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Kyosho Outlaw Rampage Video

Kyosho Outlaw Rampage Dirt Bash Video

To help promote the Outlaw Rampage, the folks at Kyosho have uploaded a new video. The video is titled “Dirt Bash” and does a good job of showing how the Rampage drives. The Kyosho crew set up some ramps on a dirt track and started bashing. Watch the video below to see the Rampage skying over jumps and railing berms [...]


Graupner PRO Firmware Upgrade

Graupner MZ-18 & MZ-24 Pro Firmware Upgrade

Recently announced by Graupner USA is a program for you to upgrade your MZ-12 or MZ-18 transmitter to a Pro model via a firmware update. The firmware update gives your Graupner transmitter a slew of cool new upgrades to help make your flying better than ever. The firmware update is priced at $49 and you can get full details by using [...]


JConcepts MT410 Overtray

JConcepts Tekno MT410 Overtray

Just for all you Tekno MT410 owners, JConcepts has released a new Overtray. The overtray was designed to keep dirt, rocks, and other debris out of the chassis of the MT410. Made from a durable polycarbonate, the overtray can be painted or wrapped to match the overall look of your truck. Street pricing for the overtray is $22 and it has [...]


Maverick Strada RX Unboxing

Unboxing The Maverick Strada RX Rally Car

Remember Maverick RC? We sure do, they are HPI Racing’s basher line-up in Europe. The Maverick line-up is still new to folks here in the states, but HPI hopes to change all that in 2018. Expect to see HPI, and their various North American distributors, making a big push on the Maverick line-up in the coming year. Recently we received one [...]


Rockstar Cubby

ASK Cubby – More Of Your Questions, Less Of My Answers

“Arrma Outcast Hey how’s it going…? I was hoping you could tell me how to extremely lower my arrma outcast for speed runs…I’ve already adjusted the shocks, just curious how to get it much lower…droop screws? Not sure…please help. Bobby S.” Cubby- Yo Robert, how ya be? Life is all good here, busy, but good. BTW, thanks for writing in, be sure to [...]


Losi Super Baja Rey Video

4K Video – BigSquidRC Goes Epic With The Losi Super Baja Rey

The folks at Losi made huge news earlier today with the announcement of their 1/6th scale Super Baja Rey. While we were out working on the review, we took a bunch of video to give you an idea of what it is like to drive the truck, plus how gnarly it can really be. Enjoy our video below (in glorious 4K [...]


G-Force GD200 Discharger

G-Force GD200 Battery Discharger

Do you need a high current discharger? If so, have a look at the new GD200 from G-Force. The GD200 can accept 5.4 to 34 volt of input power and has a maximum discharge rate of 30 amps. * Discharge current range 0.01 to 30 amps * Quickly takes packs to proper storage voltage * Large diameter fan * Temp sensor * Allows you to [...]


JConcepts Fling King Dragon Wheels Tires

JConcepts Fling King Tires & Dragon Wheels

Teased in a video from a few weeks ago, JConcepts has now formally announced their Fling King tires and Dragon wheels. Both are sized at 2.6″ and were designed to fit on mega trucks. The Fling King tires have an extra deep tread pattern to help your truck get through the worst of mud holes. The Dragon wheels were designed [...]


Losi Super Baja Rey Review

Losi Super Baja Rey Review

There are a couple of trends that we’ve been seeing in recent years. We’ve been seeing vehicles get bigger and more scale looking. The Losi Super Baja Rey is not only big, coming in at 1/6th scale, but it is also designed to look exactly like a full sized short course race truck. The big Losi also sports serious power [...]


Losi Super Baja Rey

The Storm Is Here – The Losi Super Baja Rey!!!

Here is the storm that Horizon Hobby has been teasing, the new Losi Super Baja Rey. The Super Baja Rey is a large 1/6th Scale off-road truck that was designed for serious bashing fun! Our BigSquidRC Bash Crew has had the pleasure of already getting in wheel time with the Super Baja Rey and we can say that it is truly [...]


Reedy Blackbox 850R

Reedy Blackbox 850R ESC

Shipping now from Reedy is the Blackbox 850R brushless ESC. The 850R was designed for use in 1/8th scale vehicles and has a motor limit of 3000kV on 4S. The 850R is 6S capable and comes pre-programmed with settings that work on most tracks. Pricing for the 850R is $197, it has a part number of #27007, and full details are [...]


Bash Vehicle of the Year 2017 – #4

If you didn’t catch #5 yesterday, here is what’s going on. Each year we hand out our Bash Vehicle of the Year Award. There can only be one winner, and there is usually a list of the top 5 we had thought about winning. EVERY vehicle that makes this list, or that was considered a possible bash vehicle of [...]


Losi A Storm Is Coming

Losi Teaser Video – A Storm Is Coming!

Here ya go folks, a bit more of a clue on just what Horizon Hobby’s big announcement is for tomorrow. Today Horizon Hobby posted a new video which is shown below. While we still do not get a glimpse of what the vehicle may be, we do get to see more giant rooster plumes. More importantly, the end of the [...]


Pro-Line How To Make A Monster Slash Video

Pro-Line Video – How-To Make A Monster Slash

Are you a hardcore basher? If so, have a look at the Pro-Line Video shown below to see how easy it is to turn your Traxxas Slash into a monster! By putting on larger wheels and tires, plus a body with much larger fender wells, your Slash can be turned into an extreme bashing machine. The video below details what parts [...]


HPI Hoonicorn Ken Block Mustang Unboxing

Unboxing The HPI Racing Ken Block ’65 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn

While on-road in general has been a bit slow lately, there are cars being released to help boost the segment. A great example of that is the HPI Racing Ken Block ’65 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn. The Hoonicorn is an absolute beast in the full scale world, best known for the crazy videos that it was driven in by rally car [...]