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Have you Entered to Win the Losi 5IVE-T Today?

5ive-t_win Just a reminder, we are giving away a A brand new 1/5th scale Losi 5IVE-T! Mind blown right? If you haven’t entered, make sure you head over to the Official Giveaway Page.

We expect entries to hit record numbers for us, but if you haven’t entered, you can’t win. The deadline for entries is April 29th, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.

What's new: Monday, May 17th, 2010

Have you ever thought that your Savage Flux just isn’t big enough?  Maybe you were jealous of all those Savage XLs out there.  You know the ones… they flaunt their longer wheelbase like it’s going out of style and aren’t ashamed of it.  Well now you can dress up your Flux like an XL and enjoy all they attention they get.   HPI has a wheelbase conversion set for exactly that.  It’s a set of new chassis plates, fashioned out of 3mm 6061 aluminum, that you can quickly and easily swap in for the extra length you desire.  The complete set includes an extra long center dog bone, some new wide stance axles, and all the screws and such to make the swap.

Check out the HPI web site for more info.

Acer Racing Girl Looks like ACER Racing is spreading out to more then just bearings! They now carry Titanium Screws in sizes: M3X5, M3X6, M3X7, M3X8, M3X10, and M3X12! They are also selling Titanium Turnbuckles. They say there are more sizes on the way.

Head over to the ACER Racing Website for info.

Team Associated has some new, blue parts for all the Associated B44 drivers out there. The Factory Team is putting out a new aluminum motor mount and a pair of new aluminum hubs.

The motor mount features a cam system to make gear mesh adjustments quick and easy. And it’s also got a very secure mounting clamp to keep those adjustments locked in.  The aluminum will also help with heat dissipation from your hot running motor.

The new hubs are available in .5° increments from 0° to 1.5°. They also have a molded camber link tower to keep you from breaking your ball studs. They are also made to use a larger bearing on the outside for better durability. They’ll also fit the B4, T4, and SC10 with the addition of the right sized bearings (part #7935) and Associated’s crush tubes (#7933).

For more info check out Team Associated’s site.

The weather was beautiful outside, a near perfect 76 degrees with nary a cloud in the southern California sky, and I was damn glad to be there. The weather in the greater Chicago metro area has been rather miserable all spring so I was stoked to be out of town. Luckily for me BigSquid needed somebody to spend a few days out west and I was the quickest to raise my hand (OK, I was the only one in the office that day) so I got the nod for the job. After taking care of some business I went goofing around A-Main Hobbies in Chico California. If you live in that area I’m sure you’ve been by their place, easily one of the most uber hobby shops in the entire country, stocked to the hilt with all kinds of hobby goodness and with more than their fair share of VERY hot female customers. Anyways, as I was looking over their seemingly never ending supply of Pro-Line bodies I overheard (OK, I was eavesdropping) two young male customers talking. Amazingly they were talking about BigSquidRC. Now I know we’ve grown a lot around this joint, but I was floored that a couple kids in A Main just happened to be talking about us. Hell, I thought all our readers were from Naperville (a burb in Chicago). So after listening to them for a couple minutes I chimed in (OK, I butt in) to their convo and said “BigSquid is totally super dope, did you read their Lipo shootout?”, to which one of the kids replied, “Ya amigo, but they didn’t even test their sh*! at 30C YO!”. I wasn’t wearing a huge BigSquid sticker on my face that day, so he didn’t recognize me, but the young man was right, we didn’t test any of the packs at their suggested “C” rating (for reasons I’ve went over before). But…..

I’ve promised our readers before that I’d do so, so this weekend we bit the bullet and did it, YES we tested a 3S 5000 mah 30C Lipo at a 30C discharge load. YES we have it on video, and YES we recorded all the essential information. I hear we’ll be posting the video this Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for it on our front page. I know a LOT of people out there have been wanting to see how a “30C” rated Lipo actually performs under a “30C” load, so we do it so you don’t have to. The video is a true eye opener, not one to miss, and as usual, we go where the old skool print type websites simply won’t.

On another note, the BigSquidRC way-super-dope charger shootout is nearly completed. Having the most uber charger sitting on your pit table might not be everyone’s life obsession (Ok, it is mine), but with today’s new cell chemistry’s and higher charge rates many people are sitting on the fence deciding which charger to lay their cold, hard cash down on. Hopefully our shootout will help people on their future buying decisions, look for it on the front page this week as well.

A quick note to the industry types out there, as always I want to extend the offer of “Please shoot us your press releases!”. We don’t charge a penny to post your news, so it’s free advertising to you and our readers dig seeing the latest and greatest. Please shoot your pr’s to Brian at BigSquidRC dot com.

That’s it for this edition of THE Cub Report. As usual, thanks for reading, and hit up your LHSs, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Sunday, May 16th, 2010

RC Racing 101 #2- What To Ask About A Track by Tim Mohr

Last week, in the first installment of RC 101, I went over the best ways of finding a track to race at. All tracks are different, so installment #2 will focus on the top 3 questions to ask a track you are considering racing at. Typically these questions can be answered from a tracks website, but some tracks rarely update, and some don’t have websites at all, so it’s always best to call to get the most accurate information before you pack and head their way.

Here are the top 3 questions to ask a new track.

3. What classes do you provide? You might own a Duratrax Evader, but your nearest track might be carpet that only races touring cars and 12th scale. It’s important to know what cars they have classes for, and which ones they don’t. Many tracks have a rule that 3 cars make a class, so if they don’t have a particular class you are interested in, you might be able to round up a couple buddies and get to race.

2. How much does it cost to enter? Most local tracks charge between $5 to $20 per class for a local race, and from $15 to over $100 per class at a big event. Some tracks also require that you be a member of one of the rc sanctioning bodies to race, while others are club tracks that require a club membership. Membership fees are usually paid once a year and are available at the track, but can add significantly to the cost of your first race.

1. What pitting aids do you supply? Some tracks provide everything, while others provide nothing. Bringing all your rc gear is a no brainer, but you might also need to bring an EZ Up, extension cord, pit table, and chair to the track.

Until next week, see you on the grid.

What's new: Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Photo of the week:

HPI Savage catching some air during a hill climb competition. By gudfinnur.

Bad news: Remote controlled plane sparks Santee brush fire

Other news: Old fogey shakes fist at noisy neighborhood kids…

Event: Taylor’s Finish Line Festival – Featuring Kyle Busch’s Rowdy R/C All-Stars

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch has invited some of America’s top professional radio-control racers to join him for the inaugural Rowdy R/C All-Stars presented by NOS Energy Drink event that will be held as part of the Taylor’s Finish Line Festival on Sunday, May 23 on the grounds of zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Shopping around: Things on Wheels – A toy R/C themed racing game hit Xbox Live Arcade this week.  Some are comparing it to the legendary Micro Machines, that’s a pretty good endorsement.

Video of the week:

So I just mentioned the RC Drag Racing event at the Hobby Town here in Illinois this Saturday, but I wanted to mention on Sunday there will be some regular parking lot racing. There is a timing system, but the first few weeks will just be testing to see if there is any interest. So they will see what vehicles show up, and go from there. My guess is there will be a decent amount of short course vehicles, so I know Firesprink182 will be bringing a few ramps. The track is laid out with PVC, and for the most part will be pretty trial and error.

Sunday will probably be more about working the kinks out of the system, and just going out and having fun, without a whole lot of emphasis on serious racing. So if your in the area, have a SC or similar vehicle, and want to count some laps with a bunch of bashers.. make sure to stop by!
15551 S. 94th Avenue
Orland Park, IL 60462
(708) 349-TOYS(8697)

What's new: Friday, May 14th, 2010

Traxxas kumho Keeping up with the realism theme, Traxxas now has replica Kumho Road Venture MT tires standard on the latest Scott Douglas Edition Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4. They are also available separately in standard or S1 compounds, mounted or unmounted.

For more info check the Traxxas Website.

With a little help from the fine folks at Pro-Line, The KU EcoHawks Team Slayer took a 1/8 scale nitro buggy and added a parallel brushless motor to make a truck that will run from the nitro engine, the brushless motor, or both at the same time.  In addition to creating some special mounts for the engine, motor, and 3S LiPo, they also designed a special differential that balances the power output of the engine and motor when they are used together.

Pro-Line provided the wheels, tires, and body for testing and they have a complete article on their blog with more photos, video, and an interview with the team leader.  It’s a very interesting read, check it out.

Pro-Line tansou

Aww Yea!! Looks like Pro-Line is looking for a little drifting action with the new Tansou 190mm drift body! (3331-00). Drifting is one of those areas of RC where your into it, or your not. But if you are, it’s hard core! The look, style and details are almost as important as the driving! This is our first sneak peek at the body. We will get you more details they are available. I recently picked up some drift tires for one of my on-roads, looks like I need to add a new body to the shopping list!

Check the Pro-Line website for more bodies.

RC Drag Racing Event Holeshot RC Drag Racing, along with Big Squid RC and Hobby Town of Orland Park IL. present Street Car Chaos – RC Drag Racing in the Hobby Town parking lot in Orland Park IL.

These street car events that Holeshot RC have been putting on are pretty much the events that brought RC Drag Racing to the Chicago area. Geno does a great job of bringing the people in. If you are looking to witness some of the finest trash talking, rc drag racing, anything goes event, this is the place to be! This is the first race in this lot, and I’m not 100% sure if it will be able to handle the true RC dragsters, but the street cars and trucks will be out in force! The event is Saturday May 15th, 2010.
If you are in the area, make sure to stop out at the Big Squid RC tent to check out the new King Squid II and pick up some stickers!

Click the flyer or the address and details.

Tower Hobbies Vee
New from Tower Hobbies is the Tower Power Vee RTR boat. This boat is completely designed for beginners. If you have batteries and a pond, your ready to go! It has a water cooled 550 motor and 30A ESC with reverse. Price will be well under the $150 mark when it hits the streets!
Check out the Tower Hobbies website for more info.

What's new: Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Another new car making it’s debut at the Shizuoka show is Tamiya‘s latest vintage F1 car.  Modeled after the Wolf WR1, which started it’s career during the 1977 Forumla 1 season, Tamiya’s 1/1o scale version is a mash-up of their newer F104 chassis and their older, but still competitive F103 chassis.  Among some of the distinctive features are extra large rear tires and smaller fronts for a true scale look, a resin bumper under the front wing, and a full decal setup to mimic the full scale’s looks.  It would go great on the shelf next to the Tyrrell P34 six wheeler.

This is going to be a limited edition kit, so if you’re interested keep your eyes peeled.

Check out the Tamiya Canada site for all the info in english.