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FireBrand RC NEO-RT Scorpion 2.2

FireBrand RC NEO-RT/Scorpion 2.2″ Pre-mounts

Shipping right now from FireBrand RC are Pre-Mounted NEO-RT/Scorpion 2.2″ wheels and tires. This combo can give your stadium truck (or a large number of other vehicles) a tough face-lift, plus they can give your truck more traction for faster speeds. * Tough 2.2 NEO-RT wheels * 12mm wheel hex * Directional Scorpion medium rubber compound tires * Complete set of 4 * Pre-mounted and [...]


Sky RC BD200 Discharger

Sky RC BD200 Discharger Now At HRP

Have you been looking for a heavy duty battery discharger? Shipping right now from Hobby Recreation Products is the Sky RC BD200 Discharger. The BD200 is a beast that can discharge at up to 200 watts. That equates to a 30 amp discharge on a 2S LiPo. Designed to quickly place LiPo packs into storage mode, the BD200 can also [...]


Mugen MRX6R

Mugen Seiki Racing MRX6R On-Road Kit

Have you seen 1/8th on-road cars race in person? Fast hand, they go so fast, and can corner with such speed, that it is difficult to watch them fly around the track! To go even faster than before, Mugen has announced the MRX6R. The 6R comes in kit form and is an extremely high-end race machine. * Designed for greater durable, [...]


SSD Black 1.9 Wheels

SSD RC Black 1.9″ Steel 8 Spoke Wheels

New from SDD RC are Black 1.9″ 8 Spoke Wheels. These wheels are made from stamped steel and feature an internal beadlock design. Here are some of their other highlights- * Only 6 screws to mount a tire * Aluminum hub and rings * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Standard 1.9″ wheel size * Removable hub * Yellow zinc plated scale hex head bolts The part number [...]


RC4WD Tough Armor Comp Series Flush Mount Bumper TF2

RC4WD Tough Armor Comp Series Flush Mount Bumper For The TF2

Shipping now from RC4WD is a Tough Armor Comp Series Flush Mount Bumper for the Trail Finder 2. The flush mount bumper looks tough, plus it can give your scale crawler more approach angle, thus making it easier to get over tough obstacles. * CNC machined from a heavy duty black Delrin * Weight- 1.62oz * Height- 0.37″ * Length- 6.41″ * Width- 1.01″ The comp [...]


T-Bone Racing Thin Chassis Skid Vinyl Overlay Arrma Kraton

T-Bone Racing Thin Chassis Skid With Vinyl Overlay For The K…

Do you get extreme with your ARRMA Kraton monster truck? We know a lot of you #arrmaarmy members sure do. To help protect the chassis on your Kraton T-Bone Racing has announced a new Thin Chassis Skid With Vinyl Overlay. This can go a long ways towards protecting your chassis, plus it can really change the look of your 6S [...]


RC4WD Marlin Crawler Roll Bar Mojave

RC4WD Marlin Crawler Roll Bar For The Mojave Body

Have you been looking for an affordable bolt-on that will really enhance the look of your RC4WD Mojave scale crawler? If so, have a look at the new RC4WD Marlin Crawler Roll Bar for the Mojave body. This roll bar is molded from plastic to save weight, and to save the hit to your wallet. * Fully licensed by Marlin [...]


Apex RC Products 8th On-Road Pre-Mounted Super Grip Tire Set

Apex RC Products 1/8 On-Road Pre-Mounted Super Grip Tire Set

Tired of your buddies leaving you in the dust? Need more traction on your 1/8 on-road car? Why not bolt on some stickier tires and show them what’s up? Now available from Apex RC Products is a 1/8 Pre-Mounted Super Grip Tire Set. The Super Grip tires are mounted to sleek looking black mesh wheels and are pre-glued for your [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Slide Lock Tires

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Slide Lock 1/8 Buggy Tires

The night before a big race, do you really want to spend 2-6 hours gluing up tires? To help you get the performance enhancing sleep that you need, Pro-Line has announced Pre-Mounted Slide Lock 1/8 buggy tires. The Slide Locks have a great reputation for finding grip on slick tracks, now you can get them conveniently pre-mounted. * Tightly packed hexagon [...]


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 4 is ready to enter your eardrums, and we are glad you are here! This show features Joshua Barker, PR and Marketing Manager of MaxAmps, arguably one of the best known LiPO battery companies in the world. Joshua and Tim discuss all sorts of LiPO and battery myths, future tech, and general MaxAmps info. If you are curious about [...]


Monster Truck Madness: Flag Chat

Greetings folks, we are alllllmost to Memorial Weekend. And with that, I wanted to chat about flags. Scale flags, actually. Before we do that though, if you haven’t noticed over the last few weeks, Monster Truck Madness is now a weekly blog! Big thanks and good luck to our new guy Jeremy Griffith for taking over the Friday Scalin’ feature. He’s [...]


Pro-Line Electroshot VTR 4.0" X3 (Soft) Off-Road 1:8 Truck Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Electroshot VTR 4.0″ X3 Tires

Coming soon from Pro-Line are Pre-Mounted Electroshot VTR 4.0″ X3 Tires. Designed to give the performance of a Hole Shot 2.0, the Electroshots last longer to put you on the top step of the podium after those long A-mains. * Electroshot VTR tires pre-mounted on durable white Velocity VTR wheels * 17mm wheel hex * Massive forward grip * Wheels molded from premium impact [...]


Pro-Line Slide Job SC

New Slide Job Tires From Pro-Line

To give your oval racer more traction, Pro-Line has announced three new Slide Job tires. For you guys racing converted short course trucks, Pro-Line has announced the Slide Job SC 2.2″/3.0″. The Slide Job SCs are available in M3 compound and are priced at $26. Next up are Slide Job 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires. The rear Slide Jobs are molded in Pro-Line’s [...]


RC Fiesta Rally at Woodward Traxxas

4K Video – Traxxas Fiesta Rally at Camp Woodward

Driving a rally car is loads of fun. They rock driving on pavement and are crazy fun to jump. To show off how fun their Ford Fiesta Rally Car can be, Traxxas has posted a new video. The video features footage taken at Camp Woodward of the Fiesta grinding rails, catching air, as well as doing some general bashing. You can [...]


Cubby Crawler Shootout

THE Cub Report – Go Epic, Or Go Away

Hey there folks, welcome to THE Cub Report. Like most weeks, there is a ton going on, so I am going to jump right in. First up, before I get to the main subject, I would like to mention the Team Associated CR12. I am sorry, but I grew up when Team Associated were the best cars you could buy. When [...]