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What's new: Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Pro-Line closed cell inserts

New from Pro-Line are these rear 1:10 scale Closed Cell Buggy Inserts. People are starting to learn that inserts can make a real difference on the track. I remember years ago where just any type of foam to keep the tire from caving in was enough, and now the technology has improved so much, that these can really make a difference.

Check out the Pro-Line web page for details.

aka impact tire

New from AKA, just in time for the IFMAR World Championships in Pattaya Thailand are these new Soft Buggy Inserts. Gil Losi and Mark Pavidis put their brains together to come up with a new groove setup that allows for more stability and bit around the track.

Check out the official AKA website for info on these and other products.

What's new: Friday, November 5th, 2010

Duratrax power kit
As we always try to encourage the RC industry to be more friendly to new hobbyists, I’m pleased to see this new DuraTrax Power Kit available. If you are a parent that plans on getting a kid into the RC hobby this Christmas, and your getting them an electric kit, make sure to set them up with some batteries so they can run right away! This new Duratrax Power Kit will help with that! It comes with 8 AA batteries for the transmitter and a 6-cell Onyx 1500mAh NiMH pack for the vehicle. It also comes with a wall charger to get that pack re-charged!

Kids, Don’t forget to tell your parents you need batteries! Check out the DuraTrax web page for info.

traxxas slash on cartoon network traxxas slash on cartoon network

Ok, the world has gone RC crazy in just a matter of days! A few nights ago I mentioned the Associated Truck on Pawn Stars, well today we find the Traxxas Slash on Cartoon Networks Destroy Build Destroy with Andrew W.K.! My head hurts! The episode is called Big Bros vs Little Bros if you want to check it out.
So the idea behind the show, Destroy something, then build something else, and the looser gets their creation destroyed again. About half way through the show there is a challenge, and the looser gets some sort of penalty. The challenge today? Drive two Traxxas Slash’s through an obstacle course! What makes it even more crazy, it was like watching the obstacle course at our Bash-A-Palooza events!
They never mention Traxxas or Slash, and the vehicles are painted it some crazy camouflage color with guns on the top, but the controllers give it away.

traxxas slash on cartoon network traxxas slash on cartoon network

Again we are excited to see RC making it into the main stream in other ways besides the awesome push from Traxxas the the Torc Racing. Keep up the great promotion TV land!

What's new: Thursday, November 4th, 2010

We showed you the spy shot from IHobby that broke the story, and now we can finally give you the official details on the Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta. A lot of people have been talking about it and waiting with bated breath for more info.  Here’s what we can tell you from the official release.  As with all Traxxas vehicles the Ken Block Fiesta will be full assembled, RTR with a 2.4 GHz TQ radio, 6 cell NiMH battery, and charger included.  It’ll be getting it’s power from a Velineon 380 brushless power system.  Some of the cooler details include green pushrods and links, officially licensed Volk TE37 racing wheels wrapped in “Gymkhana compound” slick tires, and of course, the ubiquitous Ken Block/Monster Energy detailed graphics splashed all over the officially licensed Ford Fiesta body.  The car is also waterproofed, head to toe, with a sealed radio box, waterproof electronics, and rubber sealed ball-bearings.

The big news?  It should be on the market just in time for Christmas and it’ll be available for an MSRP of $319.99.

There’s a lot to like about this cool car.  And it’s easily one of the most anticipated cars we’ve reported on in a long time.  Check out the Traxxas web site for more info.

Following on yesterday’s announcement of a brushless version of the RC18T2 RTR, Associated has pulled back the sheet on the RC18B2 Brushless.  Raise your hand if you were surprised by this, so I can come over and smack you.  Anyhow, just as with the T2, this one will also feature the Reedy Micro Brushless ESC and a 5000kv motor.  The 2.4 GHz, 3-channel XP3-SS radio is also included.  MSRP for the RC18B2 is $199.99, and it should be hitting shelves in December, just in time for the holidays.

Check out the Team Associated web site for more info.

2.4 ghz radio In what is sure to be another classic shootout, just like all the other shootouts before it. ( LiPo Shootout 1, LiPo Shootout 2, and the LiPo Charger Shootout,)

The 2.4 GHz shootout is finally here!
We put five newer popular radios to the test! The Futaba 4PKS, Futaba 3PL, Tactic TTX-240, Spektrum DX3S and the Traxxas TQ 2.4!
Thinking about buying a new radio? What 2.4 radio is the best? What one had the best distance? How much do they cost? Which ones have the most features? The answer to these and other questions can all be found in our shootout!
Consider the following pages like a mini review of all the radios you want to know about. Click here to get started!

Update! Now with a page of comments from Cubby on his thoughts!

Yet another week, yet more questions….
“Hi Cubby!
My friends and I have really gotten into the new Losi Micros Rally/SCT. These things are great on lipo! Since the batteries are so small (using FlightMax 350s – perfect fit!) we were wondering if we could make a harness to charge two of them at the same time. We’d set the charger at 4S. We’re not quite ready to step up to a multiple charger solution.
Thanks, and happy bashing!

Cubby- Hey Tor, as much as I love to hate on Losi, I gotta give massive love to those Micro SCT trucks. We had some of’em in our booth at iHobby and those lil’ suckers are addicting.

Now, as for charging your two 2S 350 mah packs in series, here’s a simple answer- don’t. Yes, you “could” do it, but unless you make an adapter that goes from both your packs balance ports to a single 4S balance port that plugs into your charger, you are at risk of overcharging one or more of the cells. I know long charge times suck, but charging two separate packs in series is highly not recommended.

If you must charge both at the same time, charge them in parallel. In the case of your identical 2S 350′s, having them in nearly the same state of discharge is a plus, and you’ll be setting your charger to 2S Lipo at .7 amps, with the red/positive wires from both packs going to the positive wire of the charger output, and both negative/black wires from the packs going to the negative wire of the charger.

Now have fast and go fun.


And here’s one I stole from Brian’s email…

“Hey Brian, I just came across your site a few weeks back looking for some info on Batteries and found some awesome info! This week I found some even potentially better info on something different.

I am gathering information and normal guy opinions on the dos and don’ts of opening a new indoor electric track for the winter season as a start. A group of guys I met and I built a 1/2 acre 1/8th scale track a few years back and ran it for a summer until it got too big and had to shut it down do
to neighbors complaining. We had over 60+ members and growing.

What's new: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

GH Racing has a set of awesome looking new beadlock wheels for 1.9″ class crawlers.  The JigSaws have a very hefty HMMWV style.  They’re 3 piece wheels that have been machined out of aluminum and black anodized for a durable finish.

MSRP for the JigSaw wheels is going to be $49.99 for a pair.  They’ll be available from the Golden Horizon web site soon.

The A Team‘s got a thing for brushless, adding it to almost their entire line of RTR vehicles.  The RC18T2 is the next in line to receive the ridiculous power.  This new edition comes out of the box with a Reedy micro brushless ESC and 5000kv motor.  The ESC is LiPo ready, accepting 2 – 3S LiPos or 6 – 8 cell NiMHs.  It also comes with the XP3-SS 3 channel, 2.4 GHz radio system to keep this land missile under control.  Other than the change in power delivery, everything else is the same as the brushed version.

For more info, check out the Team Associated web site.

The first and, thus-far, only recipient of the Basher Approved Lifetime Achievement Award, RPM, has some  new products for lovers of the Traxxas Slash 4×4.  These shock towers for the front and rear are drop-in replacements for the stock parts but are much, much stronger thanks to that lovely RPM material that we all adore.  These pieces will retail for a paltry $10.95 each and they will be hitting your local hobby shop’s shelves soon, if they aren’t already there.

Check out the RPM web site for more info.

What's new: Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

pawn stars rc car
So I’m watching the new episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel titled “Never Surrender“. A few minutes into the show, a guy walks in with a Team Associated Monster GT which the guy selling it calls his “Hummer RC Car”. Wow. So your in the hobby, and that’s what you think it’s called? But wait! It gets better because as he describes it to while trying to get his best deal he says it does 80mph! ROFL!

When Rick (the shop owner) asks him if it runs, the guy replies with ‘no, it needs a glow plug’. Ok.. you couldn’t get a glow plug for the thing first, then try and sell it?

They end up giving him $150 for the truck, and hand it off to Chumlee to get running. They cut to a few scenes where he pretends to be ‘working on it’ and then when he gets it started, he blips the throttle a few times only to see the truck actually going in reverse.

pawn stars rc car pawn stars rc car
At the end of the show they show the owner driving it down the hall. It was a little cheesy for us ‘rc enthusiasts’, and Associated missed a great opportunity to get their name mentioned instead of the ‘Hummer RC Car’ but at least there was some RC on TV! So all cheese and whine (yes I meant that) aside, I was happy to see an RC car on television getting it’s 15 minutes of fame. They keep sneaking themselves onto television. If only the industry would keep trying (I know Traxxas is all over TV) to keep promoting the hobby. Ack! I’m starting to sound like Cubby, I better stop there.

NOSRAM, a company that has been in the game pretty much since the game started, has a couple new brushless ESC and motor combos.  Based on their Pearl ISTC V2 ESC, the combos come packed with either a 5.5T or 6.5T Pure Evolution brushless motor (not the 3.5T that’s in the picture).  The team at NOSRAM suggests the 6.5T for 4wd off-road racing, while the 5.5T is more suited to 2wd.

If you’re unfamiliar with NOSRAM, it’s because they’re primarily in the Euro market, but they have been extending their reach in the last few years, though they’re still missing a US distributor.

Check out their new products on the NOSRAM web site.