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Just a heads up that A Main Hobbies is having a sale on many JConcepts and Novak items, with some Novak items up to 50% off. So if you haven’t checked it out, head on over to the A Main Hobbies Website for some deals.

acer_racing_saleFor those of you not going out bashing, or to your local shop for parts today, there are a few online LABOR DAY sales going on! ACER RACING has a bunch of bearing kits on sale, so if you are in need of the following, check them out at the ACER Racing Website.
LABOR DAY SPECIALS through September 2, 2013 11:59 PM Los Angeles time:
Team Associated T4.2 Ceramic Nitrde Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Team Associated B44.2 Ceramic Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Team Durango DEX408 Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Hot Bodies TCXX Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $77.99
Kyosho Mini Z Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $49.99
Team Losi 22SCT Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Scumacher K1 Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
3/32″ Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Differential Balls 12 pack $6.99
Traxxas Slash 4×4 DSPS Bearing Kit $39.99

Also, running a big sale, our friends over at A Main Hobbies! You can go to the A Main Website or click their banner over on the right side and use coupon code 20LABORDAY13 to score 10% off your purchase over $100.

amain_sale If you haven’t seen the banners yet, A Main Hobbies is having a 4th of July Sale. You can earn up to 10% back in rewards points. The sale only lasts ONE DAY so hit up the SALE PAGE HERE to earn some extra rewards, or click the banners.

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THE ProTek 7.4v 2S 100C 7000 mah Lipo Battery Review

ProTek 7.4v 2S 100C 7000 mah Lipo Battery

A few weeks ago we tested the ProTek 2S 5600 Lipo pack, today we are taking a look at its big, bad brother, the 2S 100C 7000. The ProTek 7000 comes in a sleek ROAR legal hard case, and comes with a premium price tag. Is it worth the cash? Is it a “dyno king”? Is it just a run of the mill Lipo or is it something special? Click the “Read More” button and let’s find out…


We know bashers are always looking to save a few bucks, and holiday weekends are a good time to do that! Here are some sales we have found floating around the web! If you know of any other sales or coupon codes, drop us an email and we will add them to the list!

First up we have a Pro-Line Racing coupon code. You can save 15% on your entire order by using code HONOR15 from now to Monday May 27th 2013. Click HERE to visit the Pro-Line Racing site and use the code.

Next up there is a sale going on over at A Main Hobbies. From now till Monday May 27th 2013 you can get FREE shipping on most orders over $25 as well as save 10% using the coupon code MEMHK513. Click HERE to visit the A Main Hobbies site and use your coupon code.

Our friends over at Tower Hobbies are showing their support by putting together a huge list of MADE IN THE USA rc products for you to check out. There is some good stuff listed over there, and if you have been thinking about picking up a copy of Real Flight, now might be a good time. Check out the Tower Hobbies MADE IN USA list.

acer girlThe folks from Acer Racing are offering 10% off with their coupon code E10! They always have free world wide shipping as well. So if you are looking to make the jump to some serious bearings go get your 10% off!

Also, many hobby shops have sales on the holiday weekends as well! So take the some time this weekend and head out to your local shop and see what they have to offer! Make sure to tell them Big Squid RC sent ya!

Don’t forget to pay your respects to the men and women who gave their lives protecting and serving our country. And keep in mind those that are still out there doing their job and risking their lives every day!

THE ProTek 2S 100C 5600 mah Lipo Battery Review

ProTek 100C 5600 Lipo Battery Review

The rc world is still dominated by electric power and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. That fact means that nearly every hobbyist is going to need a good battery pack for his truck. Today we’ll be putting the hammer down on the latest Lipo battery from ProTek, a Supreme Power 2S 7.4v 100C 5600 mah pack. Does it have good power? Does it live when you jump it off the roof? Is it right for the basher crowd? Let’s find out…


Tekno RC Sale at A Main Hobbies
Tekno RC has come a long ways in the last two years. Known primarily as a company who makes ultra reliable upgrade parts for high powered brushless cars, they have since branched out to selling full on kits.

The crew over at A Main Hobbies are having a big sale on everything Tekno this week. You can save up to 20% on parts and 10% on kits. The sale only lasts one week (ends on May 20th) so hit up THIS LINK to save some serious cash on your favorite Tekno gear.

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THE ProTek RC Universal Radio Case Review

ProTek RC Universal Radio Case Review

You’ve spent a lot of money on your transmitter, spending a little more to make sure it’s protected is a good idea.

The crew over at A Main Hobbies have a new universal transmitter hard case for your uber radio. You buy the case then select the proper insert that is specifically cut out for your model of transmitter. Is the ProTek radio case tough? Does it hold up? More importantly, is it worth your hard earned cash? Lets find out…


EcoPower Electron 610 AC/DC charger
One of the latest products from the crew over at A Main Hobbies is their EcoPower Electron 610 Battery Charger. The new 610 is said to be a very versatile and affordable charger for all your different types of batteries.

Some of the primary features of the EcoPower include- AC/DC, charge rates up to 10 amps, and charges Lipo, LiFe, and NiMH. The 610 is a 200 watt charger that can charge up to 6S Lipo or 18 cell NiMH.

Part number for the Electron 610 is #ECP-1002 and it has a street price of $99. HERE is the link that takes you directly to the Electron 610 on A Main’s website.

We’ve made it through yet another work week, why not check out a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link?

 ProTek RC "Supreme Power" 100C Lipo Batteries
The crew over at ProTek have a new line-up of high output Lipo batteries. These new Supreme Power Lipo’s boast 100C discharge rates and higher capacities. The Supreme Power’s also come in a variety of form factors for you guys that need a shorty or saddle pack. 5mm bullet connectors are available on some models for those high current applications.

Prices range from $55 (1S 5800) to $180 (4S 6700), and they are available right now. Hit THIS link to view all the ProTek Supreme Power Lipo packs.

Looking for more information on Lipo batteries? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

ProTek R/C Prodigy "TakeCharge" USB Charging Adaptor
Lets say you need to charge up a USB device but the only power source you can get your hands on is a Lipo battery. Normally you would be out of luck, but not with ProTek’s new Prodigy TakeCharge USB Adaptor. With this unit you can plug in any 2S-4S Lipo/LiFe/LiIon battery and power a USB port to charge your cell phone, camera, tablet, or other electronic device. This device might come in mighty handy for the rc crowd and for doomsday preppers. Some of the features and specs include-

* 2 Amp output
* Simple to use
* Compact, lightweight and convenient
* Built in low voltage cut off
* T-Style (read Deans) battery connector
* Standard USB input
* Built in low voltage cut-off

Street price for the TakeCharge is $18 and they are available right now. Hit up the A-Main Hobbies Website for more information.

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ProTek Aluminum Radio Case
After you’ve spent a lot of money on a high-end transmitter you want to keep it safe. ProTek recently announced their new Aluminum Radio Case for just that purpose. The new ProTek case features a rugged aluminum outer shell and comes with custom foam inserts to perfectly fit your surface or air transmitter. The features don’t end there- it also has lockable latches and a durable molded handle. Street price is $50 and they are available right now. Hit up the A-Main Website for more details.

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A-Main Hobbies Exclusive Distributor for Yokomo
Yokomo rc cars had a huge presence here in the states years ago, and they are still makers of high end racing rc vehicles. We have just received word that A-Main Hobbies has picked up the Yokomo line and is now their exclusive retailer in North America. Hopefully now with A-Main behind them we’ll be seeing a lot more Yokomo product here in the states. Hit up THIS link for more information on Yokomo’s line-up of rc cars, and HERE is the link for A-Main.

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