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Murfdogg Physco SCT
The crew over at Murfdogg have announced their new Physco Short Course Truck. The Physco was designed for high traction surfaces and uses a four gear mid-motor configuration to help stay flatter over jumps and to rotate better in the corners. The Murfdogg is littered with carbon fiber, aerospace grade aluminum, and all the trick goodies you would expect on a high-end truck.

* Ceramic bearings throughout
* Uses genuine MIP CVDs
* Comes with Pro-Line F-11 wheels & Evo body
* Gull wing front arms
* Includes Associated big bore shocks
* Uses MurfDogg’s Trans4mer 4-Gear transmission

The Physco has a part number of #MD-6081, it has a street price of $579, and you can get more information at This Link over on Murfdogg’s website.

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Kyosho Ultima SC6 Kit
Kyosho has a new 2wd SCT called the SC6. The SC6 can be set up in either mid or rear motor configuration, and it was designed to go fast around the racetrack. For now, the SC6 only comes in a kit version allowing you to build it exactly the way you want it.

* 7075 aluminum chassis
* Big bore shocks
* 4 gear mid, 3 gear rear transmission
* Can use saddle, shorty or stick battery packs
* Adjustable ball diff
* Over sized slipper clutch
* One piece front axles
* 12mm wheel hexes

The part number is KYO30070B, it is priced at $669, and you can hit up the official Kyosho website by Clicking Here.

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Serpent Spyder SCT-2
If you are serious about 2wd short course you’ll want to take a look at the new SCT-2 from Serpent. The SCT-2 is Serpent’s first short course truck and was designed by Billy Easton. It comes with durable bumpers, lexan plates in the side-guards for more stability while jumping, and comes in a rear motor configuration. The kit is scheduled for a May release date with a RTR version to come out soon afterwards. More information coming soon, until then you can hit up This Link to visit the official Serpent website.

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Tamiya Renault Alpine M06
One of the latest kits from Tamiya is a ’71 Renault Alpine A110 Rally Car. This car was famous for taking up all three spots on the podium at the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally, now you can own a very detailed rc version. The Renault comes on Tamiya’s M0-6 platform which is rear wheel drive with the battery running front to rear. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Gear differential
* Fully independent double wishbone suspension
* Plastic friction shocks
* Clear polycarbonate body
* TBLE-02S ESC inlcuded
* Includes plastic bushings
* Plastic bathtub chassis
* Adjustable wheelbase- 210mm, 225mm and 239mm
* Gear Ratio 5.8:1

The Tamiya Renault has a part number of #58591, a street price of $175, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops in late May. For more information visit This Link over on the official Tamiya website.

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Durango DEX210v2 buggy
The Durango DEX210 buggy has been successful around the globe. Now its predecessor has been announced, the DEX210v2. The version 2 comes with a slew of upgrades to make it better than ever.

* Hard anodized 8 mm longer chassis
* Straight front arms for more ground clearance and better aero
* Interchangeable rear arms
* New rear chassis brace
* Redesigned side pods
* New front shock tower
* Low-profile rear shock tower
* Clear version 2 cab-forward body
* More shock piston choices
* Updated DIMEC X ball cups
* -2 mm rear roll-center suspension hanger
* Includes Team Durango Type “B” upgrades
* Length- 13.2″, 14.5″
* Width- 9.6″
* Wheelbase- 10.6-11.2″
* Weight- 3.64 lb

The part number for the 210v2 is #TDRC0011, you can expect a street price of $279, and they should start hitting hobby shops in Mid March. Hit up This Link to visit the official Durango website.

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Serpent Spyder Buggy SRX-2 MM
After some teasing, Serpent has released full information on their new Spyder SRX-2 MM buggy. The SRX-2 MM is Serpent’s high end, mid-motored, 2wd buggy. The SRX-2 MM was designed by former IFMAR champ Billy Easton for high bite conditions like damp clay, carpet, and sugar coated outdoor tracks. Some of the highlights of the SRX-2 MM include-

* Big bore 12mm shocks
* Mid-motor design
* High performance race geometry
* Narrow composite chassis
* Innovative shock towers
* 3 pad slipper
* Low, cab forward body
* Adjustable differential height

The part number for the SRX-2 MM is #500003 and you can get more information at This Link over on the official Serpent website.

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Yokomo YRS Roadster
Looking for something unique for that rc garage of yours? Here ya go, take a look at the new YRS Roadster from Yokomo. The YRS Roadster is a 12th scale 2wd RTR designed with big fun in mind. A 540 brushed motor is used to direct drive the rear wheels and it comes with a 2.4GHz radio system, Lipo battery, and charger. The YRS Roadster is available in 3 different colors and you can get more information over on the official Yokomo Website.

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XRay XB4 2wd
XRay has been expanding their product line-up lately, and it seems like every company out there is now selling a 2wd buggy, so the announcement of their new XB4 2wd comes as little surprise. XRay has only released a teaser picture, but if the new XB4 2wd is like everything else in their line-up it is sure to be made of the highest quality materials with solid engineering. We will post more information about the XB4 2wd when it becomes available, until then you can hit This Link to check out the official XRay website.

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Yokomo  B-Max2 MR Ver.2 Buggy
Every day seems to bring another announcement of a new 2wd 10th scale buggy. Today’s buggy is from Yokomo with their B-Max2 MR Version 2. The version 2 comes with various updates to make it tougher and to handle better. Some of its features and updates include-

* Dual pad slipper clutch
* Aluminum front brace and rear suspension mount
* Steel diff gear
* Aluminum idler gears
* Big bore shocks
* Full bearings
* Cab forward body
* Aluminum chassis
* Mid or rear motor placement

The new Yokomo has a product code of #B-MAX2MR2 and they are said to start shipping in mid-September.

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Serpent Spyder SRX-2 Buggy
The crew over at Serpent have been very busy expanding their product line-up. The newest Serpent is the Spyder SRX-2 RM 10th Scale 2wd Buggy. The Spyder SRX-2 RM is a dedicated rear motor configuration buggy that should be one of the best available if it follows the tradition of other Serpent product. Former 2wd Word Champ Billy Easton did the design, here are some of its features-

* Composite chassis
* Carbon battery plate and shocktowers
* Slipper clutch
* Hardcoated big-bore shocks
* Full bearings
* Serpent spring-steel tranny and suspension parts
* Cab forward body
* Optimal race geometry

The part number for the Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM is #500001 and it should start hitting hobby shops in late September. Its brother car, a dedicated mid-motor machine that shares many parts with the RM, is expected out in late October.

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Helion Criterion 2wd RTR Buggy
The 2wd buggy class has seen quite a resurgence in the last couple of years. The latest 2wd buggy to hit the scene comes from Helion with their Criterion RTR. The Criterion should make a great bash machine with its low price, waterproofing, and sturdy design. Some of the features and specifications of the Criterion include-

* 12 turn brushed motor
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* Full ball bearing set
* Metric 30 amp speed controller
* 3000 mah 7 cell Ni-MH battery
* 1 amp wall charger
* Length: 15.21″
* Width: 9.8″
* Wheelbase: 11.14″

The part number for the Helion Criterion is #HLNA0301, they have a street price of just $189, and you will only be able to find them at your friendly local HobbyTown USA location.

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Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck Kit

For years rc’ers have had dreams about a day when Pro-Line might put a full blown kit on the market. Well that day is finally here! The first vehicle to come out of the Pro-Line compound is called the Pro-2 1:10th 2wd Short Course Truck Kit.

Below you will find detailed unboxing pictures. The Pro-2 actually comes partially assembled, making it a lot faster to put together than a traditional kit. The tranny is fully built and already mounted to the chassis, and the shocks are fully built needing just oil to be fully operational. The tires/wheels even come pre-glued saving even more time. What you see in the pictures below is exactly how it comes out of the box.

The Pro-Line Pro-2 comes with all the quality parts that have been available separately for months now. For instance, the Pro-2 comes with championship winning Blockade tires and a Flo-Tek body. The tranny is the same high quality unit that’s been available for just over a year now. The suspension consists of the Pro-Line ProTrac kit with PowerStroke shocks. The Pro-2 is all the uber parts that Pro-Line made to replace Traxxas Slash parts, all put into one box resulting in a high-end 2wd short course truck.

The part number for the Pro-Line Pro-2 is #4001-00, street price is $389, and it should be available at your local hobby shop sometime in mid-September. Enjoy our unboxing pictures for now, we are still thrashing our test unit with our full review going up next Tuesday, August 27th.

Team C TM2SC 2WD Mid Motor Short course truck
Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? What do you get when you start with a 4wd buggy and make it into a 2wd SCT?

Take a look at the new Team C TM2SC mid-motor 2wd short course truck. The TM2SC uses a shaft to power its rear wheels from a spool in the center. Along one side of the chassis is the motor, along the other side is a battery box for a full sized 2S Lipo. All in all, the TM2SC is an interesting design that isn’t your cookie cutter 2wd SCT.

Some of its other features include-

* 12mm big bore shocks
* T-6061 aluminum chassis
* Gear diff
* Sway bars
* Tires not included

We have not received pricing or release date information, but you can click THIS LINK to hit the official Team C website.

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