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What's new: Monday, March 31st, 2014


Welcome to Part 2 of Round 2. This last bit of voting determines our Final [less than five but more than three]. Losi has two hats in the ring, but one is going home. Will it be their super tough Ten-SCTE or super big 5ive-T? HPI’s Savage Flux HP is taking on Traxxas’ Stampede 4×4. Both great trucks in their respective categories, but how do they stand up against each other?

This round of voting will go until 11:59 pm CDT on April 1st, and that’s no joke. If you’re on the front page, click the Read More button to find the polls, otherwise just scroll down and pick your winner.


What's new: Friday, March 28th, 2014

Team Durango DETC410 Unboxing
Team Durango, once a tiny, relatively unknown race oriented company, has become mainstream since being distributed by Great Planes. Part of going mainstream in rc is developing a wider product base. While Durango was well known for their uber off-roaders, they never offered anything for the on-road crowd.

Several months ago Durango started teasing a new high-end touring car. That car, the DETC410, has finally hit the market. The DETC410 fits the mold of most Durango products- the latest in engineering, and manufactured from high-end materials.

View below our unboxing pictures for the DETC410. Inside the box you’ll find a series of well organized plastic bags, several of which filled with trick looking aluminum and carbon fiber parts. What you won’t find inside the box are wheels, tires, or a body. Like most top-of-the-line products, Durango has excluded them so you can use the exact units that best suit your needs. We’ve included pictures of the Muchmore wheels/tires and PROTOform Mazda body that will be outfitting our test machine.

Our full review of the DETC is still a couple of weeks away, until then you can click This Link to check out more information over on the official Durango website.

Time for the last TGIF Mystery Link of the day!


I had been eying one of RC4WD‘s uber scale kits for quite some time so a few weeks ago I finally took the plunge on a Gelande 2. I’ve now had the time to give it a proper beating and see what it’s really made of. Is the beauty merely skin deep? Click “Read More” below to find out what I think.


Serpent Pre-painted 8th Scale Cobra GT Body
If you’ve read BSRC for any length of time then you already know we are big fans of pre-painted bodies. None of our staffers have any painting skillz, and quite frankly we would rather spend more time with our families or outside driving than wielding a rattle can. Today the fine folks over at Serpent announced a new Pre-Painted 1/8th Cobra GT Body. The body comes in their signature orange color and fits short wheelbase GT cars (325mm). It has a large rear wing for loads of downforce and is molded out of top quality polycarbonate.

The part number is #170311 and you can get more information over on the official Serpent Website.

Get your weekend kicked off right with a TGIF Mystery Link!


One of the cool things about Axial Recon G6 competition is that each event encourages local club participation by way of driver challenges. A G6 driver’s challenge can consist of almost anything; it may be as simple as a tough obstacle or something as crazy as building a raft to float their rig down a creek. I remember when I attended my first G6 last year a local hobby shop had sponsored a special “glider” section wherein drivers had to put down their remotes and try to fly a balsa glider onto a target for a time bonus. You never know what you may see.

That brings us to the “Iron Mountain Depot Recon G6″ (all info right here) taking place here in St. Louis on April 12. Big Squid RC is sponsoring a special driver’s challenge  consisting of a stretch of obstacles that we built (thanks to the club I’m a part of for all their work, Show-Me Scalers) to test the skill of many a G6′er. Running the obstacles extensively would be against the spirit of competition so we only hit them a couple times for photo purposes. They are very tough, which is perfect! Check out some teasers below.

If you plan on coming out please say hello (I’ll be in Big Squid garb w/ my hot rod flamed Axial SCX10 JK) and score some BSRC stickers for your rig!

For more Axial news on Big Squid you can click here.

JConcepts 4mm locking wheel nuts
An easy (and affordable) way to add some bling to your ride is by bolting on upgrade wheel nuts. The folks over at JConcepts have just announced some new lightweight, and low profile, 4mm wheel nuts. These come in two different colors, black or blue, and bolt right on 10th scale Traxxas vehicles, the Associated SC10 4×4, and the TLR 22/22t and SCTE 2.0.

The part number for blue is #2156-1, the part number for black is #2156-2, and they both are priced at $15 for a set of four. To get more information hit up This Link over on the official JConcepts website.

Click Here for a high flying TGIF Mystery Link.

TopCad Cage Axial Wraith
The crew over at TopCad have a new Steel Outer Cage for your Axial Wraith. The cage is available in four different colors of powder coating (black, green, red and orange) and has an LED roof rack for even more scale realism.

The part number for the cage is #23113, it has a street price of $72, and is available right now from AsiaTees Hobbies.

Ready for the first TGIF Mystery Link of the day? If so, simply Click This Link.


[Update: Yar, these polls be closed, matey. We're taking a day off and we'll be picking back up with Round 2, Part 2 of voting on Monday, the 31st, at 8:00 am. Thank you for voting in this round!]

Eight gone, eight move on. You could say there were some upsets in the first Round. Last year’s champion, the Slash 4×4 went down in flames against Losi’s 5ive-T. And the Stampede 4×4 knocked out it’s own brother, the Slash 2wd, quite handily.

Things are really starting to gain steam now and the voting from here on out is going to be fast and furious. Once again, we’ll be splitting Round 2 into two parts. The first bout sees Axial’s big buggy, the EXO Terra taking on Vaterra’s mega monster truck, the Halix. The second fight on the card pits Thunder Tiger’s wicked rig, the MT4-G3 versus Arrma’s refreshed and super fresh Granite BLX.

This poll will run until 11:59 pm CDT, March 29th. If you’re on the front page, click the Read More button to vote, otherwise just scroll down and click the shiny buttons.


What's new: Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

We recently got the chance to check out the new Buggy Conversion Kit from Pro-Line. This kit makes it easy to change your PL PRO-2 short course truck into a scale looking off-road buggy. Here is what we found out…

From - Pro-Line Racing
Direct Link - PL Buggy Conversion Kit

Details - Part number 6254-00, street price $76. Fits PL PRO-2 SCT, and Traxxas 2wd Slash when equipped with PL LCG chassis, performance tranny, and ProTrac rear tower.

Set-Up Notes - We converted over Cubby’s PRO-2 SCT that was equipped with an Xpert servo, Castle brushless system, Futaba 4PK Super R radio system, and PL Badlands tires on Split Six wheels. Mike over at Blaze RC threw a wicked paint job on the body for us, and we used a 3S Dynamite LiPo for power.

Build Notes - The Pro-Line conversion kit went together without a hitch. The instruction manual was well done and easy to follow, and all the parts went together without issue. Installing the conversion kit didn’t take that long, roughly 2 hours of wrenching at a leisurely pace.

Upsides - There are two major upsides to the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit, the scale looks, and how the buggy jumps. With scale appearance being of the utmost importance now days, Pro-Line did a great job with the body and roll cage. The plastic netting on the roll cage looks good and doesn’t get ripped out like rubber netting would. Also, the roll cage is keyed into the chassis to help make it stiffer, this also helps keep the chassis from getting bent on big hits. On the jumping side of things, there is no parachute effect on the buggy like you would normally experience with a short course truck. You could hit jumps on a windy day with the buggy conversion and never have to worry about it flipping over backwards, this is a big plus in our book.

Downsides - While we didn’t break any parts during our review, the buggy uses much smaller bumpers and does not use long/flexible body posts like on the truck version of the PRO-2. The bigger bumpers & body mounts on the truck help offer more protection during extreme bashing than the units on the buggy.

The Final Scoop - We found the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit to be a great product. It was easy to install, gave our PRO-2 a cool new look, and it took a beating without breaking. The buggy conversion also helped our PRO-2 jump a lot better on the big outdoor tracks that we frequent. The Pro-Line conversion kit rocks and we can highly recommend it to you.

JConcepts Chassis Protective Sheet
Chassis protectors are great for keeping your chassis looking new and to decrease friction between your chassis and the dirt. JConcepts has announced two new chassis protectors, one for the Associated RC10B5 and for its brother the mid-motored RC10B5M. These are made to be easy to apply and come with 2 pieces per package.

The part number for the B5 protector is #2344, while the part number for the B5M is #2345. Both are priced at $15 and you can get more information at This Link over on JConcept’s website.

For more JConcepts news hit up This Link on BigSquidRC.

ASK Cubby

“Halix build
I am very interested in your Vaterra Halix project. This has been one of my all time favorite trucks. I’ve upgraded the wheels, tires, and shocks. It is much better than stock.
You may ask why, but I wondered if you had any suggestions for upgrading the motor?
Any input is appreciated.

Cubby- Yo Dave, just like you we are big fans of the Vaterra Halix. It looks cool, drives awesome, and has good yank right out of the box. But… “good’ is never enough, therefore we started a hop-up series on the Halix. You’ve probably already seen the first couple of installments and we’ve got several in the can on the way.

Yes, later in our hop-up series you’ll see us throw in major power. We did so to have the ability to rip off massive backflips (on the ground and in the air), and to generally overpower it just like every good basher should.

What would I recommend for you? First, upgrade to MIP CVDs, they are a must on big power with the Halix. Then… the Halix comes stock with a 540 sized motor, it could really use a longer 550 for more torque to turn those big tires over. There is plenty of extra space for a longer can, and it will bolt right up. To get specifics on brand, gearing, cell count etc, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for our hop-up article. :)

Hit the “Read More” button for the second letter of the week, one that asks how to go high speed running with an 8th scale buggy on a $70 budget.


Spring Fling 2407Over the weekend of March 22nd and 23rd A-Main Speedway, with an assist from Steel City RC Club, hosted the RC racing portion of their 2nd annual Spring Fling event in Pueblo, CO. We’re not really a race orientated group here at the Squid, for the most part bashing is our forté. But then C.L. Morgan, proprietor of A-Main Speedway, uttered those words that make our ears perk up and hearts beat a little faster: “We’re having a Big Air contest.” We’re in. Not only were we in, we sponsored the deal with lots of swag with the various Big Squid logos plastered all over the place, because that’s how we roll. Logos and ads, two things you’ll never see lacking on Big Squid.

But before everybody broke their cars and trucks in the big air contest, there was a lot of racing to be done. It started Saturday with all of the qualifying. And there was a lot of it. With ten race classes on two tracks, there was non-stop RC action going on every minute of the day. Until the weather turned and it got so cold that no one could stand it any more. So the party moved into the hobby shop where the door prize portion of the evening commenced. With sponsorship from the likes of Tekin, JConcepts, Team Associated, Viper, Venom, and more, there was plenty of stuff to give away. As the day wrapped up and the crowd filtered out the door into the snowy evening, the anticipation and excitement for the big day of racing that was coming could be felt all through the shop.

What does one do when snow is on the ground the morning of your big race day? You break out the snow shovel and start racing, that’s what. And that’s what happened Sunday morning. After a short delay and a bit of work clearing the driver’s stand and pit table, the racing was begun. Starting on the small track,  the lower mains for Pro-2 and Pro-4 trucks were run through and the plaques were handed out, followed by the 1/10 2wd buggy A main. After the buggies came the Sportsman class, where all the new drivers get their start. This race was one of my favorite of the day.  Young and old alike stood up on the driver’s stand, all newbies, all just trying their hardest to run a good line around the track. While the racing itself was rather manic and many collisions between vehicles and pipes occurred, hearing the encouraging words and tips from the more experienced marshals on the track, the spectators on the sides, and the race commentator just drove home the point that this wasn’t some major national championship level event where teams of factory shoes tried their hardest to one-up the next guy. It was a grass roots effort to have fun and friendly competition with egos checked at the door. The Short Course Buggies and Pro-4 A mains rounded out the racing on the small track. All attention then moved to the large track for 1/8 scale e-buggy, nitro buggy, truggy, monster truck, and more 1/10 Pr0-4 racing took place. With massive jumps and long straights these races saw big air and high speeds.

And that brings us to our main event. The Big Squid RC Big Air competition. After taking a bit of time grooming the launch ramp to provide a proper amount of big air, we started the show off right with the “Unlimited Class” and a Ten-SCTE on 4S, driven by Dan Hawken, pulling huge air and back-flipping much to the crowd’s delight. The man himself, C.L. Morgan tried to surpass the high bar set by Dan by sending his 1/8 scale e-buggy high and far, somehow managing to pull a forward flip with a twist but he couldn’t quite stick the landing. Many other attempts were made and many cars and trucks ended up broken, in the end Dan walked away with one of them brand spankin’ new hoodies that we’re now selling, before they were available to the general public. The two wheel drive class saw less air but no less excitement as competitors hucked their trucks left and right off the big ramp to score as much hang time as possible. Bryan McKeever ended up taking the win and scored himself a hoodie as well to go with the awesome Big Squid shirt he got at the give away the evening before.

All-in-all the 2014 Spring Fling was an excellent event and any basher would fit right in with the family-friendly crowd that was gathered. Comparing A-Main Speedway’s Spring Fling to the last big RC event I went to, the 2010 ROAR 1/8 Fuel Nationals, I have to say, spending a weekend at a local/semi-regional independent event with a group of amateurs is much more fun and exciting than going to a major national competition with famous faces all over the place. I’d rather be around people who’s passion for RC is derived from the fun of it all and not driven by the need to Win All The Things. The crew at A-Main Speedway and the helpful members of Steel City RC Club put on a great and fun event. If you’re in the area next year, be sure to check it out. In the mean time, hit up A-Main Speedway and Steel City RC Club on the Facebook to find out what they’re all about.

Spring Fling 5564

Core RC Pace 60R Speed Control
Core RC has a new speed controller aimed at the 1S LiPO pan car crowd. The Pace 60R ESC can be run on sensored or sensorless motors and features multiple programming options.

* Zero timing Blinky mode
* 2S maximum cell count
* 6.5 turn motor limit
* Adjustable LVC
* Reverse can be locked out for racing
* Easy to set up

The part number for the Pace 60R is #CR199 and you can get more information at This Link over on Schumacher’s website.

Click Here for more Core RC news on BigSquidRC.