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Raging Rotors: See What I’m Printing?

Ever since iHobby 2013, I was excited about the coming 3D Printer revolution coming to the hobby world. Not only is 3D printing great for 100% custom anything, it was becoming affordable. After 11 months of waiting, my work (aka HobbyTown Orland Park) finally got a pair of 3D printers from Invent-a-Part called the Rigidbot. Pricing starting around $600 for a kit and works its way [...]


Spike Wheel Short Course Truck 3D Printer

Spiked Short Course Truck Wheels from 3D Printer

You’ve seen that 3D Printers are becoming all the rage, here is an example of how they can be used in rc. The spiked wheels in the pictures were made from a 3D printer and you can make them at home too. First you have to buy a 3D printer, then you have to visit Thingiverse and download the spiked [...]