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What's new: Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Tattu 6200 Lipo
Just a few years ago new Lipo companies were popping up all the time, since then the Lipo frenzy has died down a notch. Lipo is still hot of course and one of the latest companies to arrive on the scene is Tattu. Tattu is focused on putting out high quality packs that will not only make your bash machine faster, but also be long lasting. Pictured above is their new 2S 6200 hardcase pack which fits in a vast array of bash vehicles.

* Max continuous discharge- 80C/496 amps
* Size- 138x47x25mm
* Gross weight- 397 grams
* Balance plug- JST-XH-3P
* Wire size- 12AWG
* Plug type- 4.0mm Banana Plug to Deans

The part number for the Tattu 2S 6200 is #TA-80-6200-2S-H and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official Tattu website.

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OFNA Hyper Sprint 1/8th Dirt Oval Car
We often throw around the saying “Go fast, turn left!” as a type of good-bye around the BigSquidRC offices, but there aren’t that many oval cars introduced to the rc market each year. For all you oval fans out there, say hello to the Ofna Hyper Sprint. The Hyper Sprint is an 8th scale nitro powered dirt oval car that should be a lot of fun to blast around the local oval track or to slide around an empty dirt lot with your friends. Some features and specifications of the Hyper Sprint include-

* .28 JL nitro engine
* Detailed scale appearance
* 4wd with 3 gear differentials
* C-hub suspension
* Dirt tread tires
* Front & rear sway bars
* Wheelbase- 12.75″
* Width- 12″
* Length- 19″
* Weight- 8.5 lbs

The part number for the Hyper Sprint is #14333, it has a street price of $419, and you should start seeing them in hobby shops mid-December. For more information simply click This Link.

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What's new: Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Helion Lagos Sport Boat Unboxing
Helion RC is best known for their rc trucks, but we recently received their new boat, the Lagos Sport for review. The Lagos Sport is about 14″ long, is completely ready-to-run, and has an affordable street price of $59. Our full review is still a couple of weeks away, until then check out the unboxing pictures to see exactly what it looks like when you crack the box open.

For more information on the Lagos Sport hit up This Link and to get more Helion news on BigSquidRC just Click Here.



Hey guys, Adam the intern here with a review of Axial’s 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Kit! I put it though some serious tests to see what it was made of and had some interesting results…  Press READ MORE to see my complete thoughts.

RC4WD Mickey Thompson 2.2 Baja Claw TTC Radial Scale Tires
New from RC4WD are officially licensed 2.2″ Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC tires for that scaler or crawler of yours. Not only do they look like the real deal, but they are made from super soft rubber to give loads of traction.

* Inner Ribbing for greater sidewall support
* Weight- 5.04oz each
* Inner diameter- 2.2″
* Outer diameter- 5.84″
* X2 SS Compound, super soft & sticky

The part number is #Z-T0112, the street price is $29 a pair, and they are available right now. For more information simply click This Link.

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Progressive RC Modular Charge Boards
Some hobbyists charge a lot of batteries. If you have a lot of batteries to charge, but not many battery chargers, charging packs in parallel can be an option to get the job done. The folks over at Progressive RC have made a new video showcasing their Modular Parallel Charging Boards. The Progressive RC charge boards make it easy to daisy chain packs off of one charger.

To get more information on the Progressive RC charge boards check out the video below or simply click This Link to visit the Progressive RC website.

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PROTOform MAZDA6 GX Clear Body
When it comes to making world class racing bodies for touring cars, PROTOform is the king of the hill. Their latest body, the Mazda6 GX, is sure to win as many races as it will turn heads with its cool look.

The PROTOform Mazda6 GX is a 190mm clear Lexan body designed to fit on touring cars. It comes with details like hood air extractors, striking lines, and a signature Mazda grill. The body is fully licensed and comes with overspray protection, window masks, and a rear wing.

There are two part numbers, #1536-25 for the light weight version, #1536-30 for the regular, and you can expect a street price of right around $25. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official PROTOform website.

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What's new: Monday, December 2nd, 2013

MaxAmps 1s Lipo Review


Small Quadcopters like the Heli-Max 1SQ, Traxxas QR-1 and others are all the rage. They are the hot thing in RC right now, and when everyone has them, it’s time to look for upgrades. Well, there isn’t much you can do to these Mini quads as they are pretty bare bones to keep the weight down, and the usability up. Well that’s where MaxAmps comes in! We decided to take two of our Quadcopter Shootout vehicles and compare their stock batteries to some upgraded MaxAmps Lipos.

Even if you aren’t looking for a ‘upgrade’ you will probably want at least one or more extra lipo batteries when you are looking to get in some extended flying time and don’t want to wait around to charge the pack again.

First up was the stock Heli-Max pack. It’s a 1s 250mah lipo battery. During our testing we averaged about 7 minutes and 10 seconds of flight time. The pack weighs in at 8 grams.

We then swapped in the MaxAmps pack. The pack is a 1s 400mah lipo. We then averaged about 11 minutes and 20 seconds of flying time. The MaxAmps 400mah pack weighs 11 grams.

So we gained an additional 4 minutes+. Some people would say since we almost double the mah we should double the flight time, but you need to take into account the extra weight. We were pretty happy with the results of this upgrade. If you have seen us fly.. 11 minutes of airtime is a LONG time.

Next up was the Traxxas QR-1 testing. The stock pack in the Traxxas is a 1s 240mah lipo battery. We averaged about 7 minutes and 15 seconds of flying time. It weighed 8 grams.

We swapped out the stock Traxxas battery for a MaxAmps 1s 260mah pack. With the MaxAmps battery we were getting 7 minutes and 32 seconds of flying time. A slight increase, but the other interesting thing is that the MaxAmps pack weighs 7 grams. So you actually save 1 gram while getting more flying time. This might not seem like a lot, but to the flying guys, every gram counts.

Our final thoughts, you are going to want an extra battery or two, the MaxAmps packs are a great choice that will gain you flying time, and possibly even save a little weight. The price is right also! $9.99 for the 260 mah pack, and $12.99 for the 400 mah pack.

If you are in the market for some new packs, make sure you check them out!

You can head over to the official MaxAmps webpage for more information at THIS LINK.

Battery Flight Time Weight
Stock QR-1 240mah 7:15 8g
MaxAmps 260mah 7:32 7g
Stock 1SQ 250mah 7:10 8g
MaxAmps 400mah 11:20 11g

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Team Durango DEX410v4 4WD BuggyAfter a bit of teasing, Team Durango has released full information on their new DEX410v4 off-road buggy. The DEX410 platform is a proven winner, with the Version 4 upgrades it should be even more of an animal on the track.

* 10th scale 4wd kit
* Front & rear gear diffs
* Harder diff cases
* Ultra-Slim aluminum chassis
* Premium carbon fiber parts
* Universal joint center drive shafts
* Two way slipper clutch
* Revised a-arms
* Low stiction shock o-rings & updated pistons
* New Dimec X spec ball cups
* Cab forward body
* Larger body clips (Cubby will like those) & captured hinge pins

The part number for the DEX410v4 is #TD102030, it has a street price of $399, and you can expect for it to start hitting hobby shops later this month. For more information simply follow This Link.

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amazon prime air
Last night the big man over at Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was on 60 Minutes to reveal a new 30 minute delivery service that they’ve been experimenting with. The Amazon Prime Air super fast delivery service is said to use self-piloting quadcopter drones to deliver a 5 pound cargo up to 10 miles. The hobby community knows the vast array of obstacles that would need to be overcome to make this delivery system a reality, it would simply be impossible. However, it is cool that quads are getting some massive mainstream coverage, and that perhaps at some point in the future this type of technology might help make ultra-quick delivery a possibility.

Check out the short video clip below to see Amazon Prime Air in action, Click Right Here to visit Amazon’s website.

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Revolectrix Cellpro Dual PowerLab 8x2 Battery Charger
Sometimes you just need serious power and the new Cellpro Dual PowerLab 8×2 from Revolectrix has 2688 watts of it. Huge raw power is one thing, but the Cellpro was also designed to be reliable, flexible, and to have intuitive operation. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Max charge rate- 40A per channel
* Accurate four point internal resistance measurement of each cell
* 95W internal non-regenerative discharge capability
* Aluminum top panel, ABS body
* Over-sized internal heatsink
* 25 User Presets and 50 Library Presets per channel
* Automatic Low voltage restore for recovering damaged or overdischarged packs
* Cold weather mode reduces end-charge voltage
* Max cell count- 8S Lithium, 21S NiMH per channel
* Input voltage- 10-48VDC, input current- 1A to 40A per channel
* Regenerative discharge up to 40A
* Max output power per channel- 408W at 12VDC, 1344W at 39.53VDC
* 2 line, 16 character, backlit LCD display per channel
* Size- 10.24″ x 5.55″x 3.08″
* Two 50mm cooling fans

The part number for the PowerLab 8×2 is #LC08S40ADIC-MC, they have a street price of $350 and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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LRP Vector K7 Brushless Motors
The folks over at LRP have announced some new brushless motors for their Vector K7 line-up. You can now get 6.5, 8.5, and 10.5 turns in the Vector K7 line which is known for offering top of the line performance at a reasonable price. The Vector K7 540 line was also designed for good durability and the ability to work in a wide variety of applications.

* Can be used on sensored or non-sensored speed controllers
* Aluminium motor housing for better cooling
* Handwound
* Oversized bearings
* High-power sintered magnet
* PreciSensor System for smoother response

The part number for the 6.5 turn is #50431, for the 8.5 turn it is #50441, and #50451 is the number for the 10.5 turn. To get more information hit up This Link.

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Random IHobby Pic Cubby Teaching a DriverHello fellow rc hobbyists, members of the industry, and people who landed here via a random Google search, Happy Monday and welcome to THE Freak’n Cub Report.

No moto & no F1 means I have been stuck doing the rc thing. Actually, as much as I like to say I am a slacker, I have been putting way, wayyyyy too much time into rc lately, so much that I had to essentially take last week off. I didn’t touch an rc, didn’t drive one, and basically did as little as humanly possible in the rc world. I’ve been burnt out on the hobby for so long now that I think I have forgotten what it feels like to be 100% gung-ho, but taking last week off has lit at least a small fire inside of me to get crack’n at it again.

I did notice that we posted a blurb about how an rc media source will be shipping an additional 4k copies of their dead trees into the real world in the next few months. Talking with some members of the industry they were pretty stoked, well, until I told them we have that many visitors to our site between 6 a.m. and noon each and every day. That seemed to take a of the coolness off the pr, whoops. But then other industry members weren’t so stoked. These are the industry types that know better, they know dinosaur media is on its last leg, and that no amount of copies put on newsstands are going to save them. In fact, they saw it more as a way to raise advertising prices, which already have a ridiculously low ROI.

Which brings me to… I tend to see that a lot. Some industry types haven’t made the transition yet. They have advertised in magazines for decades and they have a hard time believing their sparse ad budgets are better spent on the web. Partly from their old school personal feelings, and perhaps due to a feeling of wanting to help out old friends, they keep on cutting those big checks every month for a form of advertising that is well past its expiration date.

I talked to one of my industry guys the other day that was totally stoked about how his product was slated for a magazine cover. I felt kinda bad (actually, no I didn’t) when I started to laugh. I was laughing because I know a front page post here on BigSquidRC, or over on Area 52, or RedRC, or NeoBuggy, or any of the “big” news sites, would actually get a whole lot more real people eyeballs seeing it. Yes, certainly, back in the day a cover was a huge deal, but that was over a decade ago and things have changed a LOT since then. Now days, just making the front page of one of the big internet news sites will give much, muchhhh more exposure.

I also talked to another industry type who thought our Facebook page was a joke. Yes, we started on the Facebook game much later than other companies, mainly because none of the main staffers liked Facebook (and still don’t), but our Facebook page is solid, loaded with actual human beings that breathe, eat food, and actually drive rc. My industry buddy thought our FB was a joke because one of the dinosaur media pages was getting 2,000 new followers a week while ours was getting only 100. Once again, I started laughing, but I definitely didn’t feel bad that time. I was laughing because my buddy was so freak’n obtuse to the social media “game”. It is sooo easy to buy “Likes” or “Followers” in social media. It is easy to run up your total followers by cutting checks. And those big inflated numbers will absolutely impress the less internet savvy. But… those BS inflated numbers are an instant give away to companies that have their internet act together. When perhaps the biggest company in our hobby might only get 300 new followers a week across their entire spectrum of brands (with most of them coming from the United States) any smaller company that is getting thousands (with most of them coming out of India, Asia, or South America) it becomes absolutely obvious that one company is on the up-and-up, and another is getting followers by paying for robots.

I could go on and on here, there are so many ways to “cheat”, so many ways to manipulate the numbers, that I could literally write for days and days about it. My point here is that at BigSquidRC we actually go out of our way to keep things legit, something that I think most advertisers aren’t used to. For decades numbers have been fudged in this industry, we are one of the very few that has made a pledge to keep things legit, for better or worse. We wear our 100 new followers a week like a badge of honor and we feel lucky to get that many warm bodies to care enough to follow us, they are incredibly hard to get in this late stage of FB. And yes, we laugh daily at media sources who racked up another thousand new followers based out of Bangladesh.

On a different note…

What’s coming up this week on BSRC? You can expect another Vine (or two), a new Dromida review, a product spotlight/mini-review on the RC4WD snow plow, hopefully another mystery review (by Adam “The Intern”!!!), all the daily news worth hearing about (and none of the boring crap), and more, much more!

That’s it for this week, I would like to extend a personal thank you to each and every one of you for reading BigSquidRc, and I would like to ask you to support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter