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What's new: Thursday, November 25th, 2010

I was quite nearly asleep in my office last week when Editor Brian comes barging through my door.
Brian- “Cubby, I have a surprise for you!”
Cubby- “You have a case of Warhol tribute Dom for me? You are too kind.”
Brian- “No, but close. Here’s the uber new pre-mounted Duratrax tires. Go hit a track somewhere and review these.”
Cubby- “You realize reviews aren’t part of my contract don’t you?”
Brian- “I’m sorry, what did you just say? Anyways, go hit a track and let me know what you think.”

So hit the RC Reviews section and check out the DuraTrax Shotgun 1/8 scale Tire Review.

Schumacher big bore shocks

New from Schumacher Racing are these much wider Big Bore shocks for 1/10th scale touring cars. Their testing has shown that on rougher surfaces with less traction these shocks can really help touring cars get a handle on the surface.
They are 13mm in diameter compared to the 10mm standard and hold 69% more shock oil.

Head over to the Schumacher Racing site for more details.

What's new: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Now available from Spire Model Distribution in the UK, the new Argus .21 engine is one sweet looking engine at an awesome price point. The carb, timing and porting are all optimized for smooth and powerful performance.

For more information check out

VooDoo FuelVooDoo Glo Plugs

RC Pro Products turn up the heat with new Pro tested and Italian made VooDoo Glo Plugs coming available next week. Multiple temps in Turbo style are set to come down the pipe very soon.

VooDoo Nitro Fuel has also been announced. The all synthetic 30% premium blend is made in the good old USA to exacting QC standards and includes protective ingredients to keep your mill clean between runs.
You can check out their online site at or ask your local RC Pro Products dealer to get these new VooDoo goodies on the way.

scott cramer evader dt Traxxas venineon

So we just updated the Basher Approved section with two new entries. I’ll let you read all about it in that section, but on the left is Scott Cramer accepting the award for the Duratrax Evader DT truck, and on the right in his best pose yet is Peter Vieira from Traxxas accepting the award for the Velineon Brushless System.

Both products have been amazing this year, and really deserved the award. Head over to the Basher Approved section for details!

What's new: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Thunder Power micro Thunder Power micro

In need of some tiny lipo’s? These new Thunder Power RC Ultra-Micro Batteries may be what you are looking for. If you need the batteries, you are going to need a micro charger to go with it! The only thing missing is a magnifying glass.

Thunder Power RC is introducing their new 1S 3.7V 125mAh and 160mAh G4 Pro Lite 25C series ultra-micro LiPo’s. They have a 5C charge rate capability with no loss in power or cycle life. They can be matched with the new TP103CQ Quad Port charger for tons of power time! The charger can be powered with AC or DC, has 4 ports and multi color LED’s to let you know what mode and state the batteries are in.

These styles of batteries are mostly used in ultra-micro planes, but I know there are some people out there working on micro cars and these would be great! Need to put four of these in a micro buggy!

Head over to the Thunder Power RC site for all the details!

ford f150 sanwa

A few more pictures from our friends at from their trip to the Tamiya Fair in Japan have caught my eye. First is this Ford F150 body! Without going on a Cubby rant, and how he’s been saying for over a year now that ‘realistic’ is the future of RC, but something about this body strikes me as cool looking. From the bed, to the scale look. It just looks ‘right’ to me and I hope we see more of it.

Next up is this new 2.4Ghz radio from Sanwa. There’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time. It will be interesting to see if this radio makes it over to the USA. One thing I noticed, it’s sort of squared off, and I never really thought about it, but radio’s don’t need to look like a phaser any more. They could be square, and smaller, or any shape actually.

For more images check out the site, and thanks to them for letting us get some pics from their show.

tamiya avante tamiya avante

Our friends from just got back from the Tamiya Fair in Japan, and have sent a few pictures. The Tamiya Avante, a 1/10th scale electric buggy re-release. The original was released around 1988, and the re-release was in 2001. Does that make this a re-re-release? Every once in a while, I’ll see someone rebuilding theirs. Now you can buy a new one again. I really like the body with the driver inside! It also had a very unique suspension setup.

tamiya avante tamiya avante

You can see a few more pictures on their site here.

One of our loyal readers sent in a video link from the original. Check it out after the break.. READ MORE

What's new: Monday, November 22nd, 2010

axial wanted
Well, they need you if you know what you are doing. Our friends from Axial have let us know that they are looking for a qualified product designer to work out of their so-cal office! How awesome is that?! If you have some engineering and design skills and want to apply them to some kick a$$ RC projects, head over to the Axial’s site for all the details!
Tell them we said hello when you talk to them, and feel free to send us 10% of your pay check for the hook up!

Life is tough in the newspaper and magazine industries. Actually, most industries are having it rough during our economy, but the print guys have really been suffering. Nearly every week you learn about another big name newspaper or mag calling it quits. Finally those tough times have hit us in the rc world.

I have long said that 4 mags for the rc hobby were too many. For the amount of participants we have in rc, is there really a need for four magazines? Is there enough material for them all to flourish? Having 4 mags also makes for some tough choices from marketing departments, do they spend all their cash on just one mag, or spend a little on all four?

Of those 4 rc mags, one had really stepped up their game- RC Car Magazine, a Hi-Torque publication. Bess, Waldo, and Yu were going where most rc mags wouldn’t, using honesty. RC Car was saying exactly what they wanted to in product reviews, even if that resulted in losing an advertiser. That took big balls, not only from Bess and crew, but from their publisher. And not only had they stepped up their review game, but their editorials and original content were also top notch. Unfortunately Hi-Torque pulled the plug on’em, with RC Car’s last issue being Feb 2011. To Bess and crew- thanks for the great work you guys did at RC Car, and can’t wait to see where you guys land. Carpe diem!

On another note…

The best race series in our country was the RC Pro Series. Recently the RC Pro Series transferred hands from Carlton Eppes to one of his colleagues. Eppes was widely known as being the best race director on planet Earth. Additionally, Eppes was known for being responsive to manufactures needs and running a rock solid race program, but I knew him more for being stern, yet fair, with all his racers (regardless if they were noobs or factory pro’s). Had the RC Pro Series managed to land bigger sponsors and more media coverage, I have no doubt RC Pro would have become the dominant sanctioning body in America. Here’s to wishing all the best for Carlton in his future endeavors, your presence behind the wheel at the RC Pro Series will be greatly missed.

Associated shot out a PR on their way-super-dope-909-black-flat-billed hat last week. Yes, Associated dedicated an entire PR to a hat, so you just know it’s gonna be THAT good. Our editor Brian is gonna look great topped off with one of those while decked out in a black Metal Mulisha shirt and uber black DC skate shoes. :)

Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned Associated landed a deal to have Makita and Kicker sponsor their rc race team? Well, you wouldn’t really know it by looking at their team. I mean, the amount of signage that Makita and Kicker get on Associated shirts and race bodies is minimal at best. Does signage count if it takes a magnifying glass to see it? Anyways, did Makita only give AE one cordless drill? Did Kicker just shoot’em one pair of 4″ two ways? Or does AE need to devote more signage for their new team sponsors?

Have you seen JConcepts uber new Punisher body for the Associated T4? In 8th scale truggy perhaps they look loosely true to scale, but in 10th scale stadium truck, no way, no how- it looks like something a space alien would have designed just before OD’ing on shrooms and LSD. Can we please rename the stadium truck class to the “stadium martian” class? Thanks in advance! And I’m not bag’n on JConcepts here, I’m bag’n you, all those local racers who think it’s cool to have “stadium trucks” that looks like something my dog just hacked up on my living room carpet.

With that said, it’s time to wrap up another edition of THE Cub Report. Turn off the net, get off your ass, bust your rc out, hit your local track or bash spot, break loads of parts, then check out your local hobby shop.

YOUR Cub Reporter

savox servo

Just saw over on the Savox website that they have a new Rebate program where you can trade in any old servo towards one of their own and get $20 off!! How sweet is that?! All you need to do is add one of their qualified servo’s to your shopping cart, use the code servotradein and place the order! Then when your new Savox servo shows up, stick your old servo in the bag they provide and send it back! I know we have a few old servos around the office we are going to trade in for sure!

Click through for a list of servo’s they are offering and the prices!

What's new: Sunday, November 21st, 2010

top gear usa

If your are car nut, you already know that Top Gear out of the UK is one of the greatest car shows on TV. Well tonight the USA gets their own version on the History Channel! I don’t think anyone expects the show to be as good as it’s UK big brother, but fingers are crossed it does not suck. Check out the Top Gear website on the History webpage for info.

Update: with some thoughts on the first show…. READ MORE

What's new: Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Photo of the Week:

Build Log: Project Groundskeeper Willie – Heavy on pictures, light on text. Don’t know what’s what, but the results are pretty nice, especially the custom chassis plates.

Doing Good: Donate $5 to Toys for Tots through TGN Distributing and be entered into a custom Baja 5B Raffle at the Bajambug Toy Drive. Drawing is December 4th, so get your ticket soon. More info about the event in this forum thread.

New Product: Jared Tebo and wife Megan announce new 1/18 scale person.

Reviewed: Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL at Ultimate RC, RC-Lights RCL5006 kit at RC Universe

Video of the Week: