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R/C Around the Web – The Internets took trillions of dollars and decades of research to create and this is how you use it? edition

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by Michael Appleman

Have you ever looked around the internets and said to yourself “man…  for all this great technology and freedom of communication, people sure use it for some stupid crap.”  I had a moment like that while looking for cool links for this post.  It occurred at one of the large forums and involved a stupid argument over specific brands of rock crawlers.  The stupid part is the initiator/instigator was trying so hard to get an argument going but nobody was biting, so he ended up looking like a complete tool.  Some days I think maybe I should quit the internet as it’s running out of good things.

Build Log: Project: Tundra

How-To: Make a Hub Guard for your Baja 5 – Help keep your front hubs free of debris and spinning right.

Next Weekend/Shameless Self Promotion Combo Link: Join some of the Big Squid gang at our Back to our Roots bash!  Next Saturday, June 18th in Lyons, IL at the White Eagle Picnic Preserve.   We’re keepin’ it real yo, hangin’ with the little people fellow bashers.

Reviewed: MaxAmps 6500mAh True 150C Race Edition LiPo @ Ultimate RC; UberRC HD Ball Drive System for Bajas @ Baja-Forum.

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Formula offroad bash

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