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R/C Around the Web – Long climb to the top… edition

Photo of the Week:

by Michael Johns

Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb tomorrow, got my tickets.  Will Monster Tojima or somebody else finally break the 10:00 minute barrier this year?   The weather is supposed to be good so fingers are crossed.  I’ll probably be up around the Devil’s Playground area with family and friends.

Build Log: XR10 Tuber

Good Question: Is cheap best in RC? Are the budget kits just as good? Should I really spend the extra cash?

Long Shot: But keep an eye out for this car, especially if you’re in the California or Washington areas.

The More You Know: High Voltage + Low Kv or Low Voltage with High Kv? That is the question.

Video of the Week:

AXIAL Wraith by JKRC – PART 2

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