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What's new: Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

HPI Micro RS4 Box Side 2

Just this past week HPI Racing released another Micro RS4, this time the black Mustang of Vaughn Gittin, Jr. This kit, like its Sprint2 brother, has both soft and drift tires in the box, and I cannot wait to test my hand in drifting! I hope to have some video up soon, but for now here are some nice unboxing images!

More information on the Micro RS4 Vaughn Gittin Jr Mustang can be found on the HPI Website.

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We have a winner in the Losi 5IVE-T Giveaway. Thank you all for making this the biggest giveaway with the most entries yet! We had just over 14,000 entries! It was a crazy one for sure, and we couldn’t of done it without all of our fans/readers! You guys voted to make the 5IVE-T the 2014 March Bash-ness Champion , and with the help of Horizon Hobby and Losi we were able to give away this awesome vehicle!

Congratulations to Andrew P. (skateny80@) from New York! You are the official winner of the Losi 5IVE-T! We will be contacting you via email for your information.

Winners have 5 days to get back to us, or we will choose another winner from all valid entries.

Didn’t win this time? We have another amazing contest in the works, so hang tight!

Team Durango DEX210v2 Unboxing
Team Durango, the relatively young company known for their high end race machines, recently announced their latest weapon for the 2wd buggy class, the DEX210v2. We recently got one in our hands, as we cracked it open we took pictures to show you what it looks like inside the box. The 210v2 is a kit, so inside you’ll find multiple bags filled with parts, a nice looking aluminum chassis, wheels, and a clear body/wing. All the part bags are clearly labeled, and after thumbing through the manual, it looks clearly written with sharp images to make the build easier.

We are almost done building the 210v2, look for our full review in about 2 weeks. We won’t be racing the buggy, instead we’ll be giving it the full basher treatment to see if it can be used outside a track just for fun. We will be building it in a mid-motor configuration to keep from destroying any motors on those big rear end landings, and in the last picture below you can see the Duratrax tires and TrakPower shorty LiPo that we selected to run in the buggy. Click Right Here to get full information on the 210v2 over on the official Durango website.

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LRP Competition LiPo batteries
If you want to go really fast when you bash, LiPo batteries are a necessity. Some of the latest LiPos to hit the market are from LRP. LRP has 3 new batteries in their Competition Hardcase Battery line-up.

Their new 2S 6000 is said to have the same power as higher capacity packs, but are lighter for better chassis performance. They have also announced a 1S 12th scale 6600 pack for long runtimes, and a shorty 2S 4700 for optimal weight distribution in your 10th scale off-roader. All the packs comply with IFMAR/EFRA/BRCA rules and are pending ROAR approval.

The 2S 110C/55C 6000 has a part number of #430211, the 1/12 1S 100C/50C 6600 has a part number of #430212, and the 2S 110C/55C 4700 shorty has a part number of #430214. Hit up This Link to get more information over on the official LRP website.

Get more LiPo battery information at This Link on BigSquidRC.

Mad Dog LiPo Blade QX
Want to add 25% more flight time to your Blade 350 QX quadcopter? The guys over at 2dogrc have a new LiPo pack to give your quad more time up in the air.

Their new Mad Dog 3S 2700mAh LiPo is a perfect fit for the battery bay on the 350 QX and comes with an EC3 connector which plugs right into the quad. The pack is rated for a 25C continuous discharge, 50C burst, is rated for up to a 3C charge rate, and weighs in at 205 grams.

The part number is MD27003BL, they are priced at $30, and you can get complete information by hitting up This Link over on the 2dogrc website.

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What's new: Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

McAllister Racing 2014 Nationwide Chevy Camaro
For all you NASCAR Nationwide Series fans, McAllister Racing has announced a pair of new bodies. Both bodies are designed to fit 1/10th scale cars, both are 200mm wide, and both come with a decal pack to finish the body off after you are done painting it.

The 2014 Nationwide Chevy Camaro has a part number of #298, while their Ford Mustang has a part number of #299. Both are available right now and you can hit up This Link to get more information on all the products McAllister sells.

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T-Bone Racing NM2 Rear Bumper Traxxas Rustler,VXL, XL5
Ever hit a jump and land on the rear of your Traxxas Rustler? Depending on how hard you hit, that can result in messed up spur/pinion mesh or it can even crack the magnet in your motor.

To prevent unwanted damage to the rear of the Rustler, T-Bone Racing has come up with a heavy duty rear bumper. Made from thick nylon, their new rear bumper is compatible with the T-Bone B222 wheelie bars and is made to take the worst you can throw at it. The bumper mounts under the chassis, fits the Ruster VXL and XL5, and comes with their Lifetime warranty.

The part number is #62018, they are priced at $14 and are available right now. You can get more information at This Link over on the TBR website.

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Rabbitek Backlit Setup Board and LED Pit Light
If you’ve been looking to uber-out your pit spot the crew over at Rabbitek have a couple of new items for you. They have a new set that includes a high-zoot illuminated setup board and LED pit light. The setup board features a pair of bubble tubes to help you get it perfectly level, while the pit light is made to fold down to save space in your pit box.

* Board size- 450 x 300mm
* LED light size- 160 x 90 mm
* Input power- 12~15VDC

The set-up board with pit light are priced at $149, they are available right now, and you can get more information by hitting up This Link

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What's new: Monday, April 28th, 2014


Just got our hands on the Ares Exera 130 CX. This heli claims to be their most advanced and easiest to fly 4-Channel helicopter yet, and we are looking forward to putting it to the test. For now, enjoy the unboxing photos.

More information on the Exera 130CX can be found on the Ares Website.

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RC Freaks St Louis Bash
Yesterday we got the chance to attend the first rc bash of the season put on by the RC Freaks of St Louis. The event was held in a city park in Arnold Missouri, and luckily for all of us the weather was absolutely perfect. The turnout for the event was very large, there were bashers, and their cars/trucks, everywhere you turned.

In the bashing world there are generally two types of bashes, those with events, and those without, and most of the RC Freaks events don’t have organized events. This is cool from the aspect that you can just show up and run whenever you want, then leave whenever you want. At the RC Freaks event over the weekend, BigSquidRC and Hitec donated the X1 Touch Charger that we used in our review to be the prize of a long jump contest, and quite the contest it was. Small plastic bmx type ramps were used and each driver got two shots at hucking the longest distance they could. In the end Adam Bailey would take the win (and the Hitec charger) with a jump of 49 feet driving a Losi 8ight nitro powered buggy.

The rest of the day was spent bashing with friends. There was plenty of pavement to run on if that was your thing, and there was a huge grassy area to get crazy with your off-roader. Every type and style of rc was represented at the bash from micro scaled trucks, to 5th scales, to crawlers, to 8th scale on-road, to drag cars, the people at the RC Freaks bash showed how diverse their taste in bashing equipment truly is.

The RC Freaks hold an organized bash about once a month. If you are in the Midwest and would like to attend, or simply want more information on bashing, This Is The Link to RC Freak’s Facebook Group. We would also like to thank Kyle, Tim, and the rest of the RC Freaks for all their hospitality at their event yesterday, we look forward to bashing with them again in the near future.

Click Right Here for more event coverage on BigSquidRC.

Hit the “Read More” button for 7 more photo galleries after the break…


Freqeskinz radio skins futaba spektrum
Want to make your transmitter stand out in a crowd? That is easy to do with a skin/wrap from the crew over at Freqeskinz. For all you Futaba 4PL-PLS/4PK-S and Spektrum DX4S/DX4R Pro/DX3R Pro owners, Freqeskinz has some cool new designs so you can have the trickest radio at the local bash spot. The skins are made out of genuine 3M air-release vinyl and are covered with a protective laminate for long life and pristine looks. The skins are easy to apply and can be re-positioned for a perfect install.

The radio skins are priced at $35 and you can check out all the different styles at This Link over on Freqeskinz official website.

Have you read our latest Spektrum radio review? If not, check it out Right Here.

Cubby in Asian food marketHave you been to a bash this year? Ever? Well I just got back home from a bash and the scene looks alive and well, much better off than some other hobbies I am into. Have you seen the state of car audio or even off-road motorcycling lately? Compared to those, rc bashing is seriously kicking ass.

If you haven’t been able to make it out and see what’s kick’n in the basher world, here are a few things I’ve noticed…

The basher tire of choice looks to be Pro-Line Badlands, with a sizable amount of Trenchers in the mix. The tread design on the Badlands look a lot like motocross tires so they look trick, and they get decent traction on just about every surface imaginable, so no wonder half the trucks/buggies I see bashing are shod with them.

The bash vehicle of choice are still big monster trucks like the MT4, Revo and Savage. Big MTs can get around just fine in moderate grass, they can handle loads of power, and they can typically take a fair amount of abuse being breaking, so it’s a no brainer they rule the roost. I also see a lot of 5th scales, while more expensive to buy and maintain, they make a lot of noise and can just run over the smaller scales, thus making them attractive to a big percentage of bashers.

As far as brands go… while Traxxas seems like they have long forgotten their core users, they are still the dominant brand with bashers, and overall in the hobby. Their hit sellers like the T-Maxx and Slash, combined with their mass marketing and best parts availability on the planet, still has Traxxas sitting on top of the rc pile. For other brands I see all sorts, HPI has a solid presence with their 5th scalers, and ECX vehicles are seen quite often (no doubt because of their low price point and bash-a-bility).

While this might very well change drastically in the next 12 months, I typically see a 90/10 split of electric to nitro/gas. Electric is extremely dominant right now and rightly so, BL and LiPo are incredibly hard to beat for raw tire splitting power. Will bashes this time next year be dominated by gas powered HPI and Losi vehicles? Only time will tell, but the gas vehicles will have to be absolutely spot on to force electric behind them.

How much money are bashers spending? While some “racer types” think bashers are broke and only drive bone stock Traxxas or ECX vehicles, that is not what I see out in the field. Most people at organized bash events have at least 3 vehicles, all of which have a fair smattering of mods on them. And… for every guy with a pair of bone stock ECX trucks, I see a guy with a half dozen 5th scales with thousands of bling parts on them. From what I’ve seen first hand, a typical basher has a half dozen vehicles, none bone stock, all with upgraded wheels/tires, power system, and bling parts. Yes indeed, it looks to me like bashers have no problem cutting the check for trick goodies, unfortunately many of their favorite bash machines have no aftermarket parts support.

Want to know what else I realized after attending a half dozen bashes in the last 6 months? I vary rarely heard any cursing , I didn’t see anyone chucking a transmitter out of anger, and perhaps more importantly, I saw lots of kids and women at bashes, something that is very rare at a local track. I realized that while some people just love to make fun of “bashers” as being a bunch of hacks, they are a whole lot of good people who aren’t afraid to have honest fun with rc cars……

Support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can…

YOUR Cub Reporter

Pro-Line PRO-2 -8mm Indoor Chassis
Not everyone has a big parking lot to run on, some hobbyists bash wherever they can, even in small indoor areas. Pro-Line has announced their -8mm short indoor chassis for their PRO-2 SCT. The 8mm shorter chassis makes the PRO-2 more agile and gives it better turning speed, and it is made from Hard Anodized 3mm 7075-T6 aluminum for strength.

The part number for the PL indoor chassis is 6093-06, it has a street price of $75, and you can hit up This Link to get more details over on Pro-Line’s website.

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