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What's new: Monday, May 10th, 2010

HPI Racing tank Someone sent me this photo, and I was just blown away! I have no idea where it came from, but man would I love to see this thing in action! Anyone out there have more information on this thing? It looks like it’s some sort of HPI 5B Baja conversion. Tanks normally steer with each tread moving separately.. no idea how thing thing even operates, but I want one! LOL.

What's new: Saturday, May 8th, 2010

RC Racing 101 #1- Finding A Track
by Tim Mohr

BigSquidRC is a bashing site, but even the most fervent basher gives racing a whirl from time to time. My weekly “RC Racing 101″ column is a compendium to help everyone from the first timer to the weekly racer that wants to up their game.

Article #1 is focused on the top 3 ways to find a track to race at. If you live in a large metropolitan area it may be a breeze, if you live in a rural area it might mean hours of driving.

3. Magazines- When looking for tracks magazines can be a great resource. Find a copy of R/C Car and they conveniently list them in a track directory. Also, all the magazines sponsor rc events from coast to coast, so within their pages you’ll find advertisements of these tracks and events.

2. The Internet- There are lots of places to find tracks on the internet, but the best two that I’ve found are RC Car Action Magazines track directory, and the forums. The RCCA track directory is not a perfect source, but it’s one of the most complete and easy to use on the internet. The forums include a track locator forum, as well as fairly comprehensive North America Regional racing forums. You can find the RCCA track locator HERE, and the forums HERE.

1. Hobby Shops- Over the years, the single best resource I’ve found for finding a local track has been hobby shops. Like anything else, this can be hit or miss, at some shops they’ve never even heard of rc racing, but usually at least one person behind the counter can give you some pointers on where to go for a race. I must also mention that many times it’s not just the guys behind the counter that have the inside scoop on a local track, often times another customer will overhear you and will pipe up and volunteer information about an under publicized track in the area. So keep your ears open and don’t be shy about asking where other rc’ers are running. Better hobby shops will also have race flyers from local tracks posted in their stores, so keep your eyes open as well.

Next week I’ll venture into the process of which class/car to go racing with, until then, see you on the grid.

Axial has been teasing fans for a while now about a new vehicle arriving soon, many people think that’s it’s finally going to be the arrival of a Axial MOA (motor on axle) vehicle. Doing a little snooping we have found the following info. We don’t know if this is for their new vehicle or not.. but they do look like something interesting. They plan to officially announce the vehicle May 10th. Guess we’ll have to wait. But for now.. check out this info!

AX90017 Axial XR10 ‚Äď 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Rock Crawler Competition Kit
Complete ‚ÄúNo-Compromise‚ÄĚ competition ready kit

* All new front and rear specific nylon lightweight axles
* Low profile design for extra ground clearance
* Front steering axle with the ability to clock the motor up/down
* Rear axle is 16mm narrower to squeeze through the obstacles
* All new Behind the axle steering and oversized universals
* Enclosed steering slide with adjustable tie rods to adjust toe in/out
* 8* kingpin angle to increase steering response
* Double sheer knuckles with replaceable aluminum steering arm
* Adjustable C’s with splined design to provide caster adjustment in 15* increments
* Oversized 12.5mm universals with 4mm and 2.5mm cross-pins
* 45* of steering out of the box
* 37.9:1 Gear ratio using the included 14T Pinion. Gear box allows for use of 12-19T Pinions for gear ratios of 44.2:1 through 27.9:1.
* With the use of dual motors you can easily adjust your front and rear gear ratios independently for fine tuning.
* Front and Rear compact and lightweight gearboxes keep the motor tucked in close and above axle centerline for extra clearance
* Aluminum chassis plates with tapered molded nylon skid plate
* Chassis provides multiple upper link adjustment holes for suspension tuning
* Adjustable shock mounts for fine tuning ride height and driving style
* Adjustable body mounts move with shock mounts to provide finite adjustment (angle and height)
* Removable electronics tray for easy maintenance and installation
* Waterproof receiver box with wire routing guides


Photo of the Week: Tamiya TT01 Nismo Drift by chicco_u, he’s got some more great photos, check out the rest of his Flickr photostream.

Changing up the format a little bit. It’s become readily apparent that I don’t have the ability to keep up with the whole coming up with a cartoon every week thing, so I’m just going to start embedding the photo of the week in the post as a compromise of sorts.

Article: How It Works: The Most Advanced Gas-Powered R/C Car – Pop Sci magazine calls the Losi Ten-T the most advanced gas-powered r/c car.

Contest: May 2010 photo fun contest – Open theme, US only, prize TBD.

Event: Street Car Chaos R/C Style Showdown – A drag event open to all being held at the Hobbytown in Orlando Park, IL next Saturday, May 15th. Be there or be the square.

Shopping around: Check out Horizon’s buy a Nitro RTR get a Micro Highroller Deal.

Video of the Week:

Traxxas Slayer hits stop sign at 50 mph

What's new: Friday, May 7th, 2010

Through the pleasant Austrians at Robitronic we got word that Muchmore is releasing a new charger called the Hybrid.¬† It’s capable of charging 1 – 15 Zellen cell NiMH packs or 1 – 6S LiPos/LiFEs at rates from 0.1A up to 5A and it can discharge at rates from 0.1A to 1A. ¬†Best of all the Hybrid also has a built in LiPo balancer. ¬†It’s going to be available in three colors: black, blue, and silver. ¬†No word on price or availability (or if they’ll be coming to America), so keep an eye on the Robitronic and Muchmore web sites for info.

Horizon Hobby‘s got a special offer going on right now for those of you that are looking to by a new nitro RTR. ¬†If you buy any one of the following Losi nitro vehicles between now and June 30th you’ll also get a free Micro Highroller thrown in for good measure.

  • TEN-T Truggy RTR
  • 8IGHT 2.0 RTR
  • 8IGHT-T 2.0 RTR
  • Aftershock Limited Edition RTR
  • Speed-NT RTR

Unfortunately the only way to take advantage of this is to order straight from Horizon, no local hobby shop love on this deal. ¬†But it’s a deal worth checking out if you’re in the market for something new.

Check out the Horizon web site for all the details and fine print.

Here’s Kyosho‘s next entry in their popular and championship winning Inferno line. The Inferno NEO is a complete RTR package, all you need is a glow igniter, batteries for the radio gear, and nitro. It comes loaded with a GX21BK big block engine, the same wheels as on the MP9 competition Inferno, a new super air flow body, and tons more. The included radio is the Perfex KT-6 system, which is a 2 channel, 27 MHz radio (why no 2.4GHz?!).

Start bugging your local hobby shop about this towards the end of May. ¬†Hit up Kyosho’s web site for more info and pictures.

Our good friend Scott Cramer of Futaba and O’Donnell fame sits down and shows you everything you need to do some work on your RC Vehicle. All the products he talks about can be found at

What's new: Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Acer Racing Girls
Looks like ACER Racing is having their spring sale. Get 10% off any order over $200 and free shipping. They also have a new Ceramic Bearing kit for the Serpent 811 buggy!

I hope she’s not gonna eat that.

Head over to the Acer Racing website for details.

rc chargers rc chargers

Well the Big Squid RC Charger Shootout is underway. We have a great selection of chargers that we are putting through their paces. We will be evaluating charging speed, capacity, ease of use, and a whole array of other important things you want to know before you buy one!

I thought I’d put up these teaser shots to let you see what chargers we have in the mix for this first round. From Hyperion we have the EOS0720i Net 3 and the EOS0615i Duo3, we have the Venom Pro Charger Plus, the Cellpro 10S, the Onyx 230 and probably the most popular, Team Checkpoint TC 1030.
It’s going to be a great article when it’s done, so if you in the need of a new charger, keep your eyes here!

“Dear Brian,
First let me take the time to say, I really enjoyed the two battery shootouts. They were well written and I think by the second one you really have it nailed down with good testing criteria for each battery and being able to replicate situations so the testing for each is equal. One thing that really kind of bummed me out was that you DIDN’T test the Max Amps batteries. I know you stated in the article why you didn’t, however I just don’t think those were good enough reasons to leave them out of testing. Over time you’ve proved that your tests and product reviews are unbiased. I don’t think any of your readers would accuse you of being biased if they did well. I imagine that you guys didn’t want to include them because if they didn’t perform well that they may pull from being a sponsor. I know that’s a tough choice to make, but in the end, by NOT testing them, you may have done them an even bigger injustice because now people will run out and get the batteries that did well in your tests because they have hard evidence to base their purchase off of.
Ok, now I’m rambling lol but PLEASE include Max Amps in your next shootout and PLEASE do a Premium Battery Shootout so we can see if it really is worth buying one of these high priced, high mAh battery packs as opposed to the lesser 4000mAh and lower type of packs. Again, thank you for taking the time to read my email and take it into consideration. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Scott K”
I’ve omitted a large part of the email just to shorten it down a bit for our readers, and while it was addressed to our editor Brian, I think it makes a good “ASK Cubby” email.

First off, thanks for the props Scott, they are few and far between. Now to get to the crux of your email. Having a MaxAmps battery in one of our battery shootouts would be ratings gold. Out of all the emails we get, MaxAmps and Zippy are by far the two most requested brands that people want to see tested. MaxAmps is the biggest name in Lipo, and we’d love to see them in a future shootout. From speaking to the guys at MaxAmps, they put a tremendous amount of time into testing and building their batteries, and their reputation for customer service is a good one, all of which equals a great contender in a shootout. At BigSquid we have a great deal of respect for the crew at MaxAmps and we will not include them in a shootout without their permission. To the people that want to see MaxAmps in a shootout I would recommend giving them a call to let them know. They are good people there and I’m sure they’d like to hear your feedback.

The best thing about shootouts is that there are so many to do, many more than time allows. We’d like to do a 4S shootout for 8th scales, we’d like to do a shootout between sub $50 packs, and I’d especially like to see a shootout between former winners. :)

We’ve got lots of shootouts coming, with the next one being our charger shootout. It’s well underway and should be hitting the front page in about another week. Not only will we be testing how easy each charger is to use and it’s features, but also how long it takes to charge a pack (some are a LOT faster than others!) and the actual performance of the batteries afterwords. It should be groundbreaking and a good read.

Thanks for reading and submit your questions/comments and hate mail to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

JConcepts has a new tire for 2.2″ buggy wheels that lies somewhere between their popular Goosebumps tread and the Double Dees tread. They call them the Flip Outs and this is what they have to say about them:

Alternating center bar support provides the base for the forward traction while the small accommodating tapered pins provide the dig and flex under hard acceleration and cornering.

It’s going to be available in their super-soft green compound and it will come with foams. MSRP is about $16.00. Check out JConcepts’ site for more info.

What's new: Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

JConcepts gave us a sneak peek of their new Punisher body for the AE RC8B a few weeks ago. ¬†Well now it’s finished and going into production.¬† It’s still got a steeply angled windshield and sidepods that supposedly help it corner faster and fly better.¬† The rear cab area is low profile to provide for better air-flow and engine cooling. ¬†And it’s also got a full complement of decals, windows masks, and overspray film.

So, will ROAR be banning this one too?  We shall see.  For now, check out the JConcepts web site for more info.