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What's new: Monday, November 10th, 2014

TBR ECX Torment 4x4 bumperYears ago it was rare to see a T-Bone Racing Bumper at a bash, now days it seems like everyone uses their gear. At our 10 Year Anniversary Bash more than half the cars were sporting a T-Bone product of some sort.

The guys at TBR make some seriously tough bumpers and they do a good job of keeping up with the latest truck releases. For example, TBR now has a Basher Front Bumper for the ECX 4wd Torment. This is a 3 piece bumper made from heavy duty nylon that comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage. This bumper has a brace that attaches to the front diff to make it stronger, while holes are provided should you want to add LED lighting.

The bumper is street priced at $24, has a part number of #19018, and they are available right now. Get All The Details over on the official TBR website.

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CubbyHola amigos (and amigas) and welcome to yet another satirical look at the rc world, THE Cub Report.

The next issue of Big Squid RC Monthly is just a few days away from shipping. We posted an incomplete listing of hobby shops that will have the monthly on their counters a couple of weeks ago, once issue 2 is shipping we’ll update the list so you’ll know where to lay your shock oil stained fingers on a copy. What’s in this months issue? You are gonna have to lay your hands on an issue to find out. :)

Will this X-mas season be dominated by the micro scene? It’s been a while since the small scalers have been hot, but with the ECX BeatBox/KickFlip and the HPI Q32 hitting shelves at ultra low price points right at X-mas, they just might put the rc world on its ear. In fact, I’ve talked with more than one industry hot shot that thinks the small scalers will be the “Proto-X” of X-mas ’14. We haven’t received any of the three new micros for testing yet, but even we are getting stoked up waiting to lay hands on them.

On a different note…

Several of my good friends are preparing for battle at local indoors tracks this winter. One of them is doing the carpet F1 thing, while two others are prepping their 2wd buggies for racing on indoor dirt tracks. These are the same friends of mine that every year get all gung-ho early in the indoor calender and by X-mas are disgusted and can’t handle it anymore. I learned years ago that I don’t have the temperament for indoor racing. I’m not wired to think that every practice session is the last lap at the IFMAR worlds and that I have to spend $80 per race on new goodies to cut a tenth off my lap time so I can win. Whewwwwww… thank goodness I outgrew that phase in my life (and hopefully my friends figure it out one of these years).

But what are the alternatives? Sadly there aren’t any indoor areas to just go and bash. There are a lot (read- L O T) of people out there that want nothing to do with racing (read- the racing crowd) but still want/need a place to get in trigger time when there is a foot of snow on the ground. Which one of you guys is willing to TOFTT and see if an indoor bash facility can pay its own way? If one of you do count on me as your first paying customer.

That’s it for this week… oh wait… you didn’t think I could finish this Cub Report without talking about the last one did you? :) Yes, it ruffled all sorts of feathers and resulted in some hysterical emails getting tossed around. Amazing how one little pismire like myself can send so many people into epic meltdowns. But hey, those people melting down are the same ones who don’t realize that more bogus numbers just sink their own ship even faster. And… they don’t realize that there are a whole lot of companies in this industry sick and tired of fake numbers, and are even more tired of getting ripped off on a monthly basis.

Ok, so seriously, that is it for this week. If you get a chance drop by your LHS and say hello, and if your local bash spot isn’t frozen solid get outside and pull some trigger.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Boom Racing Associated B5Not every Team Associated B5 that comes off the assembly line will end up in the A final at the IFMAR World Championships. In fact, most get used for general bashing around the neighborhood. When you bash around the cul-de-sac looking good can mean just as much as how fast your buggy is.

If you’ve got a new B5 and are looking to impress the neighbors, the crew at Boom Racing have announced a bunch of new Aluminum Upgrade Parts. These parts are available in up to 6 different colors to perfectly suit your own style. The high-zoot Boom Racing aluminum parts that are available for the B5 include- front & rear knuckles, front c-hubs, front & rear towers, front & rear arms, battery strap, body post, and front top plate. To get more information on all the parts available simply hit up This Link over on the Asiatees Hobbies website.

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Kyosho Quattro XThe latest entry into the nano sized quadcopter class comes from Kyosho. The Quattro X comes with all the highly sought after features that nano quad flyers are looking for, plus Kyosho quality.

* Worlds smallest quadcopter
* 6-axis gyro for ultra stable flight
* Removable rotor guard
* Fast flip button
* LED lights
* Can be charged from transmitter

The part number for red is #54050RD, they are street priced at $39, and they are available right now. For more details Hit Up This Link over on the official Kyosho America website.

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What's new: Saturday, November 8th, 2014

BS Squidink_09_Car Wash_11_08_2014 (1)

It’s another edition of SquidInk! This one has Adam the Intern written all over it, though I’m sure there are more than a few of us that wish this was an actual option to getting our vehicles clean! Hmm, maybe Adam’s next project should be a 1/8 scale car wash?

Remember you can click the pic above for the full size art! Don’t forget to hit those share buttons to show your friends and support!


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What's new: Friday, November 7th, 2014

Picking the right body for a scaler is many a hobbyist’s favorite part of the gig. Over anything else, it defines your vehicle’s personality. There are so many trucks AND bodies on the market that it can be really confusing figuring out what fits what. With the holiday season around the corner I figure now would be as good a time as any to put together a guide so you can easily find a body that is of appropriate length for your rig.

Below you’ll find a list of every major scale vehicle with it’s corresponding wheelbase. This makes for an easy cheat sheet so you can cross reference the number with a body manufacturer’s designated wheelbase measurement (almost all aftermarket body companies list these). This can help you to make a decision.

Also, be aware that almost any truck can be made to fit any body with a little elbow grease and link manufacturing. By the same token sometimes even if a wheelbase is dead nuts you’ll still need to make modifications for correct fit.

This list isn’t definitive but most of the major trucks on the market are represented. It’s also pretty loose (i.e. Traxxas being a part of it despite not having a true scaler) but these are the trucks you’ll most likely see out at a run. (The new version of the HPI Crawler King is omitted because I couldn’t find the actual wheelbase.)

AX10 Deadbolt: 12.2″ (310mm)
SCX10 Dingo: 11.4″ (290mm)
SCX10 Deadbolt: 12″ (305mm)
SCX10 Falken Tires JK: 12″ (305mm)
SCX10 RECON G6 JK: 12″ (305mm)
SCX10 Dodge Ram Power Wagon: 12.25″ (311mm)
SCX10 C/R Edition JK: 12.3″ (313mm)
SCX10 Trail Honcho: 12.3″ (313mm)
SCX10 Wrangler Unlimited JK: 12.3″ (313mm)
SCX10 2012 Silver Rubicon JK: 12.3″ (313mm)
Wraith: 13.9″ (353mm)
Wraithspawn: 13.98″ (355mm)
Yeti: 14.25″ (360mm)

Sawback: 11.3″ (287mm)

Gelande 2: 10.8″ (275mm)
Trail Finder 2: 11.3″ (287mm)

Ascender: Adjustable from 12.36″ (314mm) to 10.95″ (278mm)
Twin Hammers: 11.6″ (294.6mm)

CR-01: 11.34″ (288mm)
CC-01: 9.9″ (252mm)
High-lift: 12.25″ (311mm)
Mountain Rider/Bruiser: 11.3″ (287mm)

Summit: 14.84″ (377mm)
Telluride: 10.75″ (273mm)

In scaling news, last week Vaterra announced the RTR version of the Ascender which is set to hit store shelves very soon. If you’re interested in the currently available kit version, Adam the Intern just finished our official review of the truck (kit version) which just went live today! It’s a dang fine scaler with the exception of the stock ring & pinions being on the weak side. Throw in some HD’s and you’ve got yourself a runner.

Axial Yeti hop-ups are flying to market as the aftermarket continues to throw it’s weight behind the platform. This isn’t really a surprise as the truck is selling like gangbusters. Keeping with the theme of this article, the Pro-Line VW Bug looks especially sweet. Speaking of the Yeti, my first piece in a “Making the Yeti a Trail Beast” series goes live sometime soon. The platform has had a couple teething issues but on the whole I think it’s a going to be a great rig.

Quick thanks to everyone for making it a good first year at Big Squid as my anniversary was a week ago. Good times. Also big thanks to racer Tim and grand poobah Brian for helping me along and giving me a platform to spew my garbage each and every Friday.

Variety is the spice of life and so I’m hoping to cover even more segments of scale r/c in the coming months (while still focusing primarily on crawling/trailing of course). Tanking, drag racing, battleships, demolition derby and F1 racing are a few things on my “to do” list for 2015.

If you have an idea you’d like to see, a deeply held grievance or just want to show off your custom creation in this space please drop a line to doug at

Have a great weekend everyone. Get outside and enjoy the brisk fall weather while ya can…not much good scaling weather left this year!

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Kyosho Nissan LM There are so many good looking cars hitting the market now days. Manufacturers are paying more attention to the details that can make their cars look just like their full scale equivalents.

The new Plazma series car from Kyosho, the 24 Hour of LeMans Nissan R90CP, definitely brings it in the looks department. Its highly detailed Nissan shell looks just like the full size car, while under the hood it sits on the high performance Kyosho Plazma platform. It might not make a good outdoor pavement basher, but if you have a smooth enough surface it should be nuclear quick.

The part number is #30925B, it is street priced at $319, and you can hit This Link to visit its official page on the Kyosho America website.

Why not take a chance on a TGIF Mystery Link?

Hot Racing Axial Yeti UpgradesIs the Axial Yeti the new T-Maxx? It is selling like hotcakes (even to people not into the scale/crawling genre) and it has been getting tremendous love from the aftermarket.

Some of the latest aftermarket goodies for the Yeti come from Hot Racing. They have a bunch of new aluminum upgrade parts to make the Yeti even tougher while upping its bling factor.

First up is an aluminum transfer case. It has a part number of #YET38TC01 and is said to guard against torsion flex when using the two speed tranny.

Next up is an aluminum motor mount. It has a part number of #YET1806 and comes with “3 heat buttons” to help pull heat away from the motor.

Also available is a new aluminum center motor gear mount. This piece has beveled edges and is laser etched with the HR logo for a cool look. The part number is #YET38A01.

To help keep heat down in the slipper, HR has a new vented double hex slipper. This 6 star design has a polished aluminum look and a part number of #YET15H.

If you are looking to take some slop out of your Yeti’s steering, Hot Racing has a pretty slick looking carbon fiber steering drag link. To help keep from stripping out wheels they also offer hardened aluminum wheels hubs. These allow you to bash even harder and have a part number of #YET10A06.

Check Out This Link for all the upgrades that Hot Racing offers for the Yeti.

Click Right Here for a very HOT TGIF Mystery Link.

Tamiya Kumamon RC TractorHow about popping some mad wheelies with an rc tractor this winter? That sounds exactly like something the BSRC Bash Crew could get into. Tamiya has a Kumamon Edition RC Tractor that would be perfect for wild wheelie action. It comes in both kit and RTR form and even has Japanese mascot Kumamon behind the steering wheel. If you watch the video below it looks like Kumamon is having a serious good time cruising around his local bash spot.

The Kumamon tractor comes on a Tamiya WR-02G chassis and has a part number of #58601. You can hit up This Link to check out more cool items over on the official Tamiya USA website.

You never know what you will find behind a BSRC TGIF Mystery Link.

HPI Q32 Baja Buggy

First Shown back in February, the HPI Racing Q32 Baja Buggy is getting close to shipping. The Q32 is a 1/32 scale off-road buggy that is the perfect size for having lots of fun in small spaces. High grip foam tires keep it hooked up, while a 2.4GHz radio system eliminates frequency conflicts. It also features proportional steering and comes with a battery and charger.

The part number is #114060, they are street priced at $59, and they should hit hobby shop shelves before Christmas. Click Right Here to visit the Q32 page over on HPI’s website.

Happy Friday everyone out in rc land. Click Right Here for the first TGIF Mystery Link of the day.

Vaterra Blazer Review 3

Vaterra now makes a scale truck? We put it through its paces to see if it has what it takes to keep up with the competition! The new kit comes with all sorts of new ideas that really add to the realism of the truck. With options like a quick and easy way to change the wheel base, or loads of steering and a transmission that is easily converted to 2 speed, this may be the next big thing! Click READ MORE to get our thoughts…


What's new: Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Rage RC servo reviewRage RC from Hobby & Recreation Products has made some waves with their new servo line-up. How is that? Well, their most expensive servo comes in at a measly $12. How do the Rage RC servos perform? Do they blow their guts out if you tap a curb? Are they worth the cash? Here is what we’ve learned from using the Rage servos for the last two months.

* We received 3 test samples, one of each servo in the line-up. We tested all three in a wide variety of 1/10th scale vehicles. They were installed in vehicles ranging from a Durango DEX210 buggy to the Tower Hobbies Cutback to a Pro-Line PRO-MT.

* Out of the 3 servos, two worked flawlessly. The unit we had an issue with, the RGRS142-16-6VM (142 oz, .16, $12), worked ok, but would tend to glitch when continually turned to the left.

* We put the most testing time in with the RGRS104-16-6VM ($12). This was a metal gear 104 oz at .16 servo. When installed in our PRO-MT it had more than enough power and speed to get the job done. We’ve bashed the 104 relentlessly and it still works as well as the day we received it. Also of note, after replacing several RTR servos with the Rage, all our testers felt the it was faster and stronger than the servos it replaced.

* The cheapest of the bunch is the plastic geared RGRS084-16-6VP. It is priced at $7 and is rated for 83 oz at .16 speed. In tested it worked fine for us, but we did end up blowing out the gears after a couple of hard bashing sessions.

Overall- the Rage servos were not the fastest, or smoothest, or most powerful servos we’ve ever tested, but they did an solid job for their price point. We are definitely going to keep a few in our pit box as back up servos. If you are looking for an affordable RTR replacement servo, or just want to get a few spares on the cheap, we can recommend the Rage RC servos to you.

Want more information on all the Rage RC servos? This is the Link to their official webpage.

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Pro-Line PRO-MT Aluminum Rear Hub CarriersThe Pro-Line PRO-MT just might be the ultimate 2wd bash machine. However, hardcore bashers are never the type to leave a vehicle stock. The P-L crew has announced aluminum rear hub carriers for the PRO-MT. These should add a nice touch of bling while beefing up a vital spot on the truck. The carriers have a street price of $39 and a part number of #6264-00. For complete details hit up This Link over on Pro-Line’s website.

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