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What's new: Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Xtronic Series Servo HobbyTech
The crew over at HobbyTech have just announced their new Xtronic Series of waterproof servo’s. Now you can get a variety of high performance servo’s that aren’t afraid to get wet during a hardcore bashing session or trail drive.

The Xtronic Series includes the XT W03 (3kg torque, plastic gear), XT W06MG (6kg, metal gear, low profile), XT W09MG (9kg, metal gear), and the XT W13MG (13kg, metal gear). All the Xtronic servo’s come with beefy aluminum cases and are waterproof. For more information check out the official HobbyTech Website.

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RadShapeRC Scale Chassis
If you are looking to start from the ground up and create a truly customized trail rig the new T-Rail Trail Chassis from RadShapeRC would get you off to a great start. The new RadShapeRC chassis is made from high quality aluminum and is made to look like a real full scale off-road chassis. The T-Rail chassis also comes with multiple mounting positions for shocks and bar links to make it even more customizable.

Part number for the new T-Rail chassis is #RRCCRW01-BBLA while it carries a street price of $125. These are available right now and you can get more information by simply clicking on THIS LINK.

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What's new: Monday, May 6th, 2013

RB Innovations 1/5th Scale Supercharger
Are you the type of person that can’t get enough power? Hey, we know how you feel, and so do the people at RB Innovations. RB has just announced their new Supercharger for 5th scale engines. Whether you are a 5th scale drag racer, you drive in the dunes, or just want a LOT more power to bash with, the RB Innovations supercharger can help take your power output from mild to wild.

The RB supercharger is made to bolt right up to CY and Zenoah engines and is built to last. The part number is #9450 and is priced at $275. HERE is the link you want for more information over on the official RB site.

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Tamiya Agrios TXT-2
Tamiya has a long history of putting out monster trucks for the bashing crowd, their latest is the Agrios 4×4 TXT-2. The Agrios is a twin motored, 4×4 monster truck that comes as a kit, allowing you to build it properly and install your own electronics. You can even add a second servo to the rear axle for 4 wheel steering, just like full scale monster trucks have. Four link suspension and solid axles give it a true monster truck appeal.

Part number for the Agrios is #58549, street price is $499, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shop shelves in late May. Hit up THIS LINK for more information on the Agrios on the official Tamiya website.

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team associatedHello everyone, welcome to another week in the rc hobby, and welcome again to THE Cub Report.

The 2013 Supercross Series is officially over but it went out with one heck of a bang. While the big boy pants class was all wrapped up last week, both of the 250 region titles came down to real nail-biters. On the East Coast Wild Willy Hahn won his first supercross title, but just barely. KTM rider Marvin “The Martian” Musquin came up about 10 feet short of making a last lap pass to rob Hahn of the title. For the West coat, Eli Tomac was the reigning champ and a huge favorite, but after a couple of mid-season crashes he ended up way behind on points. K-Roc capitalized and gave KTM their very first Supercross title. I can’t imagine how stoked the Big Orange team and Roger DeCoster are right now.

BTW, thank goodness the Lucas Oil outdoor motocross nationals start in just two weeks. :) If I had to guess, I’d say there is going to be a whole lot of orange up front there too.

I am soooo not the serious type, but… cancer Freak’n sucks….

A couple really kick a$$ rc guys are battling with cancer right now- Car Action’s Steven Bess, and a good friend of mine Richard S. (internet handle Go1die) from Missouri. You guys probably haven’t heard about Go1die, but he’s an old racing friend of mine who always made everyone around him smile, he’s a great hearted guy that always stood up for the right things, and is one of the few people walking this planet that I would actually trust my kids with. Go1die also helped me out tremendously a few years ago when THE Cub Report first went up on the web.

Go1die and Steven are both really cool guys, and both are going through the bone marrow transplant process right now, just like a lot of other great people are. I know everyone has their own problems, and everyone is busy keeping their own lives on track, but if you’ve been slammed with life and haven’t done anything charitable in a while please consider being checked out to be a bone marrow donor. It’s painless and fast to see if you might be a suitable donor. HERE is a Link with some info if you are interested, it might be the most important link you ever click on the internet. Seriously consider it, you, yes YOU, can save someones life.

And on to a legit rc rant that I am particularly fired up about. After the previous subject I hate to get all negative, but I am straight up pissed off about this…

Freak’n cherry pickers, enough is enough.

Recently a PR went out on how an IFMAR world champ and his uber-scoot factory teammate cleaned up the stock class at a recent race. W T F. That is wrong on every single level. The “stock” class never was, and never will be, intended for the elite/world class level of racers of the sport. The “stock” class was made for, and is still intended to be, for newer, lesser skilled racers. Shame on the factory drivers, sponsors, and the track involved.

Why should the factory drivers be ashamed? Because it’s cherry picking, no different than if Bubba were to drop down and pwn the “C” class on a motocross track. There is no honor in cherry picking. None. In fact it’s a responsibility of being a factory paid driver to set a good example, to show newer drivers what is, and what is not, good sportsmanship.

The sponsors of the factory shoes should be ashamed too, especially by advertising the fact their uber drivers dropped down to pwn the stock class. What’s next, are factory drivers gonna show up to my local track and race novice just to pick up some easy trophies? Are the teams so hard up for trophies they actually think cherry picking is acceptable? No, it’s sickening, pathetic, and looks terrible.

Oh and, lets not forget about the track that allowed the big names to compete. If I was the race director and had some multi-time IFMAR world champ (or any big name factory guy) show up and attempt to sign up for a “stock”, “super stock”, or “expert stock” class I’d say “Glad to see ya, thanks for coming, but have fun WATCHING the race today because you aren’t going to be in it.”, simple as that. Sometimes it takes the tiniest amount of balls to do what’s right.

Regardless of what you might think, racing is done for one reason, to sell product. Do certain manufactures actually think consumers are so freak’n stupid that they are ok with cherry picking? I talk to a whole lot of Joe Blow consumers on a daily basis, and I can assure you that even casual rc’ers freak’n hate cherry picking. If a company is really wanting to sell product, it’s about winning only the most prestigious of events against the best of the best competition. A whole lot of good marketing can be flushed down the toilet real quick by advertising/condoning cherry picking in action.

A whole lot of people have been turning their heads and looking the other way allowing blatant cherry picking to go on. It is about time some of the “big name” people in this hobby sit down and think REAL HARD about what is truly important in rc racing and to re-evaluate their priorities. Racing toy cars is enough of a joke without certain people doing more things to make a mockery of it.

That’s it for this week ya’ll, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can. Oh and, if you see someone cherry picking, why not speak up and tell them what you think about it…

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Horizon Hobby Sponsors Rockstar Engery Motocross Team
Horizon Hobby have just announced they are expanding their marketing sponsorship of the Rockstar Energy Motocross Team. If you don’t follow motocross, Rockstar Energy Racing has had a great year – Rockstar rider Davi Millsaps lead the 450 Supercross class points early in the season, and 250 riders Blake Wharton took a win at the Houston Supercross and Jason Anderson scored his first Supercross win in Salt Lake City. The collaboration between Horizon Hobby and the Rockstar motocross team is sure to expose many new people to the rc hobby and to all the unique products that Horizon has to offer.

To check out some of the cool products that Horizon has to offer click RIGHT HERE.

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew is just itching to get the weekend started, how about a BSRC TGIF Mystery Link?

Duratrax 1/8 835E Buggy 2.4GHz RTR
The newest addition to the ever growing Duratrax line-up is the 835E Electric RTR Buggy. The 835E is based off its nitro powered brother and features waterproofing to make it truly bash ready.

8th scale buggies are known for being great bash machines. For big brushless power the 835E comes with a 2200kV motor and 120 amp Onyx speed controller. A 2.4 GHz radio system is standard and removes any worries of radio conflicts, while big bore shocks help soak up the nasty stuff. Throw in some grey anodized parts for bling factor and the Duratrax 835E is ready to turn heads and go big at your local bash spot.

The 835E is available in 3 color choices- black, white and yellow. The part number is #DTXD78** and its street price is only $399. Expect the new 835E to hit hobby shop shelves in mid June. For more information on everything Duratrax click THIS LINK for their official website.

The work week is nearly over, thank goodness it’s Friday! Check out a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link.

What's new: Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Great Planes Rifle 1M EP Sport ARF
Have you ever flown an rc plane at 130 mph before? Nope, me neither, but sign me up!

The new Great Planes Rifle 1M EP Sport ARF reaches speeds of 130+ with a “speed” power system, and 90+ mph with a “sport” power system. If you are looking for the thrill of sheer speed the Rifle 1M should impress you.

The Rifle comes as an ARF, meaning you’ll need to supply a radio system, a motor, speed controller, a battery and a charger. Otherwise the Rifle 1M takes very little in the way of final assembly, meaning you’ll be flying in a jiffy.

The 1M designation is for its wingspan, 1 meter, making it a fairly large size that is both easy to see and control at lunatic speeds. The part number is #GPMA1806, the street price is $160, and it should start hitting shelves in mid May. Click on THIS LINK for more information.

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Hey Big Squid,
It’s Luke L from Florida. I was just wondering what would be a good starter car forCompetition grade Rc racing. I’d like to know if you know of any good cars for a dirt (actually clay) track. I’m willing to spend about $100-$200 and possibly go a bit over my limit.

They use buggy, Truck, and short course I believe. Here is a link . (I’m thinking of short course but, I don’t know too much about Rc cars) Also short course is allowed in all category’s so it seems dominant.

Cubby- Yo hey Luke, congrats homie, I have selected your email as “Letter of the Month” and thus you are entitled to an uber BigSquidRC t-shirt. Hit Brian up with your snail mail and he’ll get one on the way to ya.
So what’s a the best “competition grade” vehicle for $100-200? Wow, that’s a pretty tight budget there, but you do have some options. While not “competition grade”, I would recommend the ECX Torment SCT to stay in your price range. Sticker price on the Torment is only $190 and would be a decent truck to get your feet wet with. It’s not going to break any lap records, but it handles well, can take a good beating, and most importantly- is affordable to try out. If you race it for a while and decide this hobby is for you then you can really break open the coffers.
I’m also going to recommend one more vehicle to you, the Durango DESC210 RTR. Why would I recommend it to you? The Durango RTR is much more a race vehicle, and in RTR trim, the thing is a bashing beast. I spent an afternoon ramming it full speed into trees, ditches, off roofs, and broke literally nothing. Being a noob racer you are going to hit a lot pipes (and HARD) and the DESC210 RTR is going to allow you to have some huge slams without a bunch of wrenching afterwards.
However, there are three downsides to the Durango. The first being price, the second being its motor, and the third being its tires. Durango just dropped the pricing on the DESC210 RTR to $290, so it’s a bit over your budget, but if you can break out some extra cash it will be worth it down the road. Also, the included motor is a 17.5 sensored unit. Ya, I know all the local race morons are ga-ga over 17.5′s, but to me they are the dumbest thing ever created by man. The 17.5 “stock” brushless class basically makes you gear a motor to death to keep up. Bluntly- that is incredibly dumb. I’d recommend bolting in a lower turn motor for some real power that lasts. Lastly, the stock tires work fine on certain surfaces, but not well on prepped tracks. Pro-Line has numerous tires alternatives that will give you the grip you need to actually compete (and be easier to drive on a track). Of course these upgrades are going to put a hit on your wallet, but the Durango with proper tires and motor is an animal on the track and well worth the moolah. Best of luck and let us know what you end up buying. Don’t forget the pics!

What is your honest opinion of Traxxas product right now? Is it as good as everyone says it is?
Big fan and thanks,
Adam R.

Cubby- I just love loaded questions like this one, so sure, I’ll answer it. I mean that’s what I get paid to do right? You didn’t ask me what I thought of Traxxas as a company, you state “Traxxas product”, so here it goes… If I had to give a one word reply it would be “dated”, “neglected”, or even perhaps “overpriced”. Ya sure, they’ve got some newer platforms like the Rally/Slash 4×4, the drag car and the XO-1, but a large part of their product line-up was engineered back in the mid-90′s. IMO the real meat of their products, vehicles like the Pede, Rustler, and Maxx’s, are overdue for a ground up overhaul.

But… Traxxas obviously has some upsides- their customer service and parts availability top the list. If you get a new truck and it’s messed up Traxxas customer service has a great reputation for bending over backwards to make it right. Even more importantly, when you do end up breaking your new truck most local hobby shops stock a prodigious amount of Traxxas parts. Even the little mom and pop shops that carry more Dungeons and Dragons than rc typically have at least the bare essentials of Traxxas parts on hand, and that can’t be said about any other brand. Finally, the quality control on most Traxxas parts is good, certainly on par with some of the brands known for “racing” gear. Ya sure, the knucklehead racing crowd loves to talk about what crap quality all Traxxas product is, but to say that means they’ve never compared parts next to each other without bias. Ya sure, the racer dude may have paid twice as much for brand XYZ so he thinks he needs to justify the extra price by throwing Traxxas under the bus, but if you do an honest evaluation most Traxxas parts stack up just as good as some of the racer brands. Is Traxxas as good as everyone says it is? Now that’s a hard one. I’ve only got two choices for an answer, yes or no, so I think I’m going to go with “No”. Here’s why- the competition has caught up and passed Traxxas in many product categories. For instance, lets look at the Stampede, perhaps the biggest seller Traxxas has ever produced. The Pede finished last in our 2wd MT shootout last year. The Pede is still
a good truck, but the competition has put out better trucks that are priced lower. Sadly that is the story for much of the Traxxas product line-up, there are now better and less expensive alternatives to be had.

That’s it for this edition of ASK Cubby, shoot me your questions to Cubby at If your letter makes the big time you’ll get a free sticker pack, if yours is the “Letter of the Month” you’ll win a BSRC t-shirt. Don’t be a poser, send in your questions.
YOUR Cub Reporter

TrakPower TK60 Soldering Iron
TrakPower has an affordable new 60 watt iron called the TK60. The TK60 should have enough power for most of the soldering jobs you come across in the rc hobby and has a street price of only $15. The part number for the TK60 is #TKPR1000.

To go with the TK60 soldering iron, TrakPower has announced a new deluxe iron holder and cleaning wire. These are both affordable accessories that will come in handy while working on your trucks. Part number for the iron holder is #TKPR1020 and it has a street price of $5. The part number for the cleaning wire is #TKPR1015 and it comes with a street price of only $8. To get more information on all things TrakPower THIS is the link to their official website.

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PROTOform Chevy Camaro ZL1 Body
The crew over at PROTOform have been very busy, here are their three latest products.

First up is their new Chevy Camaro ZL1 clear lexan body. The Camaro body is 190mm wide and made to bolt right up on your touring car. Great scale looks with PROTOform style give this body an edge over the competition. The part number is #1532-30 and it has a street price of $28. Hit THIS LINK for more details.

There are a whole lot of guys that race dirt oval here in America and PROTOform has a brand new body for them, the Cyclone 9.5 Late Model clear race body. This is PROTOform’s first ever dirt oval late model race body and utilizes all sorts of aerodynamic tricks to help keep your car glued to the track. The part number is #1234-21 and it has a street price of $38. Hit THIS LINK for more details.

Want to put the perfect finish on your body? PROTOform has just announced a new Better Edge sanding drum. Simply bolt the sanding drum to your rotary tool and say hello to perfect wheel wells! The part number for the sanding drum is #6103-00 and has a street price of $28. Hit THIS LINK for more details.

Want to catch up on more PROTOform news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

What's new: Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


Yes, it’s finally been chosen! The winner of the Axial EXO that we were giving away for liking and sharing that March-Bashness post a while ago is officially Jeramy Walburn! Congrats man!! We will send you a message shortly to get all your info! WOO HOO!!!

That’s right dudes and dudettes, show number #23 will be LIVE tonight at 9pm cst! If you do not see the video below, we are not live yet.. if it’s there and on Youtube, that means your watching the replay.

As always, thanks for joining us! It should be an interesting show as I’m not sure who all will be making it this evening.