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What's new: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

RPM ECX Front A-arms Ruckus Circuit Torment
For all you ECX owners, the good folks over at RPM RC have announced Front A-Arms for the Torment, Ruckus, and Circuit. In typical RPM fashion, the new arms were designed for extreme use, built much beefier than that stock units, yet with tighter tolerances to reduce slop. Larger bosses are used in the hinge pins areas to reduce breakage, while angled leading edges help the arms slide over objects. RPM also removed the tiny outer hinge pin screws, replacing them with an in-line screw to help improve overall strength. They also come with RPM’s limited lifetime warranty against breakage for piece of mind.

The part number for the arms is #70582, they have a street price of $12 per pair, and they should start hitting hobby shops later this month. For complete information hit up This Link to head over to the RPM website.

Click Right Here for more RPM news on BigSquidRC.

What's new: Monday, April 7th, 2014

TBR Basher Front Bumper Vaterra Halix
The folks over at T-Bone Racing have a new All Terrain Basher Series front bumper for the popular Vaterra Halix. This ultra tough bumper is made for those big slams you encounter while out bashing, giving added protection to the front of your Halix. The easy to install bumper mounts under the chassis and comes with T-Bone’s lifetime warranty.

The part number for the TBR Halix bumper is #66101, it has a street price of $18, they are available right now, and you can get more information at This Link over on the TBR website.

You can find more TBR news at This Link on BigSquidRC.


[Update: This poll, and March Bash-ness 2014, is over. Check back soon for the crowning of the March Bash-ness 2014 Champion!]

And here we are. The final round of March Bash-ness 2014! This year’s polling saw some big surprises. Traxxas didn’t make the final round, despite being the most nominated company. Some of the top favorites were knocked out early on. And two trucks that most people didn’t expect to make it are now facing off. This year has kept all of us guessing.

We had some polling shenanigans in Round 3. After reviewing all the votes, the outcome remained the same. Arrma Granite BLX took out the Vaterra Halix and the Losi 5ive-T barely eeked out a victory over the Traxxas Stampede 4×4.

So the past is passed and we’re dealing with the now. That means Arrma’s little truck that could, the Granite BLX is taking on Losi’s mega-huge 5ive-T. One is a two wheel drive, 1/10 scale monster truck, the other is a four wheel drive, 1/5 scale short course truck. One costs $380, the other $1,600. Both are durable, fast, and fun. But which one is worthy of the title March Bash-ness Champion? You tell us.

This poll will run until 11:59 pm CDT, April 8th. Due to last rounds shenanigans, we have increased security on this final poll. If there are any issues, please report them in the comments section and we will try to get them taken care of ASAP. If you’re on the front page, click the Read More button to hit the poll, otherwise scroll on down and tappity-tap-tap-aroo your vote on in.


Team Associated Countertop/Setup Mat
Team Associated has a new Setup Mat that should come in handy while fixing or setting up your rc. The Associated pit mat is waterproof and fairly large in size at 16″ x 20″. The part number is #SP29, it has a street price of $19, and it is only available from

Click Right Here for more Team Associated news on BigSquidRC.

Cubby Quadcopter ShovelI walked into my LHS the other day because I needed a part for a new car I have. I thought it would be a pretty simple request, the car is fairly popular and the part I had broken was nothing obscure, so I figured I had a pretty good shot at getting a replacement. Also, my LHS does not suck, it’s probably one of the top 50 shops in the country and stocks a lot of surface rc parts. After hitting up the very knowledgeable person behind the counter, no, they didn’t have the part I needed, nor could they order it because it was not in stock at the distributor. So there I was, holding a broken new car (with only 3 packs on it) that I was going to have to pull some industry strings to get going again.

How many of you guys have been through that before? All of you, that’s how many. Inventory management is one thing, it’s much harder than most people would think, and I am very glad that isn’t my job. However, the bigger point I want to make today is this- even if the parts were available from the distributor, now days it isn’t likely that my LHS would stock them anyways. Why? Because there are sooooo many more different cars on the market now then 15 years ago, and there is seemingly a new car announced every day. A local hobby shop simply can not stock all the parts for every car out there, it is impossible on multiple levels.

When I first got into the rc industry I was very lucky to become friends with arguably the number one marketing man in rc. I was also lucky enough to be able to spend time with him at events, lucky that he would return my phone calls, in fact, lucky that he would talk to me at all. He is no longer in the rc biz, but I hung on every single word he ever told me, they were precious to me and I learned more in a few months than most people learn in decades. In later years, when the industry started going through some big changes right before he got out of rc, he often times told me how bad it was for the industry to be putting out so many new cars, as opposed to cracking down and doing some real marketing on the products they were already producing.

It is impossible for you not to have noticed how nearly every manufacturer puts out a lot more new cars than they used to. There are multiple different reasons why they do this, but if I had to guess the “real reason”, it is so some freakn-no-driving-suit can stand up in a meeting at the beginning of every month and say “Sales are up 1.2% over last month!!!!”. But… there are ramifications to putting out so many cars, one of which is THE Cub Reporter can’t get #%@$&*# spare parts he needs at his LHS.

There is a different way to keep the numbers up – great marketing (example- the original RC10 ad featuring Jay Halsey). In the case of my “mentor”, he came up with and produced numerous marketing plans that cranked out great numbers, year after year, on the same old products. He was able to create that want/need of consumers by nearly making his products larger than life, thus making it easy for the consumer to give the mental go ahead to buy the product. Then, a half decade later when there was an actual need for an updated product, consumers were even more stoked and willing to hand over the cash, it was new, and it had great marketing behind it.

Today’s marketing consists of a half dozen pictures, 3 lines of text, and a half dozen bullet points. It’s as if some manufacturers expect you to buy their product simply because it is new, not because it is better, or needed, or it is a superior product to the competition. I can only hope that someday true marketing programs on already existing vehicles comes back into vogue. Maybe then my LHS can stock the parts I need to keep driving my car.

On a different tangent, a few BigSquidRC notes…

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew is doing a Southern California tour in May. Live in SoCal and want to get some face time with us? Shoot Brian an email and we’ll see if we can work something out.

We should have multiple reviews going up this week. Our review of the Helion Dominus 10SCv2 will go up later in the week, as will the review for the latest Axial crawler. Heck, we might just throw in another Carisma review for some icing on the cake. We’ll also have a new edition of Iron Mike’s Prop Wash, along with Doug’s scaler column and Hot Sauce’s multi-rotor piece.

March Bashness is nearly over! Get your vote in for your favorite bash machines and win something cool! The final this year is epic, the Losi 5ive-T vs the ARRMA Granite BLX, both gnarly bash machines that even our staffers can’t wait to see who wins.

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

PROTOform Apparel
The crew over at PROTOform have announced new apparel so you can show your love for the hobby while out pulling trigger. The new apparel includes a Heritage t-shirt, an Aero Matters t-shirt, and a Champions zip-up hoodie for those colder days. The apparel is available in all the popular sizes with prices ranging from $16 to $53. Hit up THIS LINK over on the PROTOform website for more information.

Want more PROTOform news? Find it at THIS LINK on BigSquidRC.

axial-scx10-cr-edition-unboxingAxial’s latest SCX10 has hit the Big Squid offices, the RTR Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition. You can checkout the shots below to see what lies underneath when you dig into the box. Two things really jumped out at us:

- The gigantic tires. This is the first rig to include Axial’s new ultra scale 1.9 BF Goodrich KRAWLER T/A’s (in comp grade R35 compound). These are some big hunks o’ rubber (4.7” tall) which give the JK a very aggressive stance.

- The trick looking Rigid Industries light bars. The truck comes packed to the gills with auxillary lighting so the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down.

Our full review is coming soon, but in the meantime why don’t you click here to see a comprehensive “tale of the tape”.

For more Axial news on BigSquidRC you can click this link.

What's new: Sunday, April 6th, 2014

So yea, apparently April 1st even put one over on the website. All normally scheduled posts for that day got bumped for whatever oddness gets posted, and the calendar post didn’t get re-scheduled. Oops.

For those of you that enjoy changing up your Desktop Wallpaper, this month’s photo is the Helion Invictus doing a little hill climbing!

We have several different resolutions available. Just right click these links, and do a ‘SAVE AS’ for the one matching your PC’s desktop ratio. Basically we have a wide screen version, and a standard 4:3. Your computer should resize as needed. Then all you need to do is right click on your desktop, and change wallpaper to the picture for your calendar!

Grab one below:
Wide Screen: 1920×1080
Standard Screen: 1280×1024

wall_phone You can also use these on your phones!
We are using the most popular resolutions, but if you are having trouble scaling it, or if there is a different resolution you need, leave us a comment below and we will try to add a few more links.

What's new: Friday, April 4th, 2014


The Vaterra Glamis Fear is the first straight up bash machine that I’ve owned in forever and it’s been a breath of fresh air. I have a ton of fun with my fleet of scalers but sometimes you just wanna go to the dirt pile and rip, ya know? In addition to wanting an off-road machine for myself, I have a three year old daughter who is quickly becoming enamored with the world of r/c. I wanted to get a vehicle we could both enjoy together (i.e. her jumping and smashing into things at speed). Look, I love my little girl to death but I don’t exactly feel comfortable letting her wheel, say, my RC4WD Gelande 2. So after beating on the Fear in stock trim for awhile (she LOVES this thing), I wanted to customize it in a way that made both of us happy. SAND RAIL!

I took her to the hobby shop and let her pick any color she wanted. Naturally, she chose a closeout bottle of Pactra (R.I.P.) hot pink. While she was picking out paint, I snagged a set of Pro-Line Sling Shot paddle tires from the r/c counter. When we got home I took the body panels off, peeled off the stickers, and shot the body with a white backer. My daughter then helped shoot the pink (again, she thought this was the coolest thing).  I shot the wheels in flat black and mounted the Sling Shots. Very cool that Vaterra’s included wheels are bead-lock and therefore make changing tires a breeze. After everything was dry and mounted it looked great…there was just something needing tweaking. I wound up taking off the whole rear wing assembly leaving just the cage around the motor (like a 1:1 rail) and that did the trick. Time to hit the beach!

We’ve had torrential rains here in St. Louis the last few days but that didn’t stop me from hitting up a local lake with shore front. The sand was packed very tight but the Sling Shots hooked hard. The thing was a blast to drive and an absolute animal on 3S power. I spent a good hour carving up the beach and hitting the tide pools. The Fear ripped through everything with no problem and I was surprised at how well it handled. I’m pumped to take it (and her, of course) out to the sand bars on the river once things dry up a bit. I’ll be sure to bring my video camera along!

Next week is going to be very busy for me as RECON G6 rolls into town. I’ll be running the 1.9 modified Jeep Wrangler class (open to all Axial JK’s) which is supposed to have the toughest lines. My hot rodded JK is completely prepped, waterproofed and ready to rock. There is going to be plenty of event coverage taking place here over the next couple weeks, so be on the lookout for lots of scale off-road goodness.

RECON G6 isn’t the only thing happening next weekend though. During the intermission between the day and night stages of the event we are holding a “Battle of the Mega-Trucks” mud race. I’ve been testing out my mega to get ready and you can look for my report to go live early next week, right here on BigSquidRC. Checkout a teaser below. Have a great weekend!

rc-mega-truck-barbarianWant to see more Vaterra news on BigSquidRC? Click here. For more news from the world of scale r/c click here.

Serpent Cobra 2.1 Buggy
The latest and greatest from Serpent is their 8th scale Cobra Buggy 2.1 kit. The 2.1 uses modest updates to make it better than ever down at your local track or bash spot. The changes on the 2.1 model include-

* 4mm longer chassis
* Longer aluminum rear brace
* Longer rear center shaft
* Hard coated shock caps
* Aluminum 14 degree caster blocks

The part number for the 2.1 buggy is #600014 and you can get more information by heading over to the Serpent Website.

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Pro-Line 1981 Ford Bronco
The folks over at Pro-Line have a cool video showing off their 1981 Ford Bronco body. Watch the video to see the PL crew getting in some bashing action and make sure your sound is turned up to hear the realistic engine sound effects that really add to the video. If you want one of those Bronco bodies for yourself, they have a part number of #3423-00 and are priced at $37. Hit up This Link for more information over on Pro-Line’s website.

Pro-Line has also announced free shipping on all orders for the entire month of April. If you don’t have a local hobby shop to get your PL gear from, hit up This Link for more details of their free shipping offer.

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Kyosho Ultima SC6 Kit
Kyosho has a new 2wd SCT called the SC6. The SC6 can be set up in either mid or rear motor configuration, and it was designed to go fast around the racetrack. For now, the SC6 only comes in a kit version allowing you to build it exactly the way you want it.

* 7075 aluminum chassis
* Big bore shocks
* 4 gear mid, 3 gear rear transmission
* Can use saddle, shorty or stick battery packs
* Adjustable ball diff
* Over sized slipper clutch
* One piece front axles
* 12mm wheel hexes

The part number is KYO30070B, it is priced at $669, and you can hit up the official Kyosho website by Clicking Here.

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PROTOform anti-tuck body stiffeners
If you’ve done any touring car driving, you have probably experienced body tuck. If you haven’t, body tuck is when one of your buddies hits the rear of your car causing the body to get sucked into the wheel. Body tuck makes your car extremely hard to drive and can definitely ruin a good run out on the track.

PROTOform has some new Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners to eliminate the problem. These are molded out of crystal clear Lexan and mount with three screws. The stiffeners also help to reduce unwanted body fluttering at speed. The part number for the stiffeners is #1721-00, they have a street price of $10, and you can get more information at This Link over on PROTOform’s website.

May we be the first to wish you a great Friday! Get it kicked off right with a BSRC Mystery Link.