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What's new: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

iHobby Expo 2014
We would like to cordially invite you to visit our booth at iHobby Expo 2014. The show kicks off tomorrow morning in Schaumburg Illinois and we are located near the rc demo track in booth #1527. Thursday and Friday morning are for industry people only, but Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon are for consumers.

When visiting our booth you can pick up free stickers and the premiere issue of Big Squid RC Monthly. On Thursday morning at 11:00 am central time, we will be world premiering a hot new truck release. On Saturday at 11:00 am we will be premiering a second hot new vehicle. Both are HUGE new releases that we will post to the web shortly after we premier them at the show.

The BigSquid Bash Crew will be putting on two truck demos daily, and for the first time we will also be doing demonstrations in the flying cage. During our demos on consumer days we’ll be giving away a ton of cool stuff, including new vehicles, t-shirts, and more.

Of special note- we will be giving away two of the hot new vehicles that we announce on Thursday at our demos on the weekend. These are vehicles that nobody can buy, if you win, you will be getting yours weeks before anyone else!

Like in previous years, we’ll be posting a live video feed from the show. For those of you that can not make it to the convention, this gives you a chance to see what the floor traffic is like and what is going on in our booth. We will also be posting tons of pictures and information about the show on our front page and to our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Tumblr pages.

We love getting to meet our readers in person, we hope you can drop by and say hello. For complete details on the show, hit up the Official iHobby Website.

ARRMA Kraton Review
Ever since it was seen at the Nuremburg Toy Fair in January, the ARRMA Kraton BLX Monster Truck has been creating a lot of buzz. The Kraton is not only ARRMA RC’s first 4wd, but also their first 1/8th scale machine, hence the reason bashers are biting at the bit to hear how it performs.

Since receiving our review Kraton we’ve been bashing and thrashing it like the true bashers we are. What did we find out?

* Handling – The Kraton comes with soft sprung but heavily damped suspension, making it handle like a champ. It attacks a track like a race truck, yet it’s big monster truck tires love chewing up loam and grass. We also found it soaks up big hits (via multiple roof jumps) like a beast.

* Power – Oh ya, it’s got plenty on tap. We normally ran the Kraton on a pair of Reed Wolfpack 3S LiPo batteries wired in series for 6S, and it does not fail to impress with power. On 6S it is a beast right off the bottom, tears through the mid-range, and has tire exploding top end. When compared to the E-Revo, MT4 G3, and Savage Flux, it is right in the mix for power output. When run on 4S it is noticeably softer off the bottom and on top, but still has plenty of rip.

* Durability – We have yet to break a plastic part on the Kraton, but did manage to explode one of the rear tires with all its power (we ended up running Pro-Line Big Joe IIs). The pinion on our test unit came loose, but it was simple enough to pop it back on. We also noticed that the included Deans connectors looked to have been overheated when they were installed at the factory, making them a loose fit on our battery packs.

* The cage used to keep the body from crushing in worked like a charm. Even after lots of abuse the stock body has yet to be destroyed.

* The Kraton comes with perhaps the most powerful RTR steering servo we’ve ever seen, it truly has no problem throwing those big front tires around. To make sure all that power makes it to the wheels, an aluminum servo arm comes standard, a very nice touch for a RTR.

* We measured the top speed on the Kraton to be 38 mph (on 4S LiPo) and it got there in a hurry.

* Typical bashing moves like pulling wheelies and backflips are easy with the Kraton. Big power and big tires help it pull off those moves even with a center diff.

* While the Kraton might be called a monster truck, it comes with a center diff and a massive rear wing, items typically found on truggies. Speaking of the rear wing, all our reviewers liked how it was molded to match the body lines.

We found the ARRMA Kraton to be a gnarly bashing machine, easily capable of running with all the big hitters in its class. It should be hitting hobby shops in the next couple of weeks with a street price of $499, much lower than most of its competitors. To get complete details, check out the Kraton Page over on the official ARRMA website.

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So it is iHobby week, and Cubby has already covered his reasons why you should be going to Schaumburg, Illinois this weekend. I promise not to be a broken record, but Wait, there’s more!

Last year’s iHobby was my first time attending; both as a patron and as a hobby shop employee. I am hoping this year is just as good as last year, if not better, and here are some reasons why:

You get to meet some of the ‘little guys’. Besides seeing some local hobby shops selling their wares, there are other small businesses/manufacturers as well. I met the guys over at Rigidbot/Invent-a-part and saw first hand what 3D Printing can do for the hobby industry, which is why my shop now has two of them (plus I did a little begging with the boss).

Oh, so THAT’s how it works! I can’t wait to be a part of the BSRC shows this year, but that is the tip of the iceberg in demonstrations. Last year, Horizon Hobby showed us AVC for the first time, Empire Hobby continued to show how much Gaui and DJI can really show the best of the RC air industry, and KillerBodyRC showed us how to transform an XO-1 into a beautiful Corvette. “The proof is in the pudding,” and demonstrations are what makes me really get a feel for the best and brightest in the RC world.

“We, the People” I never will walk away from a good conversation, and the best part of iHobby to me is the people. The manufacturers, the store employees/owners visiting iHobby with me, the distributors: they all were a great group of people to meet, talk shop, and just enjoy the company of other hobby lovers from all over the country the world. Technically, iHobby was pretty much the first day I was doing anything for the guys at BigSquid, so this year would make it a milestone for me as well.

I cannot wait for this Friday for my first day at the show, and to be doing what I do best (sell and show off) to everyone all weekend. Don’t hesitate to stop me and say hi, get my autograph, or just shake my hand because if you want to talk I’ll make you go deaf :-)

I also cannot wait for the 10th Anniversary Bash this October 19th. Details can be found right here, and I will see you there!

Until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

ASK Cubby

“ASK Cubby

Hey Cubby, Whazzap! I thought you went to work for Traxxas.

Anyho, my question is: are there any affordable 4wd monster trucks out there? Not everyone can buy a Summit, y’know…

Steve G.”

Cubby- Yo what up Stevie? Guess what? I have just proclaimed yours as “Letter of the Month”! Shoot us your snail mail and shirt size so we can hook you up with a shirt and some stickers.

And… about working at Traxxas. If I did work there I can assure you there would be some big changes. Like what? No more 48 pitch spur gears, EVER. No more plastic shock caps, EVER. And a whole lot of old platforms would be getting Massive updates. But I will never work there, so I guess nobody out in rc better hold their breath on those changes.

So you are looking for an affordable 4wd MT, presumably 8th scale because you mention the Summit. I would recommend the new ARRMA Kraton when it comes out. After driving one I can say it flat out rips for power and handles like a high-end truggy. Oh ya, for those looking to save a few bucks it comes in at roughly $130 less than the Summit.


Tower hobbies has Mt4g3 listed as discontinued???? Are they done? Is it being overhauled? Do you have the power to know such things?

Justin W.”

Cubby- Hey nowww Justin, thanks for the email and congrats on make’n the big time, shoot us your mailing addy for some free stickers.

Do I have the power to know such things as to the future of the MT4 G3? I sure wish I did, it’s an epic bash truck. The last time it was disco’ed it came back with a new part number and some minor changes. Will it be back again or be replaced by something more uber? I guess time will tell, Thunder Tiger has been mighty quiet lately, they are overdue for some big announcements.

So there ya go, I answered your question with another question. LOL

That’s it for this weeks ASK Cubby. Shoot me your nonsense to Cubby at If your letter hits the big time you’ll get a free set of stickers, and if I proclaim your letter as “Letter of the Month” like I just did Steve’s, you’ll even get a high-zoot BSRC t-shirt to impress your friends with.

YOUR Cub Reporter

TrakPower Digital Solder Station
The TrakPower crew has announced a new high-zoot Digital Solder Station. As you can see in the picture, the TK955 comes with an easy to read digital display which shows selected temperature, heating status and alerts.

* 5 yr limited warranty on control unit, 1 yr on iron
* Comes with iron stand & sponge
* Power- 60 watts
* Includes chisel and pencil tips
* Size- 4.7 x 3.7 x 2.8″
* Includes security key to lock idle temp
* Temperature- 392-896° F

The part number is #TKPR0955, they have a street price of $109, and these are in stock right now. Click Right Here for complete details over on TrakPower’s website.

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Futaba S.Bus2 Car Servo
The S.Bus line of servos from Futaba have a reputation for being some of the smoothest, fastest, and most durable servos that money can buy. Now Futaba has announced three new S.Bus2 HV Programmable servos for your bashing pleasure. These are brushless servos that are fully programmable to suit your specific needs. Some of their highlights include-

* All are water sealed, have metal gears and bearings
* Can be programmed through Futaba’s new 4PX transmitter
* Handles up to 2S LiPo input voltage
* BLS371SV S.Bus2 HV Nitro Car Servo, 264/0.10 (at 7.4v) – $159
* BLS471SV S.Bus2 HV Car Servo, 192/0.07 – $139
* BLS571SV S.Bus2 HV Low Profile, 153/0.08 – $159

Hit up This Link to check out the official Futaba website.

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AquaCraft Atlantic II Tugboat
With scale realism being of the utmost importance now days, AquaCraft’s new Atlantic II Tugboat brings it in force. The closer you look at the pictures the more amazed you are with its fine scale detailing.

The Atlantic II is powered by a 550 size electric motor and comes with a 30 amp ESC. When run on recommended batteries (3S 2200mAh), you can expect runtimes of up to an hour. A 2.4GHz Tactic radio system means glitch free performance and a nifty looking display stand is included so it looks as good at home as it does on the water.

Beam- 10.5″
Length- 30.3″
Height- 19.5″
Requires- LiPo battery & charger, six AA batteries

The part number is #AQUB5725, its street price is $329, and these are available right now. For more information on everything AquaCraft, hit up their Official Website.

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So we got an email with a link to a dropbox folder, and a brief text. There are a LOT of Axial Yeti XL rumors floating around recently, and since whoever sent it to us probably sent it to 20 other sites, figured we better post it quick.


What's new: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Soon we will be posting some new job listings for positions at Big Squid RC, but we need this one sooner than later. We need a video guy! (or gal) Someone that can not just shoot video, but edit and create awesome stuff! We could REALLY use someone for this week’s iHobby Expo! So if you are in the Chicago area, have some camera skills, and can get the video to a finished product, drop us an email!
Even if it’s just a quick temporary thing, (like, you are free this weekend only) if you are a Videographer, and have some time, send an email to Brian.

GoPro Hero 4 Cameras
To make your on-board shots better than ever the folks over at GoPro have announced 3 new cameras.

The most affordable GoPro ever, the new Hero comes with a price point of only $129. The Hero comes with a rugged/waterproof housing and can shoot 1080p at 30 fps or in 720p at 60 fps.

On the upper end side of things, the Hero4 Black can shoot 4K at 30 fps and 1080p at 120 fps. It comes with built in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and boasts a street price of $499.

The last of the new cameras is the Hero4 Silver. The big news here is its built in touch screen which should make reviewing and framing shots much easier. The Silver can shoot 1080p at 60fps and hits the streets at $399.

All the new cameras go on sale this weekend and you can hit up the Official GoPro Website for complete details.

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Tower Hobbies Cutback SCT
Tower Hobbies has a new RTR short course truck called the Cutback. The Cutback is aimed right at the bashing market with waterproof electronics, an affordable price point, and durable construction. Some of the highlights of the Cutback include-

* 1/10 scale 4-wheel drive
* 3mm aluminum chassis
* Waterproof electronics
* High torque digital metal gear servo
* 80 amp brushless ESC
* 4 pole 3600kV brushless motor
* 2.4GHz radio system w/ fail-safe
* Big-bore shocks with threaded bodies
* Uses 3 sealed diffs
* Comes equipped with bearings
* Uses 12mm wheel hexes
* Pre-painted and trimmed body
* Height- 7.7″
* Width- 11.2″
* Length- 20.9″

The part number is #TOWC0500, it has a street price of just $299, and they should start shipping mid October. For more details or to place an order hit up This Link over on the official Tower Hobbies website.

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Xtreme Racing Axial Yeti carbon Fiber
Now that you’ve got your Axial Yeti in-hand, it’s time to trick it out. Where do you start? You can never go wrong with carbon fiber goodies.

The carbon fiber experts over at Xtreme Racing have a couple of new items for your Axial Yeti. The first is an upgrade front shock tower. The tower is made from extra thick 4mm carbon fiber and comes with everything you need for an easy install. It has a part number of #10851 and is street priced at $29.

Xtreme also has a carbon fiber Roof Plate for the Yeti. This adds extra protection to the top of your rig and gives it that ultra-trick look you are after. Made right here in the USA, it has a part number of #10850 and a street price of $24.

To get more information on both of these items, simply Click This Link to head over to the official Xtreme Racing website.

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What's new: Monday, September 29th, 2014


There have been some pretty good (and not so great) Cirque du Soleil productions, but if they could come up with an hour and a half of quadcopter and other RC interactions happening on stage, live, I would be first in line. This sort of test interaction video was called SPARKED. There is a MAKING OF that you can see here, that has a lot of behind the scenes stuff they tried and tested that didn’t make it into the video.

The action starts around 1:30 in, so feel free to skip ahead.

Very cool stuff! The future of entertainment may be changing.

Looking for a Cirque du Soleil show? Hit the link. Looking for more videos posted on BigSquidRC? Hit This Link.