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Carisma GT16MB Desert Beetle
Check out the latest from the crew at Carisma- the GT16MB Volkswagen Desert Beetle Wide Edition. The Bug comes with a nicely detailed scale looking body and big tires for going off-road. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 4WD
* 2.4G Radio
* Carisma Brushless System
* Full Assembled
* Ready to Run
* Oil shocks
* Officially Licensed body
* Gear diffs
* 370 brushless motor
* Front and rear bumpers
* High traction tires
* 6 cell battery pack
* Part #57268

We have not received any pricing information, but the anticipated release date is sometime this summer. Unfortunately we have not heard if the GT16MB will be available here in the states. Head over to the Carisma Website for more information on this and all their other new products.

Thank goodness it’s Friday, why not go for it and click a TGIF Mystery Link?

Check out the video below to see the new Carisma GT16MG in action.

Carisma GTB Belt Drive Buggy 16th Scale
Carisma Racing has been a force to be reckoned with in the UK micro racing scene and they have just announced their latest and greatest, the GTB Belt Driven 16 Scale Buggy. This electric off-roader should be a blast in small areas such as a carpet off-road track, and is loaded with features. Belt drive is new for the GTB, and the buggy also comes with ball diffs front/rear, large aluminum oil filled shocks, a new clear “cab forward” body, and a slipper clutch.

Horizon Hobby has been known to carry certain Carisma products here in the states, but it sounds like they are not carrying any of their new stuff. CML Distributing will carry the Carisma GTB for all you lucky drivers in the UK.

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Check out the video below for an even closer look into the making of the Carisma GTB Buggy.

You can also get more info and details here at the Carisma Website