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JConcepts RocX & Choppers 2.8" Tires
With so many trucks sporting 2.8″ wheels now days, JConcepts has put together a video to showcase their 2.8 Choppers and their new 2.8 RocX.

The Choppers were announced a little over a month ago. They sport a knobby/motocross style tread aimed at the high performance bashing market. The new RocX tires sport large, widely spaced lugs and were designed for a wide variety of bashing surfaces. The RocX tires come with closed cell inserts and are directional. Both bolt right up on Traxxas style 2.8″ wheels.

Choppers come in yellow (#3073-00) and blue compound (3073-01), are street priced at $25 a pair, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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JConcepts Choppers 2.8
JConcepts has introduced a new 2.8″ Monster Truck Tire for your bashing enjoyment. Their new 2.8″ Choppers are aimed at the performance bashing market and are intended for trucks like the Traxxas Stampede. The Choppers are available in two different rubber compounds and they use tall, square lugs to dig deep into soft surfaces to find more traction.

For just the tires the Choppers 2.8′s are priced at $26 a pair while the pre-mounts are priced at $37. To get more details simply hit up This Link over on the JConcepts blog.

Check out This Link to learn more about tires on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line 2.8" Masher Tires
The crew over at Pro-Line Racing have brought back their popular Masher tread design for a new 2.8″ tire made to fit right on your Traxxas wheels. Masher’s have a great rep for providing good traction off-road while resisting wear when used on the occasional on-road excursion. These chevron tread tires should be a great replacement tire for your Stampede or Monster Jam Replica and have a street price of $20 a pair (part #1192-00). For more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s product hit up their Official Website.

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JConcepts 2.8" G-Locs for Traxxas
Here is some news for you Traxxas truck fans, JConcepts has two new sets of pre-mounts for you. Whether you drive on the street or on the dirt, JConcepts has you covered with their two new pre-mounted tire/wheel combo’s.

For all you pavement pounders the picture to the left is JConcepts new on-road G-Locs pre-mounted on their white Rulux wheels. Part #3056-1030 fits Stampede 4×4 F&R, E-Stampede front and E-Rustler 2wd front. Part #3056-1040 fits E-Stampede and E-Rustler 2wd rear.

JConcepts 2.8" Subcultures for TraxxasJConcepts did not forget about you dirt burners, pictured to the right are the new Subcultures pre-mounts also on Rulux wheels. Part #3055-1130 fits Stampede 4×4 F&R, E-Stampede front and E-Rustler 2wd front. Part #3055-1140 fits E-Stampede and E-Rustler 2wd rear.

All the pre-mounts have a street price of $35 a pair. Hit up the official JConcepts Website for more information.

TGIF, dare you click right HERE?

JConcepts Rulux wheels are a perfect upgrade for your Traxxas vehicle. Available in black or white, and available in front and rear offsets, they will undoubtedly add a bit of style to your ride whilst still maintaining the original 2.8″ wheel size, meaning you can fit stock traxxas tyres with ease. JConcepts also let us know that SC10/sc10 4×4 Hazard wheels are now also available in white!

Jconcepts Rulux Wheel 3340

Jconcepts Rulux Wheel 3341











Head over to the JConcepts website for more details.