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What's new: Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

DarkSoul still has the Christmas spirit.  Until January 1st, the Chino competition crawler chassis kit for the Losi Mini Rock Crawler is available directly for only $50.  This kit includes an all new chassis with plenty of tuning options that is formed out of one piece of aluminum.  You’ll also get a new set of titanium links, new rod ends, and aluminum chassis spacers, plus all the new hardware to put it all together.  And just because they’re feeling nice, they’re also going to throw in a DarkSoul Inboard Shock Mount kit.  If you’ve been looking for a way to make your Mini Rock Crawler more competitive, this might be the ideal solution for you.

Also up on the sale block is DarkSoul’s 1.9″ billet bead lock wheels.  They’re available in a set of 4 for $50 or a set of 5 (for you scalers that need a spare tire) for $63.  The billet wheels come with inner and outer bead lock rings plus all the screws you need to hold them together.  These wheels are drilled to accept up to 24 pin weights to help add much  needed traction to your ride.  With all the weights, tires, and foams these wheels weigh in at about 7.5 oz each.

These deals are only available directly from this forum thread on RC through PayPal.  For more info about DarkSoul Racing, hit up their web site.

What's new: Monday, December 27th, 2010

As this winter storm of epic proportions keeps moving across the states, I’m sure some of you are stuck indoors for the time being.  So put that time to good use and go build yourself an R/C snow blower like this guy did.  Check out the RoBo Blower web site for all the stats and a ton more photos of this man-eating monster looking contraption.  Also check out the video below to see it in action  This is definitely something we could use around the Big Squid offices, it just needs a FPV system mounted to it so all our plowing could be done from the comfort of our heated massage leather office chairs.

Tip o’ the hat to Michael at About R/C Vehicles and Hack N Mod for the find.

In all the flurry and hubbub of the holiday weekend we kind of missed this bit of news from the Twitterverse that GH Racing is extending their holiday sale through New Year’s Eve.  Until then everything in the GH Racing online shop is marked down 15%.  So if you just got a brand new Traxxas Slash 4×4 or maybe a 1/16 E-Revo or any number of other r/c kits, check out the GH Racing web site for a bunch of excellent aluminum hop-ups.

Unfortunately I was extremely sick over the holiday break and didn’t get in any of the RC I had planned for the short break. While lying in bed, I get a phone call from Cubby. He’s rambling on about how his Monday article was going to be a day late. This is pretty rare for him. While he is otherwise completely unpredictable, he always nails his dates. I’m so out of it, I was more concerned over not dying, then him being a day late, but I did have to ask why. Maybe it was the medication I was on, but I swear this is how the conversation went.
Cubby: Hey Boss, the Cub Report is going to be a day late. I’m completely wiped out. I haven’t slept in 24 hours, and there’s no way I can hammer it out tonight. Santa said you’d understand.
Me: Hey dude, no problem, stuff happens and I’m sure you.. wait what? Santa?.
Cubby: Yea man.. so I get this call, apparently there was a ton of last minute RC related letters to Santa and they needed an expert to help sort stuff out and make sure the kids were getting what they wanted.
Me: (hand on forehead) uh.. maybe it’s the medication, but did you say something about Santa? He called you? He has some sort of Cubby hotline? Like a bat phone? (uhg my head)
Cubby: Don’t be stupid! Why would Santa have a Cubby hotline? He just called the cell.
Me: Ok, I’m going back to bed now before you start to make sense, get it done asap.

And that’s the last I remember. So hopefully we get a Cub Report in the next 24 hours, but I wanted to give everyone the heads up.

exotek commando bodyNews from Exotek is that they have a new 1/16th scale body called the Commando Mini Revo body. It actually fits the Traxxas 1/16 Revo or 1/16 Summit. Comes with standard overspray film and window masks. I’m really glad to see someone supporting the 1/16 scale aftermarket. There are a lot of them out there, and they all look the same!

Check the Exotek web site for more info.

What's new: Saturday, December 25th, 2010

christmas 2007

It’s Christmas, what are you doing reading this?   Go spend time with your loved ones you loner.  On another note, I didn’t get my Clod Buster.   :-(   But I hope Santa brought you all that you wanted and more importantly that you’ve had and continue to have a wonderful Christmas weekend with your loved ones.  Be sure to drink plenty of eggnog and apple cider.

Build Log: Taking an RC8e and turning it into a Rally car.

Giveaway Update: Our Evader DT giveaway may be all but done, but we got more stuff to pass out.  Keep an eye on our front page for an upcoming announcement.

New class?: A group going by the name ASD Technologies is looking to build 1/8 scale Indy cars.  I’ve always kind of wondered why F1 is represented in R/C but Indy/CART isn’t.  I haven’t been able to find any more info about this company or products, but we’ll keep an eye on them.

Reviewed: Extreme Machines Monster XX @ RC Universe – This $99 hobby-grade, mass market sleeper may have made a good, low cost Christmas gift for some youngins that wanted to get started in R/C. Oops, too late now.

Video of the Week:

What's new: Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

UPDATE: The Deadline for entries has now passed, if you missed out on this one be sure to keep any eye on our front page for more giveaways in the very near future.

It’s getting close to the cutoff for entries into our Evader DT Giveaway.  If you haven’t already put your name in the hat then go check out all the details on how to enter: Win a DuraTrax Evader DT! All entries must be in by 11:59 pm CST, December 24th (just about 27 hours from the time of this post).  The drawing will be held on December 31st (time TBD).

Will it Blend? – Ken Block Gymkhana

Is the new Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta Rally tough enough to survive Blendtec’s blender?  Find out in this new edition of “Will it Blend?” featuring Ken Block himself.

For more info on the Ken Block Fiesta head on over to the Traxxas site.

Ya know, lots of people are off work this week, but not your hard working/under paid Cub Reporter. Lets see what sort of stuff we have in the giant mail bag this week shall we?

Dear santa cubby all I want for christmas is a shiny new schumacher cougar SV pro kit, can you drop one in my stocking when you fly by? I have not thrown my Nomadio across the pits all year but I did curse one slow and deaf corner marshal. Thanks.
Roger C. Canton Ohio

Cubby- Roger, contrary to popular belief, I am not Santa Claus, and nor do I have infinite pallets of uber Cougar SV Pro’s sitting in a marble floored warehouse. But, (and there is Always a “but”) the good guys over at A-Main Hobbies can probably hook ya up with one for a few hundy. Hit’em up HERE. A-Main has stocking Schumacher for quite some time (a good thing since Schu seems to have bailed on the states), hopefully they’ll have what you are looking for in stock. Peace and love, peace and love.

I think you guys have a great idea there in that shootout. I hope the new Team Durango SCT will be out in time as that truck looks to be SUPER! I know they aren’t as interesting to some but I think it would
be cool to have a shootout with the new Losi SCT, Blitz ESE, and FT SC-10, just to see how the top 3 stack up. The other suggestion that I thought was neat was the SCT ESC-Motor combo shootout.
Also, what MaxAmps battery did you use in the Blitz when you did the Castle SCT review?
Cheers Jon A.

Cubby- Yo what’s up Jon, thanks for the email (ya, I stole one out of Brian’s box).
Amazing the progress Durango has made in the American market in the last 20 months isn’t it? You gotta love their gear, it’s uber high-end, with some unique twists, and yes, their short courser looks pretty gnarly. We’ve been wanting to do a SC shootout forever, hopefully it’ll come together this time, Durango included. We were kicking around ideas on what some of the categories would be the other day, some of our ideas for the “durability” testing were pretty burly, I think you guys would really dig it. :)

We’ve also talked about a SC speedo/motor shootout, but I think we’ve settled on a “lowest price point” version. We’d like to take the lowest price point Castle/Novak/LRP/Turnigy systems and test’em to see how they shake out. We’ll see if it comes to fruition.

I wasn’t there for the Castle SideWinder SC review, so maybe Brian will pipe in here to let people know what battery he was using. (From Brian: During testing we used Team Checkpoint 5000 40C and Ace 5000 40C packs)

What's new: Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

bigsquidrc xmas
From our family to yours, Happy Holidays! Every year we get a few more RC Christmas cards from the industry, and this year I thought I would share them with everyone. I am pretty sure I’m missing one or two, but can’t seem to find them at the moment. I’ll update and add them as more come in.

xmas rc card xmas rc card

xmas rc card xmas rc card

xmas rc card xmas rc card

xmas rc card xmas rc card

To a wonderful and prosperous New Year, and hopefully you will all find at least one RC under that tree!

Have you ever wanted to play traffic cop or pace car at your local track?  Maybe bust some punks for reckless driving or speeding through the pits.  Well RC-Lights has a new kit that will allow you to play out your punk busting fantasies.  Their new 911STROBE Kit and controller allows you to add up to 14 LEDs, in five separate banks for the light bar, headlights, taillights, and marker lights.  Blink rates of  the light bar and headlight LEDs are adjustable from smooth and steady to epileptic seizure inducing.  And the brake lights run dim while driving and super bright when braking.  It’s all controlled and powered by a pass-through Y-harness that connects to your receiver’s throttle channel.  It also includes a connector that you can plug in to a third channel for further control.

The light controller is also available separately so you can integrate it into your already existing light set if you feel like doing so.  MSRP for the complete kit is $180, while the controller alone is going for $130.  Check out the RC-Lights web site for more info and ordering.

Outerwears kyosho ultima short course New from Outerwears is the Kyosho Ultima Short Course Truck Shroud. These shrouds really help keep out the dirt and debris, which is something bashers can always use some help with! They come in a ton of colors, black, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, and lime green.

Visit the Outerwears Performance Products site for more info on their products!

What's new: Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

exotek blitz chassis brace

The folks from Exotek just released a new chassis brace for the HPI Blitz. Any time a company shows a little love towards the Blitz it makes me smile. The new brace strengthens one of the weaker points on the chassis and helps prevent the front from damage. They are available in orange or black.

Check the Exotek web site for more info.