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What's new: Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Pro-Line PRO-MT Aluminum Rear Hub CarriersThe Pro-Line PRO-MT just might be the ultimate 2wd bash machine. However, hardcore bashers are never the type to leave a vehicle stock. The P-L crew has announced aluminum rear hub carriers for the PRO-MT. These should add a nice touch of bling while beefing up a vital spot on the truck. The carriers have a street price of $39 and a part number of #6264-00. For complete details hit up This Link over on Pro-Line’s website.

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HPI Racing Vaughn Gittin Jr. Spec 5 Concept Mustang RTRThe SEMA show is going hard this week out in Las Vegas. One of the coolest rc cars being shown is the HPI Racing Vaughn Gittin Jr. Spec 5 Concept Mustang RTR. The Spec 5 will be Gittin’s drift ride for next year and it looks like you’ll be able to own your own rc version thanks to HPI. We’ll post more information as we receive it, until then hit up This Link to visit the official HPI Racing website.

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ASK Cubby

“Help me be an awesome wife!
Hey guys,
My husband and our 7 year old daughter like to run and tinker with RC vehicles. I want to surprise my husband with some cool RC stuff, like I have in the past. I’ve bought him tires, motors, and other parts before, but this time I would like to surprise him with some fan gear. I remember that he has a Big Squid sticker, and how excited he was to get it!

We have some built in cabinets in the garage and I would love to be able to put a hanging banner or sign of BSRC up. I didn’t see one for sale, so that’s why I’m writing to you guys.

I am a disabled veteran and I get some pretty cool gear from the Wounded Warrior Project for being an Alumni. Do you have any gear that’s not for sale but can be attained through a membership or something like that? I promise I’m not looking for free stuff, I just want to show my hubby some appreciation.

If this is a crazy idea, or otherwise not attainable, please let me know, so I can try to get him something else…

Thank you for your time and assistance!


Dora R.”

Cubby- Yo hey Dora, sounds like you are a pretty dialed rc wife just the way you are.

Oh, did I mention yours is “Letter of the Month”? Yup, shoot us your snail mail and shirt size so we can give you the hook up. Also, I’ll make sure Brian gives you the hook up on a banner for your husband’s man-cave or garage. Heck, you never know what else we might put in the box… :)

Thanks for reading, go fast, turn left, explode tires.


Hey there fellas,

I was wondering A) if you ever make your way to norcal? B) if you would some day like to come and do some backyard racing.

Its a loam track and the outsides are the fastest way around, none of the square pants national inside line BS.

Anyway love to have you guys if you do, i’ll loam it up and we can use the throttle like its a light switch.

This is a video of the AKA and Novak boys.

Mark W.”

Cubby- Well hey there to you too Marky Mark. Shoot us your snail mail for a free sticker pack.

So… do we ever make it to Norcal? Yes, but not often. We spend most of our time out west in Socal, the land of In-N-Out Burger, Randy’s Donuts, and a whole bunch of the rc manufacturers. In fact, we just got back from a Socal run last week, one of the few we’ve been able to do without everyone and their dog knowing about.

And B… heck ya we will take you up on your offer, we are always up for a good bash session, especially on a deeply tilled off-road track.

Btw, cool video of you and your funky bunch. Good for you for having a REAL off-road track. Loam not only separates the men from the boys, it is simply more fun to drive on. If it was up to me, I would take a 4 bottom plow to every track in the nation.

That’s it for this week ya lunatics. You can email me your insanity, Cubby at If your letter hits the big time you’ll get a free sticker pack, if yours is named “Letter of the Month” you’ll get a free BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Kyosho Fazer VE Lancer ReadysetComing to a hobby shop near you is the Kyosho Lancer EVO Readyset. On the outside it features a detail Mitsubishi Lancer EVO body, on the inside lurks a powerful Orion One 2400kV brushless system. The transmitter is a new KT-231 2.4GHz FHSS unit and it comes with an Orion 1800mAh NiMH battery to get you bashing as quickly as possible.

The Lancer hits the streets sometime in December at $309 with a part number of #30919T1B. Right Here is the link to its official page over on the Kyosho America website.

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Losi XXX-SCT Brushless RTRFor all you power hungry bashers out there Losi has announced a brushless version of their popular XXX-SCT short course truck. The truck not only features a powerful 3300kV brushless motor, but also comes with their AVC stability system to make sure you can put all that power to the ground. A Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system is used for glitch free performance and all the electronics are waterproof to make sure the fun doesn’t end when the going gets wet.

* Includes 7.4v 3000mAh hard case LiPo battery and charger
* Highly detailed body with realistic bumpers
* 45 amp ESC
* High torque digital servo

The brushless XXX-SCT has a street price of $349 and a part number of #LOS03002. Click Right Here for more details over on Losi’s official website.

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What's new: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

VP FuelsWhile it might seem like electric rules right now, every time we go bashing we see people running nitro and gasoline powered cars. No, fuel burning rc cars aren’t as dominant as they once were, but there are still plenty of hardcore bashers that will not bash without the smell and sound of nitro/gas.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been running a lot of VP Racing Fuels in our cars. You may very well already know VP, they are front runners in full size motocross, atv, and drag car racing. We ran a variety of their fuels in vehicles ranging from 10th scale .18 touring cars to 5th scale off-road. What did we learn during our testing?

VP Master Basher Nitro Fuel* We ran the VP Master Basher 20% nitro in several of our test cars. We liked how it performed and how the engines ran with it in the tank. Power seemed great and we didn’t have any issues.

* On the gasoline side of things, VP sells a pre-mix that is great for 5th scalers called Powermix. If you are unsure how much oil to put in your gas, or just want the added convenience of buying a pre-mixed gas/oil blend, this should be right down your alley. We had good luck running Powermix in our HPI 5th scale gas burners.

Overall- we can highly recommend the VP fuels to you. We experienced no problems and all our engines seemed to really like the fuel. Look for VP at your local hobby shop or you can hit up their Official Website for more information.

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Kyosho Beetle 2014 Buggy KitLooking for a neat winter project? After a bit of teasing the good folks over at Kyosho have released the scoop on the 2014 edition of their Beetle Kit. The Beetle first hit the market way back in 1983 where it set a new standard for buggy performance. The re-release is much like the ’83 version but is updated in a few important areas. An advanced 6061-T6 forged aluminum chassis with countersunk screws comes standard on the ’14 model, as does aluminum shock bodies and a slipper clutch.

The Beetle comes with a street price of $235 and has a part number of #30614B. Check out This Link for more details over on the Kyosho America website.

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Pro-Line Racing Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8Everybody wants scale looks now days and Pro-Line is once again leading the pack by offering a scale type tire for Traxxas 3.8″ sized wheels. The PL crew has leaked a picture of their upcoming 3.8″ Interco TSL SX Super Swampers. These bad boys should add some nice scale detailing to your monster truck and increase traction as well.

The part number and price will be released in a few days, until then you can hit up This Link to check out all the cool products on Pro-Line’s official website.

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RPM ECX Bellcrank setThe ECX line of 2wd bash-mobiles are some of our favorites. They are affordable, fun to drive, and can take a good bashing. However, their servo saver is on the weak side, and their bellcranks have some slop in them. The crew at RPM have come up with an affordable fix for those issues, a new bellcrank set that is more precise than stock and totally eliminates the servo saver. This should result in much more precise steering and better handling. The bellcrank is made from RPM’s legendary plastic and is intended to be used with a Kimbrough servo saver that mounts directly to the steering servo.

The street price is $11, it has a part number of #73492, and you can get more details at This Link over on RPM’s website.

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What's new: Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

MIP Super Ball Diff for Pro-Line PRO-2 PRO-MTWhile we are big fans of the stock gear diff in the Pro-Line PRO-2 and PRO-MT, some racers prefer the feel of a ball diff. When it comes to ball diffs the crew over at MIP are experts and they’ve announced a Super Ball Diff Kit that fits the PRO-2, PRO-MT, and the Pro-Line performance transmission. The MIP super diff is 100% made in the USA and was specially designed to handle the rigors of racing.

The super ball diffs are priced at $60 and have a part number of #13375. Get more details over on MIP’s Website.

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Duratrax camaro nitro reviewOne of the most important people around the BigSquidRC offices is our guy “Wrench Bill”. He fixes all the cars we bust up (he is VERY busy) and generally keeps everyone sane. Bill is also our resident nitro lover. No matter where we go Bill always brings a nitro (or 3) to bash with. There are a lot of people out there like Bill, a big part of their enjoyment of the hobby is tuning and driving nitro power.

We hadn’t tested a nitro vehicle for a while then the good folks over at Duratrax sent us their Camaro ZL1. The Camaro is a tenth scale 4wd that comes with a .18 sized nitro engine. We’ve been bashing it for several weeks now, what did we learn?

* The included .18 engine has a LOT of power. It ripped hard from a dead stop all the way up to top speed. If you are looking for a car to impress the neighbors with power, the Camaro will do that. Also of note, we never had a problem getting the engine to start, and it stayed running better than 90% of the engines we’ve been around.

* We liked the included 2 speed tranny. Ours shifted well out of the box and made for nuclear takes offs and good top speed.

* The included tires gave good traction. Unfortunately all the power on tap really shortened their lifespan.

* The Camaro comes with a plastic pipe and we ended up melting the outlet on ours. This plugged up the exhaust and kept the engine from running. We also had one of the gears on the two speed come loose and fall off.

* With a spool in the front and a diff in the rear the Camaro handles well if you can keep from constantly pinning the engine. When driven with a smart trigger finger the car can really haul on pavement.

* We were big fans of the included electric starter. It makes life soooo much easier than a pull start.

* The Camaro is one of the best looking cars ever produced by Duratrax. It is officially licensed by Chevrolet and looks really sharp in person.

The Duratrax Camaro ZL1 has a part number of #DTXD53** and are street priced at $299. To get more details you can hit up the Official Duratrax Website.

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STRC Axial Yeti Aluminum UpgradesNow that you’ve got that Axial Yeti in your rc garage it is time to start hopping it up. The crew over at ST Racing Concepts is ready to help you with that task. They’ve got a bunch of aluminum upgrade parts on the way that will make your Yeti look better and bash harder. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the trick aluminum goodness that is on the way.

* Heavy duty front shock tower
* Motor plate with stone guard
* Rear Sway Bar Mount
* Steering bellcrank set
* Heavy duty 4-line suspension mounts
* Front skid plate with hinge-pin mount

These parts should be available in about a week and you can hit up This Link to check out more Axial Yeti goodies over on the official STRC website.

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Estes Proto X FPV QuadcopterThe folks over at Estes have a new version of the incredibly popular Proto X quadcopter, the Micro HD FPV. The big news is its larger size, now 4.5″, and its high def first person video. A 1280 x 720P camera transmits a video feed back the transmitter where you can fly the Proto-X in the first person view. Some of the other highlights include-

* 4.5″ screen on transmitter
* 3-axis gyro & 3 accelerometers
* 6-channel 2.4GHz radio system
* Pre-built and ready to fly
* Micro memory card & reader
* Multiple flight modes and LED lighting

The part number is #ESTE4716, it has a street price of $229, and they should hit hobby shops in mid December. To make sure you get one in your stocking for Christmas you can order at This Link over on the Tower Hobbies website. They also have a little more info there.

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