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What's new: Monday, April 28th, 2014

Pro-Line PRO-2 -8mm Indoor Chassis
Not everyone has a big parking lot to run on, some hobbyists bash wherever they can, even in small indoor areas. Pro-Line has announced their -8mm short indoor chassis for their PRO-2 SCT. The 8mm shorter chassis makes the PRO-2 more agile and gives it better turning speed, and it is made from Hard Anodized 3mm 7075-T6 aluminum for strength.

The part number for the PL indoor chassis is 6093-06, it has a street price of $75, and you can hit up This Link to get more details over on Pro-Line’s website.

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RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR Mojave
RC4WD has announced their latest truck, a Trail Finder 2 RTR with Mojave Body Set. Being a ready to run, the Mojave TF2 makes it fast and easy to hit the trail, and like most other RC4WD products, its scale detailing is top notch. A 2.4GHz radio system eliminates radio conflicts, while its 45 turn brushed power system should put out plenty of smooth power to get over tough obstacles. To get that power to the ground, the Mojave uses an RC4WD R3 transmission and one of their Hammer transfer cases.

* Painted body with dropped bed
* R3 transmission
* Scale realistic tube bumpers, rock rails & skid plate
* Mud Thrasher tires on 1.55 steel beadlock wheels
* Leaf spring suspension
* Aluminum ladder frame chassis
* Metal axles with locked diffs
* Hammer 4×4 transfer case
* XR3b 2.4GHz radio system
* Outcry ESC w/ 45 turn brushed motor
* Twister digital metal gear servos

The part number is Z-RTR0019, street price is $459, and they are set for a Mid May release date. This is the link you want for more information over on RC4WD’s website.

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What's new: Friday, April 25th, 2014

Duratrax RC Paint
Have a hot paint scheme for that new body of yours? Now there is a new brand of paint to chose from, Duratrax RC Paints. Available in a wide variety of colors and in two different sizes, the Duratrax paints are said to offer excellent coverage at a great price per-ounce.

Duratrax RC Paint

* 4.5 oz Spray Cans- $7.99 each
* Fluorescent Paints 4.5 oz Spray Cans- $10.99
* Paints 0.5 oz Bottles- $4.49
* Fluorescent Paints 0.5 oz Bottles- $5.49

Duratrax Thinner

* 0.5 oz Bottle- $3.99
* 3.5 oz Bottle- $7.49

The entire line-up is said to be available in “Early Spring” and you can hit up This Link over on the official Duratrax website to check out all the available colors.

TGIF everybody, THIS is what it looks like when you hit a ramp with an XO-1.

Pro-Line VTR 2.4 Tires
The latest in uber performance wheels/tires for 1/10 scale buggies is the VTR 2.4″ line-up from Pro-Line. The VTR 2.4s have a larger diameter wheel giving the tire a shorter sidewall for better traction. The 8th scale type bead gives more surface area to glue to, resulting in less tires coming loose from the bead.

Now available in the VTR 2.4 line-up are Suburbs rear tires and Transistor 2wd & 4wd fronts. VTR rear wheels are also available in white and yellow. To get more information on all the products in the VTR 2.4 line-up simply Click This Link on Pro-Line’s website.

You never know what you will get with a TGIF Mystery Link.

RC4WD Interco Super Swamper 1.7 TSL/Bogger “Siped” Tires
Ever try siping an rc tire? Yes, it’s hard to get each cut exactly the same. Thankfully for you scale fanatics, RC4WD has announced Siped Interco Super Swamper 1.7s. With the new Super Swampers you get all the performance plus the cool looks of tires that have been siped.

Their part number is Z-T0117, they have a street price of $25 a pair, and they are available right now. For complete details Click Here to visit the RC4WD website.

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rc_blackhawk Now, I’ll admit I’m a big fan of watching large scale RC fly, drive, whatever.. but this would be insane. According to the press release “In cooperation with the U.S. Army, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. has successfully demonstrated optionally piloted flight of a Black Hawk helicopter, a significant step toward providing autonomous cargo delivery functionality to the U.S. Army. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.”

Basically they were showing off and moving some huge cement blocks around. While it’s not the first time full scale heli’s have been flown, I think it’s probably the first real Black Hawk helicopter. The press release talks about all sorts of safety features and their Matrix™ Technology, to help autonomous flying for optionally piloted aircraft. Would make for interesting flight training. Real pilot learning the ropes in the chopper or plane, some RC guy with a buddy box on the ground helping him out.

I just want to see someone brave enough to let our own 3DBill take the controls and start doing some 3D flying with that bad boy!

Picture provided by Sikorsky Aircraft.

Pro-Line Big Joe II 2.2 Mounted Tires
Want big traction on your small basher? Hate spending time gluing up tires? If so, Pro-Line has your hook-up with their new Pre-Mounted Big Joe II 2.2″ Tires. The pre-mounts come with PL’s Big Joe IIs mounted up on their popular 6 spoke Desperado Wheels to not only give your truck more traction, but to also add to its scale appearance. The Desperados even have a wide offset to improve stability.

The part number for the pre-mounts is 10105-11, they are priced at $26 per pair, and they are a direct bolt on for the Traxxas 1:16 Summit and HPI Savage XS Flux. For complete information simply Click This Link to head over to Pro-Line’s website.

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Team C TR10 4WD Touring Car
While ultra high end touring cars have their place, not everyone is looking to spend a small fortune. For you guys looking for an affordable touring car, Team C has announced their TR10. The Team C TR10 has several high-end features like a carbon fiber chassis, carbon fiber top deck, a floating servo, and aluminum motor mount and shock bodies, while keeping an affordable street price, around $250. The TR10 uses velcro instead of strapping tape to keep the battery in place, sports CV driveshafts, and we will post more information when it becomes available.

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What's new: Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Pro-Line 2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Clear Body
The crew over at Pro-Line aim to please, and today they’ve made Ram fans very happy. The new 2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Body from Pro-Line was made to turn your old short course truck into a scale looking truck that has been lifted. The PL Ram 1500 is fully licensed and also has the scale detailing everyone is after. Made to fit Slash, Slash 4×4, PRO-2, and SC10 2wd, this body should really turn heads at your local bash spot.

The part number for the Ram 1500 is #3420-00, it has a street price of $35, and you can hit up This Link to get full details.

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Yokomo Drift Package DIB Version 2
RC drifting has been gaining momentum in our hobby and as it grows comes more and more options for cars. One of the latest drift machines to be announced is the Yokomo Drift Package DIB Version 2. The DIB V2 is essentially a highly upgraded orginal DIB, making it one serious drift machine. Some of the features of the V2 include-

* 45 degree steering angle
* 4wd 2 belt drive
* Full bearing set
* Aluminum lower suspension arms
* New aluminum front upper bulkheads
* Front motor layout
* Carbon fiber chassis and shock towers
* Front one-way and solid rear axle

The part numbers are DP-DIB2R for red, DP-DIB2 for blue, and you can get complete information on the Yokomo website by Clicking This Link.

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ASK Cubby


I have to say without a doubt what you said about FB is the best thing I have ever read in the R/C world.
Amazed at what level people need to partake in voyeurism of other’s lives. Never been on it, never will. I will cheer loudly the day it runs out of use with society, I do not really care for what reason.
Thanks man, you got a great site,
James C.”

Cubby- Yo hey James, thanks for the email and for the props, be sure and hit Brian up for a free sticker pack. Yes indeed, I am not a fan of FB at all, to me it has become one huge sham, for both users and advertisers. But… we have a whole lot of readers who are big fans of FB, so we opened a BigSquidRC Group over there. “Groups” are what FB introduced to kill off the old school forums and they have taken off quite well. As far as our Group goes, thus far we’ve got some cool people posting some good material, lets hope it stays that way. And… it has become a sort of underground hotbed for industry types to check out whats going on in the basher scene.

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Team Associated ProRally 4WD Brushless RTR
Team Associated shows it’s never to late to join the party with their new ProRally 4wd Brushless RTR. Part of their bashing oriented Qualifier Series, the ProRally comes fully assembled sporting RockStar Energy livery in a choice of two different colors. Some of the ProRally’s features include-

* 550 sized, 3500kV Reedy brushless motor
* 7 cell NiMH Reedy pack
* Water resistant electronics
* Gear diffs front & rear
* Slipper clutch
* Full bearing set and metric hardware

The part number for the ProRally is #7070, it should be price just over $300, and it has a June release date. For all the details simply hit up This Link over on the Associated website.

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