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HPI Venture FJ Video

New HPI Racing Venture FJ Video From The Nuremburg Toy Fair

Frank and the HPI Racing crew have just posted a new video of the HPI Venture FJ. The video not only goes over some of the cooler aspects of the Venture’s chassis, but also includes some new action footage. Even more importantly, the video teases the latest release date for the Cruiser, which is now slated to start shipping this [...]


2017 TLR Cup

Horizon Hobby Announces The 2017 TLR Cup

The crew over at Horizon Hobby have announced a new rc race series called the TLR Cup. The TLR Cup consists of four races scattered across the country to help promote the sport of rc racing. In addition, the cup events aren’t just races, but will also include such things as seminars and question & answers sessions. We look forward [...]


Duratrax 32-Tip Multi-Driver

Duratrax 32 Tip Multi-Driver

Coming soon from Duratrax is a 32 Tip Multi-Driver. Mult-drivers are great for saving space and the new Duratrax unit comes loaded with the most needed tips for working on drones, airplanes, surface vehicles, watches, and jewelry. An aluminum handle helps to make it lightweight and is a no-roll design to help keep it from rolling off your workbench or [...]


Rockstar Cubby

Ask Cubby – Reasonable Questions, Ridiculous Answers

“Suggestion/ Thanks First off, awesome website with a ton of usefull info. I recently got back into the rc hobby after about decade. Boy was I surprised when I ripped down the block with brushless for the first time and then promptly “needed” to jump my real car and have my neighbors questioning my sanity as they stood around waiting for [...]


Tactic TTX200 Transmitter

Tactic TTX200 SLT Transmitter

When going on an all day trail adventure, a compact radio system can be a blessing. A small radio will get snagged on fewer branches, plus it will be lighter to pack around all day. Tactic is now selling the TTX200 SLT Transmitter as a stand alone unit. The TTX200 is ultra affordable with just a $39 price point and [...]


2017 Tamiya Toyota Tundra Hiigh-Lift

Tamiya To Re-Release The Toyota Tundra High-Lift

Tamiya has been going full bore on re-releases with the latest being the Toyota Tundra High-Lift. The 2017 iteration of the High-Lift comes with the MFC-02 control unit that has lights, sound, and vibration effects. The High-Lift still comes with the very cool ladder frame, highly detailed body, and 3 speed transmission. * Polystyrene resin body * Aluminum skid plate * Soft resin [...]


Traxxas Ford GT 4-Tec 2.0

Big News! Traxxas Ford GT 4-Tec 2.0

Whoa, take a look at this, Traxxas has just announced a Ford GT on their new 4-Tec 2.0 chassis. The Ford GT body is of course officially licensed and has the aerodynamically optimized shape that makes the GT so special to fans around the world. As you can see by the pictures, Traxxas made sure all the scale details are [...]


Team Orion HMX103 HMX App Control

Team Orion HMX10 ESC With HMX App Control

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make changes to your ESC via a smart device app? Say hello to HMX Technology from Team Orion. Orion’s new HMX technology makes it easy to control a Team Orion HMX series ESC via a Bluetooth dongle for iOS users or optical cable for Android devices. What are some of the things that [...]


Acer Racing Carbon Fiber Sheets

Acer Racing 3mm Carbon Fiber Sheets

Having a raw sheet of carbon fiber can come in mighty handy when doing a custom project. If you have been looking for an easy way to get your hands on a sheet, Acer Racing has you dialed. Acer is now selling 3mm 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Sheets. These are 200 x 300 x 3MM in size and made from [...]


Dynamite Infrared Temp Gun/Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

Dynamite Infrared Temp Gun W/ Laser Sight

New from Dynamite is an Infrared Temp Gun With Laser Sight. The laser sight makes it easy to get a temp reading from an exact area on an engine or motor and the gun has a temperature range of -58 to 716 degrees Fahrenheit. * Powered by an included 9 volt battery * Accuracy of ± 2% * LCD screen The temp gun is [...]


RPM ARRMA Kraton Durango DEX8T Front Bumper

RPM Front Bumper For The Kraton & DEX8T

Attention ARRMA Kraton and Team Durango DEX8T owners, RPM has a new product for you. The good guys over at RPM have just announced a new Front Bumper/Skid Plate for the Kraton and DEX8T. Par the course for RPM, the bumper is ultra-beefy and molded from RPM’s legendary plastic blend. * 171.5mm wide * Skid plate is 4mm thick * 38mm forward extension * [...]


Losi EIGHT Nitro Buggy EIGHT-T Nitro Truggy Unboxing

Unboxing – Losi 8IGHT Buggy & 8IGHT-T Nitro RTRs

Remember the sound of nitro? What about the smell? Oh yes, nitro is something that every rc enthusiast should experience. We have been thrashing the living daylights out of a Losi 8IGHT Nitro RTR Buggy and the 8IGHT-T Nitro RTR Truggy while working on our reviews. And yes, our bash crew has been having a blast remembering how fun nitro [...]


Xpress Xpresso M1 1/10 Mini MR 2WD M Chassis Kit

Xpress Xpresso M1 Mini MR 2wd M Chassis Kit

New from the folks over at Xpress is the Xpresso M1 Mini MR 2wd M Chassis Kit. The Expresso is a RWD on-road car that sports a full carbon fiber chassis, top deck, shock towers, and suspension arms. * Easy to switch from drifting to grip racing * Center-line located steering servo * Full sized ball diff * Can be used with shorty or [...]


Traxxas NOS Deegan 38 4WD Rally Car

Traxxas NOS Deegan 38 Rally Car W/ Video

Just announced by Traxxas is the NOS Deegan 38 Rally Car. The NOS Deegan car is fully licensed by Ford and sports the livery off of Brian’s Ford Fiesta ST race machine. Under the body is a 4wd Traxxas chassis with full time 4wd, an XL-5 waterproof ESC, and a 12 turn 550 brushed motor. A 7 cell NiMH battery [...]


Rise Vusion House Racer

RISE Vusion House Racer

New and hot from RISE is the Vusion House Racer. The House Racer drone comes 100% ready to fly so that you and your buddies can experience the exciting world of FPV racing right in your own home. The House Racer is also built tough, allowing it to keep on flying even after a few crashes. Here is the scoop- * [...]