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Team Durango DEX8T Build Log

Build Log – Team Durango DEX8T Truggy

Truggies just aren’t for the track, they make excellent bash vehicles as well, hence the reason we are reviewing the latest truggy from Team Durango– the DEX8T. With a new design for 2015, the DEX8T promises stellar on track performance, while still being a machine that can dominate your local bash spot. The DEX8T only comes as a kit so we [...]


Reedy SC1000-BL

Reedy SC1000-BL 1/8th Brushless ESC

Designed to work in 1/8th scale buggies and truggies is the SC1000-BL ESC from Reedy. A splash-proof design keeps the fun going in wet conditions and it is designed to work on sensorless motors. Some of its other features/specs include- * LiPO cutoff protection * Comes with pre-wired cooling fan * Auto LiPO detect * Aluminum heat sink * Comes with T-plug style connector The [...]


SRC Hobbies Tires

Belted Monster Truck Tires from SRC Hobbies

Isn’t it cool when you tag the throttle on your brushless truck and the tires expanding into giant pizza cutters? Sure, that might look impressive, but pizza cutters are extremely hard to drive on. To help fight tire expansion, SRC has a pair of new tires that are belted. So who is SRC? They are a new brand from Sweep Racing. [...]


Serpent Viper 977 EVO 1/8 GP 4wd

Serpent Viper 977 EVO 1/8 Nitro Powered 4wd

The 977 Evo from Serpent represents the highest level of on-road performance. I mean, it is an 8th scale 4wd nitro car, which if you’ve ever seen at the track are absolute animals. Based on the 977 platform, the Evo has received a bunch of updates to make it faster, to give it more tuning features, and to make it lighter [...]


Durango DEX8T Unboxing

Unboxing the Team Durango DEX8T Truggy

Recently we busted out our camera and took some pictures while cracking open the box on our Team Durango DEX8T test unit. The DEX8T is the new 1/8th scale truggy from Durango and comes as a kit, but comes with some sub-assemblies pre-built to speed up the build process. We had a great time building the Durango DEX8 buggy a [...]


TLR 8IGHT-T E 3.0 Electric Truggy Kit

TLR 8IGHT-T E 3.0 Electric Truggy Kit

With the new EIGHT-T E 3.0 the TLR staff set out to make it truly oriented for electric racing. The TLR’s 4mm 7075 chassis is all new and allows for multiple mounting positions of your ESC and battery for optimal weight distribution. Suspension settings have also been optimized for its electric power plant. * Aluminum rear bearing inserts and [...]


Losi XXL2-E MT

Losi 1/8 LST XXL2-E RTR Brushless 4WD MT with AVC

Ever driven an overpowered monster truck that was nearly impossible to keep on its wheels? The folks at Losi set out to fix that with their new LST XXL2-E. You see the XXL2-E comes with AVC stability control to help put 6S worth of brushless power to the ground. It also comes with the LST’s legendary reputation for toughness and [...]


Tekno EB48.3 Electric Buggy

Tekno EB48.3 1/8th Electric Buggy

New from the Tekno RC crew is the third version of their electric 8th scale buggy, the EB48.3. The big news on the V3? A completely revised suspension for plusher jump landings and better rough track handling. Some of the other highlights include- * New front and rear arms * New 7075 shock towers * New longer shocks & tapered 4 x 1.8mm [...]


Mamba Monster X ESC

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X Extreme 1/8th Waterpr…

The folks over at Castle Creations have just released full details on their new 8th Scale ESC called the Monster X. Here is the scoop on some of its new features-> * Programmable auxiliary wire to make “on-the-go” adjustments such as torque control, reverse, max throttle, and max brake. * Waterproof for bashing in any weather * Maximum cell count is 6S LiPo * [...]


Pro-Line Prime 1/8th buggy tires

New 1/8th Buggy Tires and Pre-Mounts from Pro-Line Raci…

When Pro-Line isn’t busy winning 8th scale World Championships or Bash Vehicle of the Year awards, they are slammed busting out new products to keep your vehicles dialed. They recently announced a slew of new products for 1/8th scale buggies, check them out-> * Pro-Line has released their Prime non-treaded tires in several different sizes, soon they will be available for [...]



LRP iX8 V2 1/8th Brushless ESC

The latest 1/8th esc from the folks at LRP is the iX8 V2. What’s new with the V2? It comes with new hardware to make it run cooler and comes pre-loaded with V2.6 team firmware. * 6S LiPo cell limit * No motor limit * USB software can be updated * Optimized sensored design * 6 volt 6 amp BEC The part number for the LRP [...]


Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Review

Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA Monster Truck Review

When we first saw the Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to get one in our hands. Its body had a nice scale look, it had a big ole’ brushless system inside, and it is one of the first trucks to hit the market with an on-board engine sound module. We’ve been bashing the daylights [...]


Kyosho Inferno ST-RR Evo.2 Truggy

Kyosho Inferno ST-RR Evo.2 Truggy Kit

The latest truggy from Kyosho, the Inferno ST-RR EVO.2, isn’t an all new design, instead it features numerous small upgrades to refine an already stellar product. Among the upgrades are new shock towers that are better suited to high grip tracks, the optional radio box now comes standard, and a lightweight clutch bell that can help acceleration. Also included are [...]


Mugen MTG7 GT Touring Cars

Mugen MGT7 1/8th Electric ECO and Nitro GT On Road Cars

New from Mugen for the GT racing scene are the nitro powered MGT7 and the electric MGT7 ECO. Both are based off the world championship winning MBX7 platform and both should make excellent pavement scorchers. The body mounts are very adjustable, making it easy to mount up the body of your choice, while both offer low center of gravity designs [...]


Hobbywing Max8 ESC

Hobbywing EzRun Max8 ESC

The latest esc announced for the 8th scale market is the Hobbywing EzRun Max8. Designed for heavy duty 8th scale applications, the Max8 is waterproof and rated for a maximum cell count of 6S LiPo. * Continuous current- 150 amps * Motor limit- 2400kV on 6S * Comes with cooling fan * Size- 59.8(L) x 48(W) x 36.8(H) The Max8 has a part number of [...]