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THE Cub Report, 04.15.2013, Version- El hombre que cambió r…

Hey now, it’s Monday and you’ve found THE Cub Report, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it good, here’s to hoping this is one of the “good” ones. LOL I like boring people right off the start with some full scale racing news. I literally eat, breathe, and sleep full scale racing, so my entire life centers around the F1 and Supercross schedules. [...]


We have our TRAXXAS 4×4 Slash Winner!

First off, thanks again and Congratulations to TRAXXAS for the Slash 4×4 Giveaway as celebration for winning the March Bash-ness 2013!! We had a TON of entries this time around! All the names were put into a database and a random number picked the winner. That winner is “Steve bruck123e@” and he has been contacted for all of the necessary info. [...]


Hitec HSG-8315BH Servo

Hitec HSG-8315BH Ultra-fast Helicopter Tail Rotor Servo

There are “fast” servos, then there are “OMG FAST”! I think the new Hitec HSG-8315BH falls into the “OMG FAST” category. The 8315 was designed for use as the tail rotor servo on helicopters, but with its Karbonite gears and dual bearings it should make a good option for low torque surface applications. Its specifications at 7.4 volts are- * Speed- [...]


Traxxas 6869 12mm hex adapters

Traxxas Anodized Aluminum 12mm Hex Wheel Adapters

Want to put some uber strong driveshafts on your Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, or Traxxas Rally car? With the new Traxxas #6869 12mm wheel adapters you can use the heavy duty steel-splined driveshafts that were originally designed for the XO-1 supercar. The new 12mm hex’s have a 6mm inner diameter, thus allowing use of the heavier driveshafts. A drill [...]


T.O.P. 6 Wheeler F1 conversion Kit

T.O.P. 6 Wheeler Conversion Kit

The Tyrrell P34 6 wheeled F1 machine is perhaps the most recognizable race car in history. Introduced in the 70’s, the Tyrrell stood out from the crowd by its radical 6 wheeled design, and now T.O.P. (Tokyo Optional Parts) has released pictures of a new 6 wheeled kit for us rc’ers. There isn’t a lot of information available yet, but [...]


Trinity Sting Extreme VTA Lipo Race Pack

Trinity Sting Extreme 2S 5000 mah Lipo VTA Race Pack

The Trinity crew has announced a new Sting Series Lipo battery that has VTA Racing in mind. It’s a 2S 50C 5000 mah that is ROAR approved and comes stock with a Dean’s connector. Retail price is $89 and they should be available later this month. For more information on all things Trinity hit up their Official Website. Thank goodness it’s [...]


HobbyTech Hobbytech STR8 EPX2 DS

Hobbytech 1/8 STR8 EPX2 DS Rally Sport

You may remember HobbyTech from THIS post on their 8th scale concept car, but today they’ve announced their new STR8 EPX2 DS Rally Sport. This new Hobbytech is an 8th scale 4wd rally car that comes as either a roller with just the chassis and clear body, or in “race edition” that includes 2.4 GHz radio, brushless power, Lipo battery, [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 04.10.2013, Version- Me Mocking The Innoce…

Hi my name is Bruin and I own a Helion Dominus 10r. I still have my stock 1800 mah battery in it and I read your latest lipo shootout. You had the Gens Ace 5800 2s lipo ranked first and I was interested in buying one. I have looked all over the internet and I can’t find any sites [...]


Helion Invictus Unboxing Pictures

Unboxing Pictures – Helion Invictus 4wd Monster Truck

The latest vehicle to make its way into the line-up at Helion is the Invictus Monster Truck. It’s a 10th scale MT sporting large tires, waterproofing, and 4wd, the makings of a great bash machine. We first cracked the Helion box open during one of our live Google + shows and today we’ll be posting the unboxing pictures to give [...]


Hitec HS-900SGS and HS-1000SGT Giant Scale Servo's

Hitec HS-900SGS and HS-1000SGT Giant Scale Servo’s

The crew at Hitec have devoted their lives to coming up with the best servo’s for any application. Further proof of this is their new giant scale digital servo’s called the HS-900SGS and the HS-1000SGT. Both of these new servo’s are beasts, not only in size, but also in power. The latest Hitec servo’s come with solid steel gears and all [...]


Big Squid RC Live! – Show #20

[Live show is over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel.] Welcome y’all to the grandest show on this web site. It’s so awesome your head may asplode. But that’s neither here nor there. Or here. Or there. Tonight, as always, we’ll be talking about the latest and greatest news in the rc hobby. And maybe something about [...]


WIN A TRAXXAS SLASH 4X4 – March Bash-ness Champion!

Congratulations to TRAXXAS as their Slash 4×4 is the 2013 March Bash-ness Champion! Every year our readers never fail to surprise us on who they are going to vote for, and this year was no exception. We never would of guessed the finals would of been Traxxas vs Traxxas! I’m not sure who won our office pool this year because [...]

Read More... Traxxas QR-1 Hubsan X4 Quad Storage bag

TheToyz Traxxas QR-1 and Hubsan X4 Quad Storage Bag

The Traxxas QR-1 has turned out to be a very popular quadcopter. People that would never even think about buying an air product have latched right onto the QR-1. Realizing the popularity of the little Traxxas quad, the crew over at have a new storage bag that is set-up just for it. The bag not only protects your quad from [...]




Are you an outdoors type of person? Do you have fun exploring? Are you up for a good treasure hunt? Axial has announced their first Geocache of the year. For those that might not know what a geocache is- it’s an outdoor activity where you use a GPS to find hidden items. Typically when you find a geocache you might take [...]


TrakPower MS Series 8.5 Turn Racing Brushless Power System

Review- TrakPower MS Series 8.5 Turn Brushless Racing System

THE TrakPower MS Series 8.5 Turn Brushless Racing System ReviewWe reviewed the TrakPower 10.5 MS Series system a few weeks and found out it was indeed a high quality product. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the 8.5 turn version. Is it a lot faster than the 10.5? Is it the best sensored system money can buy? Hit [...]