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vs tank pro 1/24

VS Tank Pro Review

THE VS Tank Pro ReviewWe recently got our hands on two VS Tank Pro vehicles. The M4A3 Sherman (USA) and the Pz.753 (German) seemed like good choices. We opted for the infrared instead of the Airsoft versions because we knew with Cubby around we’d have bb holes in walls and bruised shins. On the official VS Tank website the vehicles [...]


rpm losi a-arms

RPM – Losi Ten SCTE, Ten-T and 810 Front and Rear A-Arms

RPM continues to show the love for the Losi Ten SCTE, Ten-T and 810 with their newly designed Front and Rear A-Arms. The new arms are created to be ultra strong for racers and us basher types while being aerodynamic in shape. Additional outer hinge pin support has been increased by almost 60% to really help when you accidentally clip [...]



Next Kyosho Mini-z Moto rumored to be a Ducati

  Kyosho is in the rumor mill with the next Mini-z Moto to be the Team Desmosedici GP11 #46 Ducati.  The photo is representative of what we can EXPECT the bike to look like but is not a photo of the actual bike.  Until then, enjoy some more photos Kyosho released of the first Yamaha bike.


THE Cub Report, 05.07.2012, Version- Table For 2 At Alinea

Yes, another week has blown by us in our beloved hobby, welcome to yet another way-super-dope edition of THE Cub Report. Mark this date on your calenders- Saturday, June 9th. What’s going on? Well that is the day of BigSquid’s first uber bash of the year. There is a lot more info to come, but it’ll be in the [...]


axial exo build

Axial EXO ‘Copperhead’ Build

Over the weekend, we were hanging out at the Hobbytown in Orland IL. for the Kyosho Mini Z Motorcycle launch part (which btw are pretty fun to drive) when one of our readers (Manny) showed up with his awesome Axial EXO build that he call’s COPPERHEAD. These pictures do not do the build justice, as in person the colors and [...]


strc exo buggy hop ups

ST Racing Concepts – Axial Exo Buggy Hop Ups

ST Racing Concepts has just announced a bunch of aluminum hop-ups for the Axial Exo Buggy! Talk about fast action.. seems like the buggy just came out, and the STRC guys are on top of it! Looks like they have some shock towers and shocks, as well as steering components ready to roll out the door. If you are [...]


gh racing flux xs hop ups

GH Racing – HPI XS Flux Hop Ups

It seems like I was just commenting on how much I dig the orange aluminum hop ups when we got a new press release from GH Racing letting us know they have some sweet orange (or silver) aluminum hop-up parts for the HPI XS Flux! Some of the products include a aluminum servo horn, hex wheel hubs, and rear hubs [...]



Traxxas Funny Car unboxing and (pre)view

  What you see above, is the Traxxas John Force Funny Car at around 1pm today.  The cleanest it’ll ever look and it didn’t last long.  What you see below is what happened 5 hours later or about 3 cycles on a 5000mah 3s lipo.  From what I’m told, if you participate in the current drag racing scene, that’s about 3 [...]


hpi Bullet mt flux


Well we finally got our hands on the HPI Racing  Bullet MT Flux! I have to say, out of the box, the initial impressions are darn good! We really dig the paint scheme with the sort of candy grey paint. Everything looks solid, and the new TF-40 stock radio feels good in the hand! I really dig the orange aluminum.. [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 05.04.2012- You Write the Questions, I Mak…

1/8th truggy Can u tell me who makes a 1/8th truggy. Kit roller rtr does not matter just wanted to know who has them. Matt N. Cubby– Can I tell you who which companies make 8th scale truggy’s? Of course I can, but will I? I don’t see that happening. You see there is this little thing called “Bing”, it’s a search [...]


alumicraft 5b aluminum body

Alumicraft RC – Baja 5B Aluminum Body

Recently we mentioned the Aluminum Baja 5T from Alumicraft RC that had us drooling. Well we just got a few pictures of the HPI Baja 5B Aluminum Body for your viewing pleasure. I believe we are still in the ‘YES PLEASE’ realm. #gallery-13 { margin: auto; } #gallery-13 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-13 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-13 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see [...]


atomik rc arc boat

Atomik A.R.C 58″ RTR Electric Boat

Atomik RC (formerly the Venom Group folks) have just announced the new Atomik A.R.C 58″ RTR Electric Boat. That’s almost 5 feet of water slicing machine people! They claim it’s the first large scale boat that out performs their gas counterparts. It boasts 2000 watts of brushless power with a water-cooled ESC for 40+ mph out of the box! The [...]


os 12tg VII

O.S. 12TG VII Engine

New from O.S. Engines is the 12TG VII engine. It has a two-piece head and 12FB slide-valve carb. It’s ROAR legal for all you folks who need that sort of thing. Seems like we rarely get to talk O.S. or nitro with all the ‘electric’ news lately, but for the diehards, O.S. is still cranking out some sweet engines. [...]



Onyx and TrakPower battery options expand.

The Duratrax Onyx LiPo bargain continues with expanded 25C LiPo pack options. Now offered with Deans® Ultra Plugs®, new configurations includeDTXC1830 Onyx LiPo 3S 11.1V 1300mAh Soft Case w/Deans Ultra Plug DTXC1836 Onyx LiPo 2S 7.4V 2000mAh 25C Soft Case w/Deans Ultra Plg New DTXC1868 Onyx LiPo 3S 11.1V 4000mAh 25C Soft Case w/Deans Ulra Plg DTXC1878 Onyx LiPo 3S 11.1V 6400mAh 25C Soft [...]



Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 Buggy unboxing

The review of the Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 buggy has begun but until it’s done, this unboxing should hold you over.  I know it isn’t a short course but on paper, the closest thing I want to compare this to on “features for the price” is the Traxxas Slash 4×4.  Given that, at $369.99 street it appears it’ll be a [...]