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MuchMore USA MR-SHB LED 12 volt Light board

MuchMore Racing USA- 12 Volt LED Shining Light Setup Board

The crew over at MuchMore Racing have announced a cool new set-up board that uses LED lighting inside. Set-up boards come in handy to see if your machine is tweaked anywhere, and now with a light inside this is even easier. Us old guys with bad eyesight, or anyone who has pitted in a dark room, can really appreciate [...]


trakpower lipo life receiver battery packs

TrakPower 2S Lipo and LiFe Receiver Batteries Packs

The folks over at TrakPower have four new receiver packs to keep the servos on your nitro or gas machine working for a long time. These Lipo & LiFe packs not only provide long times, but also plenty of voltage for those high-end servos of yours. * Generous capacities result in extended run times * Available in flat and hump configurations * All [...]


ArrowMax RC Beehives Allen Wrenches

Arrowmax RC has just announced a new line-up of allen wrenches that features a beehive like handle and titanium nitride wear resistant tips. The beehive like handles use lexan in the end and are ultra light as well as comfortable. Check out the official Arrowmax RC Website for more information on all their products. Looking for more information on tools? Check [...]


Cubby iHobby Truck Give away

THE Cub Report, 02.04.2013, Version- Groove'n With DJ June L…

The AMA Supercross series is 4 races deep and Davi Millsaps is still sporting the red plate, who would have guessed that before the season began? Dungey visited the LCQ again Saturday night but went on to win the main, Speedy Reedy has become a first lap human torpedo, RV2 is the fastest guy on the track but 4th in [...]


Blade CX4 RTF Helicopter

New from the crew over at Blade is their CX4 RTF helicopter. The CX4 takes off where the old CX2 left off, offering an easy to learn platform for new flyers. The CX4 uses coaxial counter-rotating blades and intuitive self-stabilizing characteristics to make it easy to fly. Some of its primary features and specifications include- * Self-stabilizing flight characteristics that make [...]


2013 HPI Baja 5SC

Updated 2013 HPI Baja 5SC

The HPI Baja 5SC has established itself as a popular machine among the bash crowd and for 2013 it gets even better. Recently announced are some updates to ring in the new year. First up is a new gas engine to give the 5SC even more power, and secondly, the 5SC is available in two new colors, matte black and [...]


aquacraft rescue 17 fireboat

Aquacraft Rescue 17 Fireboat

Scale RC is the hot thing right now, and it’s not just for cars and trucks. Aquacraft has just released the Rescue 17 Fireboat. It comes ready-to-run and just screams scale looks. The water cannon can rotate 120 degrees and shoots water up to 10 feet! How cool is that? It has a 17 LED lighting system that runs [...]


tower f6f hellcat

Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat

New from Tower Hobbies comes the F6F Hellcat. The F6F Hellcat was designed after the success of the F4F Wildcat during WWII. The Tower Hobbies plane is a easy, glue-free assembly model that comes with brushless motor, esc and 4 micro servos. Since it’s a Rx-R (receiver ready), all you need to supply is the radio, receiver and battery. It [...]


Vaterra 2012 Nissan GT-R

Vaterra RC 2012 Nissan GTR V100-S 10th Scale RTR

Looking for a hot looking scale accurate on-road machine? The 2012 Nissan GTR from Vaterra RC has incredible scale looks and comes with everything you need to hit the cul-de-sac right in the box. A Spektrum 2.4 GHz radio system comes standard to eliminate radio conflicts, and its 4wd drivetrain makes it easy to drive. Some of its other features [...]


Vaterra Kalahari 14th Scale 4wd RTR

Vaterra RC Kalahari 4WD Desert Raider 14th Scale Brushless R…

The Kalahari 4wd Desert Raider is one of the seven new vehicles from Vaterra. Following the lead of the other Vaterra vehicles, this is a scale accurate machine that offers nice performance at a reasonable price point. The Kalahari is based on a 14th scale platform that comes with a powerful brushless system standard. Like the other vehicles in the [...]


Vaterra 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS V100-S 1/10 RTR

Vaterra RC 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS V100-S 1/10 RTR

For all you muscle car buffs Vaterra RC has a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS as part of their opening line-up. Everything you need to get going comes in the box, and its sharp scale looks are sure to make a statement with your weekend bash crew. Some of its other features and specifications include- * Versatile V100-S chassis * Officially licensed 1969 [...]


lucas oil catamaran

Lucas Oil Catamaran from Aquacraft.

New from Aquacraft is the Lucas Oil Brushless FE Catamaran. It features a watercooled 60 amp esc, 6-pole 1800kV Brushless motor, and the GrimRacer 2535 hardware package. It comes with a 2.4Ghz Radio, or you can get a version that you supply the radio for. It’s almost 30 inches (750mm) long and weights in at 4lbs. You’ll need to supply 2 [...]


Review- iMax RC X200 Touch Screen Battery Charger

THE iMax RC X200 Touch Screen Battery Charger ReviewThe rc market is seeing a huge boom in not only the quantity of battery chargers, but also in their sophistication and in their power output. An Asian manufacture, iMaxRC, recently sent us one of their uber new X200 touch screen chargers to check out. iMaxRC doesn’t currently sell the X200 in [...]


PROTOform Gen3-D

PROTOform Gen3-D Clear Oval Body

The crew over at PROTOform have just announced their latest body, the Gen3-D. This trick looking body is the latest and greatest for oval racers, it not only looks good, but performs even better. Some of its features and specifications include- * NASCAR Nationwide styling * Made from durable .030 Lexan * Clear, not pre-painted * Length: 18.5″ (469mm) * Width: 8.25″ (209mm) * Height: 4.1″ [...]


Flyzone Hadron Vectored Thrust Flying Wing

The folks from Flyzone have recently announced the Hadron Flying Wing. The Vectored Thrust wing is built for insane aerobatics with it’s large fin, it’s engineered to fly knife edge, and the ability to actually redirect the thrust puts this thing over the top! It comes in RTF and Tx-R versions. Construction is AeroCell foam with ABS and carbon [...]