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What's new: Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Team C TR10 Sport version
About a month ago we posted the teaser of the Team C TR10 Sport, now more photos and specifications have become available. The TR10 Sport Version is designed to give you a big bang for the buck. With some high end features, and other features to keep the price down, it should offer a good level of performance without breaking the bank.

* Carbon fiber chassis and top deck
* Aluminum motor mount
* CV drive-shafts
* Floating servo
* Aluminum shock bodies
* Does not include body
* 100% factory assembled

The part number is #TR10, it has a street price of $250, and you can get more information at This Link over on the Team C website.

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Hobao Hyper MT Monster Truck
2014 is certainly a banner year for Monster Trucks. With the HPI Savage Octane and Losi LST XXL-2 leading the way on the gas side, and other big entries to the market like the ARRMA Kraton and Kyosho Psycho Kruiser, it’s never been a better time to be a monster truck fan.

Hobao is now teasing their latest monster truck, the Hyper MT Sport. The Hyper MT Sport is a big 8th scale electric powered truck aimed at competing with other “King of the Hill” trucks like the HPI Savage Flux and Traxxas E-Revo. Teaser pics is all we get for now, more information is coming soon. Hopefully the truck makes it here to the states under Ofna branding at some point later this year.

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What's new: Monday, May 26th, 2014

Pro-Line Phantom body Tekno EB48.2
Tekno RC has taken off the last couple of years and now it’s fairly common to see them hauling around local tracks. However, there was not many choices when it came to aftermarket bodies for them. To help solve this problem Pro-Line Racing has just finished up their new Phantom series body for the Tekno EB48.2 buggy. Like other bodies in the Phantom line, the unit for Tekno has modern lines and is designed for optimal handling on track. Expect a street price around $27 and you can hit up This Link to check out all the goodies over on Pro-Line’s official website.

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KO Propo  EX-5FH Transmitter
The folks over at KO Propo have announced their latest radio system, the EX-5FH. The EX-5FH features their DDS Direct Digital System which helps make it one of the fastest radios on the market. The new radio is also set up to be used with KO receivers that have an internal gyro (like the KR-212FHG). The EX-5FH allows gyro adjustments from the transmitter while driving and makes it one of the latest radio systems to incorporate electronic stability control.

The EX-5FH is shipping now and the unit that includes the transmitter, gyro receiver, and a servo has a part number of #10602. Expect a street price of under $200 and for more details hit up This Link on the official KO Propo website.

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Cubby's PlaceI got slammed in the face last week, slammed by the fact that the gasoline powered trucks are finally making it to the market.

While I know it’s a good thing for the hobby (the added realism of the sound and smell of a fossil fuel powered engine), I am forever a hardcore electric guy, and the realization that gas might be taking over again, well, it frankly sent chills down my spine. Why?

Just before the 2000′s life was good in rc. Most people drove electric 10th scale buggy, tracks were quiet, you knew pretty much everyone at the track, and things were in a nice quiet routine. Then came the Traxxas T-Maxx. The T-Maxx set off a firestorm that our hobby had never seen before.

Perhaps the biggest change it brought to the hobby was nitro, for years afterwards that’s all most people, including first time noobs, wanted to run. It also fostered in the age of Ready-To-Runs. Before the T-Maxx most hobbyists wouldn’t touch an RTR with a ten foot pole, afterwards, that’s all “average” hobbyists wanted. It also brought about a huge change at local tracks and bash spots. All of a sudden there was a huge influx of first time noob drivers, some driving the right direction on the track, others the opposite direction, and some others were simply jumping every pipe and going which ever direction suited them. Yes, there were a whole lot of near misses, a lot of chassis bending slams, and plenty of the ever hysterical, rod stretching, nitro runaway. Seriously, the early T-Maxx days were insane, at the local bash spot, and on dealer showrooms. Dealers couldn’t keep the T-Maxx, or its incredible amount of aftermarket parts, in stock.

Now… I am fairly certain that even if the new gasoline powered trucks are superb that they can’t make the same kind of incredible change to our hobby like the T-Maxx did. But still, gas just might blow up huge giving our hobby a very nice shot in the arm, something it could really use right now. That might not be something us seasoned hobbyists are really going to enjoy, but it is for the good of the hobby, so we need to help out all the noobs the best we can. Yes, seriously, even if you really don’t want to, play nice and be good ambassadors for the hobby.

Btw, for gasoline powered machines to really take off they really only need to do one thing- perform like a 5th scale HPI Baja 5B. By that I mean they need to- 1. start easy, 2. rarely need carb adjustments, and 3. have such a long runtime that you get tired of driving before it runs out of gas. Can the new breed of 8th scale gas burners pull those three things off? Well… our review of the HPI Octane Savage goes up tomorrow, there you can find out just how close the first entry into the gas market comes to those 3 goals. But… even if the early entries into the gas market do not solve all the problems nitro had, give the R & D departments at the various rc manufacturers some time and I’m pretty certain they can work out the kinks. To boil it down, IMO it’s just a matter of time until gas takes over, at least for a few years (but I’ll be very happy sticking with my 6S MT4 G3 thank you very much).

That’s it for this week ya bunch of raving lunatics, support your local hobby shops and bash spots, and don’t forget about all the people that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Sanwa SGS-01C gyro system
Electronic Stability Control Systems are all the rage now days. The Horizon/Spektrum AVC system is taking off here in the states, it has proven to be an invaluable tuning tool when driving on slick surfaces.

Overseas, the Sanwa SGS-01C system has been available for a few months, but has now been picked up for distribution by LRP in Europe. The Sanwa unit was originally designed for the drifting crowd, but now that stability control has become more mainstream for off-road vehicles, it is being marketed for all surface vehicles. The Sanwa unit makes use of an internal gyro to automatically counter steer when the rear of the car breaks loose, thus keeping the car from spinning out. The SGS-01C is adjustable, and even offers an “Active Range” adjustment when used with select Sanwa/Airtronics controllers. For more details hit up This link over on the European LRP website.

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What's new: Sunday, May 25th, 2014


Just a quick action shot from us bashing the HPI Savage Octane this weekend.

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What's new: Friday, May 23rd, 2014


It’s Memorial Day Weekend here in the States, so before getting into this weeks piece let me give a big THANK YOU to all the veterans out there! My younger brother (also a lifetime r/c junkie) just went on a six month Air Force deployment to the Middle East so a big hello if you’re reading this! Our soldiers sacrifice so much so people like you and me can go out and do nonsensical things like play with toy trucks every weekend. And playing with toy trucks is exactly what I’m gettin’ ready to do.

Well, toy cars I suppose. I’m taking my Pro-Line Pro-2 oval car out for it’s maiden race this weekend at the SmacTrac Midwest Shootout in St. Charles, MO. Speaking of that, I appreciate all the nice feedback I received for the build article last week. I know oval isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s my goal to try and showcase some of the “r/c paths less traveled”. Anyways, I’m a bit nervous getting back in the saddle again for a competitive race. Will part #2 of the build series consist of a wadded up hunk of plastic and wires? I guess we’ll all find out soon, heh.

I’ve also been seriously wrenching on my Mega Truck preparing for the first Trigger King RC Mega Truck Series race on June 1st in Wentzville, MO. I put together the series with a couple friends and we’ve been feverishly working to create a difficult track full of mud, air, and close racing. I’ve also changed up my mud truck considerably since my last build article and I’ll be detailing what I’ve done to it very soon. Here’s our plans for the track, most of which is laid out and already finished.


Ok all, I’m keeping it short this week. Enjoy the weekend, be safe and pull LOTS of trigger.

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Unboxing ECX Circuit 4wd 4x4
The ECX line-up has become quite popular among the bashing crowd, and the Circuit 4wd is yet another affordable bash machine from them. While we were unboxing our review ECX Circuit 4wd we took some pictures to show you exactly what it looks like inside the box.

The Circuit 4×4 is a RTR stadium style truck that comes with everything you need right in the box. You can see in the pictures it comes with the AA batteries needed for the transmitter, as well as a wall charger and 6 cell NiMH pack already mounted in the battery tray.

Our full review of the Circuit 4wd gets posted later next week, until then please check out the unboxing pictures, and you can hit up This Link over on the official ECX website for full details on the truck.

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Losi LST XXL Gasoline Powered Video
Gasoline Fever seems to be sweeping over the rc world right now. The HPI Savage Octane has just hit the market, and the Losi LST XXL-2 is just around the corner (the latest we’ve heard is they are about 2 weeks from shipping).

The folks over at Horizon Hobby have released a new video of their gasoline powered LST XXL-2. The video features plenty of rough off-road bashing and there are several parts in the video where you can hear the engine working. From the video it sounds like the engine rips, and it looks like the XXL-2 is up for some serious bashing.

To learn more about the LST XXL-2 hit up This Link over on the official Losi website, and hit up This Link for a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link.

Asiatess Memorial Day Sale
For Memorial Day AsiaTees Hobbies is having a sale. Now through May 27th you can save 10% on all red, silver, and blue upgrade parts. To get all the details on the sale simply click This Link.

AsiaTees is also offering 10% off all car kits. This promotion runs through May 30th and includes brands like Serpent, Team C, and Tamiya. Hit up This Link for all the details and to find out which cars are included in the sale.

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RC4WD Mickey Thompson 1.9 Baja MTZ Tires
Always upping their game in scale realism, RC4WD has announced some very cool looking Mickey Thompson 1.9 Baja MTZ 4.6″ tires. These licensed tires really have the authentic scale looks you are after and are molded in RC4WD’s X2 SS Compound for plenty of traction while out on the trail.

* Weight: 2.32oz
* Fits on 1.9″ wheels
* Width: 1.85″
* Outer Diameter: 4.6″

The part number is Z-T0123, street pricing is $29 per pair, and they are available right now. Get all the details at This Link over on the RC4WD website.

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What's new: Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

THE Team Durango DEX210v2 Buggy Review

Team Durango DEX210v2 Review

If you are an “old timer” then you probably spent years driving/racing/bashing a 2wd tenth scale buggy. Now days the class has had a resurgence in popularity, making it arguably bigger than it has ever been. The “new crop” of 2wd buggies are loaded with tech from front to rear, and one of the companies staying on the leading edge of 2wd buggy technology has been Team Durango. We’ve been bashing the living daylights out of their new DEX210v2 to find out if it’s just a race machine, or if you can actually have fun with it at the local bash spot. What did we find out? Click the “Read More” button to find out…