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HRP Distributing

HRP Distributing Room, HobbyTown USA Convention ’14

HRP Distributing is one of the biggest distributors of hobby products here in the states, so we dropped by their room at the HobbyTown USA Convention to take a look around. On the air side of things, we found out that HRP now distributes Hubsan and Walkera quadcopter/drones. If you are a local hobby shop looking for a good source of [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ For the Weekend – Gate Crashers

Bashing your scale truck is a ton of fun, but have you ever thought about competing with it? Any form of competition can be intimidating but you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it if you just give it a try! If you’ve ever thought about taking that new Axial Deadbolt or SCX10 to a comp but weren’t [...]


Hitec at HobbyTown USA

Hitec Booth, 2014 HobbyTown USA Convention

The big news in the Hitec booth was their new Lynx 4S. This is the first surface transmitter Hitec has put out in quite some time, and this was the first chance we’ve been able to lay our hands on it. The ergonomics on the 4S were very nice, it had a nice weight distribution, high quality foam on the [...]


Killer Body RC HobbyTown USA

Killerbody RC at the HobbyTown USA Convention

The crew from Killerbody RC was located in the main show area and had a bunch of new bodies on display. Perhaps the most impressive new product in the Killerbody line-up was their new Alfa Romeo body for the Traxxas XO-1 (the first two pictures in the gallery below). Body choices are pretty slim for the XO-1, so the big Alfa [...]


Pro-Line Racing Convention

Pro-Line at HobbyTown USA 2014

The folks over at Pro-Line Racing are huge supporters of the rc hobby and were out in full force at the HobbyTown USA Convention. Inside the PL room were able to take a look at some of their latest products including their new car/truck stands and the new kit version of the PRO-2 Buggy. As always, the Pro-Line crew was [...]


Firelands Group Hobbytown USA

Firelands Group at the 2014 HobbyTown USA Convention

Firelands Group, which is primarily sold at HobbyTown USA stores, brought their “A game” this year showing a bunch of new products at the convention. Helion RC is Fireland’s surface line-up and they unveiled two new products at the show. The Impakt 12B is a new 1/12 scale buggy designed to be bash worthy, affordable, and fun. While being listed as [...]


RC4WD HobbyTown USA

RC4WD at the ’14 HobbyTown USA Convention

If you are hardcore into the crawling/scaling scene, you known exactly who RC4WD is, and we got the pleasure of hanging out with them yesterday. RC4WD wasn’t showing off any unannounced products at the show, but they did have a wide variety of trucks, wheels, and axles on display. After spending some face time with the RC4WD crew, we were [...]


HPI Hot Bodies Booth HobbyTown USA Convention

HPI/Hot Bodies at the HobbyTown USA Convention

While it may seem that HPI/Hot Bodies has been a bit quiet the last couple of years, their room at the HobbyTown USA convention had multiple new vehicles on display. The newest model in the HPI/HB room was the spank’n new Ty Tessmann edition D8T Truggy. This new nitro truggy kit features new suspension geometry and various lightweight and aluminum upgrade [...]



RPM Front Spindle Blocks for 2wd ECX Vehicles

Beef up your 2wd ECX with some new Front Spindles from RPM. The RPM spindles are molded from RPM’s uber plastic blend and were designed to be long lasting and trouble free. The RPM spindles also utilize larger bearings, a necessity for hardcore bashing. The RPM spindles have a part number of #73292, they are priced at $11, and they should [...]


2014 Hobbytown USA National Convention

2014 Hobbytown USA National Convention Coverage

The HobbyTown USA National Convention is going on right now in Lincoln Nebraska so we are firing up our show coverage. Later today and tomorrow we’ll be doing a series of posts to give you a taste of what it is like to attend their big show. The HobbyTown National Convention is where dealers from across the country gather once a [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 07.10.2014, Version- Ask Away, I Might Even Respo…

“Going Fast Hey Cubby I hope this ends up on Big Squid. I have saved up about 40 bucks to spend on go fast parts for my Rustler. Tell me, is 40 enough to even make a difference? Charlie T.” Cubby- Yo what’s up Charlie. Yes, your question has made the big-time, shoot us your snail mail for a free sticker pack. Is $40 [...]


TLR 22SCT 2.0 2WD Short Course Truck Race Kit

TLR 22SCT 2.0 2WD Short Course Truck Race Kit

For all you short course truck fans, TLR has announced their new 22SCT 2.0. Of course the 2.0 version comes with a bunch of upgrades and changes to help make it faster, and easier to drive, than ever. * Bell crank steering rack * Generation II shocks * Improved body * Improved suspension geometry * Ball diff * Aluminum rear camber block, rear hexes, & ball [...]


Quad Fly Away? Track in Real Time with FlyTrex Live!

Hot off the presses via their blog, the guys over at FlyTrex have updated their GPS MultiRotor telemetry system to also provide live data feed straight to their website, making it the first ‘Black Box’ for quadcopters.¬†FlyTrex Live uses a GSM (cell phone data) connection to transmit Speed, Location, Altitude, and Battery Voltage live directly to their website. What makes this [...]


Pro-Line Pro-2 Dirt Oval Modified: Part 2

Note – You can read Part 1 of this article right here. In part 1 of this series I took a brand new Pro-Line Pro-2 short course truck and converted it from the intended purpose of SCT to a dirt oval modified car. Since then the car has been completely finished and put through it’s paces on two race nights. Click [...]


Thetoyz proto x blade sets

TheToyz Colored Rotor Blade Sets for the Estes Proto X

While the Estes Proto X has been a massive seller, there just haven’t been many aftermarket parts for it. The crew over at TheToyz is out to change that, first off by offering three new Colored Rotor Blade Sets for the Estes. With color options that include red, yellow, and green, the new rotor sets are sure to help your [...]