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Agama A215E Electric Buggy

Agama Announces A215E Buggy

Being teased right now from Agama is their 1/8th scale A215E electric buggy. Agama is a brand mostly known in Europe for their high quality race machines and the A215E represents their latest entry into the 8th scale off-road wars. Agama states that the A215E is not a converted nitro machine, instead it was designed exclusively for electric power. The chassis [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Tin Foil Hatting for 2016

Happy New Year! With the first day of 2016 upon us I figured I’d put on my tinfoil had and make a couple predictions for what we’ll see in the world of scaling over the next 365 days. Before looking ahead, last year I made several predictions for 2015- that a scale short course truck would come out (while technically a “Trophy Truck”, this was [...]



Big Squid RC 2015 Bash Vehicle of the Year!

First we would like to congratulate Losi and Horizon Hobby on their win with the Mini WRC 1/5th Scale for Vehicle of the Year 2015! We believe 2015 was a turning point for large scale vehicles, and as the popularity grew there were only a handful of vehicles in this class worth driving. The Losi Mini WRC proved to be [...]



Drift Itch – This week in drift

Whats up drifters? Evol here in a bit of a reflective mood as the year 2015 winds to an end. It has been a very educational year for me as I tested some new waters in this RC drift columnist role for BigSquid. I’ve been helped along immensely by friends, colleagues and manufacturers who were willing to get behind me [...]



Shen Drones Mitsuko 4 – FPV mini quadcopter frame

Now here is some brilliant engineering from Shen Drones. Mitsuko is a 150mm quad frame designed for 4″ props. Having released the Krieger last year to great success, Mitsuko is the next evolution of the X-Frame design from Shen Drones. This little guy is a +Frame! X-Frames and sub-200mm builds are the talk of the town in FPV mini quad-land right now and [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, Version- It's New Years Eve, Stop Reading This An…

“Rtr/newbie Hey, I’m looking to get into the hobby rc world. I’ve been doing a ton of research (I don’t know about you, but money doesn’t come easy), and I’m trying to decide between the Axial Yeti XL and the Traxxas Summit. Near as I can tell, the Axial breaks often and has a weird right driving tire lift issue, and Traxxas [...]


Team Durango DEX210F DEX410v5

Teaser – Team Durango DEX210F & DEX410v5 Buggies

With indoor season in full swing, the Team Durango crew has just released new teaser pictures of their upcoming DEX210F and DEX410v5 buggies. Both represent the latest in tech from Team Durango to help you dominate your local track or backyard racing. Full details are coming soon as both are expected to start shipping some time in February. You can get [...]


Castle Creations Mamba XL X Brushless Combo Unboxing

Unboxing The Castle Creations Mamba XL X 1/5th Brushless Com…

When it comes to insane power, Castle Creations is the name that pops into most people’s heads. Their latest over-the-top power system is the Mamba XL X Combo which combines the ridiculous wattage of their 2028 800kV brushless motor with their new X series 1/5th scale ESC. We recently received a unit for review and decided to snap a bunch [...]


JConcepts New Release – Hi-Flow T5M Body

JConcepts Hi-Flow Associated T5M Body

Do you own an Associated T5M? If so, take a look at the new 2016 Hi-Flow body from JConcepts. The Hi-Flow comes with a race bred low profile design and beefy fenders to separate your truck from the pack. Some of its other features include- * Blended styling (a mix of race looks and realism) * Aggressive looking headlights and grill * Comes [...]


Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Clear Body

Video – Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Body

The good folks over at Pro-Line have a new video that shows off just how cool their 2017 Ford Raptor body looks. Hit the video above to check out how the 2017 Raptor looks after being painted up and mounted, plus it has some action video to show how it looks while being driven. The clear 2017 Raptor is priced [...]


Novak Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Motors Built-In ESC

Novak Breeze Smart Brushless Motors With Built-In ESC

There is no doubt that Novak is a legendary name in the rc world. They have been best known for their surface products, but now they have announced a new line of brushless motors for use in Drones. The Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors were designed for great performance and feature built in ESCs. That’s right, each motor has a [...]


T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck

T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid For The Axial Yeti Trophy Truck

Do you have a new Axial Yeti Trophy Truck? If so you aren’t alone, and like many new owners you are probably looking to hop it up. New from T-Bone Racing is a Chassis Skid for your new Trophy Truck. The skid plate protects your chassis while making the bottom of your truck slicker to help navigating tough rock sections. [...]


JConcepts Hazard Radio Wheel

JConcepts Hazard Radio Wheel for Sanwa M12/MT4

Customize your Sanwa M12 or MT4 transmitter with a new Hazard Radio Wheel from JConcepts. Hazard wheels have long been available for your short course truck, now JConcepts is offering the same great look to bolt on to your Sanwa transmitter. The wheel comes with a pre-installed Dirt-Tech foam grip for a better feel and it features the intricate detailing [...]


Genius Ignorante 1.9 Scale Tires

Genius Ignorante 1.9″ Scale Tires

Fully licensed and ready to take your scaler to the next level are Genius Ignorante 1.9″ Tires from RC4WD. Molded in Advanced X2 SS rubber compound for loads of mechanical grip, the Genius tires also sport plenty of large lugs to find traction in loamy conditions. * Outer Diameter- 4.09″ * Inner Diameter- 1.9″ * Width- 1.52″ * Weight- 1.69oz The tires have a street [...]


LRP S10 Twister 2 MT Brushless RTR

LRP S10 Twister 2 MT Brushless RTR

Just announced from LRP over in Germany is the S10 Twister 2 MT brushless RTR monster truck. The Twister 2 MT is of course LRP brushless powered for plenty of wheelie popping power and is based on a 2wd MT platform. Some of its features include- * Spin Pro RTR ESC and Vector K7 4300kV brushless motor * Massive wheelie bar * Metal [...]