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What's new: Monday, April 21st, 2014

Traxxas CubbyThis is “one of those weeks” where I haven’t been biting at the bit to rant about something all week long, so I’ll start off with some generic BSRC news and just go from there.

Biggest rumor from last week? Another company is about 3 weeks away from announcing their upcoming gas powered machine. The HPI Octane is now looking like a mid-late May release, which is also the last we heard about a release date for the Losi XXL, this third entry into the small scale gas market is rumored to be hitting shelves in July. With a third west coast based company in the mix the summer of ’14 might very well be known for the explosion, or the failure, of gas powered rc vehicles.

So… last week I ranted about my unwavering hatred for FB. To change things up a bit we posted last Friday about the new BigSquidRC Facebook Group. So far so good with the group. It has gotten a solid response with actual real people that drive real rc cars, so we are stoked to have a place where we can go hang with people as hardcore about bashing as we are. FB groups are blowing up now days, leaving many an old school forums in their wake, even if you hate FB Check Ours Out to see what all the buzz is about.

There was no Supercross over the weekend as it was an off week, and the officials at the F1 Grand Prix in China threw the flag 2 laps early. Hey, at least Vettel isn’t crushing it again this year, although having the Mercedes dominating every weekend is going to get old fast too.

I’m sure you saw that Pro-Line announced their Blockbuster body last week. The Blockbuster was designed from the ground up to hold a GoPro or other “action” camera. Now… how many people shoot on-board video with their rc cars? In the grand scheme of things, not very darn many. So… it’s obvious the Blockbuster isn’t going to put a bunch more Ferraris in anyones garage, however, it is yet another example of how the team over at Pro-Line aren’t afraid to take chances, and because they are willing to “go for it”, they keep on the top of the aftermarket tire and body heap. Getting to the top is hard, staying at the top is a million times harder, but year after year the peeps over at Pro-Line keep kicking ass. That is something myself and a lot of industry people have to admire (and envy!).

The review we have coming up this week is for the Spektrum DX4S transmitter. I would say we spent more time on this review than any other in the history of BigSquidRC. We’ve been using it daily for about a month now and needless to say we’ve learned an awful lot. It’s Spektrum’s transmitter intended for users that want to add AVC to their cars, so we spent the majority of our testing seeing exactly what AVC can, and can not do. Check it out later in the week on our front page.

Also in the way of reviews, our Chi-Town crew is finishing up another Carisma review, this time on the M10DT VW Beetle. The M10DT is a 2wd off-roader targeted right at the bash market, with a unique look for all you guys burnt out on short course trucks. Look for the full review next week.

For you new readers out there I would like to mention our weekly schedule. Mondays are always THE Cub Report, Tuesdays used to be review day, but lately we sort of post the reviews whenever they get finished during the week. Wednesday is Rage’n Rotors for the mult-rotor crowd, Thursdays have ASK Cubby, Friday is scale column day, and our boat column Prop Wash goes up whenever Iron Mike gets around to posting it. We could still use good writers, especially those with a specific interest like drag racing, monster trucks, nitro only, 5th scale, etc, so hit us up if interested.

BigSquidRC goes on the road the second week of May for our SoCal Road Trip. Whether you be in the industry, or are just a gnar-core basher, shoot us an email if you want to meet up while we are in the greater Los Angeles metro area.

Thanks for reading BigSquidRC, we hope you have a great week, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

VBC Firebolt DM Buggy
The 2wd buggy class keeps on chugging along. It was all the rage for years, then got slow, and in the last few years it has really taken off again. The light, agile buggies simply work well in numerous conditions.

The latest entry into the class is the Firebolt DM from VBC Racing. The 3D teaser shots show the Firebolt DM features an aluminum chassis, big bore shocks, and is shown in mid-motor configuration. Very little other information has been released on the VBC, but we do know it is scheduled for a Summer release date.

Click Here to read more VBC news on BigSquidRC.

Kling-On RC Wall Rack
If you have been over on our Facebook Group then you’ve probably seen many different ways that hobbyists store their fleet of rc vehicles. Indeed, if you’ve got 30 cars in your garage, keeping them all out of your way can be a problem.

The people over at Kling-On RC have come up with a Wall Rack storage system to unclutter your garage. The King-On aluminum wall mounts are easy to install and can get all those rc cars of yours up and out of the way. The mounts are designed and built right here in the USA and come in two different sizes to fit a wide variety of vehicles.

The large wall mount has a part number of #KOR-1311 and is priced at $24, while the small is #KOR-1011 with a street price of $21. To find out more simply hit up This Link.

Have you checked out our review section lately? If not, This Is The Link you want.

What's new: Sunday, April 20th, 2014


Seemed like a great time to announce the two winners we from the March Bash-ness Giveaways we did!

The winner of the Pro-Line Trenchers in the size of their choice was Patrick (kill_sum@). An email has been sent to get you tire preference and shipping address.

The winner of the new ARRMA Granite BLX truck is Juan Damian Jr (Angelicgundam90@). An email has also been sent to you to get your shipping info.

Congrats to both winners, and thank you everyone for participating! Watch for another giveaway VERY soon!

Special thanks to Pro-Line Racing, ARRMA RC and Hobbico for providing the prizes.

What's new: Friday, April 18th, 2014

We have created a Facebook group called The Big Squid RC Bash Group. We have created this group because we want to hear more from our fans, our readers, and more general RC fans. We see and get posts all the time to our FB Page, but not everyone gets to see those cool pictures and videos. This group will let everyone see that stuff, communicate with each other, spread the word about bashes, and more social stuff like that.

Anyone can head over and check out the group at THIS LINK. To help kick off the opening of the group to the public, we are going to do something special. For the first 100 people to join the group, we are going to send a FREE Big Squid RC sticker pack to! I can’t wait to see the look on Cubby’s face when I tell him his going to be licking envelopes on Monday.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the new Big Squid RC Bash Group, and post a picture of your rides, or a awesome video you have seen recently. Please read the rules over there.. and keep the topics RC related.

Thanks for your time, see you over there!

Associated B5 B5M Conversion Kits
It isn’t unusual now days to see 2wd buggy racers switching between mid-motor and rear motor configurations before deciding which one to race for the day. Now Associated makes it easier for their drivers by offering Conversion Kits for the RC10B5 and B5M. The kits come with everything you need to make the switch and they save you some bucks from buying all the pieces separately.

The part number for the B5 to B5M conversion is #91539 with a street price of $95, while the part number to go from a B5M to a B5 rear motor is #91539 and is priced at $59. Both are expected to ship in late May and you can get complete details by simply hitting This Link.

Click Here for another TGIF Mystery Link on BigSquidRC.

AsiaTees April Giveaway TopCad SCX10
Our friends over at AsiaTees Hobbies have announced they are giving away a fully loaded TopCad SCX10 as their April giveaway. This beast is loaded up aluminum bling parts and for every $20 you spend at AsiaTees you get an entry. Click Right Here to get all the details.

Also in the news over at AsiaTees is their Easter Sale. You can get 15% off your order by enter a special Easter code and this offer runs through 4/28/2014. To get the scoop on this offer simply Click Here.

They also have one more piece of news they want to spread, AsiaTees are now stocking Boom Racing Orange Anodized parts for the Losi Night Crawler. To find out which parts you can get in orange just click Right Here.

Click Right Here to check out a good old fashioned TGIF Mystery Link.

RealFlight 7 Update M
The latest update to RealFlight 7 is now available and for all your multi-rotor fans it includes something really cool, Quadcopter Trials. The Update M starts out with two easy quadcopter challenges – making a pinpoint landing on a reactive touchpad and flying through a rectangular gate, then gets progressively harder. There are 10 challenges in all and pilots who fly well enough can receive a medal and earn the coveted Quad X to fly.

The update is free for RF7 owners, to learn more hit up This Link over on the RealFlight website.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday, how about a TGIF Mystery Link?


I’m still recharging from a crazy RECON G6 weekend but have emerged my garage just long enough to bring you this week’s column. If you haven’t yet, check out my two part coverage from earlier this week (mega truck race here, RECON G6 here). Before I close the book on it I wanted to share a couple things that I found interesting.

Since we had an Axial SCX10 CR Edition laying around the office (due to our recent review) and one it’s big features is lights, I decided I would run it bone stock during the shorter night stage (leaving the tougher day stage duties to my modded SCX10 Wrangler) to see how it performed. It just so happened that a non-scaler friend of mine called and asked if I could loan him a truck to try out this whole “G6 thing” during the day. All of a sudden the C/R edition would be running a full 2-stage event (with a noob driver for the day stage to boot) with minimal modifications. One caveat, I did move the battery up front utilizing included extra mounts and some screws I had lying around.

The truck performed awesome! It was dunked, slammed, and rolled but the big Jeep kept keepin’ on. It completed the 3 hour day stage with no problems at all. My friend really dug the Jeep and the whole concept of scaling in general. After he left, I took the reigns for the night stage and came away very impressed. The truck finished and performed admirably among all the modified vehicles, and the lights provided ample visibility. Very cool to see a stock RTR finish an event like this with no issue. Those new 1.9 T/A tires really are the hotness.


The other truck that raised a few eyebrows was a Gmade Sawback. I’ve made it no secret that I really enjoy mine, but when my friend Matt decided to G6 his I figured he was nuts. His F150 bodied Sawback finished both stages with not a single breakdown. Considering this was a leaf spring truck competing against (mostly) four linked performance vehicles I’d say that’s impressive. The kit has developed a strong cult-like fan base and it’s easy to see why. It’s a vehicle that punches above it’s weight class.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to cleaning up my filthy mud truck. Have a great weekend!

For more scale news here on Big Squid you can hit this link.

PRO BUILT ARTR Hobby Pro Vehicles
Want a really good race buggy, but are a little unsure of building one yourself? Just don’t have the spare time to build one? The crew over at Hobby Pro USA have announced their new line of Pro Built vehicles. These vehicles are built by professionals right here in the USA, and come with their race team’s latest set-up. Their pros will build your kit in either mid-motor are rear motor configuration, and the person that builds your kit will engrave their name and serial number into the vehicle. Each pro built even comes with a hand completed set-up sheet.

Right now they are pro building the Hobby Pro PS1 2wd buggy and they are priced at $359. You can hit up This Link to get more information over on their official website..

Click Right Here to take your chance at TGIF Mystery Link.

Azarashi D413 Conversion Kit
Looking to uber-out your Hot Bodies D413? If so Azarashi has a very cool looking carbon fiber conversion kit that can help make your buggy the coolest one on the track. The Azarashi conversion kit is set-up to use shorty LiPo packs and a low profile servo mounted vertically. The kit comes with a body, but not body mounts, so you’ll have to formulate your own. To get more information on all the neat upgrades Azarashi makes simply hit up This Link.

It’s Friday and you know what that means, a Mystery Link!

What's new: Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Simplecopter Tilt with GoPro 2

Hey guys, 3DBill here, reviewing another V-Tail style quad. This one really is versatile just like a SUV when it comes to v-tail quads. The Simplecopter V-Tail can be folded, painted, customized, and comes as a kit for you to build. How does it stack up? Can it hold a camera? Hit the READ MORE button to check it out!


Helion Dominus Contest
The good folks over at HobbyTown USA are giving away one of the new Helion Dominus 10SCv2 short course trucks. The 10SCv2 features 4wd, a brushless power system, and is made for bashers like you. The contest ends later today so hit up This Link to get your entry in now.

Read more HobbyTown USA news at This Link, or check out our Dominus 10SCv2 review Right Here on BigSquidRC.