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What's new: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Boom Racing Performance Combo 3Racing Sakura D3
You guys that are into the drift scene know all about the 3Racing Sakura D3. It made a name for itself last year by being one of the best (and coolest) drift cars you could buy. However, every car can be made better (and tougher!) with aftermarket parts. Our friends over at Asiatee Hobbies are now stocking the Boom Racing Performance Combo for the Sakura D3. The combo of upgrade aluminum parts is available in 7 different colors (including Pink!) and should help the Sakura live through worst you can throw at it. The performance combo includes-

* Aluminum front and rear arms
* Aluminum body posts
* Aluminum caster block c-hubs
* Aluminum front knuckles
* Aluminum rear hubs
* Aluminum steering system

The performance combos are priced at $109, they are available right now, and you can get more information by hitting up This Link on the Asiatees website.

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Gear Head 1.55 Dirty Dozen beadlock wheel
The latest in trick Gear Head RC wheels for your scaler are 1.55″ Dirty Dozen Beadlocks. The Dirty Dozens are CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, come with black anodized beadlock rings, and should bump the bling factor of your rig up several notches out on the trail.

* 12mm hexes
* 1.55″ in size
* Offset: -0.23″
* Weigh 3 oz each
* Width with beadlock is 1.20″

The part number is #GEA15-04, they are street priced at $119 for a set of 4, and they are available right now. For more details Follow This Link over to the RPP website.

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What's new: Monday, May 19th, 2014

Duratrax 3.8 Hatchet MT Tires
There was one tire that stood out after the announcement of Duratrax’s new 3.8 Monster Truck Tire line-up, the Hatchet MT. You see, the Hatchet uses a scale inspired chevron style tread that looks like the tires on a full size monster truck, and they should do a great job of shoveling mud/dirt/gravel while out bashing. Luckily it wasn’t long and we had a set for testing in our hands.

We received the pre-mounted version of the Hatchet MT on chrome wheels. They come packaged like most tires today, in re-sealable plastic bag, and the wheels/tires were pre-glued and ready to be mounted to a vehicle. We are big fans of pre-mounted wheels/tires because of how much time they save, we would rather by bashing than gluing. Also, we’ve found that the Hatchet MTs are some big beefy tires. When placed next to a stock tire off a Thunder Tiger MT4-G3, they are slightly shorter, but much wider, and with very deep tread.

We’ve already been bashing with the Hatchet MTs, but our full review is still a few weeks away. To get full details on the Hatchet MTs, plus all the other 3.8″ monster truck tires that Duratrax makes, simply hit up This Link.

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Pro-Line Electron VTR 2.4 Buggy Rear Tires
2.4″, 8th scale type bead tires are all the rage in the 10th scale class now days, and Pro-Line has announced their latest entry into the class, Electron rear tires. These are part of their VTR line-up, meaning they are 2.4″ in size with the new style (for tenth scale) beads. The tread design on the Electrons is best suited for high bite indoor tracks, where their connected treads with center pins can give consistent high traction, even when the track starts to dry out.

The Electron rear tires are available in two different compounds, super soft #8235-03 M4, and #8235-17 MC for clay. Both are priced at $21 per pair and you can Click Here for more details over on the official Pro-line website.

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It was time to break open the new Axial SCX10 Deadbolt RTR! People were such big fans of the Deadbolt body on the AX10, Axial decided to bring the scale look to the SCX10 as well! The green is REALLY green. When we first saw the parts tree, we thought.. ‘Hey! This was supposed to be a RTR!’ But it’s loaded with cool options like the different heads, etc.

You can see a cool shot of the ESC with jumpers for changing the amount of drag brake, as well as a lipo cutoff. It’s nice to have these options in the field made simple just by changing a jumper.

The part number for this SCX10 Deadbolt RTR is #AX90044, it has a street price of $299, should be available shortly after we posted this. More information is available on the Axial Website.

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rc bashing with CubbyWhile out in SoCal a couple of weeks ago, Brian and Tim were busy gallivanting around the rc scene, while I was hang’n with people in the motocross industry. On one particular night, I was able to sit around a ridiculously large table, one covered with all sorts of edible delights, with a number of makers and shakers in the moto industry. At one point the conversation turned to amateur motocross racing, specifically, the decline of racing at the local level. One of the men at the table turned to me and said, “There are just too many amateur nationals. Everyone is focused on Loretta Lynn qualifiers and nobody races locally anymore.” Indeed, arguably the biggest problem in motocross today is the sparse turnouts at local races.

Amateurs hitting a bunch of big events, whether it be motocross or rc racing, sure do spend a lot of money. They need bikes/cars/trucks, tires and more tires, and all the nic nacs it takes to get though a big race. Turnouts at big amateur motocross events are as big as ever, and entries at big rc events are too. You would think that would be a great thing for both industries, racers spending lots of money.

However, there is a downside. A bunch of people racing a select number of big events doesn’t sell nearly as many cars/parts/etc as a whole lot more people racing locally every weekend. And perhaps even worse, a bunch of very hardcore/talented traveling racers tend to run off noobies when they do decide to hit a local weekly race. Low turnouts plus the running off of noobs equals what motocross and rc has now, lackluster local racing in most areas of our country.

And… maybe you haven’t noticed, but the two biggest trends I see at both local motocross and rc tracks are- 1. receding hairlines, and 2. grey hair. While people with grey/receding hair tend to have more disposable income for racing, that isn’t a very good trend for the long term health of our industry/hobby. When the age average of participants at local tracks does nothing but keeping getting older each year, that does not bode well. Believe it or not, some people care that our hobby stays healthy enough in the long term that our kids/grand kids can enjoy it too. Unfortunately, there are too many people concerned about making the quick buck via too many big races, instead of a long term fortune via strong local racing. Does our industry have what it takes to make the changes necessary for local racing to regain its former glory? Or will they do nothing and watch it further die off, along with all those lucrative dollars that go with it?????

That’s it for this week’s Cub Report. If you get a chance, drop by your LHS and see what’s kick’n, and drop by your local bash spot too if you get some time.

YOUR Rub-A-Dub-Dub Cub Reporter

Hobby Pro ST1 Stadium Truck 2
It’s not every day a new stadium truck comes out, but for all you ST fans the crew over at Hobby Pro USA have announced their new ST1 is now in stock and shipping. The ST1 is a versatile truck that can built in either mid or rear motor configurations, and is designed to go fast on around a racetrack. We have always been big fans of bashing with stadium trucks, the ST1 might make for a good basher as well. Some of the highlights of the ST1 include-

* 12.75mm big bore shocks
* Gull wing front a-arms
* CNC hard anodized aluminum chassis
* Full bearing set
* Dual disk slipper

The ST1 has a street price of $299 and you can get more details by hitting up the official Hobby Pro USA Website.

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AKA Roadblock SC Tires
The guys over at AKA have a new “do it all” short course truck tire called the Roadblock. The Roadblock uses a dense tread pattern for long life and is designed to get traction on a wide variety of surfaces like asphalt and grass.

The Roadblocks come with AKA red inserts and are available two ways – as tires, and pre-mounted on Cyclone wheels. The part number for just the tires is #13019SR and they have a street price of $26. Pre-mounts that fit the Losi SCTE and Tekno short course trucks have a part number of #13019SRE, the part number for Associated SC10s with wheel hexes is #13019SRF, and #13019SRA is the part number for pre-mounts to fit Traxxas Slash 2wd rear and 4×4. All the pre-mounts are priced at $39 per pair. Get more details at This Link over on AKAs official website.

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What's new: Friday, May 16th, 2014


While I haven’t raced in around 4 years, each spring when the weather turns I start getting the itch to build an oval car. Sure, I spent the majority of my “racer days” doing the off-road thing, but once I first went WFO and got sideways with a friend’s open wheel modified I quickly became a convert. I wound up purchasing a Losi Mini Late Model and enjoyed racing it for a season to get my feet wet. Soon I was involved in a variety of classes and fielding multiple cars before coming down with a nasty case of general racing burnout. I got rid of all my race cars/trucks but always knew I’d be back someday.

Let’s get something out of the way; I’m well aware that the thought of racing in a circle sounds very boring to many people. Heck, I won’t really disagree with you….if we are talking asphalt or carpet that is. I subscribe to the thinking”Asphalt is for getting to the track, dirt is for racing.” I love the speed and mayhem that comes with the dirt and I’m a big fan of World of Outlaws racing. I try taking in my local Saturday night short track program whenever I can. Several longtime buddies of mine own 1:1 cars and battle at tracks across the midwest every weekend (at least as often as their bank accounts will allow). So yeah, I loves me some dirt trackin’.

A "stock" Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck (w/ extended rear body mount)

My “stock” Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck (w/ extended rear body mount) before getting the oval treatment.

As it pertains to this piece, my home region (St. Louis, MO) is a hotbed of r/c dirt oval racing and every year it seems another track springs up. I can count 4 really nice ones within about an hours driving distance from me. All of them have very active communities and *gasp* are super accommodating to noobs (gee, I can’t imagine why they are successful).

While sprint cars and late models are really popular (Custom Works, Murfdogg, and Hyperdrive are a few popular manufacturers) I’m particularly drawn to the open wheel modified short course class. Some of the constant gripes you hear about off-road SC racing (the trucks are too big, races are too rough, etc) are precisely why they’ve caught on like wild fire as a DO class. The vehicles are easy to convert and look scale as they carve their way around the track. They are a blast to drive and are known for being a rubbin’ is racin’ type of wild class. You have to go into a race fully expecting contact and know how to deal with it. Given that the vehicles are normally packing big power, the wrecks are often spectacular. And while pretty much any short course truck can be converted to a modified car, my weapon of choice is a Pro-Line Pro-2 topped by a BBE (Bodies by Ed) modified body.

Click the “Read More” below to read the full article.


Pro-Line 1:16 Apocalypse body
While touring the Pro-Line facility in California last week, we got a chance to take a look at the 1/16 Apocalypse for the Traxxas Mini Summit in person. Like the full sized version, it has a tough military type SUV look to it, with lots of small details to make it pop. After one look we knew it would be a hit with the 16th scale crowd. If you have a 16th scale and are tired of the same style bodies, the 1/16 Apocalypse is a good choice and will certainly make your truck stand out at the local bash spot.

The part number for the 1:16 Apocalypse is #3431-00, it is priced at $27, and you can hit up This Link to check out Pro-Line’s official website.

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OFNA 1/8 Hyper 8SC 4x4 Nitro RTR
For all you nitro fans, or just people looking to add some realistic sound to your short course truck bashing, Ofna has announced their new 1/8 Hyper 8SC Nitro 4×4. The 8SC comes on a big 8th scale platform and uses a Force .32 pull-start engine for massive propulsion. For electronics, a pair of Savox servos are mated to a 2.4GHz radio system. Some of its other features include-

* Realistic wheels and tires
* 17mm Pro shocks
* Front & rear disc brakes
* Width- 12″
* Wheelbase- 14.5″

The part number for the Ofna is #OFN14318, it is street priced at $369, and they are available right now. Get complete details at This Link over on the Ofna website.

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The crew over at HPI Racing have announced their new D-Box 2 Adjustable Stability Control System. The D-Box 2 can be connected to any radio system, and plugs in between the steering servo and receiver. The D-Box 2 includes a steering priority setting, a feature that helps prevent under steer in tight corners.

The part number for the D-Box 2 is #105409, it is street priced at $68, and they are set to drop the middle of next month. For complete details simply Click This Link to head over to the official HPI website.

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 Futaba T4GRS
While most of us here in the states drive with a “pistol” type radio, that isn’t the case around the world. In fact, stick radios are still quite popular across the globe.

Our friends over at Hobby Media ran across the latest surface stick radio from Futaba while cruising the Shizuoka show. The radio is designated the T4GRS and transmits in 2.4GHz T-FHSS. You might notice it shares the screen, jog dial, and telemetry from the pistol type 4PLS. There is no word on when the T4GRS might drop here in the states, but we’ll post more information as it becomes available.

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