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What's new: Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Here’s a couple new names for you, dBoots and dRadioControl.  What do these names mean you say?  Well dRadioControl is the company, and dBoots is their new line of tires.  Their first tire out of the mold is the Terrabyte, a pyramid style lugged tire made for 1/10 scale 2wd and 4wd buggies.  According go the dRC guys this is an ideal tire for multi-surface tracks that are popular in the Europe.  It’s also a good fit for grass and astro-turf.  A good, multi-surface tire actually sounds like something us bashers might find useful.  These tires will be distributed by RC Disco in the UK, no word if anybody will pick them up for US distribution.

Check out the dBoots and RC Disco web sites for more info

By way of the guys at Kershaw Designs we have news of a new brushless ESC from that behind the scenes company known as Leopard Hobby.  Known more for making the motors on which other companies slap their logos, Leopard stepped out of the shadows not too long ago with a line of their own branded brushless motors.  Now they’re stepping into the ESC game with the Ground 150 amp, 6S ESC for 1/8 scale vehicles.  This ESC is made to run either sensored or sensorless brushless motors and features all kinds of stuff you’d expect from a brushless ESC.  LiPo LVC, thermal protection, multiple timing settings, ABS brakes, plus a ton more.  But probably the best feature of all is the price.  This monster of an ESC is available from Kershaw Designs for only slight over one bill.

The Ground 150 should be arriving just before the New Year, check out the Kershaw Designs web site for ordering info.

We just posted over in the RC Reviews section our review of the Castle Creations Sidewinder SCT Combo! A lot of people have been waiting on this latest ESC/Motor Combo, and it’s time to put it to the test! Click the pic or head over and check it out here!

What's new: Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Team Durango felt they could do the pit mat better.  Whether or not that’s true is a matter for debate (or maybe a PIT MAT SHOOTOUT!  Coming Soon!).  But it’s a fine looking pit mat, and certainly worth a look if you’re in the market for such a thing.  Measuring in at a generous 620mm x 420mm (or about 25″ x 17″ for those of us in United States of Awesomerica), the Durango Pit Mat provides plenty of room for cars and trucks up to 1/8 scale.  It also features several molded in trays to keep all your small parts and tools from rolling away and disappearing forever.  The largest tray also has a built in magnet for holding tight to those screws and e-clips.

The Pit Mat is available now, direct from Team Durango, for $47.50 + shipping.  Check out the Team Durango web site for more info.

What's new: Monday, December 13th, 2010

Did you buy a Losi Ten-T and then think to yourself “Gee, I wish I’d gotten a brushless short course truck instead.”  Or maybe you bought a Losi 810 and thought “Wait… is this 1/8 scale, or 1/10 scale? And why isn’t it BRUSHLESS?! I just don’t know!”   Well Elite RC has a solution for you!  Their new Ten-X conversion kit can take either one of those RTRs and turn it into a full-fledged 1/8 scale buggy OR a short course truck.  The conversion includes an extended, machined aluminum chassis; aluminum battery tray, slide/lock motor mount, aluminum center top plate, and nerf mount bars for use with the Slash 4×4 nerf bars (sold separately).

The Ten-X conversion is available directly from the Elite RC web site, right this very second, for a price of $195.00.

The folks over at AquaCraft sent along this video of the AquaCraft Vela One-Meter 2.4GHz Sailboat. Good thing Cubby didn’t get word of this one.

Check out the official AquaCraft Website for more details.

I can’t say the word Sail without thinking of THIS in my head!

Yet another week has flown right by in our hobby, welcome back to THE Cub Report. In some areas of our country, it’s blizzard conditions, in others (Hawaii anyone?) it’s a perfect 80 degrees. Inside the exceedingly well lit and remarkably well appointed BigSquid offices it’s always 72 degrees. We hope wherever you may be that it’s perfect rc weather.

Months and months ago one of our staffers, Bill The Wrench Guy, pre-ordered one of the soon to be released Traxxas Spartan boats at his local hobby shop, The months went by, and then more went by, and the Spartan release date kept being pushed back. Finally last week we hear from Traxxas that the Spartan boat is getting close to shipping with an expected LHS date of December 16th. Yes indeed, there are many parts of the country that are not frozen over, but for Bill The Wrench Guy, that is definitely NOT the case. I must ask, so just what good is an uber new Traxxas boat going to be in Chicago during the middle of the winter? The answer- not much, unless it’s being used as a static model. Traxxas isn’t known for dropping the ball, but December is about the worst release date I can think of for a boat.

Also on the Traxxas tip, their new 4×4 Stampede is just now hitting hobby shop shelves. While a Pede 4×4 should be awesome fun in the snow, December isn’t a very good release time for a pure basher. I’m certain all you basher guys down south are love’n your new 4×4 Pedes, but for the rest of us up North of you, 8″ of snow is the last place I want to make a run with a brand new truck. Because of this, a lot of potential buyers are going to hold off on the new Pede till the weather warms up (3-4 months from now). But by the time it turns warmer, who’s not to say that another uber bash machine won’t be released by HPI, AE, or Losi that will steal the 4×4 Pedes thunder (and sales)?

The two examples above, and the one I provided last week (the Losi 22), go to show that timing is very important in our hobby. They can make or break the sales numbers for a particular model. For many of us in Northern climates, we are stuck indoors several months a year where we typically have more time for our rc hobby because we are not out bbq’n, riding motorcycles, etc. Many of us Northern types spend a LOT of cash on the hobby during the winter, provided there is something that catches our fancy and works well indoors.

Unfortunately for us, it seems that sometimes the manufactures who reside in warm weather climates forget about us Northern types. It seems like they don’t even realize we can NOT just grab our gear any time we want and go outside and run. It’s like they don’t understand that many of us only run indoors on prepared tracks October through March. It’s like they don’t even realize that for months at a time much of our country is covered in snow and ice. It’s like they don’t understand how much money they are losing by not catering some “off season” product to us.

On another note….

Nearly every year I do a “what to get your rc’er” for X-mas article. This year I decided to switch it up a bit, so I asked around the office to see what type of rc car/truck the BigSquid staffers would want for X-mas if price were no object.

Web Guy Jeff replied he wanted an ole’ school Clod Buster. I can’t argue with that response, as Clods are a ton of fun and have an enormous aftermarket following.

Chunky Jason is perhaps the hardest core racer on the staff, and he answered with a HPI 5B SS. The 5B SS isn’t really a core racer, but it certain is a solid (and quick!) buggy that absolutely rips up grass in the back yard, open lot, or park.

Craig The Ramp Builder Guy went a tad bit more extreme with his answer, as he requested an electric Castle BL powered HPI Baja 5T. While a stock gas powered 5T tears up the grass something awful, an electric Castle powered one would absolutely annihilate it.

Bill the Wrench guy had a quick answer of HPI 5SC! It should be noted that the 5SC has been the only vehicle that could de-thrown his want of a 5T! During our bashing this summer we have beat the heck out of our 5B, and we usually have a 5T in the mix. If your dumb brave enough to go for big air, they can be a blast!

Micro Man Wes continued the trend by wanting yet another HPI 5th scaler, as he requested one of the uber new HPI 5SC’s. (I think we see a trend here, LOL)

Michelle The Receptionist replied that she didn’t know which rc she wanted, but requested that it be “cute” and “have a pink body on it”. Umm, ok? LOL

Jim The Test Driver Guy took the longest to reply as he just couldn’t make up his mind with all the cool cars/trucks on the market right now. But, in the end, he went with a new Slash 4×4 Ultimate. It would be perfect under anyone’s Christmas tree.

Editor Type Brian also took a while to decide, but after nearly 10 minutes of contemplation he replied with the Traxxas Ken Block Rally Car. That is one awesome looking little car that should be a ton of fun bashing around a parking lot with.

As far as what I’d want for X-mas, well lets see… I’d start with a Traxxas Brushless E-Revo, throw in one of Hitec’s Ultra Premium servos, install 6S worth of MaxAmps Lipo power, and lastly, accent the truck with a Pro Line body, PL rims, and massive PL paddle tires. Definitely not a racer, but it would just have to be loads of fun. Oh and, the rooster tails would be phenomenal!

That’s it for this week, as always support your local hobby shops, tracks, and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Tekin ryan lutz While we don’t cover race news or results, we do sometimes mention where the big name drivers are getting their pay checks from now and then. Team Tekin just announced that Ryan Lutz will be using a full setup of Tekin Electronics in his Durango vehicle. Head over to the Team Tekin Website for info.

What's new: Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Photo of the Week:

(HDR) Serious fun under a menacing sky
Serious fun under a menacing sky by Howard Elton

Build Log: A radio controlled gaming PC?  On tank tracks?  With mechanical grabbing arm?  Awesome.

‘Nother Build Log: 1/6 scale Dodge Ram – Those New Bright toys are a good source of great looking, large scale bodies.

Going Mainstream?: Apparently Toys ‘R’ Us is selling Traxxas trucks (and Venom and HPI products as well), via their web site at least.  Anybody seen them showing up in the Brick & Mortar stores?

Reviewed: Traxxas Stampede 4×4 @ Ultimate RC, build review of Tamiya Holiday Buggy 2010 @ R/C Racer

In other News: Our friend at got himself a nice site redesign.

Video of the Week:

We here at Big Squid obviously cannot endorse such AWESOMENESS reckless behavior.  Think of the above video as instruction on what NOT to do.

What's new: Friday, December 10th, 2010

RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Tire

Looking for a tire for those Top Truck Challenges? This new RC4WD tire might be what you need. The Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC 1.9″ offroad tire is a replica of the full scale Baja Claw TTC tire. It’s a licensed tire, and will run you about $25 a pair.

RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Tire RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Tire

Visit RC4WD for more info!

What's new: Thursday, December 9th, 2010

mythbusters axial truck mythbusters axial truck

So last night while watching Mythbusters, we had another RC ON TV sighting! They were trying to cause a truck to flip similar to a scene in the Hellboy movie where something smashes the front end of a truck, and the vehicle flips end over end. Mythbusters does a lot of RC, but usually it’s some home made contraption, or a on-road vehicle. This time it looked a lot like a Axial SCX10 Honcho! Sorry for the blurry shots, but it was cool to see! Hopefully Axial sell’s a few hundred SCX10′s this weekend!

Update: Someone else sent in pics, and pointed out that the tires were Pro-Line Flat Irons. Good eye!
mythbusters pro-line mythbusters pro-linek

Another set of team colors joins Losi‘s stable of Mini SCTs.  The Stronghold Motorsports Team, (who, a few montsh ago, signed on Jeremy McGrath for driving duties next season) now has a minified version of their LOORS, Rob Naughton piloted, Pro-2 truck thanks to the gang at Losi.  As with the other Mini SCTs, the Stronghold edition is RTR with a 2.4 GHz Spektrum DSM radio system and water-resistant Losi Xcelorin brushless ESC with 4500Kv motor.  The truck also includes a 7.2v, 1100 MAh NiMH battery that comes prewired with Losi’s high-current EC2 connector.

A separate body set is also available if you already own a Mini SCT in another livery.  It’s also likely that in the near future this new Mini SCT will also become available in a Bind-N-Drive version for a lower cost.

MSRP for the RTR is $299.99 and it should be available late next month.  Check out the Losi web site for more info.

Schumacher novarossi

News from Schumacher Racing is that they are now the official distributor of NOVAROSSI engines in the UK. So if your looking for a power plant, and you are in the UK, you know where to go.

Head over to the Schumacher Racing site for more details.