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What's new: Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

THE Carisma M40DT Desert Truck Brushless RTR Review

Carisma M40DT Desert Truck Review

Is there a hotter class than 4wd Short Course Truck right now? It seems that when we go bashing they are everywhere, and for good reason, they look good and can typically take a pretty hard beating. One of the newest trucks to enter the category is the Carisma M40DT Desert Truck. The M40DT comes with the brushless power and scale detailing that everyone is looking for now days, and it does it at a very affordable price point. After driving the truck for weeks (like escaped mental patients) what did we learn? Click the “Read More” to find out…


ASK Cubby

“Have you guys done a review or shoot out with the SC10.2 Factory team and Losi SC22?
Ryan W.”

Cubby- Yo to the yo yo Ryan, thanks for taking the time to write in. Shoot Brian your snail mail so he can hook ya up with a brand spank’n new BSRC t-shirt. Yes, yours is the letter of the month.

No, we haven’t reviewed the AE SC10.2 FT or the TLR/Losi 22SCT (although we did review the original SC10 Here). Although their parent company Thunder Tiger is cool with us, Associated hates us with a passion, so you can count on us never, ever, reviewing another AE vehicle unless we go out and buy one, and I seriously don’t see that happening. However… I have driven multiple SC10s and was never a fan. Their rear end tends to be loose, and they seem to be far too sensitive to tiny track changes. Oh ya, I am not a fan of their box stock set-up either.

As far as the 22SCT goes, I’ve also driven a number of them. Generally I was a fan, they carried speed really well in corners, and I really liked how far sideways I could land with them off of jumps. If you are thinking of pulling the trigger on one go ahead and bust that wallet out.

“Does anyone at BigSquid RC answer their emails?
I am looking to purchase for the Corvette GT2 body made by killerbody for my Traxxas XO-1. I am having trouble finding a seller. I’d also like to purchase the entire light kit as well. Do you have a source or a link you could point me too?
James G.”

Cubby- No, nobody ever answers emails here. LOL. One of my minions ran across yours, and I have no idea why they went ahead and forwarded it to me. So here, let me make up some sort of an answer.

Actually, we talk with the Killer Body RC quite frequently and they’ve got a bunch of new stuff getting ready to hit the market. However, what we do not do is manage their inventory. What little I do know about their distribution is that quite a few HobbyTown USA locations carry their products, so you might start by calling the one closest to you to see if they have what you are looking for in stock.

If that doesn’t work I would contact them directly. You can get their contact info at This Link.

That’s it for this week, shoot me your questions, opinions, and lightly used Tag watches to Cubby at In the very unlikely event that I actually answer your question you will get a free sticker pack, and if yours is proclaimed “Letter of the Month” you score a free t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

exotek direct spur gear hub 22
The crew over at Exotek Racing have announced a Direct Spur Gear Hub the TLR 22 series of vehicles. The direct spur gear hub eliminates the slipper clutch which can be beneficial in certain conditions. Eliminating the slipper saves weight, this helps to increase acceleration and can result in lower motor temperatures. The direct hub also allows the use of standard Kimbrough gears, resulting in an extremely wide range of gearing options. While intended for stock class or oval racing, the direct gear hub could came in handy for a variety of bashing applications as well.

The part number for the gear hub is #1419, it is priced at $14, and you can get complete information over on Exotek’s website by Clicking This Link.

Hit up This Link to get more Exotek news on BigSquidRC.

Boom Racing Aluminum Upgrades
The HPI Firestorm 10T and Blitz are proven bash machines, but they can be made even better. Boom Racing has a full line of Aluminum Upgrades for the two trucks that not only makes them tougher, but also significantly raises their bling factor. The aluminum parts come anodized in several different colors and are made to bolt right on without modification. Pricing ranges from around $5 for their aluminum front suspension mount, up to $25 for a set of their rear a-arms.

To get more information on all the Boom Racing aluminum upgrades simply Click This Link to head over to the Asiatees Hobbies website.

Click Right Here for more Asiatees news on BigSquidRC.

What's new: Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014


The Axial SCX10 is a very popular truck; probably the most popular scaling rig of all time. It’s available in many different “flavors” and at press time there are currently six versions on the market. The differences aren’t all cosmetic as some have different wheelbases, tires, lights, etc. It can make a newbie’s head spin. Here’s a handy guide to see the main differences between models…which hopefully will help clarify things for those that are confused. For brevity I’m going to just list the notable features of each one. We’ll start with all the “ready-to-runs” (RTR) and then delve into the kits, organized by average street price. Click the “Read More” below to check it out.


Vaterra Halix Pro-Line Body How To
The single biggest difference you can do for the looks of your truck is to change its body. Changing out the body will make your truck look different from everyone else’s at the local bash spot, and in some cases, can even improve performance. For those reasons changing the body on our Vaterra Halix was a “must do” project.

In years past, prepping, masking, painting, then trimming a new body took hours. For people with little free time it can hard, if not impossible, to find a free evening to paint up a clear body. Thankfully pre-painted bodies are becoming more and more common, most of which can take less than 15 minutes to mount up.

For our Halix project we were looking for a scale looking body that came pre-painted. Our friends over at Pro-Line Racing had just what we were looking for, a red pre-painted Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. The body has a gorgeous scale look and takes under a half hour to install, perfect!

Here are the steps to installing a pre-painted body on your Halix-

1. Drill the rear body holes. Test fit the new body on top of the truck. Use a Sharpie or hobby knife to make marks on the under side of the new body where the body posts are resting. Once you have double checked to make sure your markings are where you want them, bust out the body reamer and make the holes. Helpful hints- we used a hobby knife to mark where the holes should be front-to-back on the body, and a pair of calipers set to make sure the holes were the proper distance apart. Also, start with a very small holes just in case you are a little bit off.

2. Drill the front holes. Put the new body on and clip it down in the rear, then make two more marks on the underneath side of the body where the front body posts touch. Once again, break out a body reamer to make a pair of appropriately sized holes.

3. Set the height of the body posts. We lowered the body posts on our Halix by two holes front and rear to get the look we were after. This is quite easy, use a 1.5mm hex wrench to remove the four screws required to lower (or raise) the posts.

4. All done! Put in a freshly charged battery pack and get some bashing in! Our Halix has a trick new look and Pro-Line bodies are known for taking a good beating.

Next up in our hop-up series is how to install MIP CVDs on the Halix. Until then you can Click This Link to read more how-to articles on BigSquidRC.

Tomato Sauce with AMAAs my picture shows, I am excited this Raging Rotors because I am now eligible to fly at all Offical Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) flying fields all over the United States. This membership is good for all pilots looking to fly, for while flying on official fields you are provided with a significant insurance package to protect yourself from accidents besides including a subscription to Model Aviation magazine. Full membership prices vary based on what you plan on flying, so stop by your local hobby shop or visit the AMA website by clicking here for more details.

Which leads me to the main topic: clubs. I recently became a member of my local flying club, and boy is there a great untapped knowledge base there! From flying helicopters and planes to building them to learning the basics (and physics/engineering) behind aircraft and other RC Technology, the guys at the local club sure have a lot of information to share! Granted the RC Surface world isn’t always as organized (lack of national membership hub, goverment sponsored driving areas, etc), but don’t hesitate to Google local clubs, search around, and get a hold of some to find a new source of fun for your hobby. For you Chicago Suburbs pilots, the local club I joined can be found via this website and anyone can find information about their local clubs (including more clubs in the Chicago metropolitan area) by searching online using This Link. I was able to connect with a professor from my alma mater in my club who also enjoys custom multirotor aircraft, so that may be something to look forward to in the future for all of us.

In other news, the first Raging Rotors build series is coming soon, which will be in addition (if possible) to the usual article. I cannot wait for you guys to see all the fun stuff I’ve been working on the past few weeks. Until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

Parma SpeedFlo SCT Body
The folks over at Parma have redesigned their SPEEDFLO body with more cab forward styling and updated aerodynamics. The new body, the SPEEDFLO 2.0, fits all popular 1/10 short course trucks and is said to have more front down force than the previous model. The updated aerodynamics can give your truck more steering and less chassis roll, while large vent holes are easy to cut out and help prevent parachuting over big jumps.

The SPEEDFLO 2.0 comes in .040″, part number #1243, and in .030″, part number #1243L. Both are priced at $41 and you can get more information by hitting up the official Parma Website.

Want more Parma news? Click Here to see what else Parma has been up to.

Ofna SSe Electric Buggy
If you want to go really fast on dirt, brushless 8th scale buggies are the weapon of choice by many a basher. The guys over at Ofna have a new brushless 1/8th scale buggy hitting the market, the Hyper SSe. The SSe comes with a high performance brushless power system and has a deep battery tray with velcro straps that allow for a variety of battery pack configurations. The SSe also comes with a tough anodized aluminum chassis and big bore shocks to handle the roughest terrain at your local bash spot.

The part numbers for the SSe are #14360 for orange, #14361 for blue, and they have a street price of $459. To get more information simply Click This Link to visit the official Ofna website.

Get more Ofna news at This Link on BigSquidRC.


[Update: Polls are closed. We're going to take the weekend off and spend that time carefully reviewing the final results, after some earlier poll spamming shenanigans. Stay tuned to the front page for the Championship round and our big March Bash-ness give away entry information. Monday is the day that the end begins.]

This is it. The Dance is almost over. 12 have been sent packing and four are left. Round 2 saw some very surprising results. The Halix handily handed the EXO Terra it’s pink slip. The Arrma Granite BLX took down the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 (wait… what?! I just…). Losi’s fire breathing 5ive-T JUST BARELY squeezed by the Ten-SCTE, seriously, three votes… THREE VOTES, separated the trucks at the end. And it really came down to the wire, I had to change the graphics a few times, thinking the voting was over, only to have another vote or two sneak in and change the results. And finally the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 unceremoniously kicked the HPI Savage Flux HP (wait… what?! I just…) out of the competition.

So that leaves us four. The Vaterra Halix is taking on the Arrma Granite BLX in what promises to be a very good match-up between two very good trucks. The second match puts Losi’s 5ive-T up against Traxxas’ Stampede 4×4, two more disparate trucks I don’t think you could find.

Quite frankly, we didn’t expect this group of trucks to make it this far. Not that they’re bad or disliked trucks, in fact all of them are much loved platforms around the offices. But the Selection Round numbers showed greater interest in other, now eliminated, trucks. As previous years have shown (2012 anyone?), March Bash-ness is always surprising.

This round will run until 11:59 pm CDT on April 3rd. If you’re on the front page, click the Read More button to hit the polls, otherwise just scroll on down and tap that… vote button.


Duratrax r/c paint
Pactra left a big hole in the paint market when it was discontinued, leaving many customers wondering where they would get their favorite colors from. Whenever there is a demand, there will be someone to fill in the supply, and now we’ve learned that Duratrax is coming out with a new R/C paint line-up. The Duratrax R/C Paint line will feature a wide variety of colors and be available in both rattle cans and for the airbrush crowd. No pricing or release date information has been announced yet, but we will post when we receive it.

Click Here for more Duratrax news on BigSquidRC.

What's new: Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

I was hoping he would give some sort of final ‘Goodbye from The Cub Report’ but apparently that’s not how he rolls. We are sad to see him go, and believe me, the counter offers were BIG. We wanted to do something special, but he really wanted to just fade away. Cubby’s last day was this morning at Big Squid. I can’t really give too many details, I’ll let him do that from his new office if he chooses to do so. The short version, it sounds like ROAR decided, if you can’t beat him, or get him to shut up, hire him! Starting in a few weeks, our own Cubby will be the new front man/face of ROAR! He thinks he’s going to be making changes, and helping convince the powers that be put an end to 5 days of qualifying, and endless hours of sitting around sniffing glue. He thinks he can convince them that off-road tracks should once again consist of dirt, and bumps, and well.. off-road. Personally I think he has already drank the company koolaid, and can’t see that this is just a ploy to get him to stop the bad mouthing. They are too far gone to make it right.

That being said, we get emails from disgruntle former industry insiders on a weekly basis asking to contribute, so while there may be a change in appearance, we are looking at it as a regeneration. Think of it as time for a new ‘Doctor’. If you think you can fill the shoes, drop us an email. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it looks… or maybe it was..

Jeep Buys Axial
In unprecedented industry news, full scale manufacturer Jeep has announced it bought rc manufacturer Axial. Never before has a full scale company ventured into the small scale world, but that might explain why Axial has only been putting out only fully licensed Jeeps for new models. On the other side of things, we’ve learned that there might very well be a full scale Axial G6 Edition coming out. This will set on a tricked out full scale Jeep platform with Axial livery, and each vehicle will be signed on the dash by none other than G6 frontman Brian Parker. Put me down as first in line for that one!

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