review contest
Whoa, check this out! Over at the Pro-Line site there is a new contest! Write a review, and you have a chance to win $1000!
Hmm.. maybe instead of posting our reviews here, we should just put them directly on the Pro-Line site! :)

Head over to the Pro-Line Contest page for details!

Day 6 is the last build day of DuraTrax Evader DT Week. I’m finally getting around to doing my custom paint on my DT. The pre-trimmed, pre-drilled clear body from DuraTrax (Part DTXC6218) looks great and is easy to paint. There’s not much more to say about this one, I’m certainly no artist, but I like the way it turns out in the end. As I say in the video, this week long feature hasn’t just been about putting hop-ups on the Evader DT, it’s also about taking the time to make your truck truly yours, and not just another off-the-shelf RTR. So get out there and get to customizing, no matter what kind of car or truck you have.

If you haven’t already done so go read our review of the Evader DT. As a quick recap, on day one I installed a full set of DuraTrax’s hard anodized shocks, day two saw me installing a few chassis mods with some aluminum parts and the graphite chassis, on day three I put a full set of ball bearings in the truck and an aluminum idler gear in the transmission, and on day four I installed a Castle Creations brushless system and Futaba 4PK radio gear. Day 5 was the beginning of the end, I took the time to clean up and paint some of the detail pieces that are on the body. To follow this feature week just bookmark this link. For a full list of optional accessories that are available for the DuraTrax Evader DT be sure to check out the DuraTrax web site.

Duratrax bag
In the ‘something all RC’ers need’ category comes the new DuraTrax Hauler Bag. We here at Big Squid RC do a LOT of traveling for bashes, events, demos, etc.. and to have a giant bag to carry a lot of your gear around with you is a huge plus! The DuraTrax 1/8th Deluxe Hauler Bag features a nylon exterior, 3 large drawers for your 1/8th scale 1/10th scale, or Short Course vehicle with plenty of room for radios and other accessories. The drawers are plastic (not cardboard like some) with large pocket for pit mats and stuff like that. It also has a retractable handle and wheels! If you do a good amount of traveling for RC, you should really consider picking up a bag like this.

Keep a eye on the DuraTrax web page for info.