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RC4WD Steering Knuckles Kyosho Mad Force

RC4WD Steering Knuckles For The Kyosho Mad Force

New for the Kyosho Mad Force are Steering Knuckles from RC4WD. The units from RC4WD are CNC machined from billet aluminum and should be able to take a serious beating. The knuckles have been anodized silver for a sharp look and are shipping right now for your bashing pleasure. Pricing for the aluminum steering knuckles is $32 and they sport [...]


Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor SCORE TRophy Truck

Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor For Yeti Trophy Truck

The latest hot body to be announced by Pro-Line is a 2017 Ford Raptor for the Yeti Trophy Truck. The Raptor was designed to give you all the scale detailing you are after, plus it just gives off a tough look. The Raptor comes in clear so you can put on your own custom paint scheme and is fully licensed [...]


Hitec Power Peak D7 Review

Hitec Power Peak D7 Charger Review

Now days it seems like everybody brings 10 cars to go bashing. When you run 10 cars, you need to charge a lot of battery packs, and charge them quick. To meet this demand, Hitec released the Power Peak D7 Dual Charger. The Power Peak D7 is no joke with 20 amps of charging power available on both channels and [...]


Rockstar Cubby

ASK Cubby- You Shoot The Questions, I Dodge The Answers

“Arrma Outcast Hey Cubby, I gotta say, I’m surprised Big Squid isn’t dripping with material about the Arrma Outcast yet. Sure, it’s just another Losi Muggy formula, but the bash-ability can’t be argued with… nor the manufacturer support… or the durability… or 40mph wheelies across a field on 4S and 16/50 gearing. Sure there is the Tekno MT410 which follows the same [...]


Shepherd Velox V10 WC

Shepherd Velox V10 WC Nitro Touring Car

Coming soon from Shepherd is the Velox V10 WC nitro touring car kit. The “WC” edition comes with a slew of upgrade parts, making it a more capable nitro racer than ever before. * New rear bulkheads * New rear carbon stiffener * New front uprights * New carbon extensions for front uprights * New gearbox bulkheads * New radio plate with eccentric bushing for servo [...]


HobbyWing 1S ESC

New Electronics From HobbyWing

The folks over at HobbyWing have announced a new brushless ESC for the 1S pan car market as well as a pair of new motors for the off road crowd. First up is the XeRun XR10 Pro Stock Spec 1S speed controller. The latest XeRun from HobbyWing is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, making it easily fit in the tight [...]


Futaba 4PV Video

Video – Futaba 4PV Radio System

The good folks over at Hobbico have posted a new video spotlighting the Futaba 4PV radio system. The 4PV is one of our favorite radios and has tons of features which make it easy to get the most out of your bash machine. Watch the video above to see some of the reasons why the 4PV is arguably the best [...]


Pro-Line Wipeout Video Contest Finals!

That’s right folks! It’s down to just two awesome videos! We can’t thank Pro-Line Racing enough for helping us put on such an awesome CONTEST! If you don’t know about it, hit that link. Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that submitted videos! We had some really amazing ones this year, but it has all come down to these! We [...]


PROTOform DB16 200mm Wing Kit

PROTOform DB16 200mm Wing Kit

New from PROTOform is the DB16 200mm Wing Kit. The DB16 fits 200mm nitro touring cars and was used by JJ Wang to win the ROAR Nationals this year. The wing kit can be used to give your car more traction and can help make your nitro racer easier to drive through high speed corners. * IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA approved * Made from .030″ [...]


O.S. Speed T1202

O.S. Speed T1202 Nitro Engine

Just announced by O.S. Engines is the T1202. The T1202 is a high-end 1/10th touring car race engine designed for more power and fuel efficiency than its predecessor. Some of its highlights include- * Tungsten weighted crank shaft * Lighter piston * Shorter carb restrictor * Thicker cylinder flange * Low center of gravity cooling head * More powerful low to mid-range torque * Displacement- 0.128 cu [...]


HPI Challenge 28R wheel tire set

HPI Challenge 28R Wheel And Tire Set

New from HPI Racing is the HPI Challenge 28R Wheel & Tire Set. These pre-mounts are intended for control/spec racing and can be used indoors on carpet or outdoors on pavement. The pre-mounts come as a set of four and sport a unique blend of rubber that yields good traction as well as excellent durability. A 24mm wheel with zero [...]


BittyDesign Force Clear Body Kyosho TKI 4

BittyDesign Force Clear Body For The Kyosho TKI 4

New for all you Kyosho TKI 4 nitro buggy owners is the Force Clear Body from BittyDesign. The Force body has a large rear flap that helps air flow to the rear wing for increased down force. It was also designed for balanced handling and for optimizing airflow to the nitro engine for better cooling. * Formed from 1mm polycarbonate Lexan * [...]



Last Day Of The Pro-Line BIG GIVE

Here is a friendly reminder that the Pro-Line BIG GIVE promotion has reached its final day. During the BIG GIVE promo the Pro-Line crew not only gives away thousands of dollars worth of prizes to hobbyists, but they also give thousands to charity. In all, the 2016 Pro-Line BIG GIVE promo is slated to give away $30,000 in the holiday [...]


Video Kyosho Motorcycle

Video – Kyosho Hanging On Racer

Recently posted by Kyosho is a promotional video for their Hanging On Racer motorcycles. The motorcycles are incredibly life like, even the rider figure slides from side-to-side in the corners. Watch the above video to see how cool the bikes look in real life and you can hit up This Link for more details over on Kyosho’s official website. Find all [...]


REC Wraith Interior

Rogue Element Components Wraith Interior

The latest ultra-trick item to be announced by Rogue Element Components is a Wraith Interior. These limited edition kits can help take your Wraith to the next level of scale realism and set yours apart from all of the rest of the guys. * .063 aluminum pocketed for .030 Styrene panels * Can be painted any color * Photo reduced decals * Red & [...]