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Traxxas Grave Digger 4wd Conversion kit

4wd Conversion Kit for Traxxas 1/16th Scale Grave Digger

Consumers have been asking for it ever since the 16th scale Traxxas Grave Digger came out and Traxxas has responded- a 4wd conversion kit. Now you can convert that boring 2wd over to full time 4wd in a jiffy. * Complete kit, no additional parts required * Includes front differential, front driveshafts, ball bearings, and front-center driveshaft * Detailed installation instructions in English [...]


BigSquidRC Google+ Live Show

BigSquidRC LIVE Show Tonight – Win Pro-Line Stuff!

Please join us tonight at 9 PM CST for our weekly LIVE show. Tonight’s show will be extra special as we will be giving away a bunch of gear from Pro-Line Racing. All you have to do to win is be in chat box under the Live Show feed at the top of the BigSquidRC main page. Not only will [...]


BigSquidRC on Tumblr

BigSquidRC Now on Tumblr

What is the most popular social media site for the teenage crowd? No, it isn’t it Facebook, it is Tumblr. Maybe you’ve never been to, or even heard of, Tumblr, but it is all the rage among the teen crowd. Our new Tumblr page is now up and we have put our resident teenager in charge, Adam “The Intern”. You [...]


MIP Super Diff Kit Losi TLR 22 22T 22SCT

MIP Super Ball Diffs for Traxxas Slash and Losi 22/22T/22SCT

The Super Diff kits from MIP are legendary for their smooth operation and reliability. Now all you TLR/Losi 22, 22T, and 22SCT owners can rejoice, MIP has just released a new Super Diff for your rig. Part number for the new MIP 22 Super Diff is #12165, and here are some of the features- * Hardened Alloy Steel for superior strength [...]


Corally HMX US Carpet Spec Touring Car

Corally HMX ‘US Carpet Spec’ 10th Scale Touring Car

Corally’s newest high-end touring car is their HMX “US Carpet Spec” kit. As per the usual for Corally, only the best materials were used throughout the car and it was designed with the American rubber tire carpet racer in mind. If you are looking for a very trick platform to base an on-road project off of, the Corally HMX just [...]


Speed Passion SP-1 F1 Pro Kit

Speed Passion 10th Scale SP-1 F1 PRO Kit

Cubby isn’t the only Formula 1 fan at the BSRC offices, in fact several of our guys have spent many a late night glued to the tv watching open wheel racing from around the world. Now Tresrey has posted some pictures of the new Speed Passion SP-1 F1 Pro chassis kit. The SP-1 is loaded with carbon fiber and looks [...]


Alpha Series Gens Ace Lipo Batteries

Gens Ace Alpha Series Lipo’s

The crew over at Gens Ace have just announced two new Lipo Batteries, a 2S 6000 mah 70C hardcase, and a 2S 7000 mah 50C hardcase. 4mm bullet connectors are used to connect your wires to the packs and they have a release date of this May. For more information hit up the official Gens Ace Website. Looking for more Lipo [...]


ECX Revenge Video with Surprise Ending

We just posted the ECX Revenge Review. While going through some video footage, we caught this accidental wall slam that seemed like something we should share. Usually we do this stuff on purpose, this one was out of the blue, got lucky, and caught it. Enjoy!That’s one of those slams that just makes you cringe. For the record, I [...]


Toyota Vellfire Clear Lexan body by Pandora RC

Pandora RC – Toyota Vellfire “Space Wagon” Clear Body

Tired of the norm? Looking to put something different on your car? If so, take a look at this new Toyota Vellfire clear lexan body from Pandora RC. If you are looking to turn heads at your local bash spot this is the body to do it with. Formed from polycarbonate the Vellfire was designed to fit most popular 10th [...]


St Louis Supercross

THE Cub Report, 03.11.2013, Version- Paint it Black

Hello everyone, welcome to THE Cub Report, and I hope all you guys have a great week filled with trigger time. First up- we are still looking for an account rep (or two, or three). The job involves being a kick a$$ guy (or gal) and taking care of our advertisers. If you know what’s up in the hobby shoot Brian [...]


March Bash-ness 2013 – Choose the Sweet 16!

That’s right, it’s March! And that can only mean one thing! It’s time for Big Squid RC’s March Bash-Ness!! The only place where the reader votes ACTUALLY count! The winner is chosen after several weeks of voting, and at the end, we give away the winning vehicle! Before the voting can start, we need to get your nominations for the 16 [...]


ECX Revenge 1/8th Scale Electric Buggy Review

The RC world was very surprised when ECX announced they were going to have two 8th scale buggies added to their lineup! It just wasn’t something we expected from the brand. We were very excited to get our hands on both Revenge versions. This review is of the electric version. Did it live up to our expectations? Was it a [...]


Squiddy Photoshoot

So a certain squid was hanging out in Champaign Il. this week with the Hobbico gang while they were working on some photo shoots for some upcoming press stuff. Looks like he had a good time! He’s been in the Axial before, but this may be the first time he’s been in a nitro Duratrax Nissan or a Aquacraft Boat! [...]


Tactic TTX650 6-Channel Transmitter Video

Recently we posted some information about the Tactic TTX650 Transmitter. Well, Tactic just released a video talking about some of the cool features that this radio has. Check it out here:I think suddenly think I’m in the market for a new radio!


Mardave V161- GT12 Ginetta G50 Clear Lexan Shell & Wing

Mardave Ginetta G50 Clear Lexan Body & Wing

Do you know that “one guy” that shows up to your local bash spot with the really cool body that you can’t find anywhere? Well, you can be “that guy” if you show up with a new Mardave Ginetta G50 body. Mardave products are quite rare to see here in the states, you see they are a company based out [...]