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proline savage flux xs

Pro-Line – HPI Savage Flux XS Build

Looks like Pro-Line posted up another cool build. This time around they added some hop-up parts and a sweet paint job to the HPI Savage Flux XS. New tires, rims, shocks and a few other things make up this new ride. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() [...]



If you donate the Wheels may come???

Just ran into another loco RC type looking for your help. This sounds like every underdog story we all dream about, hoping that the little guy wins. Andy Bailey has started a KICKSTARTER for some awesome Scale Steelie style wheels. He has set up many donation levels with options to get a lot of these wheels at a great price if [...]


parma speedflo body


It’s been a while, but we have word from Parma about a new body! The new Parma Speedflow SC Truck Body. The SPEEDFLO SC body has strategically placed cutouts to help with air flow and to minimize that parachuting effect that can really mess up a short course truck on the jumps! The body comes with bolt on number plates, [...]


aquacraft revolt 30

AquaCraft Revolt 30 Video

We recently posted about the new AquaCraft Revolt 30 FE Mono RC boat. Well, the folks at AquaCraft have just released a video of it in action.. watch and enjoy…Head over to the Aquacraft website for more info!


axial web page shot

Big Squid and Cubby on the Front Page of Axial!

Normally any email I get that involves Cubby goes south pretty quickly. As soon as I see his name, it’s time to start the damage control. Well the email this morning was a pleasant surprise! We got word that there was a quote on the Axial front page from Cubby’s Axial EXO Terra Buggy Review! At first I didn’t believe [...]


Team Durango DNX408T

Team Durango DNX408T

Team Durango has announced the official DNX408T Nitro Truggy Kit page has gone live! In true Durango form, it’s a beautiful looking vehicle that is beyond engineered. Looking back, we first mentioned the DNX408T was on the radar back in November of 2010! It’s amazing how much R&D these guys put into their vehicles, every piece is like a work [...]



Axial Racing EXO Aluminum Hop Up Parts

Need to bling out and toughen up your Axial EXO? Axial is releasing a ton of hop-ups for your ride! All the parts are CNC Machined, Hard anodized and direct replacements. They have a Front Shock Tower, Rear Camber Tower, Steering Rack, Toe Blocks, and new Cap Head Washers to secure your motor. Basically they have you covered if your [...]


axial exo spur and pinion gear

Axial EXO Steel Spur and Pinion Gears

When you are out bashing, the last thing you want is to trash a gear. Axial just announced new Heavy Duty 32P Steel Spur and Pinion Gears for the EXO Terra Buggy. This is for the guys who have tossed in the big brushless power plants, and don’t want to worry about shredding teeth. The spur comes in 48T, 50T, [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 05.24.2012, You Write In I Vomit Responses

Does it bother anyone else at big squid that a majority of basher approved trucks aren’t sold anymore? Jamie B.Cubby– Now this is an example of a question I like, right to the point, no fluff. After asking all the guys around the office, no, it does not bother us, not a single one of us. Why doesn’t it bother us? [...]



Axial Front and Rear Universal Joint Axle Sets

Keeping the EXO upgrades coming, Axial has released Front and Rear Universal Joint Axle Sets as well as front and rear Universal Joint Rebuild Sets. The front and rear CVD’s are made from hardened steel, are a direct replacement for the stock dog-bones, have large 2mm cross pins, and no need for set screws. Everything you need to do both [...]



Axial EXO Aluminum Shock Set

Axial now has Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Sets to replace your stock plastic ones on the EXO. They are threaded for easy pre-load adjustments, and come with everything you need except shock oil. That, and you will need to assemble them. You get 2 shocks in the set, and they should be under the $50 price when they hit [...]


pro-line memorial day sale

Pro-Line Memorial Day Sale!

There is a holiday coming, and you know what that means… it’s Pro-Line SALE TIME! Save an additional 15% off everything with the promo / coupon code: MEMORIAL15 The sale runs from May 25th – 28th, 2012. Head on over to the Pro-Line site via THIS LINK for a little Memorial Day history. Looking for more Pro-Line news? Click our Pro-Line category [...]


thunder tiger phoenix st

Thunder Tiger Phoenix STII Review

Thunder Tiger Phoenix STII ReviewStadium trucks are not the current rage, but they are still a big part of the RC world. Their low cost and durability often make them a newbie’s first vehicle. Thunder Tiger has several stadium trucks under their belt, so how does the Phoenix STII hold up? Keep reading to find out..


team3six dash

Dashboard Bling!!!

Hey guys if you are looking to add that little bit of scale flair to your dashboard then look no further. Team3six has a cool little CONTROL PANEL KIT that will work really well as dash bits on your scale build. The kit actually comes with 6 different styles of panels that can be used in any combination you can [...]


tamiya wrx video

Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRX Video

Another video from Tamiya, this time promoting their new Subaru Impreza WRX. Just like the previous one, it’s in Japanese, but RC’s are a common language right? This video has some action with the WRX bouncing a bit on the rough stuff, and nailing the turns on-road. click through for the embedded video..