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The good guys over at RPM RC Products have just released a list of their existing products that will bolt right up on the new Traxxas Nitro Slash 2wd. The list is long, filled with RPM products that can make a rather boring stock Nitro Slash into a much tougher customized rig.

Here are the part numbers-

70322- Shock Spring Clips Black
70325- Shock Spring Clips Blue
73152- Spring Cups Black
73155- Spring Cups Blue
73157- Spring Cups Yellow
73158- Spring Cups Purple
80242- Front Arms Black
80244- Front Arms Green
80245- Front Arms Blue
80332- Body Savers Black
80341- Body Savers White
80372- Front Bearing Carriers Black
80401- Shock Shaft Guards White
80402- Shock Shaft Guards Black
80404- Shock Shaft Guards Green
80405- Shock Shaft Guards Blue
80430- Medium to Heavy Shock Pistons
80511- Long Rod Ends White
80512- Long Rod Ends Black
80515- Long Rod Ends Blue
80712- Caster Blocks Black
80732- Rear Bearing Carriers Black
80862- Rear Shock Tower
80882- Front Shock Tower
80922- Roof Mount Light Bar Black
80923- Roof Mount Light Bar Chrome
80925- Roof Mount Light Bar Blue
80952- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Black
80953- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Chrome
80955- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Blue
80982- Light Canister Black
80983- Light Canister Chrome
81122- Adjustable Front Body Mounts
81142- Adjustable Rear Body Mounts
82322 – Front Wheel
82323 – Front Wheel
82332 – Rear Wheel
82333 – Rear Wheel

For more information on all of the RPM’s outstanding products visit their official website HERE.

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