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THE Cub Report, Version- Happy Birthday America

Well hello there ‘Merica, happy birthday to you. If you are an American, you’ll enjoy a day of drinking, shooting off fireworks, grilling outside, and if you get lucky enough, even some trigger time (either gun or rc). If you are outside the states, yes, us wacky Americans really kick the party up a notch on Independence Day, celebrating the [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – Traveling With Your Scaler Responses

Two weeks ago I posted that I planned to go on vacation with my scaler, and asked if any experienced readers had tips to share. Boy, did you guys ever come out in force! Thank you to everyone who replied. Here are a couple I find particularly informative. The first was from Daniel S. He is part of the RC4WD Recon G6 team [...]


Yeah racing car stand

Yeah Racing 1/10 On-Road Car Stand at rcMart

Coming soon to rcMart is the 1/10th On-Road Car Stand from Yeah Racing. The Yeah Racing stand looks really trick, which it should be having been made from carbon fiber and aluminum. Foam pads keep your 1/10th scale touring car from sliding off, while pre-drilled holes come in handy during shock rebuilds. The part number for the stand is #YT-0149BK and [...]


2016 ARRMA Typhon Buggy Review

2016 ARRMA Typhon BLX Buggy Review

When first introduced last year, the ARRMA Typhon BLX 1/8 Buggy was a hit with the bashing crowd. It had a 6S capable power system, long travel suspension, and a high-tech look. Not one’s to rest on their laurels, ARRMA has upgraded the Typhon for 2016. The Typhon now comes with a Tactic radio system, new wheels, a new rear [...]


Reminder – Rock Racing at Leisure Hours Raceway

Wanted to show off a quick panorama shot of the Leisure Hours Raceway Rock Racing track! This track is a BLAST to drive on, but it’s not for the weak. Check out some of the action shots of the Yeti below. The rocks are huge, the turns are huge, the hills are huge! Go big or go home right? The [...]


Pro-Line 2.2" Destroyer

Video – Pro-Line Destroyer 2.2″ Tires

Announced earlier this week, the new 2.2″ Destroyer Off-Road Tires from Pro-Line look like a perfect upgrade for your monster truck. To show off how gnarly they are, Pro-Line has released the short video above. Click on the video to see the Destroyer 2.2s in action and to learn more about what sets them apart from the crowd. The Destroyers [...]


Pro-Line Front Wing

Pro-Line Front Wing With Aluminum Mount

For the 1/10th scale buggy crowd, Pro-Line has announced 4 new Front Wings With Aluminum Mounts. The aluminum mounts have been anodized black for a sharp look and the front wings are molded from Lexan. With a front wing installed on your Associated B5M/B6/B6D, Yokomo YZ-2, Kyosho RB6, or TLR 22 3.0, you can expect a more planted front end [...]


Dromida XL Drone

Dromida XL 370 RTF Drones

New from Dromida is the XL 370 RTF Drone and XL 370 FPV Camera Drone. Both units are loaded with features to be easy to fly, safe, and fun. The XL drones have an auto takeoff/landing button that makes getting off the ground and landing extraordinarily easy. It just takes one touch of the takeoff button and the XL will hover [...]


Restoring a Hobbico MaxTrax Eliminator Pulling Sled – Pt. 1

Whenever a hobbyist becomes interested enough in the world of r/c truck & tractor pulling to try and stick their toes in the water, the first thing that comes to mind with most is probably the actual pulling vehicle. This subject isn’t that difficult to find information on though, at least not if one is good with Google. Heck, thanks [...]


ASK Cubby

Special Edition ASK Cubby, Version- I Ask The Questions, You…

Welcome to this week’s Special Edition of ASK Cubby. This week I am the one asking the questions and you freaks are the ones doing the answers. Here we go… (I answered one of Bob’s questions a few weeks ago in ASK Cubby) “Dear Bounce’n Bobby From Germany, Yes, in America Robert can have the nickname “Bob”, or “Bobby”. Oh and, thankfully our [...]


Pro-Line Transistor 2.2 Front Tires

New Transistor 2.2″ Front Tires From Pro-Line

New from Pro-Line are Transistor 2.2″ Front Buggy Tires. The Transistors were designed for the very highest levels of performance on high-bite surfaces like indoor clay and outdoor blue groove tracks. With 1’s and 0’s for a tread pattern, the Transistors are said to help make your buggy easier to drive, allow for more consistent lap times while smoking your [...]


AquaCraft Bristol Bay Trawler

New Tactic Radio Gear For The AquaCraft Bristol Trawler

Just announced by AquaCraft is a Tactic TTX491 radio/TR625 receiver combo equipped Bristol Trawler. The trawler has some extreme scale realism and can run for up to an hour when used with a recommended 3S LiPo battery. The new radio makes the trawler easy to control, while the new twin antenna receiver gives excellent range. Minimal assembling is required and [...]


Fantom FACTS MACHINE v3 Brushless Rotor Tester

Fantom Facts Machine v3 Brushless Rotor Tester

For you hardcore types out there, Fantom has just announced the Version 3 of their Facts Machine Rotor Tester. Why would you need a rotor tester? To accurately test the magnetic field strength of the rotor in your brushless motor. For racers this allows you to tune a motor to a specific track or to find the most powerful rotor [...]


Pro-Line Fugitive Lite Tires

Pro-Line Fugitive Lite Tires

Pro-Line has a long history of winning races. To take their 1/8 buggy game to yet another level, Pro-Line has announced a Lite version of the extremely popular Fugitive tire. The Fugitive Lites use smaller pins than its predecessor to make for a lighter overall tire. Lighter tires mean quicker acceleration and faster braking, helping to lower your lap times. [...]


FireBrand RC Pro-Mag 15-D2T

FireBrand RC Pro-Mag 15 Wheels With D2T Tire Combo

Give your custom build a dose of old school attitude with the new Pro-Mag 15 Wheel/D2T Tire Combo from FireBrand RC. The wheel/tire combo comes as a set of four and are priced at just $38. The Pro-Mag wheels have a tough vintage look that go great with the D2T treaded drift tires. The wheels come with a 6mm offset [...]