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HPI Discount Tire Micro RS4 Drift
Coming soon from HPI Racing is a Micro RS4 Drift featuring Discount Tire livery. This version will come as a RTR and features hard tires and locked diffs, making it easy to drift your way around your local bash spot. Yoshihara Designs Champion wheels and a highly detailed body make it look just like its full scale equivalent, while a 180 sized motor and 4wd put the power to the ground.

The part number is #112856 and you can Click Right Here to get more information over on the official HPI website.

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HPI Racing Micro RS4 Subaru WRX STI RTR
First shown at the Nuremburg show, the new Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen Edition HPI Racing Micro-RS4 Subaru WRX STIs are getting close to hitting the market. These feature highly detailed bodies with some sweet Global Rallycross livery for a trick look. Under the hood they sit on the tried and true Micro RS4 platform that is known for good handling and its durability.

* Belt driven 4wd
* 1/18th scale RTR
* Fully licensed replicas
* Full bearing set
* 2.4GHz radio system
* Comes w/ 180 sized motor & 6 volt 1200mAh battery
* Includes four AA batteries for transmitter
* Wheelbase- 150mm
* Length- 220mm
* Height- 80mm
* Width- 105mm

The part number for the Lasek Edition is #112465, the part number for the Isachsen Edition is #112466, and both are street priced at $169. Both are set for a late July release date and you can get full details at This Link over on HPI’s website.

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HPI Gittin Mustang RTR-X Micro RS4
On display in the HPI Racing booth at the Toy Fair in Germany was a new Micro RS4 version of the Vaughn Gittin JR ’69 Mustang RTR-X. The upcoming HPI Micro RS4 version looks much like its larger brothers and will come fully assembled and ready to drift.

* Fully licensed replica
* Includes two sets of mounted wheels/tires- drift and high grip
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* Includes 6.0V 1200mAh battery, charger and AA batteries
* Belt driven 4WD
* Full set of bearings

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HPI Racing HPI Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen Micro RS4 RTR
The HPI Racing crew showed off a pair of new rally style Micro RS4s at the Toy Fair in Germany last week. These super detailed micros were replicas of the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Global Rallycross cars driven by Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen.

* Officially licensed bodies
* 4 wheel belt drive
* 2.4 GHz radio systems
* Comes with 6.0V 1200mAh battery, charger and AA batteries
* Ball bearing equipped
* Utilizes standard size electronics

The part number is #112465 for the Lasek edition, and #112466 for the Isachsen version. You can find all sorts of cool information over on HPI’s Facebook Page, or you can Click Here to visit their official website.

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THE Revell Dromida BX4.18 Buggy Review

Revell Dromida BX4.18 Buggy Review

We’ve tested the other two models in the new Revell Dromida line-up, today we’ll be taking a close look at the buggy version, the BX4.18. The BX4.18 comes on the same Dromida platform as the other models- 4wd, 18th scale, and ready-to-run, but includes different wheels, tires, body and rear wing. Is the BX4.18 worthy of your hard earned cash? Lets find out, click the “Read More’ button to get the party started…


THE Revell Dromida MT4.18 Monster Truck Review

Revell Dromida MT4.18 Review

Dromida is the new line-up of affordable 18th scale bash machines from Revell. We reviewed the Dromida SC4.18 last week, this week its time for the MT4.18 mini monster truck. The MT4.18 uses the same base platform as the other Dromidas, how does it differ? Is it better for bashing? Is it worth your cash? Click the “Read More” to find out…


THE Revell Dromida SC4.18 Review

Revell Dromida SC4.18 Review

When Hobbico talks, people listen, and a whole bunch of ears perked up when they announced the Revell line-up of 18th scalers called Dromida. You and I might know Revell from their models, but now they have jumped into the rc world. The Dromida line-up is aimed right at the basher crowd, it was designed to be affordable, tough, and ready to run. Did Dromida hit the mark? Click the “Read More” button to find out what we thought of the Dromida SC4.18 ready to run short course truck.


Revell Dromida 18th Scale Unboxing Pictures
We recently received the entire line-up of the new Dromida vehicles from Revell. The new Dromida line consists of three 4wd 18th scale electric machines- the MT4.18 Monster Truck, SC4.18 Short Course Truck, and the BX4.18 Buggy. These are aimed right at the basher market, are based off the same platform, and come with an affordable price point. Take a look at all the galleries to see what it looks like to crack the boxes open, and what each of the vehicles look like from nose to tail.

Our reviews for the Dromida line-up are coming soon, until then hit up This Link for more information over on the Dromida website.

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vaterra slickrock
Vaterra is all about scale realism on tough platforms and they have just announced their latest vehicle, a 4wd 18th scale rock crawler called the Slickrock. The Slickrock keeps the Vaterra tradition going with great scale looks on a platform that should be rock solid in the field.

* Waterproof
* Metal diff lockers
* Licensed 1.9 Interco Super Swamper Tires
* 10th scale size steering servo
* Dynamite brushed power system
* Scale looking rock crawler cage
* Comes with battery & charger
* Spektrum DX2E 2.4 GHz radio system

The part number for the Slickrock is #VTR01003, the street price is $249, and you can get more information at This Link.

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Unboxing ECX Ruckus 1/18
Small scale vehicles can make great bash machines, they are inexpensive, usually take a good beating, and can be driven almost anywhere. Today we’ll be showing you what it looks like to unbox a new ECX 1/18th Ruckus 4wd Monster Truck. It’s bigger brother is loads of fun to bash, we’ll see if the 18th scale version is just as, if not more, fun.

The first thing we noticed after cracking the box open was the Ruckus came with everything you need to go driving, even the AA batteries for the transmitter are included. Next, the size of the Ruckus is quite impressive for an 18th scale which should help make it more versatile on rough surfaces. Our full review goes up in the next couple of weeks, until then enjoy the unboxing pictures and you can hit up This Link for more information on the 1/18th Ruckus.

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ECX 18th Torment 4wd RTR SCT
The second new 1/18th ECX to be announced today is the 4wd Torment short course truck. Utilizing the same platform as the 1/18th 4wd Ruckus, the 1/18th Torment comes with everything you need right in the box to get your bash party started. Gear diffs, sturdy nylon composite parts, and oil filled shocks come standard, helping to make the 1/18th Torment a good bash machine. Some of its other features include-

* Dynamite 380 sized brushed motor
* 6 cell NiMH battery
* 2.4Ghz radio system
* Waterproof
* Bottom load battery tray
* EC3 connectors

The part number for the 18th scale ECX Torment is #ECX01001 and it has a street price of just $99. Hit up This Link for more information.

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ECX Ruckus 18th 4WD Monster Truck
After going big with 8th scale buggies last fall, ECX is now going smaller with the announcement of a pair of 18th scalers. ECX are some of our favorite bash machines, we are stoked to see their product line continue to grow.

The 18th scale Ruckus comes with everything you need to get going right in the box. In addition, 4wd helps the 1/18th Ruckus handle rough off-road conditions. Throw in gear diffs and oil filled shocks, and it should make for a good little basher. Some of its other features include-

* Bottom load battery tray
* Waterproof
* 2.4Ghz radio system
* Includes 6 cell NiMH battery and charger
* Comes with EC3 connectors
* Dynamite 380 brushed motor

The part number on the 1/18th ECX Ruckus is #ECX01000 and it comes with a street price of $99. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Associated Qualifier Series Rival Mini Monster RTR
Associated’s new basher line, the Qualifier Series, keeps getting bigger. The latest vehicle to be announced is the Rival Mini Monster RTR.

The Rival Mini Monster comes with a 2.4 Ghz radio system, four oil filled shocks, 370 brushed motor, and 6 cell Ni-MH battery pack. It’s an RTR, so it is ready to drive right out of the box, and its part number is #20111. June is the expected release date, and you can get more information at THIS LINK on the Associated website.

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