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Win a New ARRMA Granite Mega Monster Truck!

You KNOW you want a ARRMA Granite.
It’s a great truck! ARRMA and Hobbico have been kind enough to let us give one away!
We are doing this QUICK! No need to wait months to win! You only have till Thursday Night, September 18th to enter! What are you waiting for CLICK HERE to go enter!

What's new: Sunday, October 24th, 2010

There has been a ton of stuff from IHobby this year.  So much that we’re running around with chickens like our heads cut off just to cover it all.  So we may not be giving you everything you want to see or know.  If there’s anything you’ve seen on our site from the IHobby show that you’d like to see more of, please drop by the live chat on our Track Cam and let us know.  We may not be monitoring it the entire time, but we do check it frequently, so leave your requests for more pics or info in there and we’ll try our best to get to it.  Don’t be shy.

Follow this link for the Track Cam chat room.

Today at the IHobby show we’ll be giving away two more Traxxas trucks!  At our 11:00 am Bashing Demo we’ll be giving away this brand new Mini Slash.  In order to win it you gotta be here and screaming louder than everyone else.  We’ll also be giving away a Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate at the 3:00 pm Bashing Demo.  So make sure you’re at our track at those times, or else you can’t win!

We at Big Squid are the very first r/c media group to get some wheel time with the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (not to be confused with Horizon Hobbies) H-Cell 2.0 hydrogen fuel cell powered r/c car (see the original product announcement here).  One of the things we’ve learned is that the car is not directly powered by the fuel cell, it is used as a range extender, providing a theoretical 1+ hour of extra run time to a common NiMH battery pack.  The system itself is pretty heavy, adding an extra 2+ pounds to the vehicle.  Our own Tim Mohr got to do the honors, but didn’t get much time to run it during the show, it was at the last minutes of Saturday when the lights were getting shutoff, BUT we’ve been promised by the company that when the show closes Sunday evening and we’re packing out all of our gear from our booth, THIS CAR will be in our hands.  We’ll be the only media group to have one in our possession for testing and review.  And we’ll have it all right here in the coming couple months after we give it a very thorough going over.

What's new: Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

I think we turned that frown upside-down with this one.  Who says being a fan doesn’t pay off?  These were the winners of our 1/10 scale Traxxas Slash Give-away.  You can have your chance too, just be at the IHobby Show on Sunday for our Bashing Demos.  The first one is at 11:00 am and we will be giving away another Mini Slash.  And at the 3:00 pm demo we’ll be giving away the biggest and best of them all, a brand new Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate edition!

The IHobby doors open at 10:00 am, arrive early to beat the traffic.

That’s our guys, Wesley “Microman” Dennis, and Brian “Dear Leader” Smolik judging the crowd to see who gets to win.  If you want to win you have to be screaming your head off louder than everyone else out there!  Can’t win if you don’t make some noise!

We got a request for more pictures of the Traxxas Spartan (formerly the Titan), so here’s a gallery for y’all. Click the little ones for the big ones.

The Traxxas Short Course Hauler isn’t open to the public, but Big Squid got a tour.  The Traxxas gang is using it at the IHobby show for a staging and work area for their demo vehicles.  The pictures are more interesting than any words I can come up with, so click through after the break for more.


Here’s some photos from the Truck and Tractor Pull portion of the NR/CTPA demos.  Some of these smaller tractors are being powered by Castle Creations brushless systems, but the larger ones are powered by chainsaw engines (multiple in some cases) and they are extremely loud, echoing throughout the entire convention center.  See this previous post for demo times tomorrow.  For some more pics of these awesome things click through the Read More link.


The NR/CTPA is out here putting on a great show at the ThunderTech Racing Monster Truck Track.  I took a bunch of pictures of the action and there’s a bunch more after the break.  If you make it out here tomorrow be sure to check out some of their demos, here’s a list of the times and events.

10:45 am Truck and Tractor Pull
11:30 am Monster Truck Racing
12:15 pm Truck and Tractor Pull
1:00 pm Monster Truck Racing
1:45 pm Truck and Tractor Pull
2:30 pm Short Course Racing
3:30 pm Truck and Tractor Pull
4:15 pm Monster Truck Freestyle


The boy was a little bummed cause he didn’t win the new Traxxas Mini Slash.  But he’s got a chance to win a big Slash at 3:00pm, and so do you if you’re here.

Here’s our first winners of our Traxxas Slash giveaways.  These kids took home a brand new, ready to run Traxxas Mini Slash.  Our next giveaway is during our 3:00pm demo today, you gotta be at our track for the demo to win though!  So hurry on over!

Here’s some BIG news from Castle Creations.  Pictured above is their new massive (about 3 pounds!) Mamba XL motor (bottom, obviously).  Along with the motor is a whole new beefy Mamba XL ESC that’s built to handle 8S LiPos and all the amp draw that’s going to pass through it.  Not only that, Castle is releasing a complete conversion kit with machined metal pieces to make it all fit in your Baja 5B.

This thing is going to be ridiculous.  The ESC is actually available now, the motor and conversion kit will be hitting in about 2 weeks.  It’s not going to be cheap though.  For the motor/ESC combo you’re looking at an MSRP of $650, while the conversion kit is retailing for $150.  But that’s not all.  There’s promise of a 10S capable version in the pipeline.

Keep an eye on the Castle Creations web site for more info.

Today and Sunday we’ll be running Bashing Demos on the Big Squid RC Track at IHobby.  If you’re in the crowd you have a chance to win a Traxxas Slash or Mini Slash, plus t-shirts, and other swag.  Our demo times are 11:00 am and 3:00 pm both days.  We’ll be giving away the Mini Slashes at the 11:00 am demos and the 1/10 scale Slashes at the 3:00 pm demos.  Be sure to stop by our booth right across from the track and say hi to the crew and booth babes!