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Exotek TLR 22 Front Shock Tower
Indoor racing season is officially here in the Midwest, a time when many hobbyists grab their 2wd race buggies and head inside to get their rc fix. However, many indoor tracks are tight, technical, and generally rough on cars.

If you are a TLR 22 driver looking to beef up your buggy for indoor use, the new Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower from Exotek should interest you. At a full 5mm thick, it is a beast that should survive even the worst of crashes (or hacks from the driver behind you). The Exotek tower is lightweight and also has a large open area for better aerodynamics.

The part number is #1451, it is priced at $24, and HERE is the link for complete details over on Exotek’s website.

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TLR Bell Crank Steering
TLR has announced a new bellcrank steering system for their 22 series of vehicles. The new system replaces the original rail style set-up and is made to make steering less aggressive off center while helping low speed steering. The kit reduces Ackermann while also making it adjustable, and comes with ball bearings to make the stroke buttery smooth. Everything you need to make the conversion comes in the kit with no modifications required.

The bellcranks have a part number of #TLR231027, they are priced at $33, and you can Click This link to get more details.

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Team Losi Racing Universal Driveshafts 22 buggy
The crew over at Team Losi Racing have announced a new Universal Joint Driveshaft Set for their 22 and 22 2.0 buggy. Universal driveshafts create less “bone binding” which allows for a freer rear suspension. The universal driveshafts can improve side bite and bump handling.

The part number is #TLR232006, they have a street price of $35 and you can get more information at This Link.

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The crew over at Exotek have just announced a compact and efficient steering rack conversion kit for the Losi/TLR 22 series of vehicles. The Exotek rack makes it easy to make tuning adjustments and perfect for drivers looking to make their 22 the best it can be.

The new Exotek rack is constructed from high quality 7075 aluminum and is anodized in gun-metal gray for a high end look. The part number is #1332 and it has a street price of $70. For complete information hit THIS LINK.

Exotek is known for their esoteric hop-ups, want to see more of their work? Try THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

JConcepts TLR wing body mounts TLR 22 22T
New for all you TLR 22/22T drivers is a trick aluminum wing/body mount from JConcepts. These new mounts are much tougher than stock and are a nice piece of bling to set your buggy/truck apart from the rest of the field. Some of the other features include-

* Available in blue or black
* CNC machined out of aluminum
* Heavy duty design
* Chamfered silver edging
* Laser engraved JConcepts logos
* Part number #2191-1 (blue) and #2191-2 (black)

Street price is $28 and they are available right now. Hit up the JConcepts Website for more information.

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Losi will be bringing their acclaimed 22 2WD 1/10 scale buggy to the masses in a brushless RTR form sometime in the near future! The 22 RTR will ship with a 13.5 turn ROAR legal sensored brushless motor, lipo ready ESC, and a Spektrum DX3E radio system. It will also come in one of two color schemes! Combine this will all the original features of the 22 kit like aluminum oil filled shocks, aluminum chassis, and gull wing suspension arms and you’ll have a pretty kick butt buggy, without the build! Just add batteries! While a shipping date isn’t listed yet, the retail looks like it will just one penny less than $430.

Make sure you check out Losi’s website for more info!

EXOtek has a couple new items for a couple high-end cars.  Their new quick change shock posts for the HB TCX and Cyclone make changing shocks quicker.  But that’s really not all.  These new pieces are lighter than the stock setup and have a shorter barrel that reduces slop in the suspension setup.

Their other release of the day is a set of titanium wheel locking bolts the TLR 22.  They’re machined out of strong, yet light, titanium, and feature an angled locking serration to keep the 22′s front wheels securely on the buggy.  Because there’s nothing worse than driving a car and then having a wheel pop off.

The list prices are $12.95/pair for the 22′s locking bolts and $28.95/set of four for the TCX Quick Change shock posts.  Check out the EXOtek website for more info.