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Kyosho SS teaser

HUGE Classic Car Teaser From Kyosho

Kyosho just shocked the world with the intro of their new Drone Racer, now they look ready to blow even more minds by putting up the above teaser for a new Classic Car. The video gives away quite a bit of what the car might be, the real question is, how bad do you want one? The BigSquidRC Bash Crew [...]


ECX Barrage Scale Crawler

ECX Barrage 1.9 RTR Scale Crawler

Getting ready to hit the extremely popular scale crawling scene is the ECX Barrage. The Barrage is a 1.9 sized crawler with a scale style chassis and body. The Barrage rides on fully licensed Falken AT3W all terrain tires and is powered by a 370 sized brushed motor. Some of its other details include- * Locked diffs * Multi-link suspension * Waterproof electronics * [...]


Axial SMT10 MAX-D Monster Jam Truck

Axial Racing SMT10 MAX-D Monster Jam Truck

Just announced by Axial Racing is the Max-D Monster Truck. The Max-D is a 4wd RTR monster truck and is a fully licensed model of the 1:1 beast. Some of its highlights include- * SMT10 tube chassis * 2.2 BKT Monster Jam Tires * AR60 OCP axles * 4 link suspension * AX10 transmission * Waterproof receiver box * Slipper clutch * Heavy duty c-hubs * 27 turn brushed [...]


Helion Animus 18DT

Helion Animus 18DT

Adding to their extensive line-up of 18th scalers, Helion has just announced the Animus 18DT. The 18DT is modeled after a modern day Dakar race truck and is aimed right at the bashing market. LED lights come standard on the 18DT and it is powered by a 370 brushed motor with 1100mAh NiMH battery. Some of its other features include- * [...]


Kyosho Toyota Supra

Kyosho Fazer Toyota Supra Type 1

For all you drifting fanatics out there, Kyosho has just announced the Toyota Supra Type 1. The Supra is part of Kyosho’s Fazer series of 1/10th scale 4wd cars and comes stock with resin drift tires. Some of its other highlights include- * Fully pre-built and ready to drive * 20 turn brushed motor with 45 amp ESC * Syncro KT-231P 2.4GHz transmitter * [...]


Kyosho Testarossa

Five New Red Ferrari Mini-Zs From Kyosho

There is arguably no more icon color in the automotive world than Ferrari red. Recently announced by Kyosho are 5 new Mini-Zs that are fully licensed by Ferrari and come in that icon color. Two models are slated for an October release, the Testarossa and a 430 GT. The other three cars, an F40, an F50, and a classic 512BB [...]


Mugen MTX6R 1/10 Nitro Touring Car

Mugen MTX-6R 1/10 Nitro Touring Car

Just announced by the crew over at Mugen is the MTX-6R. The MTX-6R is a 1/10th scale 200mm nitro kit for high-end racing, or going ridiculously fast around your cul-de-sac. Some of the highlights on the new MTX-6R include- * New chassis that is easy to mount center weights on * New thicker bulkhead brace * New front bumper mounting holes * Short carbon [...]


Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6

Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 4WD Buggy

New from Kyosho is the Lazer ZX6.6 4wd buggy kit. The 6.6 comes with minor upgrades over the previous model to help keep it competitive when racing this winter. For changes, the biggie has to be the inclusion of the previously optional heavy duty aluminum chassis. The HD chassis doesn’t use a top deck but offers increased traction and stability [...]


Dromida 1/18 Monster Truck

3 Revised 1/18th Scalers From Dromida With Video

Just announced by Dromida are 3 revised off-roaders for their 18th scale line-up. The updated vehicles include a Monster Truck, Short Course Truck, and a Buggy. All three comes as ready to runs and have everything needed to start bashing right in the box. * Full time 4wd * High traction tires * 370 sized brushed motor * Waterproof electronics * Gear diffs * Big bore [...]


Tebo Akimoto Kyosho Mini-z Buggy

Tebo & Akimoto Mini-Z Sport Buggies From Kyosho

New for the small scale crowd are Jared Tebo and Kohta Akimoto Sport Edition Kyosho Mini-Z Buggies. The Sport Edition of the Kyosho Mini-Z buggy is an affordable entry level option compared to other Mini-Zs, soon they will be available with the paint scheme of a pair of Kyosho’s top drivers. * Shaft driven 4wd * Pre-built readyset * Great for indoor practice * [...]


Yokomo YD-4MR

Yokomo YD-4MR Drift Car

The crew over at Yokomo aren’t messing around in the drift scene. Over the last couple of years they have released some incredible cars, ones that have helped raise the bar in drifting. Their latest uber machine coming to the market will be the YD-4MR. The YD-4MR is a rear mid-motored 4wd high-end drifter designed for the ultimate in sideways [...]


Pro-Line Ambush Review

THE Pro-Line Ambush Scale Crawler Review

Pro-Line is a name synonymous with winning races. However, in recent years, they have expanded their scope. First came their short course truck, then a buggy conversion, then the incredible PRO-MT that was named our vehicle of the year. Now they have expanded their horizon even further with the 1/25 Ambush RTR Scale Crawler. The Ambush is full of scale [...]


Pro-Line Ambush 25th Scale Mini Scale Crawler

Pro-Line Ambush RTR 1/25 Mini Scale Crawler

Surprise, surprise, Pro-Line has just announced a new Scale Crawler! Called the Ambush, the new P-L crawler packs big fun into a small package. Coming in at 1/25 scale, the Ambush is about 7.8″ long and comes as a ready-to-run, it even includes a 2S 350mAh 25C Lithium Ion battery with USB charger. For scale looks, the Ambush rocks leaf [...]


Team Associated Reflex 1/18 Buggy

Team Associated Reflex 1/18th Buggy

Coming soon from the mighty Team Associated is the 1/18th scale Reflex RTR Buggy. The Reflex looks to sport the original 4wd shaft system from the AE 18th scalers but comes with a choice of new colors and sports an Associated XP radio and Reedy ESC/receiver combo. * Super 370 motor * Fluid filled shocks * Comes with 6 cell NiMH battery & [...]


Team Associated Apex 1/18 Touring Car

Team Associated Apex 1/18th Touring RTR

Remember the 18th scale class? Remember how affordable, durable, and easy on the wallet they were? Well, Team Associated has just announced their latest 18th scaler, the Apex Touring RTR. The Apex Touring is designed for on-road use with a road car body, wheels, and tires. It features 4wd and an easy to drive brushed power system. * Ball diffs front [...]