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Ofna Hyper GT
The latest release from Ofna is their 8th scale nitro Hyper GT on-road car. The Hyper GT uses a big block .28 engine and a two speed transmission to pump up the pulse factor, while it uses on-road optimized suspension to put all the power to the tarmac. Some of its other features include-

* Black anodized 17mm shocks
* Polished tuned pipe
* Large front bumper
* One piece radio tray
* Soft rubber semi-slick tires
* Front & rear sway bars

The part number for the Hyper GT is #14362 and you can get more information by hitting up This Link over on the official Ofna website.

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A-Main Speedway Spring Fling 2014Save the weekend of March 22nd and 23rd for A-Main Speedway’s 2nd annual Spring Fling in Pueblo, CO with a special event sponsored by us here at the Big Squid RC. You can get your fill of off-road racing with classes for pretty much every type of off-road rc vehicle in existence. 1/8th scale buggy, truggy, monster truck, electric, nitro, 2 and 4wd short course, a sportsman class for the newbs, and more.

Qualifying takes place on Saturday, the racing commences on Sunday. After the racing is done, it’ll be time to bust out some hang time in the Big Squid RC Big Air event thingy.

A Main Speedway is my local hobby shop and I will be there shooting a lot of pics. If you’re nearby come on down, find me and say “The crow kaws at the dawn of the first full moon.” That’ll be our secret code for “Give me free stickers or something*.”

You can sign up for this event at the RC Signups website and you can get more info by looking at that flyer up there or by hitting up the A-Main Speedway Facebook page and clicking over to the Events Section.

There’ll be door prizes, t-shirts, and more for competitors, plus lots of fun.

*  Something may include, but is not limited to, a passionate embrace.

Ofna X3-GT 8th 4WD nitro car
Ofna has just announced a new on-road machine, the X3-GT 4wd Nitro Touring Car. The car is set on Ofna’s race oriented X3 off-road chassis for a smooth drivetrain and plush suspension, and has a futuristic looking Cosmic GT body on top. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Force .28 nitro engine
* 2 speed transmission
* Rear diffuser
* 16mm short stroke shocks
* Full bearing set
* Hardened diff gears
* Width- 12.5″
* Length- 22.7″
* Weight- 7.8 lbs

The part number is #34939 and you can get more information at This Link over on the official Ofna website.

Click Here for a TGIF mystery link.

OFNA Hyper Sprint 1/8th Dirt Oval Car
We often throw around the saying “Go fast, turn left!” as a type of good-bye around the BigSquidRC offices, but there aren’t that many oval cars introduced to the rc market each year. For all you oval fans out there, say hello to the Ofna Hyper Sprint. The Hyper Sprint is an 8th scale nitro powered dirt oval car that should be a lot of fun to blast around the local oval track or to slide around an empty dirt lot with your friends. Some features and specifications of the Hyper Sprint include-

* .28 JL nitro engine
* Detailed scale appearance
* 4wd with 3 gear differentials
* C-hub suspension
* Dirt tread tires
* Front & rear sway bars
* Wheelbase- 12.75″
* Width- 12″
* Length- 19″
* Weight- 8.5 lbs

The part number for the Hyper Sprint is #14333, it has a street price of $419, and you should start seeing them in hobby shops mid-December. For more information simply click This Link.

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RC4WD BigDog 1/8 Dual Axle Scale Car/Truck Trailer
The crew over at RC4WD have just announced a new trailer for towing and showing off your rigs. Their new BigDog 1/8th Dual Axle Trailer is larger than the other version already in their line-up, allowing bigger vehicles to be hauled around. Some of the features include-

* Working leaf spring suspension
* Billet aluminum wheels
* Hand made tube chassis
* Working lift jack
* Working lights
* 1.55 tires
* Steel loading ramps
* Length: 25.59″
* Width: 14.84″
* Height:4.33″

The part number for the RC4WD BigDog Trailer is #Z-H0004 and it has a street price of $239. Simply click THIS LINK for more information over on the RC4WD website.

TGIF to all our basher friends, take a chance on yet another Mystery Link.

speedtread robber tires

The latest tires from Dynamite are the SpeedTreads 1/8th Scale Buggy Robber Tires. The wheel and Tire combo is for optimal grip on streets and hard surfaces. No need to shred those off-road tires apart when you can just toss a set of these on. They are available as just tires, or pre-mounted to the rims. Street price is about $18 a set (mounted) and part number is DYN8264.

Don’t forget you can get more Dynamite news here on Big Squid RC. Click HERE.

Just found this ad for Castle’s final stab at World ESC Domination! After years and years of all of us hardcore basher types whining about not getting their Castle ESC wet, it seems like they are finally starting to get the hint. All the info we have so far is what’s in the Ad… Looks like there will be a new Mamba Monster 2 and a Sidewinder 3 coming soon!

For all sorts of Big Squid info on other Castle related items click on the ANY key!

ECX Revenge Type N Nitro Buggy 1/8th Scale
Along with the new Revenge Type E the crew over at ECX also announced a nitro powered version called the Type N. Not everyone is into electric, some people prefer the sound and smell of a nitro burner. Some companies haven’t put out a new nitro car in ages, ECX should be complimented on accommodating the piston spinning crowd.

Here are some of the features and specs of the new ECX Revenge Type N-

* Street price- $349
* Projected availability- Late October 2012
* Spektrum 2.4Ghz radio system
* Waterproof SR200 receiver
* Pull start Dynamite Mach 2 .21 Sport nitro engine
* Waterproof electronics
* Full time 4wd
* Waterproof high-torque Dynamite servo’s
* Aluminum Oil Filled Shocks
* Full ball bearings
* Dynamite SpeedTread Tires
* Chassis- 3mm Plate 6061-T6 Aluminum
* Fuel tank capacity- 125cc
* Length- 19.1 inches
* Wheelbase- 12.7 inches
* Width- 12.1 inches
* Weight- 6.7 lbs

We will pass along more information on the new Revenge series buggies when we can, until then you can get more information right HERE on Horizon’s official website, and right HERE on the official ECX website.

Has it been a while since you read our ECX Torment review? Check it out right HERE.

lrp dynamic 8

New from LRP is the Dynamic 8 1600kv Brushless Motor. It’s a high torque, hi efficiency 1/8 scale motor using a 4-pole magnet, and a multi-slot winding to help keep the heat down. Seems like more and more vehicles are using 1/8 scale systems, and the bigger they get, the more torque they need. A 1600kv should give ya plenty of torque.

They will be available in September 2012 for about $235.

Looking for more LRP News? Hit the link.

Looks like OFNA is ready to release the RTR Hyper SS. It’s a 1/8 scale nitro buggy, with all sorts of newly designed features like the C-Hubs, front and rear suspension, radio tray and more. It features 17mm shocks, a oil filled and sealed center diff, and composite front and rear chassis braces.

Keep reading for a bunch more pictures..

From now until next Friday, the 23rd, AKA Racing is having a 30% off sale on their entire line of EVO Truggy wheels and tires. There’s a ton of options and I need to get my word count up, so I’ll list most of them for you. On the tire side you can get yourself some of AKA’s I-Beam, Cityblock, Gridiron or Impact tread patterns in your choice of super soft, soft or medium compounds.¬† You can get them unmounted or premounted on white or yellow 0-offset EVO wheels with red inserts, or you can by the red inserts separately.

No need for a coupon code or anything, just start shopping on the EVO Truggy Sale page of the AKA Racing web site.

The Square Fuzzie is back.¬† Pro-Line‘s iconic tire that changed everything is once again available, new and improved.¬† The improvements include promised longer tread life and availability in the M3 soft compound and the M4 super soft compound. This initial set is made for the 2.2″ rear buggy wheel.¬† These aren’t the only new tires that Pro-Line has on offer.¬† You also find the Hole Shot 2.0 tread now available for 1/8 buggies¬† in unmounted and premounted options.¬† For the Stampede fans out there Pro-Line is also introducing their Sand Paw and Street Fighter treads in a 2.8″ size with a Traxxas style bead.

There’s plenty more new tires and options to see, so click on over to the Pro-Line what’s new section to see everything.

A couple of Redcat Racing‘s vehicles have appeared in the review section here on Big Squid over the last few months.¬† And they’ve gotten positive numbers and comments from those that have tested them.¬† It was because of those reviews that I decided to purchase a Redcat Monsoon XTE, which is a 1/8 scale brushless truggy.¬† I first saw this truck at the IHobby 2011 expo and was somewhat impressed by what I had seen.¬† So that got me thinking that perhaps Redcat’s products have changed for the better.¬† Maybe they’ve learned something from their rather durable and well built large scale cars and applied that to their new line of smaller stuff.¬† Possibly, Redcat has made a good kit.¬† I’ve been trying to review this truck for quite a while now, after many false starts and nagging issues.¬† There comes a time when one has to stop and say “I’ve been fooled.”