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Heli-Max Voltage 500 3D Quadcopter Unboxing

We recently got our hands on the Heli-Max Voltage 500 3D Quadcopter. This multirotor looks like a beast just standing still! We are going to add in a Futaba system and get this thing in the air soon for a full review. For now, enjoy the unboxing shots. Check out the official Heli-Max website at This Link. Click Right Here for [...]


Ares RC Spidex 3D Quadcopter Drone

Ares RC Spidex 3D Drone

Want to try your hand at 3D drone flying? If so, Ares RC has a new quad that makes it easy, the Spidex 3D. Just hit a button and the Spidex 3D is flying upside down, then its innovative software takes over and makes it easy to keep on flying upside down. * 3 different flying rates * 6-axis control * Easy to [...]


Heli-Max® Voltage 500 3D Rx-R Quadcopter

Heli-Max Voltage 500 3D Rx-R Quadcopter

Some people race quads, others use them for photography, but if you are serious about 3D flying then Heli-Max has a new quad that should rock your world. The Voltage 500 was specifically designed for serious 3D aerobatics. How serious? The Voltage comes with reversible motors, powerful brushless motors, and big props to pull off the craziest stunts that you [...]


Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Virtual Reality Glasses

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Virtual Reality Video Glasses are …

At iHobby this year we got to check out in person the latest and greatest in virtual reality glasses, they were in the Cinemizer booth and they sure looked awesome. The Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED glasses that we tried were very comfortable and gave an absolutely amazing image when using them. The folks over at Horizon Hobby have picked up the [...]


200QX Aerial Closeup

Raging Rotors: Flip it! Flip it Good!

In all things multirotor, I was excited by Blade Helicopter’s announcement about the new 3D flight modes for the 200QX. I for one quickly ordered the new props, dragged my update cable out of the 350QX case, and was quickly on my way to being ready for inverted flight. Check out the video and my impressions on the upgrade after the jump…



Fancy Foam Models Booth at eFest 2013

If you are in to the competition foam 3D plane scene the crew from Fancy Foam Models had a cool booth at eFest 2013. The Fancy Foam crew was showing off their latest plane, the Raptor, which is constructed out of Depron. If you are looking to take your foam game up a couple of notches, check out all the [...]


Parkzone VisionAire BNF 3D Park Flyer

In case you didn’t watch our Google + Live show last night, we made a little announcement that we’ll be doing more air and boat coverage from here on out (bashing oriented of course). Look for a full announcement in a couple of days. As part of our expanded air coverage, we’ll start off with a game changer from Parkzone. Their [...]


3d rc video

First RC 3D Video!

Big Squid RC presents the first All 3D RC Video! 1000’s of people were treated to the premiere last week at iHobby 2011, and now it’s live on-line! You will need the red/blue glasses to see it properly in all it’s 3d glory though. It will be in other formats soon (so you can watch it on your 3D [...]