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What's new: Friday, May 21st, 2010

Kyosho has a high-end addition to the Mini-Z line.  The new MR-03N JSCC Edition is a limited run chassis with all kinds of option parts included as standard.  A few of the options include a full ball bearing set, ball differential set, rear oil filled shock set, and carbon fiber friction shock set.  The chassis is also compatible with the full line of Mini Z Auto Scale bodies, so pick any body you want and pop it on with minimal fuss.  The 2.4 GHz KT-18 transmitter is also included, you’ll only need to provide the body and batteries to get the chassis ready to drive.

The MR-03N JSCC should be hitting shelves in June, no MSRP is given, but will probably be around $200 based on the prices of other limited edition Mini-Zs.  Check Kyosho’s site for more info.

Note: We did this, so you don’t have to! Seriously, do NOT try this at home! The results are very unpredictable, and you can even hear us scramble a little bit in the video. Something like this can turn into a very dangerous situation. Now that that is out of the way, on to the good stuff!

Each time we’ve done a Lipo shootout, the number one complaint we receive afterwards is “Why didn’t you test the batteries at their claimed C rating?”. Luckily, we aren’t a mag, so you asked for it and we grab our test gear and actually do it!

So what exactly what happens when you put a real 30C load on a battery pack that has 30C stamped across the top of it? Let’s find out. :)

We did not have optimal video equipment available the day of the test, but the vid captures all the nitty gritty. If you don’t know much about batteries, he’s the skinny- the battery dropped voltage extremely quickly, and it ended up ruined.

For those of you that do know a thing or two about batteries, here’s the details of the test.

The battery pack used was a name brand 3S 5000 mah 30C (150 amps) LiCoO2 Lipo that you can buy in most any good LHS. We aren’t going to list the name here because we didn’t do this test to try and discredit one brand. If anything, our “nameless” pack performed better than a typical sample does at it’s rated C discharge. Also, no company wants to see their label on a pack that is hell bent for destruction, so it was left off and replaced with a BigSquidRC sticker.

A 3S Lipo was chosen because it would result in maximum amp draw from the dischargers we were using. With BigSquidRC being “By Bashers for Bashers” we set up the test like any good basher would, using readily available components.

For discharging duties we searched into the 12v 1:1 automotive world…. READ MORE

What's new: Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Have you ever been sitting around thinking “you know what? I think my brushless system is TOO fast…”   No?  I didn’t think so.  If you are one of those odd ducks that has thought that, then LRP might have a solution for you.  They’ve got a new ESC by the name of LRP SPX Zero which features what they call Boost Zero Mode. All that means is that they’ve turned off advanced motor timing.  LRP says this new option is targeted at stock racers in order to make the class more competitive.  Some other features of the SPX Zero are auto cell adaptation, 6 power profiles, and a 7.5T (@ 7.4v) motor limit.

The SPX Zero should be available mid-June, not sure of the cost though.  Check out LRP’s site for more info.

Tamiya‘s finally showing off a real picture of their new FF03 Pro chassis.  If you don’t know, the FF series are front motor, front wheel drive sedans.  The new FF03 is a completely redesigned chassis, going from the monocoque frame chassis of the ff02 back to a tub style chassis with the battery running down the centerline of the chassis and a new Inboard Front Suspension setup.  Being a Pro class chassis means that Tamiya is throwing in a bunch of TRF developed parts like the hard coated dampers and various aluminum pieces and parts.  Being Pro also means that you’ll have to provide your own body, tires, wheels, electronics, and battery to go with it.

There’s no release date noted yet, MSRP will be $320.  Check out the Tamiya web site for more info.

lipo battery discharge
I have been mentioning for a little bit now that we were going to give the readers what they want. A 30C LiPo discharged at 30C. Seems like that should work right? Well, the write up and video should be available Friday.. but for now.. here’s a quick video still.

‘There is nothing to see here.. move along!’

“Are hobby prices going up because of lack of workers in China? I read that on a messae board.
Cubby- Ya know, there is no doubt there are some weird things going on in that wonderful communist country called the People’s Republic of China. In recent months there have been 5 incidents of men grabbing knives/hatchets and going after school kids, which reminds me a bit of the period when our postal workers were wound a bit too tight. They’ve got a lot of people living there in China (over 1.3 billion, America only has around 300 million), and plenty of stressors as well. But of course that’s no reason for the prices of their goods to go up.

But, there is some truth to the rumor you heard. China pretty much makes everything for everyone in the world now days, and even their 1.3 billion people aren’t enough to make it all. Yes, China is starting to suffer a labor shortage (due in part to their governments stimulus package), and as that happens, wages go up, and when wages go up, the price of the finished products must go up as well.

So will this mean increased prices at your LHS? Perhaps not, and I’ll tell you why. It’s quite obvious a very large percentage of all our hobby goods come from China (ok, that was a massive understatement… LOL), but just like every other product in this world, there is always another supplier. The buyers from our large rc companies are a Very savvy group, if they can get the same build quality but source it cheaper from Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, etc, they will change suppliers just to keep your costs low.


That’s it for this week ya bunch of crazy animals. Submit your questions, love letters, naked photos of your x(women only), and hate mail to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com.

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Ever looking for new ways to fill up pit boxes everywhere, Team Hudy has come up with a set of adapters so you can use your Hudy allen wrench tips with power drills.  The Hudy Pin Adapters come in two sizes, 3.0mm for smaller tool tips, and 3.5mm for the larger ones.  And of course they are made out of the trademarked HUDY SPRING STEEL™.

Now you can strip out your screws even faster!  Check out the Team Hudy web site for more info.

Speed Passion is set to release a rather futuristic new radio.  The Carrera 2 is a space blaster 2.4 GHz, 2-channel radio that will include a very small 3 channel receiver.  It’s also got a LCD screen for making adjustments and a unique fold-flat antenna.  There’s not much else known about this thing right now, it’s not even showing up on any of the Speed Passion sites.

Go ahead and try, but there’s no way you’re going to resist saying *pew* *pew* *pew*, every time you pick this one up.

Thanks to Hobby Media.It for the info.

Now here’s something that will make every electric driver’s life a lot easier.  It’s the Ultimate Solder Jig from STL Custom Hobbies.  The jig is made to hold most every type of connector firmly for quick and easy soldering.  It’s got an adjustable spring clamp and an insert with slots for holding Dean’s Ultra Plugs, Losi EC3, Traxxas High-Current Connectors (just the gold tab, not the whole thing), and others.  If you turn it on it’s side it’s got holes to hold various sizes of bullet connectors.  The whole thing is milled out of 6061 aluminum and then it’s black anodized.  The aluminum will also help keep the connector cool while you solder so that you don’t melt the plastic casing.

This is definately a cool little tool that any electric driver should be adding to their tool box.  You can pick one up direct from STL for $49.  Check out STL’s site for more info.

Check out these new tire inserts from Italian outfit Veggoplastrc.  They’re quite strange looking aren’t they?  One of the bullet points for the Airbags (which, curiously, don’t actually appear to be filled with air…) is that there’s zero centrifugation. Now I don’t know what that means, but it’s a big word and there’s zero of it, so I’m assuming that’s good.  Some other features are water resistance, durability, and perfect balance. The Airbag inserts will also come in three compounds, red for soft, yellow for medium, and green for hard.  Right now they’re only available for 1/8 scale buggies.  This is a whole new idea for tire inserts, the big question is how well will they work?

Check out the Veggoplastrc web site for more info.

What's new: Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

There’s nothing worse than crud building up in your chassis. So Fastrax has decided to help you out if you have an SC10. They’ve got a new underbody available in PVC that’s printed to look like carbon fiber, or in clear lexan for those of you that prefer your look to be a little more custom.

Check the Fastrax web site for a litte more info.

Pro-Line has a new F-150 body for the Ford lovin’ HPI Blitz drivers in the crowd.  It’s officially licensed and features all the Ford styling that all the Ford fans seem to love for some reason.   This body comes molded in durable, clear Lexan and includes all the usual stuff: decals, masks, and over-spray film.  It’s a quick and easy drop on replacement for your, no doubt, beat up and tired Blitz body.

Get some more info and pics at the Pro-Line web site.

Hey Pro-Line? Where’s the love for RAM fans?  A Tundra body would be cool too.

Kyosho is taking their Ultima SC RTR and turning it into a full blown race kit called the Ultima SC-R. Not a lot of info is available right now, but they do say that it’s going to be loaded with high performance parts from the other Ultima race kits like velvet coated shocks, a ball differential, and teflon shielded bearings. More info should be coming in July, but for now go check out the Kyosho web site.