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Win a New ARRMA Granite Mega Monster Truck!

You KNOW you want a ARRMA Granite.
It’s a great truck! ARRMA and Hobbico have been kind enough to let us give one away!
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What's new: Thursday, October 24th, 2013

THE ARRMA Raider BLX Brushless RTR Buggy Review

ARRMA Raider BLX Review

ARRMA has become known as a solid manufacture of bash worthy machines. Today we’ll be giving their new Raider BLX Brushless Buggy the full bash treatment to determine whether it is worthy of your cash, or not worth a second glance. If you are looking at buying a solid bash buggy, you should read the results closely. Lets dive right in shall we? Hit the “Read More” to get this party started…


Blade 180 QX HD Quadcopter
Capturing video from an aerial perspective is a great look for your rc videos. With that in mind, Blade has just announced their 180 QX HD Quadcopter. The Blade 180 comes with a 720p video camera that also captures 1.3 megapixel stills. A 2GB Micro-SD storage card comes with the Blade 180 to hold all the cool shots you get.

To make the Blade 180 easy to fly, it comes standard with SAFE stability technology. SAFE makes the 180 easy to fly, even for noobs. With enough power to be flown indoors or out, the 180 should be a blast to fly any time you get the itch.

The part number for the RTF version of the 180 QX HD is #BLH7400 and it has a street price of $179. It also comes in a BNF version, part number #BLH7480 with a street price of $149. Hit up This Link for more information.

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ask cubby rc

“I have been thinking about going with piggyback shocks on my Associated T4 but do not know how much better they will perform. What are the upsides and downsides?

Bryan G.”

Cubby- Hey now Bryan, thanks for the email and be sure to shoot Brian your snail mail for a free sticker pack.

Hey bro, I’m so glad you decided to go with piggyback shocks, they are so rad. You can instantly plow through railroad ties and jump off the roof of the tallest building you can find and they just soak it up! Break out your credit card fast, I can’t believe you lived without them for so long!!!

And back to the real world…

Hate to break the bad news to ya, but in the rc world a “piggyback” reservoir on a shock is mostly (who am I kidding, they are 100%) cosmetic. There are piggyback shocks out there that don’t even hold any oil, and even if they did, the shocks never get hot enough to warrant the extra volume. Piggybacks work well in the full scale world, but that doesn’t transfer down to us.

However… they do look freak’n cool and if you are building a scale machine I would consider them a must have simply for looks.

“Cubby the new car I got says I should adjust camber and toe “when necessary”, what does that mean? I know you can help and thank you.

Wilson M.”

Cubby- Yo hey Wilson, thanks for the email, and freak’n of course I can help you out.

With that said… maybe you don’t know what camber or toe is. If that’s the case Google it, I don’t have time for you. But seriously, camber is the vertical angle of the wheels when viewed from the front or back. Negative camber, tires angled in at the top, lends to more grip in corners. Toe is the angle of the wheels pointing in or out from the centerline of the vehicle. Positive toe gives more steering at corner entry. If that was your question, we are done here.

If you have half a brain and already knew what camber and toe were, I will guess your question pertains to why you might need to adjust them as you own a vehicle.

Adjusting toe and camber is a very valuable tuning aid. For example, lets say the rear of your truck is loose in corners. You can dial in a couple degrees of negative camber on the rear wheels and find some much needed grip, simply making your truck easier to drive.

Also of note, camber and toe will need to be adjusted over time, especially after you hit hard objects (like everyone does). Smacking a curb at 30 can very easily tweak a camber rod, knuckle, etc, resulting in your camber/toe getting knocked a bit out of whack. I consider a RPM camber gauge a “must have” item for your pit box, ours get used daily.

Go fast, have fun, and smash stuff hard Wilson.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, shoot me your questions/hate mail/manifestos to Cubby at, you’ll be soooo glad ya did. Every letter that makes the bigtime earns the author a free sticker pack and if I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” you’ll get a free BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks
Our friends over at Pro-Line Racing have just announced Pro-Spec high end shocks. The Pro-Spec shocks are designed to offer the ultimate in performance while being tough enough to take a hard beating.

A single x-ring seal, white delrin pistons and shaft guides, and 3.5mm hard chrome coated shock shafts ensure a silky smooth stroke. The Pro-Specs come with extra pistons and travel limiters so you can dial them in to your specific application. The Pro-Specs are a 12mm big bore design and come in kit form.

The part number for the Pro-Spec SCT fronts are #6308-00, the rears are #6308-01, and they have a street price of $67 per pair. Hit up This Link for more information.

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What's new: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Carisma GT16MT Unboxing
Carisma might not be available here in the states (yet!), but they sure have a cool looking bash line-up. Today we’ll show you what it looks like to pull a brand new Carisma GT16MT out of the box.

The pictures below don’t really show the scale of the GT16MT but it is a big “mini”. The GT16MT dwarfs an Associated RC18T and is substantially larger than an 18th scale ECX Ruckus. The other thing that stuck out during the unboxing was the lexan undertray and buggy body/inner tray on the Carisma.

Our full review goes live in a couple weeks, until then check out our unboxing pictures. To get more information on all the products that Carisma makes simply hit This Link.

Click Here to read more Carisma news on BigSquidRC, and hit the “Read More” button for two more unboxing galleries of the GT16MT.


Pro-Line Pre-Cut Body
There are many reasons why Pro-Line is our favorite body company, now we’ve got another one, they are teasing new bodies and wings that come pre-cut. Ever spend hours painting up a new body only to realize you’ve still got to spend a bunch of time trimming it? Ever have excess body material get in the way while you were painting? The new pre-cut bodies and wings from Pro-Line are bound to save you a lot of time and aggravation.

More information will be coming on these soon, until then hit up This Link to visit the official Pro-Line website

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Time is running out to enter our Pro-Line Pro-2 truck give-away, hit This Link to get entered!

Kyosho SCORPION XXL Convertible Kit GP/VE
So lets say you want a big 7th scale buggy that comes as a kit and is easily convertible from nitro to electric. Boy are you in luck, Kyosho has announced their new Scorpion XXL kit buggy that comes with the parts needed to go from nitro to electric right in the box. For even more value, the Scorpion XXL convertible kit comes with upgrade parts like high grip tires, universal swing shafts, and steel spur gear. But wait, that’s not all! Also included is a spare parts pack molded in a limited edition neon blue color.

The part number for the Kyosho Scorpion XXL convertible kit is #30972 and you can get more information by hitting up This Link.

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Unboxing ECX Ruckus 1/18
Small scale vehicles can make great bash machines, they are inexpensive, usually take a good beating, and can be driven almost anywhere. Today we’ll be showing you what it looks like to unbox a new ECX 1/18th Ruckus 4wd Monster Truck. It’s bigger brother is loads of fun to bash, we’ll see if the 18th scale version is just as, if not more, fun.

The first thing we noticed after cracking the box open was the Ruckus came with everything you need to go driving, even the AA batteries for the transmitter are included. Next, the size of the Ruckus is quite impressive for an 18th scale which should help make it more versatile on rough surfaces. Our full review goes up in the next couple of weeks, until then enjoy the unboxing pictures and you can hit up This Link for more information on the 1/18th Ruckus.

Click Here for more ECX news on BigSquidRC. Be sure and hit the “Read More” button for two more unboxing galleries of the 1/18th Ruckus.


MIP Pro8 Conversion kit
Want to turn that beast of a Losi SCTE 2.0 you have into a lightweight 8th scale buggy? The crew over at MIP now make a conversion kit that makes it a snap. The kit contains new towers, new wheel hexes, wing mounts, and body mounts, as well as handling upgrades like springs and shock pistons.

The part number for the MIP conversion kit is #13300 and they should start shipping before the end of the month.

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We just posted a video of some of our demos that we did this year at iHobby 2013. This video was compiled from aerial footage that our own 3DBill shot with his tri-copter during a few of our runs. Check out some of the high-flying, extreme rc bashing. At one point there are 6 vehicles in the air at once! Enjoy!

Make sure to click on it and watch in HD!

What's new: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


We recently posted a teaser about a scale paint project we were working on. We received a envelope, and inside a parts tree that said Choose Your Head Wisely. We stuck our best model painter on the project and here are the results. Keep in mind these heads aren’t much bigger than a US Quarter. The skeleton came out amazing! The shading and the texture looks awesome.

So letting the cat out of the bag, this new parts tree is from Axial Racing, and we are pretty excited about them.

Now you may be saying to yourself.. “Ok, these look cool, and I want them. But what the heck am I supposed to put them on?” Well.. we will have that answer for you on (MESSAGE REDACTED). Lets just say.. very soon!

Hit the Axial Website for more awesome scale goodness, and very soon more info on the heads.

Need more Axial News? Check HERE on BigSquidRC?

What do you guys think?

Durango DEX408 V2
The original Team Durango DEX408 buggy was fast and handled like a dream. Today the Durango crew released a Teaser Shot of the upcoming V2. The biggest change shown in the picture is the location of the rear shocks, they are now mounted behind the tower instead of in front. Full details and more pictures are coming later in the week, until then you can hit This Link to visit the official teaser page on Durango’s website.

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Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI BNF
If one motor is fun, two has to be even better. Parkzone has announced their new Mosquito Mk VI, a replica of Britain’s twin engine warbird. This twin-motor park flyer comes with loads of scale detailing and is said to be great fun to fly. Some of its specifications and features include-

* Made from durable Z-Foam
* Two 1300kv brushless motors installed
* Two 18 amp ESCs installed
* Authentic trim scheme
* Pilot, gun, panel line, and cockpit detailing
* Easy access electronic and battery hatches
* Spektrum receiver installed

The Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI comes as a BNG #PKZ6350, $249 or in PNP form, #PKZ6375, $229, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops in late November. Hit up This Link for more information.

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