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Schumacher Cat Aero

Schumacher CAT K1 Aero 1/10th 4WD Buggy

The crew over at Schumacher have been putting out some pretty uber gear lately. They just announced today that they have updated their CAT K1 buggy, now it comes with a sleek new body, wing, shock tower nut guards, carbon fiber chassis, 12mm hexes, as well as other upgrades. With the aerodynamic updates they have dubbed the new version the [...]


JConcepts RC10 Classic Wheels Tires

JConcepts Tires & Wheels for Associated RC10 Classic

The much anticipated Associated RC10 Classic has made a splash on the market and now JConcepts has announced era correct wheels and tires for it. The new JConcepts wheels and tires bring today’s styling and performance to the classic buggy. For front tires JConcepts offers the Rips. These front ribbed tires offer increased traction and are available in the super soft [...]


RC4WD Mud Basher Tires

RC4WD Mud Basher 1.9″ Scale Tractor Tires

So you’ve got a 1.9 scaler and are looking for some serious mud tires, where do you turn? To RC4WD of course. RC4WD has just announced their new Mud Basher 1.9″ Scale Tractor Tires. With a deep chevron design the Mud Bashers should be able to get you through even the muddiest of sections during your weekend trail run. Some [...]


Horizon Hobby to be Acquired by Investor Group

In industry news, we just saw a press release that says Horizon Hobby is being sold to an investor group led by Joe Ambrose. (Horizon’s Chief Executive Officer). The investors in the new endevor are Armory Capital LLC, and Mill City Capital L.P. We have reached out to a few people for comment on this, but odds are [...]


Serpent F1 Helmets

Serpent Helmet Set for F1 Bodies

The crew over at Serpent have announced a new helmet set for your 10th scale Formula 1 body. The helmets allow you to personalize your body and the ability to change looks. The set comes with 3 different helmets and have a part number of #170328, hit up This Link for more information. Click Here for more Serpent news on BigSquidRC.


Carisma M40DT Video

Video – Carisma M40DT Brushless RTR

Are the rumors true that Carisma is headed back to the States? We have no idea, but we do know that the last two Carisma vehicles we reviewed held up like tanks. Carisma has just released a video for their 10th scale M40DT brushless ready to run truck. Check it out below to see the 4wd M40DT jumping, shooting roost, and [...]


THE Cub Report, 12.09.2013, Version- Living in a Bubble

I like to live in a fantasy world, it’s my favorite place to be. A long exchange of emails with an industry friend of mine was the catalyst for this weeks Cub Report. I say the world of racing is fubar and needs change, his stance is that it is dialed and exactly what the racers want. This Cub Report [...]


Pro-Line Big Give Christmas

Pro-Line to give away $25,000 in Donations and Prizes during…

The charitable folks over at Pro-Line have announced their 12 Days of Christmas Big Give. What can you win during Pro-Line’s Big Give? * A brand new Pro-2 SC truck every day from Dec 8th to Dec 19th. * Apparel prize packs that include a hat and t-shirt. * Gift certificates ranging from $50 to $100. * A $1,000 to $2,000 donation in your [...]


aquacraft revolt 30

Cast Off Edition – Prop Wash with Iron Mike

Hello, I am Iron Mike and welcome to a new weekly boat column on BigSquidRC, Prop Wash. Most boat pilots have swamped out, turned into a submarine. Whatever term you use, water in a boat is not good. Most boat hulls have the capability of being taped shut. This will keep out most spray and splash, but what if you truly [...]


RC4WD Snow Plow Blade

Product Spotlight – RC4WD Snow Plow Blade

Tis the season for lots of snow, thus we were pretty stoked to receive a legit snow plow blade from RC4WD. The blade is like everything else RC4WD makes, heavy duty, made from real metal, and it looked true to scale. We’ve been using (ok, mostly abusing) the snow plow blade for a few weeks now, here is what we [...]


Vaterra Halix Unboxing

Unboxing – Vaterra Halix 4wd RTR Monster Truck

The Vaterra Halix 4wd Monster Truck is one of the most eagerly anticipated bash truck releases in quite some time. Why? Because 4wd tenth scale monster trucks typically make great all around bash machines. We are still in the middle of our review process on the Vaterra Halix, but while you wait for our full review you can check out the [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ For the Weekend - Gmade Sawback Impr…

Two weeks ago I got word from my hobby shop that, lo and behold, my Gmade Sawback had finally arrived. I wasted no time in picking it up and starting to wrench. After the build was finished, I tested it out over a variety of different terrain. While this isn’t a true review, with so many scale off-roaders wanting to [...]


MIP Axial Wraith SCX10 Center Driveshafts

MIP Center Drive Kit for Axial Wraith and SCX10

If you want the toughest driveshafts in the business you have to look no further than MIP. Now MIP has center driveshaft kits for the Axial Wraith and SCX10. The stock plastic driveshafts can twist or break, the heavy duty MIP units are built to take punishment. Some of their key features include- * Spline drive technology * Made from tough [...]


Simple Tricopter 2.0 Review

Hey guys, it’s 3DBill here with something a bit different for you: Multirotor (Tri, Quad, Hex, and Octo-Copters) aircraft are the new rage and quadcopters are THE item to pick up this Christmas at all the local hobby shops. Tri copters are a bit different from your standard quadcopter and quite fun to fly as well. Read More to check out the [...]


Video Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8 Tire

Video – Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8″ Tires

Pro-Line recently announced they are manufacturing Gladiator Tires for Traxxas sized 2.8″ wheels. Gladiators are known in the bashing world for providing excellent traction on loose/loamy surfaces and the new 2.8″ size makes it easy to glue a set up to your favorite Traxxas wheels. To showcase the new Gladiators Pro-line has whipped up a video. The video not only gives [...]