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What's new: Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Helion Volition Unboxing Pictures
Helion RC has an affordable new short course truck on the market called the Volition 10SC. The Volition is a 2wd SCT that comes RTR and is powered by a 7 cell Ni-MH and a brushed motor. If you wanted to see what it looks like to crack the box open take a look at the galleries below.

Things we noted during the unboxing-

* Comes with everything you need except for transmitter batteries
* Has a protective layer on body to keep it looking good

Our full review is coming up soon, until then check out This Link to view its full specs on the official Helion RC page.

Click Here for more Helion news on BigSquidRC and special thanks to the crew at WS Raceway in Paxton Illinois for letting us do the unboxing there.

Robinson Steel Spur Gear Vaterra Twin Hammers
Ever blow up the spur gear in your Vaterra Twin Hammers? Yes, we have too, but now Robinson Racing Products/RRP has come to the rescue. Their new hardened steel spur gear should be a lot harder to strip than the stock plastic unit.

There are two versions, #5078 for 78 tooth and #5087 for 87. Both spurs are priced at $27 and you can get more information by clicking This Link.

Want more Vaterra news? Check out This Link right here on BigSquidRC.

MIP Bypass1 kit associated 12mm shocks
We are big fans of the MIP Bypass1 shock pistons here at BigSquidRC. They are super tunable and can help your ride soak up some very rough terrain. MIP recently announced a Bypass1 kit for Team Associated 12mm Big Bore shocks. If you have the 12mm shocks on your B4, T4, or SC10, this is the piston kit for you.

* Full scale suspension technology for rc cars
* Infinite valve adjustability
* Dyno tested to match stock pistons
* Precision machined from bearing grade plastics
* Made in the USA
* Includes Fast, Medium, and Slow valves

The part number is #13230 and they are priced at $32. For more information simply click This Link.

Click Here for more MIP news on BigSquidRC.

Novak RC
Novak Electronics has gone through some changes recently. Now they have a new name, Novak R/C Inc, and some different people in ownership positions. Check out the press release below for the full scoop, and click Here to visit the Novak website.

“Effective January 1, 2014, Novak Electronics, Inc. will be operating under a new entity named Novak R/C, Inc. Bob Novak, President and co-founder of Novak Electronics will retain partial ownership in the new company, and will continue to focus his efforts in product development. Bob’s daughters, Linda Novak Logan and Laura Novak-Roesgen, and Novak’s Engineering Director, Adnan Khan, all whom have been with Novak Electronics for over 25 years, complete the ownership. The management and design teams for Novak R/C will remain the same.

“We are excited for Novak R/C to continue the Novak legacy and bring innovative product to our customers. We will also maintain the high level of standards of customer service on all Novak products,” commented Bob Novak.”

What's new: Monday, January 6th, 2014

RC4WD Aluminum Short Course Wheels
What are some of the trickest and most expensive wheels that you can buy for your short course truck? That would be the aluminum, fully licensed, Mickey Thompson Classic Lock wheels from RC4WD. Their aluminum design should help make them extra tough while out bashing and give them the ultimate in scale realism.

* Wheel Size- 2.2/3.0″
* Uses 12mm hex mount
* Silver finish
* Width- 1.48″
* Weight- 4.45oz each
* Includes two different hub offsets (Slash front, Slash rear)
* Fits Slash, Slash 4×4, Associated 4×4, HPI Blitz & others

These fine wheels have a part number of Z-W0145, they have a street price of $59 per pair, and they are available right now. To get more of the scoop simply click This Link.

Click Here for more RC4WD news on BigSquidRC.

MIP Speed Tip Hex
MIP makes the best hex wrenches on the market, hence the reason we were stoked to see them introduce their Speed Tip Metric Hex Set. With this set you get the three most often used sizes, and their design allows you to quickly pop them in your cordless drill or screwdriver. Then you can let your cordless drill do all the work while you save wear and tear on your wrist.

The part number for the MIP Speed Tip Metric Set is #9512 and they are priced at $39. You can get more information at This Link.

For more MIP news check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

Cubby RC TraxxasHey now everyone, I hope your Monday isn’t nearly as snow filled as it is here, and welcome to yet another funtabulous Cub Report.

Golly gee I love it when a new year kicks off, it means two things- Supercross and Dakar. The 2014 Supercross season started up last night in Anaheim and it totally lived up to the hype. Bringing back the semi-final races was great, and the action on track was epic all night long. The big winners? KTM. They went 1-2 (K-Roc & Dungey) in the big boy main and KTM mounted Jason Anderson laid the smack down in the 250s. The big losers? James Stewart, who once again wadded it up going for the win, and Tomac, who got into it with Jake Weimer and ended up missing the main. To boil it down, A1 was fantastic, can’t wait till Saturday when round 2 goes off.

Hey, we are all done with testing for our latest shootout and you can expect to see it go up later this week. To get a bit more specific, quads are hot, so we gathered up 4 quads and put them to the test. The combatants were- LaTrax Alias, Ares Ethos 130, Blade 180, and Align M424. We put them through the same set of tests as our first quad shootout, but these are somewhat larger quads than the first go around. Who won? Even I don’t know yet, but if you dig shootouts, you should like this one, even if you aren’t a four-rotor type of person.

Do you know what really sucks about being an industry insider? There is so much good, juicy news behind the scenes, but I am not allowed to utter one word about it. “Sigh”. On one hand, BSRC is all about posting all the “behind the scene” scoops that we can, but on the other, posting one word about certain subjects and I will never be trusted again (not that I am the most “trusted” man in rc now… LOL).

I am known for teasing here in THE Cub Report, and sometime I do it just for kicks, this time I would soooo rather just give everyone the hook up, but can’t. And… sometimes I can “tease” certain news and even give dates, then the news falls through and the tease never turns out at all. Anyways, I know this is about as vague as it gets, but with any luck we are couple weeks away from posting some seriously cool rc news, and we should have the scoop on it.

Oh ya, getting the “scoop” is another whole ball of wax. Many times “deals” are made with different media outlets to bust out the scoop, and getting that deal can be a matter of friendship, or can even be a matter of compensation (read $$$$$). It isn’t uncommon for dern near everyone in the industry to know about Happy Flowers new truck, but can’t say a dern thing because they’ve given the “exclusive” to the dinosaur media in exchange for a cover shot (which very few people will ever see in person… Haha!). And you all know how I feel about the word “exclusive”, it just doesn’t exist today. Ok, it might for a few minutes, heck maybe even a few hours, but in today’s internet world it never lasts long.

So what in the freak’n world is my point here? My point is that everything kick ass I would like to be writing in THE Cub Report today is off limits. Not by us of course, but by the different entities behind the news. Yes, it sure is cool to get the inside scoop, but what good is a scoop if we can’t hook up our readers with it??? It sure is frustrating on this side, just say’n…

That’s it for this week, we’ll post the good stuff when we can, and I hope you support your local hobby shops and bash spots when you get chance.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Team SR Brushless Motor
Our friends over at Team SR have let us know they have some new items on the way.

The Team SR crew have a full line-up of brushless motors coming soon. Their new motors will come in all popular winds, plus they will have gold plated solder tabs and the sensor mount is flush for those tight installs.

Also on the way is a full line of diff and shock oils. These will come in all the popular weights and the bottles feature a leak proof cap to keep your pit box from getting all gooey.

Full information on these new products are still a few weeks away, until then you can check out all of Team SR’s products by hitting up their Official Website.

For more Team SR news all you have to do is click This Link.

What's new: Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Prop Wash Waterproofing receiver
Hello, I am Iron Mike and welcome to another installment of our weekly boat column, Prop Wash.

When you go to upgrade radio systems in your boat you either have to buy a waterproof receiver or seal one up yourself. For those receivers that need waterproofing I like to pot them in electronics grade silicone. This is a good low cost way to protect your expensive receivers. To do this I pull the receiver case apart then silicone the board. A thin layer is all that is needed and be careful to not cover the plug posts. Use the silicone to seal around the edges of the case then reassemble. After that sets, hook up your servos and seal the plugs to the case. Coat the plugs carefully to allow for easy removal later when needed. Your new receiver is now ready to hit the water.

Tune in again next week when I will go over how different props will affect the performance of your boat.

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What's new: Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Hobbico LiFeSource batteries
The crew over at Hobbico have announced new receiver packs in their LiFeSource battery line-up for your bashing pleasure. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have high energy density and are known for their long cycle life. They are also said to be safer than regular Lithium Polymers.

HCAM6411 LiFe 6.6V 1300mAh 1C – $27.99
HCAM6416 LiFe 6.6V 1100mAh 10C – $27.99
HCAM6426 LiFe 6.6V 1800mAh 10C – $34.99
HCAM6521 LiFe 6.6V 1900mAh 3C – $39.99
HCAM6436 LiFe 6.6V 2100mAh 10C – $39.99
HCAM6446 LiFe 6.6V 3200mAh 10C – $64.99

These are available right now and you can get more information by clicking Here.

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Tamiya Clodbuster

As the calendar turns to 2014, it’s truly an awesome time to be into the scale scene. It seems every week someone releases a cool new kit or accessory based on something in the 1:1 world. Rock racers, short course trucks, Jeeps, Formula 1, rally cars, desert buggies; whatever your 1:1 pleasure the r/c industry most likely has your drug of choice. This leads me to one question: Where is my killer out-of-the-box scale monster truck?!

Ever since the scale scene exploded I’ve been patiently waiting for a company to release a true 4 linked, solid axle monster truck that performs well and that anyone can pick up for a reasonable/semi-reasonable price. No, the recently released Tamiya TXT-2 doesn’t count because it’s basically a slightly modded TXT-1, which was woefully outdated when it was originally released around the year 2000. The way most scale monster truckers get their fix is still modifying a stock Clodbuster…a truck released in 1987! Now before you think I’m hating on Tamiya, the Clodbuster is undoubtedly my favorite r/c of all time. It was the truck that as a little kid had me salivating to get into the hobby, was the first truck I ever built, first truck I ever modified (I had an old school Clodzilla tube chassis), and I still have a relatively stock Super Clodbuster that’s a blast to run (pictured above). The truck holds a very special place in my heart. That being said, it’s crazy that the truck is still the gold standard for scalers to base builds off of over 25 years later. I mean really, that’s sort of insane.

I’d like to think that before the scale boom slows down we will see one of the “big boys” take their stab at one. Hopefully it’s ready to rock out of the box and doesn’t need hundreds of dollars worth of modifications to be able to handle a simple bashing session. Shaft drive solid axle r/c trucks used to be very rare but they are now extremely common. Guys are starting to use Axial/RC4WD axles and transmissions mated to aftermarket monster truck chassis (like a CPE Barbarian, pictured below) so it’s becoming more feasible all the time. I also know from my time working at Bigfoot (the monster truck, not sasquatch) that certain popular r/c companies have been toying with the idea of releasing something, but so far nothing concrete has surfaced.

Will 2014 finally be the year we see a mainstream monster truck scaler? A guy can sure wish! In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep playing with my Clod.

Robby Gordon Dakar 2014 HST
With the kick off of the 2014 Dakar Rally just 2 days away, there are a lot of wrenches spinning down in South America getting ready for one of the toughest races on Earth. One of the coolest trucks entered this year is from Robby Gordon. His bright orange Speed Energy, Toyo Tires, Traxxas backed truck looks trick and ready for some hard miles down south. Gordon’s HST sports a new body design this year, which we think would like mighty good mounted up on an rc vehicle.

For more information on everything Robby Gordon hit up his website, Planet Robby. To learn more about the 2014 Dakar Rally, check out This Link.

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PROTOform G6-T Light Weight Clear Body
PROTOform’s latest body is a lightweight version of their G6-T oval body. It is molded from lightweight .025″ genuine Lexan and is designed to give ultra-high downforce. In the picture above the G6-T sports a slick “Breaking Bad” paint job, but comes in clear so you can put your personal paint scheme on it.

* Comes with spoiler mounting hardware
* Includes over-spray film, window masks and decal sheet
* Fits most popular 200mm sedans

The part number is #1236-25, it has a street price of $29, and you can get more information at This Link.

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