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Ofna SSe Electric Buggy
If you want to go really fast on dirt, brushless 8th scale buggies are the weapon of choice by many a basher. The guys over at Ofna have a new brushless 1/8th scale buggy hitting the market, the Hyper SSe. The SSe comes with a high performance brushless power system and has a deep battery tray with velcro straps that allow for a variety of battery pack configurations. The SSe also comes with a tough anodized aluminum chassis and big bore shocks to handle the roughest terrain at your local bash spot.

The part numbers for the SSe are #14360 for orange, #14361 for blue, and they have a street price of $459. To get more information simply Click This Link to visit the official Ofna website.

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XRay XB8 Buggy
Back in the day, the first XRay nitro buggies were named XB8, now they are bringing back the name for their latest creation. The 2014 XB8 is a high-end 8th scale buggy that is made from high grade materials and is designed with all the latest performance tricks. Some of its highlights include-

* Unique XPBS front pivot ball suspension
* Multi-Flex chassis adjustment system
* All new big-bore shocks
* Beefy carbon fiber towers
* CNC-machined 3mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum chassis
* SFA graphite stiffeners on a-arms

The 2014 XB8 has a part number of #XRA350009 and a street price of just under $700. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official XRay website.

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Check out the video of the Durango DEX408v2 Buggy we just posted. This footage was shot during some of our extreme testing procedures during the review process. You can check out the review at This Link if you haven’t already.

Make sure to watch it in HD for bashing goodness!


We teased this a while back, but now it’s official. Check out the ST Racing Concepts Slash 4×4 1/8th E-Buggy Conversion kit. Some people call a conversion like this the backslash, but STRC is going with E-Buggy. It’s been a year since their 4×4 LCG Conversion kit, and this conversion is looking just as cool!

Advantages of this conversion are that it’s light weight. Almost 3lbs lighter than most 8th scale buggies, meaning you can use your 2S Lipo, and 550 motor setup and still have a blast. It’s available in blue, red, silver and black. You’ll need to supply the body, tires, wing, and 17mm hex adapters along with some other stuff, but this kit will get you started.

The part number is ST6808(B/BK/S), and has a MSRP of $69.

For more information hit up This Link.

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Durango DEX408V2 Buggy
After some teasing, Team Durango has released full information about their updated DEX408V2 8th scale electric buggy. The highlights include-

* New 3mm hard anodized chassis
* New 16mm big bore shocks
* New rear shock tower
* Machined aluminum bulkheads
* New tapered shock pistons
* New lighter diff gears
* Straighter rear diff output for greater efficiency
* New dual position rear hubs
* New rear a-arms
* New pre-load nuts

The part number is #TD102029, street price is $549, and they should start hitting hobby shops in early November. Hit up This Link for more information over on the Durango website.

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JQ White Edition
The crew over at JQ Products has been teasing their new White Edition 8th scale buggy for a while, now they’ve released press photos and more information.

* 16mm shocks
* Ultra long gearbox screws
* Equal length universal driveshafts
* CNC machined C hubs, knuckles, and rear hubs
* 47/13 center gearing

Pricing for the White Edition buggy is $599 and it should be available starting in November/December. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Durango DEX408 V2
The original Team Durango DEX408 buggy was fast and handled like a dream. Today the Durango crew released a Teaser Shot of the upcoming V2. The biggest change shown in the picture is the location of the rear shocks, they are now mounted behind the tower instead of in front. Full details and more pictures are coming later in the week, until then you can hit This Link to visit the official teaser page on Durango’s website.

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Mugen MBX7 M-Spec Nitro Buggy
Mugen are known for making some of the best 8th scale buggies that you can buy, now they’ve introduced their MBX7 M-Spec. The M-Spec comes pre-assembled with a race set-up and a clear body, perfect for getting on the track in no time flat. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Clear mid-cab body
* 5mm front and 4mm rear tower
* 3mm A7075 chassis
* Straight cut conical & ring gears
* Heavy duty clutch shoes

The part number for the Mugen MBX7 M-Spec is E2011 and it should start hitting hobby shop shelves next month.

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Mugen MBX7 ECO M-Spec 1/8 BuggyOne of the most highly regarded names in rc is Mugen Seiki Racing. They have long been known for putting out durable, high-end machines. Their latest is the MBX7 ECO M-Spec 4wd 8th scale electric buggy. Some of the features of the new MBX7 ECO M-Spec include-

* New battery tray
* New mounting for receiver and servo
* Stylish mid-cab polycarbonate body
* Heavy duty motor mount
* Eco chassis with better weight distribution
* Comes pre-built

Part number for the new Mugen is #E2010, the price point should be right around $800, and they should start hitting hobby shops in mid-September.

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Tekno RC EB48.2 8th Electric 4WD BuggyThe crew over at Tekno RC have announced their updated EB48.2 8th scale buggy. The EB48.2 features a slew of updates while maintaining the same price point as before. The previous Tekno buggy was known for its ability to take abuse, something highly sought after from the bashing crowd, the new version should be even better. Some of the updates on the EB48.2 include-

* New more durable XT suspension arms
* New +1.5 degree rear toe plate and new 0.5 degree offset insert
* New shock cartridges and shock bushings
* New differential cross-pins and internal gears
* New straight cut CNC diff ring and pinion gears
* New lightened aluminum center driveshaft
* New HD servo saver spring and more durable servo horn

The part number for the Tekno EB48.2 is #TKR5002, it has a street price of $549, and they are available for your bashing pleasure right now.

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If you are looking for some affordable tire options for your 8th scale buggy, Duratrax may be the tires you are looking for! Above you can see their Bandito, Dinero, Score and Barz tire patterns. The Bandito come pre-mounted in C2 or C3 (Super Soft) compounts, and are only $24 for a pair! The others are also available in C2 or C3 and cost $17.99 a pair not mounted.

To get more information on the Duratrax Buggy tires, hit THIS LINK.

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The RC world was very surprised when ECX announced they were going to have two 8th scale buggies added to their lineup! It just wasn’t something we expected from the brand. We were very excited to get our hands on both Revenge versions. This review is of the electric version. Did it live up to our expectations? Was it a good representation of the ECX brand? Keep reading to find out..

AKA Indoor Handlebar Tires
AKA has just announced their new Handlebar series of tires. With their low-profile tread and rounded edges, Handlebars should be the bomb at your local indoor clay track.

AKA is producing Handlebars for a wide variety of vehicles- 10th scale buggy, 8th scale, and for short course trucks. And talk about variety, some Handlebars are available pre-mounted, some just with inserts, and some just the tires w/o inserts. AKA is doing their best to accommodate your tire needs, whatever they might be.

To get more information on the Handlebars and all of AKA’s products hit up their Official Website. Hit THIS link to read our latest AKA SCT tire review.