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5th scale big air backflip videoOur guy Craig “The Uber Ramp Guy” Nelson brought it big time to iHobby this year. Below you’ll find a video showing a couple of things you don’t normally see, a 5th scale monster truck doing a standing backflip and also pulling a massive backflip over the spine ramp at our iHobby demo track. The truck Craig used was a Redcat Rampage MT-e powered by a Castle Creations 2028 brushless motor using a Mamba Monster XL 2 ESC. Check out the video below to see 5th scale electric being taken to all new heights.

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5th scale MT speed runWhat happens when you combine cold/slick conditions with speed running a Castle Creations brushless powered 5th scale monster truck on 8S LiPo? Check out the video below to find out. Our own Craig “The Crazy Ramp Builder Guy” recently took his Redcat 5th scale monster truck out for some top speed runs and I can assure you nothing good becomes of it. :)

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THE Losi 1/5th Desert Buggy XL Review

Losi Desert Buggy XL Review

5th scale was once only popular overseas, but now, thanks to companies like Losi and HPI, it has blown up here in the states. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Losi’s latest 5th scaler, the Desert Buggy XL. Powered by a 23cc gas engine and using 4wd for better traction, the big Losi should be a great bash machine, but is it? Hit the “Read More” button to read what we found out about the DBXL…


RPM Mega Bearing Blaster
RPM RC has announced a new, larger sized, bearing blaster. The new unit is called the Mega Bearing Blaster and can handle bearings up to 1.25″ in diameter. That means it can handle the bearings from your 1/5th scale, or even your rollerblade or skateboard.

The Mega Bearing Blaster is easy to use and has a part number of #70420. Street price is $9 and it should start hitting hobby shops later this month. For more information click This Link that will take you over to the official RPM website.

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Spektrum 1/5 Scale Digital Surface Servo
The Spektrum crew has been showing off a couple of new 5th scale servos at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. Both servos were designed to fix several problems that 5th scale drivers have like servo fade, low holding power, and crowbar effect. Using patent-pending Back EMF technology designed by Paul Beard, the new Spektrum 5th scale servos are designed not to fade, even during the toughest bash sessions.

* Designed to eliminate crowbar effect and reduced heat
* Waterproof
* Hardened steel gears
* Socket-head cap screws
* Can be used on 2S Li-Po
* Strong, removable, servo lead
* Low profile 1/5-scale size
* Weight- 5 oz
* Width- 1.2″
* Length- 3″
* Height- 1.8″

The part number for the S9010 is #SPMSS9010, it has a street price of $199 and you can get more information at This Link. The S9020 has a part number of #SPMSS9020, it also has a street price of $199, and you can Click Here to get more information on it.

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Losi 5IVE Mini WRC
The next big release from Losi is literally that, another addition to their 5th scale line-up. The Losi 5IVE MINI WRC is a 5th scale rally car that also comes with Horizon’s AVC- Active Vehicle Control technology. The 5IVE MINI WRC has just been shown at the Nurnberg Toy Fair, here are some of its specifications and features-

* Officially licensed body
* 29cc gas engine
* Push button starting system
* Spectrum DX2E radio with DSMR technology
* Comes with 2S 5300mAh LiPo & charger
* 5mm chassis
* 800cc fuel tank
* Large bore shocks with 7mm shafts

The part number for the 5IVE MINI WRC is #LOS05000 and it will have a street price of $1999. Hit up This Link for more information.

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2014 HPI Baja 5B SS
When it comes to bashing, the HPI Baja 5B SS is one of the “Kings of the Hill”. For 2014 HPI has updated the buggy to make it better than ever. Some of the updates include-

* Heavy duty front wheel hubs
* Aluminum tuned pipe with steel header
* One piece rear hubs
* Super heavy duty driveshafts, diff shafts and axles

The part number for the 2014 5B SS is #112457, it has a street price of $899, and they have a release date of late December. For more information hit up This Link.

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Losi Desert Buggy XL 1/5th 4WD Buggy RTR
There is some “big” news out of the Losi camp today, the announcement of their latest 5th scaler, the Desert Buggy XL. The latest addition to Losi’s 5th scale line-up comes with big gas power and is ready to run, no building required. 4wd helps to put all that big gas power to the ground, and it comes in buggy trim. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Full 4WD capabilities
* 23cc gasoline engine w/ pull start
* Adjustable servo saver
* Machined ring and pinion gear
* 5mm thick aluminum chassis
* 740cc gas tank
* Sealed diffs
* Dual disk brakes
* Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz radio system

The part number for the Losi Desert Buggy XL is #LOS05001, it has a street price of $999, and it should start hitting hobby shops early next month. Hit up This Link for more information.

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MCD RR5 Buggy
In Europe MCD Racing has been a big name for years now. Maybe the new 5th scale RR5 Buggy will help make MCD more popular here in the states.

The MCD RR5 doesn’t rely on many parts from older models, it looks to be largely a “new” design. The RR5 looks modern with lots of cool features and should be a blast at your local bash spot. Some of its highlights include-

* Utilizes 4 servos
* 7075 aluminum towers and chassis
* Easily removable diffs
* Easily removable electronics tray
* Rubber pipe straps
* Super cooling air vent system for engine
* Shake absorbing separators in fuel tank

To get more information on the MCD RR5 simply click THIS LINK.

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Losi 5ive-T Race Roller
Today brings some “Big” news from the crew over at Losi, they are now selling their very popular 5th scale 5ive-T in a race roller form. Selling the 5ive-T as a race roller is great for people who want to use their own motor and electronics or for people wanting to save some cash up front and finish their truck over time. The race roller comes with a clear body so you can apply the paint scheme of your choice and does not come with gas engine, servo’s, transmitter or a receiver.

Part number for the new 5ive-T roller is LOSB0024 and you can get more information by clicking on THIS LINK that takes you to the Horizon Hobby UK website.

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RB Innovations 1/5th Scale Supercharger
Are you the type of person that can’t get enough power? Hey, we know how you feel, and so do the people at RB Innovations. RB has just announced their new Supercharger for 5th scale engines. Whether you are a 5th scale drag racer, you drive in the dunes, or just want a LOT more power to bash with, the RB Innovations supercharger can help take your power output from mild to wild.

The RB supercharger is made to bolt right up to CY and Zenoah engines and is built to last. The part number is #9450 and is priced at $275. HERE is the link you want for more information over on the official RB site.

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Kershaw HPI Savage Flux 5SC Chassis
The crew over at Kershaw Designs are known for coming up with innovative and affordable large scale products. Their latest creation, a new chassis for the HPI Savage Flux 5SC, is a good example of their creativity. The new Kershaw 5SC chassis is designed to not only be stronger than stock, but to also allow the use of larger motors and battery packs for you power hungry freaks out there.

* Motor mount accepts all common 56mm motors and the enormous Castle 2028 motor
* Room for blower fans
* Main chassis made from 4.1mm heat treated aluminum.
* Velcro battery synching system with plenty of room for wide, tall LiPos.
* Chassis designed with 4 degrees of anti-squat geometry in the rear for quicker acceleration
* Battery tray adjusts to 3 different positions forwards and aft for tuning weight distribution
* Available with optional 1/4 scale servo mounting plate
* Also accepts KD’s Direct Drive Gearbox

Street price for the Kershaw 5SC chassis is $430 and they are available right now. For more information hit up the official Kershaw Designs Website.

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2013 HPI Baja 5SC
The HPI Baja 5SC has established itself as a popular machine among the bash crowd and for 2013 it gets even better. Recently announced are some updates to ring in the new year. First up is a new gas engine to give the 5SC even more power, and secondly, the 5SC is available in two new colors, matte black and matte silver. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Revised 26cc engine
* Viscous torque differential
* All metal gear transmission
* 8,000 rpm clutch
* Dual vented disc brakes
* 700cc fuel tank
* Sealed radio box
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* Super heavy duty parts
* Length: 900mm
* Width F/R: FRONT 440mm / REAR 460mm
* Height: 320mm
* Track F/R: FRONT 370mm / REAR 380mm
* Wheelbase: 570mm
* Weight: 12.6kg / 27.9lb (without fuel)
* Part ##109965 for Matte Black and #109966 for Matte Silver

Hit up the HPI Racing Website for more information on this new arrival, and HERE is the link to more HPI news right here on BigSquidRC.