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PROTOform Ford GT

PROTOform Ford GT Clear Body

Now here is a hot looking on-road body, the new Ford GT from PROTOform. Already one of the best looking cars on the road, the designers at PROTOform have worked up a full race edition Ford GT designed for 1/10th scale USGT carpet racing. The P-F Ford GT uses an ultra-low stance, along with side wings, to look awesome, while [...]


PROTOform PRO-Lite Bodies

Two New PRO-Lite Bodies From PROTOform

The good folks over at PROTOform have announced a pair of new PRO-Lite Touring Car Bodies. Both bodies save weight compared to conventional types, a fact that can help lower your lap times. The first new PRO-Lite body is the Mazdaspeed6 (#1487-22) with the second being the LTC-R (#1505-22). Both come in clear so you can put on your favorite paint [...]


Sweep STC-8

Sweep Racing STC-8 Touring Car Body

For you guys into racing touring cars, Sweep Racing has announced the STC-8. The STC-8 is a clear body that is 190mm in width to fit an enormous variety of different cars. The designers formed the front of the body in such a way as to give more steering, with the rest of the body being shaped to give your [...]


Exotek RX2 LCG Touring Car Body

Exotek RX2 LCG Touring Car Body

Exotek is mostly known for their high-end carbon fiber and aluminum upgrades, but now they have announced the RX2 LCG Touring Car Body. The body was designed in collaboration with Golem SuperBody to fit 190mm touring cars. * Clear polycarbonate body * Thin roof section to help lower the center of gravity * Profiled for aggressive & precise handling * Lower and larger wing [...]


PROTOform Caddy

PROTOform Cadillac ATS-V.R Clear Body

Put a trick new look on your touring car with a Cadillac ATS-V.R Body from PROTOform. The fully licensed Cadillac body is formed from genuine crystal clear .030 Lexan with strong attention to scale detailing. Molded nylon wing struts are included, as are window masks, overspray film, and an extensive decal sheet. The body is priced at $28, it has a [...]


PROTOform PFM-10

PROTOform PFM-10 Clear Body

PROTOform has just announced a hot new body, the PFM-10. After the success of the smaller PFM-12, PROTOform decided to scale it up to fit 1/10th 190mm touring cars. Styled after British supercars, the PFM-10 is sure to turn heads when it hits the tarmac. The new PFM-10 comes clear so you can put your favorite paint scheme on it, [...]


PROTOform Dodge Dart Body

PROTOform Dodge Dart Clear Touring Car Body

PROTOform has teamed up with Dodge yet again to come up with their most advanced touring car body ever, the Dodge Dart. The latest offering from PROTOform is officially licensed by Dodge and brings the aggressive look of the Dart to the touring car crowd. Designed for a neutral feel with ample steering and a planted rear end, the Dart [...]


PROTOform MAZDA6 GX Clear Body

PROTOform Mazda6 GX Clear Touring Car Body

When it comes to making world class racing bodies for touring cars, PROTOform is the king of the hill. Their latest body, the Mazda6 GX, is sure to win as many races as it will turn heads with its cool look. The PROTOform Mazda6 GX is a 190mm clear Lexan body designed to fit on touring cars. It comes with details [...]


HPI Toyota Corolla Levin Body

HPI Toyota Corolla Levin Coupe AE86 190mm Body

The guys over at HPI have a trick new Toyota Corolla Levin Coupe body for all you on-road fans. This is a 190mm body that easily fits HPI’s Sprint 2 and Nitro 3 line-up of cars, as well as being a great fit for most any electric touring car. The outside is covered with a clear overspray protector, window masks [...]