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What's new: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

PROTOform Gen3-CFor all you on-road fanatics, PROTOform has announced some new goodies. First up is their new Gen3-C Clear Body. The Gen3-C features the distinct look of a NASCAR Nationwide Series car and was designed for maximum performance on the track. Featuring an add-on spoiler, double step splitter, and bumped out area for battery clearance, the PROTOform Gen3-C has all the features you are looking for in a NASCAR type body. It fits most 200mm sedans, has a part number of #1237-25, a street price of $29, and you can get complete details by hitting up This Link.

The PROTOform crew also announced a second body, the Strakka-12. The Strakka-12 gives the look of a WEC series car and was designed help get your 1/12th scale pan car around the track faster than ever. The part number is #1614-30, it is priced at $20, and full details are available over on the official PROTOform Website.

Last but not least, PROTOform has come up with a lexan body cleaner called PROTOshine. If you are anything like us, you tend to get a lot of scuffs and tire marks on your bodies, PROTOshine helps to remove these. The part number for PROTOshine is 6263-00, it costs $6, and you can Click Here for more information.

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What's new: Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Axial Yeti XL Review

Axial Yeti XL Review 22

How do you follow up one of the most hyped and anticipated rc vehicles of recent years? You go BIG! The Axial Yeti XL has a heck of a challenge ahead for it to not get lost in all the original Yeti news. Pure size alone may not be enough. Axial hasn’t really dabbled in such a large scale before. Can they pull it off? Will the Yeti XL be everything fans want and more? Keep reading to find out..


Unboxing Futaba 4PX
By now you’ve certainly heard about the new 4PX flagship radio from Futaba. With high-end performance and endless features, it truly is top-of-the-line.

We recently unboxed our review unit and took a bunch of pictures while doing so. To see exactly what comes inside the box check out the two galleries below. While doing the unboxing we have already noticed a few things. The box is shorter than previous versions, the 4PX doesn’t come with any batteries like previous high-end Futabas, and it has the ability to make sound.

Our full review is still a couple of weeks away, until then you can hit up This Link to get full details on the 4PX over on the official Futaba website.

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While we were busy doing the iHobby Expo a bunch of new gear was announced.

The folks over at Losi released information on three new vehicles. The Brushless SCB featuring AVC stability control has a part number of LOS03003, a street price of $349 and they should start shipping late next month. On the smaller side of things they announced the 1/24th scale Micro SCTE and the Micro Rally X. These make some news by coming with 7915kV brushless systems and Dynamite’s new 15C HyperCharge System. Both have a street price of $174 and will debut at your LHS in November.

Our bashing buddies over at RPM RC also announced some new items. If you are a Helion Animus 18TR or 18SC owner you will be stoked to hear that RPM has new front & rear a-arms for your truck. These have a part number of #73462 and a street price of $12. RPM also announced new offset compensating front a-arms for Traxxas Slash 2wd and Nitro Slash. These allow you to use the same offset wheels front & rear and have a part number of #70552 with a street price of just $10.

The friendly folks over at Traxxas also announced several new products. They have a new Slash 2wd with On-Board Audio. We watched these machines at iHobby and they can be quite loud (volume is adjustable), hence the reason we nicknamed them “Screamers”. The part number is #58034-2 and expect the street price to be $299. They also announced a new LaTrax RTR 1/18 4WD Stadium Super Truck. These have a part number of 76044-1, a street price of $159 and will hit your LHS later this month. The last new item from Traxxas is a new charger with iD Auto Battery Identification. This item actually created a lot of talk at iHobby, it uses a new connector that contains the main power wires plus the balance wires. It has a part number of #2970 and a street price of only $49.

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Random iHobby 2014 Pictures
As we bring our iHobby 2014 coverage to a close we are posting some random pictures from around the expo hall to give you a feel for what it was like to be there. Check out the four galleries below to see some of the booths that we haven’t already posted, plus some random cool stuff that we saw while walking around. We would like to give thanks to everyone that supported the show and we hope to see you all again soon!

This Is The Link to find all our iHobby 2014 coverage in one place.

What's new: Monday, October 6th, 2014

Random IHobby Pic Cubby Teaching a DriverHola everyone and welcome to this week’s iHobby edition of THE Cub Report.

So how was the show? It definitely had its ups and downs…

The downs-

1. Very low dealer attendance on the first industry day (Thurs), and even worse on the second (Fri). Seriously, it was like a ghost town in the expo hall.

2. Incredibly low rc manufacturer attendance.

3. Parking on Sunday was a mess. Mecum has a huge auto auction the week after iHobby so they started setting up huge tents in the parkling lots early Sunday morning. This lead to thousands of people that literally had to park in Connecticut to attend the show. A trade show is generally a lot of walking by itself, you don’t need a 3 mile jaunt to get warmed up.

The ups-

1. Once again the consumers in Chicago showed they care about the hobby with solid attendance on Saturday and Sunday. We were told the “official” number for consumer attendance was right around 20k, but to me it still felt somewhat softer than that. However, at least the aisles were fairly full for hours at a times during the weekend.

2. Lots of manufacturers selling to the public. Last year there were a lot of booths selling, this year there were even more.

3. I am not going to toot our own horn too much, but we weren’t messing around at the show. We had some epic demos, introduced the Pro-Line Pro-MT and Axial Yeti XL, and busted out our print edition BSRC Monthly. I have no freak’n idea how we are going to top that at the next show we attend.

On a personal note, even with our booth having a HOF show, I left the show with a bad taste in my mouth. The iHobby show in general is a shell of its former self, and is especially sad on the surface rc side of things. It’s truly sad to see how it has withered away. At a time when the industry needs some serious marketing, it’s just another tool that is being laid to waste.

The manufacturers don’t want to support the show anymore, which results in the dealers not showing up, thus destroying the once robust dealer days. On the consumer side of things, I had more than one person come up to me torqued off because they felt ripped off by the show. They went to the effort to come to the show, paid hard earned cash to get in, but there wasn’t much on the surface rc side to see.

Hey, in the past I’ve flamed away at manufacturers that didn’t make the show, but I’ve learned the reasons why they quit coming to iHobby and they do have validity. However, without them the show can not and will not exist. We have been told by more than one source that there will not be an iHobby show in 2015. They are talking about “taking a year off” and perhaps moving it to another city in 2016. There are many other trade shows/conventions that are doing better than ever before (CES, the Comic-Cons, etc), it certainly is possible for the rc version to do the same. Trade shows are a fantastic tool when done right, I seriously hope someone in the rc trade biz gets their act together, our hobby could use it right now.

One more note…

Mark your calenders and pack your truck full of rc gear, our 10 Year Anniversary Bash is going to be EPIC. It happens Sunday October 19th at Leisure Hours in Joilet Illinois. Not only will we be giving one of the super-uber Futaba 4PX transmitters, but we’ll also be giving away an Axial Yeti XL (you will be the first owner on planet Earth!). All proceeds are going to St Judes and it is going to be the biggest bash we’ve ever put on so please come out and join us.

That’s it, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Carisma The Jeric Group iHobby
One of the many new exhibitors at iHobby was The Jeric Group. While Bill Jeric has been a force in the hobby for many years, this was the first time he had a booth to help promote the Carisma, Tuning Haus, and Prime R/C products that he distributes. Of special interest to us was the Carisma M10SC and Subaru rally car that The Jeric Group will soon start importing to the states (picture #1 in the gallery below). If they are like the other vehicles in the Carisma line-up they should make great bashers.

If you are a hobby shop wanting more information on The Jeric Group, hit up their Official Website. For you consumers, please check out the official Carisma Website.

Want to see more booths from the show? Click Here for full iHobby coverage on BigSquidRC.

First Pro-Line Pro-MT Owner
Doesn’t the young man in the picture above look happy? He sure does, he is the first owner in the entire world of the new Pro-Line Pro-MT monster truck. We ended up giving away a second Pro-MT as well, you can see its happy owner in the second gallery below.

We were very fortunate to be able to give a lot of cool gear this year at iHobby. We would like to give a HUGE Thank You to Pro-Line for letting us debut and give away the first two Pro-MTs off the production line. Our full review of the Pro-MT goes up Tuesday October 14th.

We would also like to thank ARRMA for letting us give away a Fury and a Vorteks. Big thanks go out to the folks over at Dromida who hooked us up with numerous Ominus quadcopters, and to Axial for letting us give away one of their Ram trucks. More thanks go out to Heli-Max for the 230Si quads we gave away and to Kyosho America for the Mad Bug. Estes let us give away a bunch of their Proto-X quads, they might be tiny but they sure put a huge smile on peoples faces.

Congrats to all our winners at iHobby, next up is giving away a brand new Axial Yeti XL at our 10 Year Anniversary Bash in Joliet Illinois on October 19th. If you want be the first person in the world to own the Yeti XL, join us at our biggest bash ever for a chance to win! We will also be giving away one of the super high-end Futaba 4PX transmitters along with tons of swag!

Click Here for more iHobby 2014 news.

Big Squid RC Monthly
As you can see in the picture above, Big Squid RC is now in print! The premiere issue of Big Squid RC By Bashers for Bashers Monthly was all over our booth at iHobby 2014. Even though our first issue was a small “get our feet wet” edition, we received loads of compliments about it.

How do you get your hands on a copy? The premiere issue was only available at iHobby, all future issues will only be available at local hobby shops. If you own or work at a local hobby shop, simply click on our “contact us” link to request future issues. If you are a consumer, please drop by your LHS and ask them to carry Big Squid RC Monthly. By the way, in the true tradition of BSRC our monthly is FREE for your LHS to stock and free for consumers to pick up.

Imex iHobby 2014
The folks over at IMEX have been into rc for a long time. From tires to cars to tanks, the IMEX crew knows rc. With our booth being right next to theirs, we had an excellent opportunity to get to know them and their products better. This year IMEX was showing off a new line-up of VRX Racing cars, some big new 1/5th scalers, and some very detailed tanks.

To take a look at all the different products from IMEX simply head on over to their Official Website.

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What's new: Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Killerbody RC iHobby 2014
We have been lucky to spend some time with the people from Killerbody RC here at the big iHobby Expo. Killerbody has been making some waves with their highly detailed car and truck bodies, at the show they have a bunch of their goodies on display. In additional to their body line, they have scale detailing accessories, new brushless servos, and their 4wd Warrior on-road cars on display. To see all the products that Killerbody RC has to offer, check out This Link to visit their official website.

Click Right Here for more iHobby 2014 show coverage.

Axial Yeti XL
Hey look what the BigSquidRC Crew just unveiled at iHobby 2014, the brand new Yeti XL from Axial! The Yeti XL is a huge 4wd 1/8th scale off-roader that features scale looks and ridiculous power.

Get your Pre-order in now! Click Here to get one of the first!

Enjoy the unveiling pictures and look for our full review to go live on Tuesday morning. Click Here for the official Axial website.

What's new: Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Fire Brand RC
Making their very first appearance at the iHobby Expo is a company called Fire Brand RC. While new to iHobby, they have been selling various rc accessories on eBay for some time. What was the coolest thing in their booth? That would have to be their very trick chassis wraps. These are available for several different models and can really bling out the underside of your chassis.

Fire Brand RC has a bunch of different accessories for everyone from the drift crowd to backyard bashers, check out all their products on their Official Website.

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