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Kyosho Audi R8 LMS

Kyosho Audi R8 LMS Readyset In Red

The crew over at Kyosho have announced the Audi R8 LMS Red Readyset. The Audi is a nitro powered on-road machine that comes completely pre-built to make it easy to burn up the streets in front of your house. A GXR15 pull start engine is used to provide the power, while a 2 speed transmission makes sure you can [...]



HPI Racing 2014 Ford Mustang RTR Body

Featuring Vaughn Gittin Jr’s signature RTR style and coming soon from HPI Racing is the 2014 Ford Mustang RTR Body. The Mustang body is 200mm in width and designed to fit pretty many any 1/10th scale touring car. This officially licensed body is molded from high quality polycarbonate and can add a trick new look to your car. * Photo realistic [...]


Serpent Natrix 748-e 200mm

Serpent Natrix 748-e 200mm Electric Touring Car

While most electric touring cars are 190mm in width, the latest from Serpent comes in at a nitro sized 200mm. The Natrix 748-e is based off the nitro powered 748 making it extra durable and giving it an extra 10mm in width to help make it more stable. * Suitable for use on large 8th scale tracks * Uses wide foam tires * [...]


Serpent Natrix 748 TQ

Serpent Natrix 748 TQ Nitro Touring Car

A snowy winter’s day might not be the best place for a high-end nitro touring car, but spring will come, and when it does the need for speed is sure to come with it. When your trigger finger gets itchy this spring the new Natrix 748 TQ from Serpent just might be the best cure. It is a 1/10th scale [...]


VBC Racing Lightning10 Pan Car Kit

VBC Racing Lightning10 Pan Car Kit

While 10th scale pan cars don’t make good outdoor bashers, they sure can be fun indoors on carpet. What is the latest pan car to hit the market? The Lightning10 from VBC Racing. The tenth scale Lightning10 is perfect for the popular World GT class held here in the states. The Lightning10 was designed with versatility in mind. For example, it [...]


Mugen MTX-6 Nitro Touring Car

Mugen MTX-6 4wd Nitro Touring Car

Mugen has a long history of high-end 10th scale nitro touring cars, their latest is the MTX-6. The MTX-6 starts with a new chassis and has many updates over the previous model. The updates were designed to make it more durable, to give it more steering, and to generally make it a better overall car for club racers. Some of [...]


Serpent 747-e

Serpent 747-e 1/10 scale 200mm 4wd

Based on the 747 nitro sedan, Serpent has announced the electric 747-e. Starting out as a nitro sedan gives the car a couple of advantages, it makes the 747-e easier to drive, and you end up with a car that is more rugged than a “normal” touring car. Recommended power system is a 3S LiPo, 540 brushless motor of less [...]


hpi 66 mustang

HPI Racing 66 Ford Mustang 200mm Body

Looks like HPI is going after the all of us classic car fans with their new 1966 Ford Mustang body for 200mm chassis vehicles. The new body comes with a bunch of stickers to help give that scale classic look including shiny chrome stickers for things like the bumpers. Cost of the new bumper will be around $32. #gallery-10 { margin: [...]


HPI Lexus LS460

New HPI Lexus LS460 Sessions 200 mm Body

HPI has always been known for their incredible looking bodies. New from HPI this month is their 200 mm Lexus LS460 Sessions version body that is sure to make your on-road car look a whole bunch tricker. The body is formed out of .030 polycarbonate, it comes with plenty of premium vinyl decals, body post holes are pre-marked for HPI [...]