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What's new: Saturday, February 1st, 2014


It’s a new month, which means a new Big Squid RC Desktop Wallpaper Calendar! Every month we bring you a new wallpaper calendar for your PC screen. This month’s shot is the Vaterra Glamis Fear Edition!

We have several different resolutions available. Just right click these links, and do a ‘SAVE AS’ for the one matching your PC’s desktop ratio. Basically we have a wide screen version, and a standard 4:3. Your computer should resize as needed. Then all you need to do is right click on your desktop, and change wallpaper to the picture for your calendar!

Grab one below:
Wide Screen: 1920×1080
Standard Screen: 1280×1024

wall_phone You can also use these on your phones!
We are using the most popular resolutions, but if you are having trouble scaling it, or if there is a different resolution you need, leave us a comment below and we will try to add a few more links.

Blade 350QX AP

Coming straight out of Nuremburg is a number of great stuff out of Horizon HobbyOne of many from Blade Helicopters is the newly upgraded 350QX AP. The AP stands for Aerial Photography and the RTF Quadcopter Kit not only come with a camera control gimble but the new E-Flite C-Go 1 1080p sport camera.

Now the questions have already been flying all over the internet and Blade has already announced the original 350QX can be upgraded to carry the gimbal and there will be a GoPro adapter mount for those who need one.

Other Specifications include:

  • Included 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal
  • Included C-Go 1 Camera 1080P/30
  • 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi Video Downlink to Supported Devices
  • Large 3S 3000mAh Flight Battery
  • Improved Receiver with External Antenna
  • Improved GPS
  • Visual Compass Error Detection
  • Compatible with All Spektrum Radios

The part number is BLH7900 and will be selling for around $1000 when it releases in late May. Hit up This Link for more information on the Blade Website.

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What's new: Friday, January 31st, 2014


We are only a month into 2014 and based on the Nuremberg Toy Fair it already looks like this will be the year of the r/c monster truck. It seems EVERYONE just released a new or updated monster kit. I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t 2004. All of them come with big brushless power (except for the standout of the bunch, the gas guzzling Losi LST XXL-2) and look to be heavy duty bash machines. While 2014 looks to be titled “The Monster Truck Strikes Back®”, I’m not here today to talk about them. Nope, I’m talking about a relative newcomer to the full size world of off-roading that’s starting to spill over into the scale r/c scene.

Ah yes, the mega truck (also sometimes called mega mud truck). What started as a southern thing about a decade ago (southern USA for you international folk) has spread like wildfire across the country. The mega-truck started as a throwback to original monster trucking; throw big tractor tires on a truck, soup up the engine and hit the mud hole. They’ve evolved into a cross between a mud racer, monster truck, and swamp buggy. For an overly simplified description you basically take a modern four linked monster truck, lose about half the weight, add a set of tractor style tires and there you go. The trucks are obscenely overpowered and can just as easily fly through the sky as they can rip through the mud. These vehicles are basically the 1:1 version of a great r/c bashing truck. Here’s a video of one:

Don’t look now but the r/c mega truck movement is already on the up and up. Many builders that I know of have either already started or plan to build a scale mega. For example, check out my friend Josh Thiede’s (aka Harley Designs) killer looking scale tube truck build pictured below. The current crop of scale rock crawlers and monster trucks also lend themselves very well to conversion. You just need a big power plant, waterproof electronics, and a set of mud tires. The last couple years guys have been primarily narrowing old Traxxas T/E-Maxx tires to get the desired “rice and cane” tractor look, but with RC4WD recently releasing their 1.9 Mud Basher tractor tire (see the green-flamed Axial SCX10 below) its now much easier to get in on some mega action without any tire hacking required. Hopefully they will release the Mud Basher in a much bigger 2.2 size to accommodate bigger trucks.

Do you remember our recent review of the Axial Deadbolt? Sure you do. The Squid crew have turned the truck over to me and mega truck conversion is already well underway. I’ll be posting my first build article next week!

Blade 200 SRX

Looking to fly a RC Helicopter but not into quadcopters? Blade has just announced the first SAFE system powered fixed-pitch (non-stunt) 200 SRX! Featuring a gradual learning curve with multiple learning settings, the 200 SRX also offers a Panic Switch in case you need to get your bearings back. The 200 SRX also touts some pretty nice features:

  • Engineered with SAFE™ technology
  • Panic button recovery
  • Beginner mode—limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit
  • Intermediate mode—increased control authority with self-leveling and a high bank angle limit
  • Experienced mode—full control authority with no bank angle limit
  • Brushless main and tail motor
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • 6-channel transmitter with four “AA” batteries included
  • Flight time up to 10 minutes
  • Flight battery and charger included

The 200 SRX is available in two formats: Ready to Fly (Part Number BLH2000$260) and a Bind-n-Fly (Part Number BLH2080$220) and will release in May. Hit up This Link for more from Blade’s Website.


2014 ARRMA BLS Series Rtr
The folks over at ARRMA have just released information on their 2014 BLS Series vehicles. The entire line-up is designed for high performance and low maintenance, and is said to be capable of 30+ mph without gearing changes, option parts, or special batteries. They also sport new livery and a 2 year limited warranty.

Some of the upgrades over the MEGA brushed series include-

* 3200kV 550 brushless motor
* 35A Cont/180A burst brushless ESC with push button programming
* Hex head hardware throughout
* Metal motor mount
* Waterproof AD-5 steering servo

The part numbers for the 2014 ARRMA BLS series are-

ARAD43RR- FURY BLS 2WD Brushless RTR Short Course Truck
ARAD40RR- RAIDER BLS 2WD Brushless RTR Buggy
ARAD42BB- GRANITE BLS 2WD Brushless RTR Monster Truck
ARAD41BB- VORTEKS BLS 2WD Brushless RTR Stadium Truck

The BLS series are expected to start shipping early this Summer and you can hit up This Link to visit the ARRMA website.

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Finally some video of the HPI Savage XL Octane! The world has been holding it’s breath for the release. Check it out…

Glad to finally get a chance to see it in action.

For more info from HPI hit This Link.

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Rally Legends Ford Escort Mk II 1981 RS Rothmans Duckham
There is a new addition to the Rally Legends line-up being shown in the Italtrading booth at the Nuremburg Toy Fair, a 1981 Ford Escort Mk II RS Rothmans/Duckham. The ’81 Ford comes with all the scale detailing that you’ve come to expect from Rally Legends which should really turn some heads when you bust it out at your local bashing area. Under the hood you’ll find the standard Rally Legends 4wd platform that comes fully assembled with waterproof electronics, 23 turn brushed motor and gear differentials. We expect to have more information on this one soon, until then you can click This Link to check out the Rally Legends website.

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Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy DT03
New in the Tamiya booth at the 2014 Nuremberg Toy Fair is the Neo Fighter Buggy DT03. The Neo Fighter is a 2wd 10th scale buggy and comes as an easy to assemble kit. With friction shocks and a basic design the Neo Fighter could be a good choice for your youngsters first kit.

The part number is #58587 and it has an MSRP of $195. Hit up This Link for more information over on the Tamiya website.

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Tactic TTX300
The latest surface radio from Tactic is the TTX300. The TTX300 is intended to be an affordable upgrade for your RTR and uses SLT secure link technology to create an unbreakable link between the receiver and transmitter.

* Two button third channel control
* Comes with lightweight 3 channel receiver
* Steering rate adjustment dial
* Steering and throttle reverse and trims
* Frequencies- 2.403 – 2.480GHz
* Modulation- FHSS spread spectrum SLT
* Input Power- Four “AA” alkaline, NiCd, or NiMH cells

The part number for the TTX300 is #TACJ0300, it has a street price of $49, and they are expected to hit hobby shops early this Summer. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Carisma M10SC
Also new in the Carisma booth at Nurnberg is the M10SC. The M10SC is a 2wd 10th scale short course truck that comes in ready to run form. The M10SC features a 2.4GHz radio system, it is waterproof, it comes with 3000kV brushless power, and is set for a release date of this summer. That’s all the information we have on it right now but you can Click Here to check out the official Carisma website.

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2014 ARRMA Mega RTR
The 2014 Edition ARRMA Mega Series RTRs come with all the 2013 upgrades, plus some updates for the new year. The updates to the affordable brushed Mega Series include-

* Re-engineered LiPo ready chassis with more strength
* Steering servo is now easily accessible
* Waterproof electronics
* Molded in channels for the servo wire
* Accepts 7-cell NiMH/NiCd packs without modification
* Composite transmission gears for lower rotational mass
* Molded camber and steering links
* 2 year limited warranty

The part numbers for the 2014 Mega Series-

ARAD38** FURY MEGA Brushed Short Course Truck
ARAD35** RAIDER MEGA Brushed Buggy
ARAD37** GRANITE MEGA Brushed Monster Truck
ARAD36** VORTEKS MEGA Brushed Stadium Truck

The new versions should be available early this summer and you can check out the official ARRMA site at This Link.

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2014 ARRMA Mega RTR

Kyosho Scorpion B-XXL VE
Kyosho has a pair of unique looking bash-mobiles on display at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. Their new 2wd Scorpion B-XXL buggies are 1:7 scale and look ready to tackle some serious off-roading. The nitro version uses a high performance engine and a 200ml fuel tank for up to 15 minute run times, while the electric version uses an Orion brushless system for power. The part number for the nitro is #31875 while the electric version is #30974.

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What's new: Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Pro Boat Rockstar 48 Gas Catamaran
If you are looking for a big beast of a boat the new Rockstar 48 from Pro Boat should be something to look at. At 48″ long and powered by a 26cc gas engine, chances are if you are piloting one of these you will rule the waters at the local park.

* Water-cooled Dynamite® 26cc gas engine
* Capable of speeds over 40 MPH
* Push button R.O.S.S. starter system
* Large-scale servo with over 270 oz.-in of torque
* Composite radio tray is removable
* Durable inline rudder
* Wide hull for better stability
* Centrifugal clutch to prevent the prop from spinning at idle

The Rockstar 48 has a part number of #PRB09000 and a street price of $1200. To get more information simply hit up This Link.

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