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Pro-Line Come Drive With Us VideoIf you really want to get your rc blood pumping, the latest video from 5150 Productions and Pro-Line will do it. The Come Drive With Us video featuring the IFMAR 8th Scale Worlds has some pretty incredible action footage along with loads of interviews. From the opening ceremonies to the newly crowned world champ spraying champagne after the win, the video gives an in depth look at how it all went down at the biggest race of the year. Also featured in the video were some of the hottest new products from Pro-Line like their Trifecta Lexan 8th scale buggy wing, their new fuel stick, and of course their world championship winning tires.

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Serpent Cobra 2.1 Buggy
The latest and greatest from Serpent is their 8th scale Cobra Buggy 2.1 kit. The 2.1 uses modest updates to make it better than ever down at your local track or bash spot. The changes on the 2.1 model include-

* 4mm longer chassis
* Longer aluminum rear brace
* Longer rear center shaft
* Hard coated shock caps
* Aluminum 14 degree caster blocks

The part number for the 2.1 buggy is #600014 and you can get more information by heading over to the Serpent Website.

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ARRMA Kraton
A whole lot of people have been waiting for ARRMA to put out some 4 wheel drive vehicles, well here they are, the 8th scale Kraton Monster Truck and Typhon Buggy. These two vehicles represent the first in ARRMA’s Speed Class line-up, and should be gnarly beasts at your local bash spot. They are still a ways out, but this is what we know so far-

* Designed for 6S, in both electronics and battery trays
* Waterproof
* Aluminum motor mount
* Hook and loop battery straps
* Front and rear roll bars
* Adjustable turnbuckles
* Sturdy aluminum servo horns
* RTR w/ ATX100 2.4GHz radio system
* ARRMA brushless powered w/ 180A ESC
* ADS-15 208oz/in metal-geared steering servo

Here are some specificatiosn for the KRATON-
* Length- 23.2″
* Width- 18.5″
* Height- 7.7″
* Wheelbase- 14.9″
* Weight- 8.8 lb
* 2250kV brushless motor
* Part number #ARAD81**

Specifications for the TYPHON-
* Length- 20″
* Width- 12″
* Height- 7.2″
* Wheelbase- 12.9″
* Weight- 6.6 lb
* 2300kV brushless motor
* Part number #ARAD80**

Right now the release date for both models is speculated to be Mid-Summer. To visit the official ARRMA website hit up This Link.

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ARRMA Typhon

Ofna Hyper Cage Buggy
Getting burnt out on the electric scene and looking for a fun nitro buggy to bash with? If so, check out the new Hyper Cage Buggy from Ofna. The Hyper Cage buggy uses a big .28 nitro engine for power and keeps it real with a simple cage look. Some of its features and specifications include-

* C-hub suspension
* 17mm big more shocks
* Stand up servo
* Orange anodized aluminum parts
* Sway bars front and rear
* Large capacity fuel tank
* Length- 18.1″
* Width- 11.8″
* Wheelbase- 12.6″

The part number for the Hyper Cage Buggy is #14357 and it has a street price of just over $400. Hit This Link for more information.

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Durango DEX408 V2 Unboxing
8th scale buggies are common on the bashing scene, they are fast and they are tough, a perfect combo for serious bashing. The latest 8th scale buggy from Team Durango is the DEX408 V2. The Version 2 is updated to not only make the big Durango faster, but also even tougher. The V2 comes as a kit, which many people prefer. Sure, it takes a while to build one, but once together you know your new bash machine like the back of your hand, and you know it was put together correctly.

Our full review for the DEX408 V2 is still a couple of weeks away, until then, take a look at our unboxing pictures to see exactly what it looks like when you crack the box open. We also included pictures of the Futaba S9353HV servo and TrakPower 2S 6800 Lipos that we chose to use for the install.

For more information on the DEX408 V2 check out This Link, for more Durango news on BigSquidRC Click Here.

Ofna X3 Sabre RTR
Ofna is known for their affordable 8th scale nitro buggies and now they have announced their latest, the X3 Sabre. The X3 Sabre RTR is based off the X3 Sabre 2.0 Pro Kit and comes with a powerful Force .28 sized nitro engine. Other features include-

* 16mm V2 shocks
* 2.4GHz radio system
* Weighs under 7.5 lbs
* Front and rear sway bars
* One piece radio tray
* Lightweight fiber brake discs
* Forged steel bevel and pinion gears
* 3 shoe clutch

The part number for the X3 Sabre RTR is #34932 and you can get more information at This Link.

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Agama A8 Hobby Pro EditionThe crew over at Hobby Pro USA would like to announce their own edition of the Agama A8 nitro buggy. The Hobby Pro edition of this 4wd nitro powered beast comes with new geometry carbon fiber shock towers and dual height CNC machined rear hubs, making it even better for tracks here in the states.

Street price for the Hobby Pro Edition Agama A8 is right at $450 and you can get more information at This Link.

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THE Vaterra Glamis Fear 1/8th RTR Buggy Review

Vaterra Glamis Fear Review

When we reviewed the Vaterra Glamis Uno a few months ago we were quite impressed. Vaterra is after all a new company and you would think they would have some teething pain. We found very few problems with the Uno. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Uno’s brother, the new 4 seat scale buggy called the Glamis Fear. Is the Glamis Fear a solid buggy? Does it take a good beating? Does it have enough power to satisfy even a long time hobbyist? Click the “Read More” button to find out…


Kyosho Inferno NEO2.0 Nitro Buggy Readyset RTR
A core vehicle you will find at most any bash spot are 8th scale buggies. Kyosho has been one of the top names in 8th scale for as long as I can remember, and now they’ve announced their latest nitro buggy readyset, the Inferno NEO2.0. The NEO2.0 comes with several updates to make it one of the nicer RTR nitro buggies you can buy.

Some of the new parts/features include-

* 2 piece adjustable clutch
* Blue anodized 17mm hubs
* KE21R engine with recoil starter
* Super air flow body for improved aerodynamics
* Kyosho micro-square pattern tires
* Threaded big-bore shocks

The Inferno NEO2.0 is available in yellow (#31684T1B) or in green (#31684T2B), they have a street price of $485 and should be available later this month. For more information hit up THIS LINK that takes you over to the official Kyosho website.

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Team Losi Racing TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 Electric Buggy Race Kit
Losi has given some big updates to their 8IGHT-E race machine, now introducing their 3.0 version. Some highlights of the updates include-

* Updated chassis layout
* Servo and speed controller mounted towards front, battery and motor towards rear
* New center dog bones and outdrives
* New shock towers, hubs, and suspension mounts
* New droop screw system
* New wing and body
* New wheels

The part number for the TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 is #TLR04002 and it has a street price of $669. Click HERE for more information.

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THE Duratrax 835E 1/8th RTR Buggy Review

Duratrax 835E Buggy Review

We received a Duratrax 835E for review a few weeks ago and everyplace we went people seemed interested in it. That seemed a bit odd to us, I mean most people have seen/driven an 8th scale buggy before. However, the 835E is different, it’s a RTR brushless buggy that comes in at a fairly low price point. For less than the price of what most brands charge for just their buggy, the 835E comes RTR ready for the track. A lot of people want to know if the price point is “too good to be true”, or if the latest Duratrax is legit. Here is our review, click the “Read More” and find out the real scoop…


XRay XB9E Electric 8th Buggy
When XRay announced their new XB9 Nitro Buggy a few months ago you knew the electric version wouldn’t be far behind. Today XRay has announced the XB9E 8th scale electric buggy kit. It’s based off the nitro version but comes with a few updates to make sure it’s at the very front of the technology pack. Some of the features of this “luxury masterpiece” include-

* Longer & wider chassis
* Optimal weight balance
* New servo mounting plate
* Swiss 7075 T6 motor mount
* Composite battery box
* Hudy Spring Steel drive-shafts & turnbuckles
* ISS suspension holders
* Revised shock towers
* Does not include body

To get more information on the latest uber machine from XRay simply click THIS LINK.

To get even more XRay news click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

THE Duratrax Lineup C2 Pre-Mounted 8th Scale Buggy Tire Review

Duratrax Lineup Buggy Tire Review

If you’ve run 8th scale buggy for very long, then you already know how tire costs can eat at your wallet. Duratrax has an extensive line of affordable shoes for your 8th scale buggy, today we’ll be taking a closer look at their Lineup buggy pre-mounts in C2 compound. Are they good for bashing or only for the track? More importantly, are they worth the cash? Click the “Read More” to find out.