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RCX 2012–Hemistorm

Ah yes, Hemistorm’s $250 Penta body for the  Losi 5IVE-T that we announced early April.  It continues to look awesome and it’s a great direct fit  body for the 5IVE-T. Below you’ll see the custom paint job we featured as well as another paint job in the main pic above. Enjoy!  



RCX 2012 – Tekin has a new motor

We got the whole gang at the Tekin booth together for a tender family photo. And then we set about grilling them about anything new they’ve got coming. Well, they do have a new brushless motor, dubbed the Pro-2, which is ideally suited to 2wd vehicles. But you should also check out this RX8 ESC in a white case. We [...]



RCX 2012 – Race Car Prototypes showing new bodies…

Alumicraft RC aren’t the only ones making aluminum bodies for 1/5 scalers. Race Car Prototypes, which is a company known more for making full scale race car bodies, is releasing their own aluminum body, which you can see to the left right (sorry, I was writing this post while looking in a mirror) here. But the one that caught my [...]



RCX 2012 – Airtronics

Airtronics newest entry level radio that is great for any basher, the MX-V.  These value 2.4ghz radios always catch my attention because at times, you get some serious bang for the buck without the cost of the higher end units.  Compatibility is always important within a line (receivers that work with all the FHSS surface radios within the family) so [...]



RCX 2012 – Hitec

Hitec’s new servos!  221 oz. in .07 inches with titanium gears and dual bearings.  Yes please!  If you need more power, you can have 485 oz. in 0.14 sec.  They also have their new X2-400 Two Port Charger on display.  



RCX 2012 – Sunshine Systems shining brightly

Sunshine Systems, whom we first met back at IHobby 2011, are lighting up the place with their selection of RC ready LED light systems. New to the product line is a new connector thing that allows you to daisy chain together multiple strings of light systems. Go back to our IHobby archives and check out the review we did of [...]



RCX 2012 – Kraken RC basher chassis for Baja 5 line.

Kraken RC is showing off their recently announced X2 chassis for the HPI Baja 5 line of vehicles. If it looks like a molded chassis, that’s because it is. In fact, it’s the first ever molded chassis for HPI’s 1/5 scale vehicles. It’s made from a specially formulated polymer created by DuPont, and Kraken claims it has great hardness, rigidity, [...]



RCX 2012 – Strike Models, RC naval combat

Strike Models is in attendance this year, showing off their line of naval combat boats. And when I say combat, I mean it. These boats feature functioning turrets to engage enemy vessels on the high seas. Strike Models sells many, many different kits based on full size ships from the WWI and WWII eras.  For more info about these ships, [...]



RCX 2012 – Celebrity Sighting

Brian sent this pic telling me there’s a celebrity in it. I searched and searched. I think I found who he was talking about. Click after the break to see.



RCX 2012 – Team Associated Booth

Team Associated has a big booth again this year, showing their whole product line. And no, there is no RC5T 1/5 scale gasser in attendance here. The newest product they’re showing is the recently announced SC10GT. Which I would love to have, I don’t care what Cubby says, and that’s a lot coming from me, cause I dislike nitro almost [...]


pl body post caps 1

RCX 2012 – Something else new from Pro-Line

Sometimes it’s the small things that get us the most excited. As if their new performance transmission for the Slash and Stampede wasn’t big enough news, Pro-Line is also showing, for the first time, these new clipless body mounts. Rather than using a traditional body clip to hold the body on the post, these new mounts have a twist on [...]



RCX 2012 – Booth ba… err… “spokesmodels”

Here are some more booth babe pics for you all to ogle.  More after the break.



RCX 2012 – Kershaw Designs

Kershaw Designs showing off product as well. I’ve always thought the chassis designs were pretty cool.  I wonder how that brushless system closest to us looks against some of the other large scale solutions?    



RCX 2012 – Drifting the weekend away

RCX isn’t just a bunch of booths with static displays of new products. There’s a ton of dynamic demonstrations going on all over the show. This is the drift track where some of the best RC drifters are putting on a great show. Better yet even, there’s a Try-Me section so all you noobs can give drifting a run.



RCX 2012–New transmission from Pro-Line Racing!

Pro-Line Racing announces a new bolt on transmission replacement for the 2wd Slash and Stampede. Vented disk racing style slipper clutch, 3mm thick aluminum motor mount with cooling fins, 20% less rotational mass, sealed and tunable differential,  and more!  I know it is targeted for racing but an upgraded transmissions for my bashers that tend to run hot at times? [...]