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TheToyz Flashing Light Bar

TheToyz Flashing 360 Rotation Scale Light Bar Kit

Want to add a little flash to your bash-mobile? The guys over at TheToyz have some new Flashing Light Bars that are sure to grab some attention down at your local bash spot. The light bars are 106mm in length, 26mm wide, and come with a receiver plug making them easy to install. While the lights are quite bright, they are [...]


THE Cub Report, King Cubby

ASK Cub Reporter, 06.27.2013, Version- You Write In, I Take …

Hello, I was reading your review on the Pro Track suspension kit for the Slash 2wd. You said that the drawback is you have to use their ( Pro Track ) rims. Why is that? Do yo need extra clearance? Can you replace the a arms and still use other wheels? Thanks Michael Y Cubby– Hey now Mikeee Y, thanks for taking the time [...]


Tamiya LandFreeder

Tamiya LandFreeder Truck on CC-01 Chassis Kit

The crew at Tamiya have announced the release of their LandFreeder 4wd truck for your bashing enjoyment. The LandFreeder is a kit, meaning yes, you get to put it together, and it comes with the popular CC-01 chassis. Pairing independent front suspension with a solid rear axle really add to the scale realism of this truck. The LandFreeder also comes [...]


Big Squid RC Live – #29 [Update: Over]

[Update: The live show is over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel] Wanted to put up the early reminder about the Live Show Tonight because our Mystery Guest has confirmed he will be attending this evening. Woo Hoo! So if you have some questions for someone who works for a major RC manufacturer, tonight’s a chance to [...]


Tamiya Subaru XV Kit

Tamiya Subaru XV 4wd Kit

Tamiya has announced a new kit based on their XV-01 platform, the Subaru XV Crossover. The Tamiya Subaru XV is a versatile belt driven 4wd that should work well when driven on-road, rally, or on light off-road. It’s a kit, so you get to make sure everything is assembled correctly, and it requires paint and complete electronics to get going. Part [...]


Pro-Line Black T-shirt

New RC Apparel From Pro-Line

You spend a lot of time and money and your rc car, why not pop a few more bucks and show up in style at your local bash spot? Pro-Line has two new t-shirt for showing the world you are an rc’er. The first is the Daytona t-shirt. It has a cool design on a white t-shirt that should help keep [...]


JConcepts Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Associated B4 T4 SC10

JConcepts Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Associated T4/B4/SC10

JConcepts has just announced a new Anti-Roll Bar Kit for the very popular Team Associated B4/T4/SC10 vehicles. Why might a basher need an anti-roll bar kit? Anti-roll bars come in very handy on smooth high bite surfaces, they help keep your vehicle flat in the corners, thus increasing corner speed while making your vehicles easier to drive. The kit comes with [...]


Installing a Pro-Line Body Mount Thumbwasher Kit

How To – Installing a Pro-Line Body Mount Thumbwasher Kit

When Pro-Line first introduced their extended body mounts that used Thumbwashers instead of body clips we were instantly in love. You see the BigSquidRC Bash Crew loses literally thousands of body clips each year and we are sick and tired of buying more. Pro-Line Thumbwashers (part number #6070-02, $5) are superior to regular body clips in a couple of ways- 1. They [...]


ChuckWorksRC Slice A-S Traxxas Slash Chassis

ChuckWorksRC Slice A-S Traxxas Slash Chassis

So we were outside bashing the other day, hitting a big ramp and landing to pavement, just like many bashers do. Towards the end of the session Brian hucks a Traxxas Slash 2wd sky-high and landed right on the rear end. The truck couldn’t move afterwards because the motor was broken from the big impact. The ChuckWorksRC Slice A-S chassis has [...]


RC Fest Tolono IL August 10th 2013

Upcoming Bash Event – RC Fest in Tolono IL, August 10th 2013

If you live in the Midwest you might be interested in attending the RC Fest bash in Tolono Illinois on August 10th. Tolono Illinois is centrally located about 3 hours north of St Louis, about two and a half hours south of Chicago, and roughly two and a half hours west of Indianapolis. RC Fest has no entry fee and any [...]


Heli-Max Axe 100 SSL Brushless Helicopter Review

Heli-Max Axe 100 SSL Brushless Helicopter ReviewWhen we saw the original press release for the Heli-Max Axe 100 SSL, we were sort of blown away by what they were claiming, and what you could get for the price. When it comes to heli’s, we haven’t really done much in the way of reviews except for some ‘dual blade’ stuff, [...]


Pro-line Trencher 2 point M2 Tires Mounted Desperado

Two New Pro-Line Trencher 2.2″ Pre-Mounts

Last month Pro-Line announced their 2.2″ Trencher Tires for the Traxxas 1:16 Revo, now they are available Pre-Mounted on either Desperado or Titus Bead-Loc wheels. Pre-mounts save time and work thus making them a favorite around the BigSquidRC offices. If you are looking to mount up the best bashing tires you can buy on your Traxxas Mini-Revo, these are the [...]


ROAR RC Racing

Legal Settlement – Trincorp vs ROAR

You probably remember from back in February a lawsuit between Trinity/Epic (and their business pardners) against ROAR Racing. The lawsuit has now been settled and here is a press release from Fantom Racing (who get motors from Trinity) stating some of the details. “Trincorp Reaches Settlement Agreement with Remotely Operated Auto Racers. JUNE 24, 2013 – WASHINGTON, DC – Trincorp, [...]


Spektrum Tattoo

Hardcore for RC – Spektrum Tattoo

I know a whole lot of guys that are hardcore for rc, but I think Eric Callaway has taken it to another level. While at the ShowMe R/C track last weekend I met Eric and found out he is really into Spektrum radio gear. He uses their transmitters, receivers, and servos, pretty much everything they make. In fact, he likes [...]


Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9" G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9" G8 Rock Terrai…

It’s rare to have a product that is not only extremely scale looking but also enhances performance. The new Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9 Tires from Pro-Line look to have hit that nail on the head. Officially licensed and built from the original design data from Interco, these new tires from Pro-Line just might be the most accurate reproduction [...]