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R/C Around the Web – Woo! Four day week! edition

Photo of the Week:

Honda NSX Micro
by froitrish01

My weekend will be spent repairing my Highroller after a cliff diving expedition a couple weekends ago, to prepare it for another cliff diving expedition next weekend.  This time the cliff will be higher and a ramp will be on the end.  Part of the rebuild is painting a new body for which I’m devising a new paint scheme right now in the Photoshop.  I also feel the need to take my boat out again so that’s on the agenda as well.

On another note, we’re working up a new regular column featuring your cars and trucks.  If you want to show it off, send a pic and description to pics [at] or start sharing them on our FaceBook wall.  Of course the True Fans out there will have Big Squid stickers on their ride, and they’ll get some special attention, so make sure you buy some before you send your pic in.  Though stickers aren’t required to get your car featured.

Also, it’s Brian’s fault this is so late, he was out having too much fun at our Huckfest.  Video and pics coming soon!

Build Log: Easy to make waterproof camera case – It’s designed for subs, but there’s plenty of other uses for it.

Charity: The Bill Bridges Benefit Raffle and RockCandy RCC Victory Junction Raffle are still selling tickets.

How-To: Properly Build And Break In a Ball Differential

Reviewed: A couple reviews @ RB Killer 10 .21 Engine & DE Racing Mud Guards, MIP X-Duty Slash 4×4 & Stampede 4×4 CVDs @ Ultimate RC

Video of the Week:

Jet Boating, it’s like rock crawling on water.

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