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LRP S10 Blast SC 2 4wd RTR
LRP has released information on their newly updated S10 Blast SC. The Blast SC 2 gets a few updates, most importantly for us bashers is the addition of splashproof electronics. Also getting an update are the shocks, which now come with membranes, and the drivetrain, with a new slipper and spur gear.

We have not heard if LRP America will be stocking the Blast series of bash vehicles, but for our overseas friends they look like a good option to explore. The part number for the Blast SC 2 is #120702 and you can find all the details at This Link over on the official LRP website.

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Fantom 545 Brushless Motor
The crew over at Fantom Racing have released information on their new 545 sized brushless motors for 4wd short course trucks. A 545 is longer than a normal 540, but shorter than the more commonly used 550s, giving it perfect power while allowing it to fit in more vehicles. The 545s are available in three different kV (3200, 4000, 4850) and use a standard 540 mounting hole pattern. A 4 pole rare Earth magnet is used with a 12 pole stator for smooth power.

* Length- 57.44mm
* Diameter- 35.8mm
* Weight- 214 grams
* 5mm output shaft
* Adjustable timing and rebuildable
* Comes with 180mm long sensor cable

The Fantom 545s are available right now for a street price of $129, hit up This Link for complete information.

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Basher Nitro Circus 4x4 Short Course Truck
The latest truck in the Basher Nitro Circus line-up is a 4×4 Short Course Truck. The 4wd SCT comes ARR, just needing radio gear and a battery to get going, and comes brushless powered with heavy duty metal driveshafts. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 2080kV brushless motor
* Uses 3 sealed gear diffs
* 35 amp ESC with reverse
* Full bearing set
* Metal chassis
* Big bore shocks
* Height- 190mm
* Width- 310mm
* Length- 550mm
* Officially licensed by Nitro Cirus

The part number is #9249000806-0, it has a street price of $178, they are available right now, and you can get more information by hitting This Link over on the HobbyKing website.

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Helion Dominus 10SCv2
Helion RC has just announced their latest vehicle, the Dominus 10SCv2 short course truck. The version 2 comes with multiple updates, the biggest being its Reaktor brushless system. With a 3500kV brushless motor and waterproof electronics, the 10SCv2 is ready for some serious bashing. It also sports a new composite chassis, all metal gear transmission, and a new battery tray with velcro straps to make it easier to use different batteries. A 2.4GHz radio system comes standard, and it comes with a 7 cell 3000 mAh battery pack and charger. To get more information simply hit up This Link over on the official Helion website.

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THE Caster Racing E-Ultra SCT10 RTR Short Course Truck Review

Caster Racing E-Ultra SCT10 Review

Is there a hotter product category than 4wd short course trucks? Now days it seems like everybody is driving one. The folks over at Caster Racing shot us one of their E-Ultra SCT10 4wd short course trucks to see how we thought it stacked up to the competition. No doubt there are some serious heavy hitters in the class, how does the Caster compare? Hit the “Read More” to find out…


carisma m40dt ready-set
The very latest from Carisma is their new M40DT off road truck. As you can see from the pictures, it’s made for some rough and tumble off road action, and styled like a tough off road truck. While Carisma is known for their small scale offerings, the M40DT is a 10th scale, meaning the extra size will come in handy in really rough conditions. Here are some of its features-

* 10th scale 4wd Desert Truck
* Readyset/RTR
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* 540 Brushless powered
* Oil shocks front and rear
* High traction tires
* Metal gear differentials
* High impact front and rear bumpers
* Not included- 7.2 volt batter and charger
* Part #70268

No word on pricing or a release date, but for more information on their other products hit up the official Carisma Website.

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Ofna TS4 Pro 4wd Electric Short Course Truck
Ofna was one of the first companies to put out a 4wd Short Course Truck and now they’ve announced a new and greatly updated model, the TS4 Pro. With all the changes made, the new TS4 Pro should be an animal around your local track. Some of the features and specs include-

* New chassis layout featuring black aluminum chassis plate
* Transverse rear battery mount
* Long travel suspension with tough a-arms
* High impact bumpers
* CVA Drivetrain
* 12mm hex “Black Hole” wheels
* 12mm aluminum big bore oil shocks
* 3 oil filled gear diffs
* 8mm thick aluminum motor mount
* Front and rear sway bars
* Wheelbase- 13.25″
* Width- 11.5″
* Weight- 3 lbs
* Part #14310

Street price is $425 with an expected release date of mid-December. Hit up the official Ofna Website for more information.

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muchmore pinions
Pinions are one of the items on the list of “Things you can never have enough of!”. Muchmore USA has a new line-up of Mode 1 pinions with 5mm bore for your 4wd short course truck or 8th scale electrics. These new machined pinions are clearly marked for tooth count, use a hex grub screw, and come in sizes 12 to 21 for all your gearing pleasure. Expect street price to be right around $14. For more info check out Muchmore’s WEBSITE.

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