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THE Vaterra Glamis Uno 1/8th RTR Buggy Review

Vaterra Glamis Uno Buggy Review

When the Vaterra line-up was first announced the Twin Hammers got all the headlines, and while it’s a nice all around machine, one thing it does not do is get the pulse racing with pure speed. The Vaterra Glamis Uno was modeled after the insane buggies run every weekend at the Glamis sand dunes. The Glamis Uno has a brushless power-plant at its heart and plenty of suspension to soak up the nasty stuff at speed. Is the Glamis a capable all around bash machine? Is it a better basher than your average short course truck? Most importantly, does it deserve a spot in your rc garage? Let’s dig right in and find out…


Serpent 1/8 Cobra Buggy Ready-to-race with Novarossi power
Some hobbyists just aren’t into spending hours building a new car, they want to crack open a box and pull trigger ASAP (read- people like Brian).

Serpent announced their new Cobra 8th scale RTR buggy today that comes stock with a Novarossi engine. Combine the top notch Serpent RTR chassis (designed by Billy Easton) with Novarossi power and this buggy is sure to be one of very best RTR’s you can buy.

No price, part number, or release date information has been released yet. However, you can get a few more details at THIS LINK over on the official Serpent website.

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JQ Products THEeCar
The crew at JQ Products have officially released THEeCar to the public. THEeCar is their new 4wd 8th scale electric buggy that should be an animal on the track or at your local bash spot.

Some of the specifications include-

* Wheelbase- 324-328mm
* Width- 307mm
* Weight- 3500 grams
* Internal gear ratio- 3.3:1

For more information on everything JQ click THIS LINK for their official website. For more information on 8th scale buggies check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Tekno RC NB48 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit
Tekno RC made their name doing brushless conversion kits, the announcement of their first nitro buggy can come as a bit of a shock. Dubbed the NB48, the new Tekno 8th scale nitro buggy is sure to be high quality and made to take a beating.

Some of the highlights of the new Tekno NB48 include-

* Adjustable engine position to change weight distribution
* Narrow 4mm 7075 CNC hard anodized aluminum chassis
* 4 shoe clutch
* Steering and suspension from Tekno EB48 buggy
* Lightened aluminum parts throughout
* Short chassis overhang front and rear
* Spacious radio box

The expected release date for the NB48 is sometime this fall, for more information on everything Tekno Click This Link for their official website.

Looking for more information on 8th scale buggies? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

OFNA X3 Sabre Pro Kit Buggy
Eighth scale buggies are still popular among the bash crowd because they drive so well and take a good beating. There is also a large population of hobbyists that enjoy building their own cars.

Ofna’s latest 8th scale buggy is the nitro powered X3 Sabre Pro. The X3 Sabre Pro comes as an un-assembled kit letting you put the buggy together the right way. Some of its updates include-

* 7075 T6 aluminum chassis
* Adjustable front caster
* More forward weight distribution
* Long travel, heavy duty suspension
* Adjustable gear diffs
* Fiberglass/steel brake pads
* Version 2 shocks w/ 3.5mm shafts
* 2080 ERFA Pipe

The part number for the Ofna X3 Sabre Pro is #34930, click on THIS LINK to get more information on the official Ofna website. For even more Ofna news check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

JQ THEeCar Electric Buggy
The new electric 8th scale buggy from JQ Products is about to hit the market. Named THE eCar it is based off their Yellow Edition nitro buggy and has a street price of around $470. For you guys that like to put your cars together you’ll be happy to learn THE eCar comes as a kit and you can get more information about everything JQ on their official Website.

What else has JQ been up to? Check out THIS LINK to find out.

Duratrax 1/8 835E Buggy 2.4GHz RTR
The newest addition to the ever growing Duratrax line-up is the 835E Electric RTR Buggy. The 835E is based off its nitro powered brother and features waterproofing to make it truly bash ready.

8th scale buggies are known for being great bash machines. For big brushless power the 835E comes with a 2200kV motor and 120 amp Onyx speed controller. A 2.4 GHz radio system is standard and removes any worries of radio conflicts, while big bore shocks help soak up the nasty stuff. Throw in some grey anodized parts for bling factor and the Duratrax 835E is ready to turn heads and go big at your local bash spot.

The 835E is available in 3 color choices- black, white and yellow. The part number is #DTXD78** and its street price is only $399. Expect the new 835E to hit hobby shop shelves in mid June. For more information on everything Duratrax click THIS LINK for their official website.

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Serpent Cobra Buggy Be-RTR
Looking for a high quality 8th scale brushless buggy that is RTR? Serpent has just announced their new Cobra Be RTR Buggy, a RTR 8th scale machine that is packed with performance.

Some of the highlights of the Cobra Be RTR are – waterproof speed controller, 2.4 GHz radio gear, metal gear servo, big bore shocks, aluminum shock towers, 7075 aluminum chassis, and 1850kv brushless motor. Part number for the new buggy is #600006 and you can get more information over on the Serpent Website.

Check out THIS LINK for more Serpent news right here on BigSquidRC.

Kyosho Inferno MP9e TKI

8th scale electric buggies are still mega-hot and make incredible bash machines. On the high-end side of things Kyosho has just announced their new Inferno MP9e TKI buggy. The Kyosho MP9e TKI utilizes many of the advancements from the TKI3 nitro buggy including-

* Medium length shocks with threaded bodies and light blue Kyosho springs
* Shorter rear tower
* HD Driveshafts
* Stronger upper arms and reinforced bulkheads
* Anodized and milled motor mount
* Milled rear hub carriers

Looking for more Kyosho news? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

JQ Racing Yellow Pre Season Value Kit
The crew over at JQ Products have just announced more value in their THECar Yellow Edtion kit. The JQ crew is now adding $100 worth of option parts for free right in with the kit. The hop-up parts include-

* New Ackermann Plate
* New Wider Chassis
* New Right Sideguard
* New Rear Brace
* New Throttle and Brake Linkages

The part number for the kit with the free option parts is #JQB578, or you can just get the hop-up parts set, which is part number #JQS027. You can expect these new JQ parts to be hitting dealer shelves within a few days.

We have more JQ Products news right HERE on BigSquidRC.

THE Duratrax Equalizer Pre-Mounted 8th Scale Buggy Tire Review

Duratrax Pre-Mounted Equalizer Tire Review
In the last 5 years there has been an explosion in the 8th scale buggy tire market. One of the more affordable choices comes from Duratrax, where they have a complete line of reasonably priced tires and pre-mounts. We’ve been bashing and thrashing two sets of Duratrax Equalizer Pre-Mounts (one in C3 (super soft) compound and one in C2 (soft) compound) for a few weeks now. Are they worth your cash to bash with? Come on, let’s find out…


Serpent 811 B-E 2.0 Buggy
If you are looking to build a high end 8th scale electric buggy before the Spring season starts, Cobra has just announced their latest, the Cobra 811 B-E 2.0. The latest Cobra offers all the latest technology and some very high grade materials, resulting in a buggy that should be a great piece of machinery. Some of the new features of the 811 BE 2.0 include-

* New wider rear end with new geometry for more rear traction
* Rear shocks moved to the back of the shocktower
* Longer rear shocks; with longer housing and shock rods for more travel
* Rear wing with integrated holders for the ballraced rear anti-roll bar
* Longer rear lower arms, new higher carbon shocktower, new upright
* Lexan mud-guards to mount on lower rear arms
* Nylon mud-scrapers mount on the rear uprights
* Improved differential gears – as already in the Be version
* Larger bearings in steering blocks and uprights 8X16X5 (2) and 15x21x4 (2),
* Transmission uses larger bearings, 8x19x6 and 13x19x4, and new couplers
* Part #600012

To get more information on the 811 BE 2.0 hit up THIS link. To view more information on Serpent, hit up THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

2013 XRAY XB9 1/8th Scale Buggy
XRay sent out teaser information on their 2013 spec XB9 8th Scale Buggy at the first of the year, now they’ve released full information and photo’s. The 2013 XB9 is a culmination of years of testing and research, surely it will go down as one of the most elite 8th scale racers ever produced.

The changes for the 2013 XB9 include-

* New longer and wider chassis for increased stability and weight balance
* New engine position and internal component layout to improve performance, efficiency and durability
* New updated side guards
* New fuel tank with floating stone type fuel filter
* New high-torque clutch set
* New heavier high-torque flywheel
* New high-torque clutch shoes
* New high-torque clutch springs
* New 16° caster blocks suitable for majority of track conditions
* New steering blocks for increased corner speed
* New Ackermann position for increased corner speed
* New HUDY Spring Steel™ turnbuckles with new size
* New front shock tower with new roll center positions
* New rear shock to accommodate optional longer chassis brace
* New longer muffler mounting to accommodate all types of mufflers

For more information on the XB9 check out the official XRay Website, and for even more XRay news check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.