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Asiatees scale accessories walking deadThe folks over at Asiatees Hobbies are big fans of scale accessories and the tv show The Walking Dead. They have put together some accessories that would help your rc scaler survive a zombie filled world. Hit up This Link over on the official Asiatees website to find out more.

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is soooo close to being here! Click Here for a Halloween themed TGIF Mystery Link.

AKA Cinch sacks
The crew over at AKA have announced some new accessories to help make your rc life easier. First up are Cinch Sacks. Made from nylon and featuring a handy draw string, the cinch sacks should help keep your dirty rc car from making a mess in your full size rig during transport. These come in two sizes, large which is made to store short course trucks and truggies, and medium which is perfect for 1/10 buggies. Large has a part number of #98304 and a street price of $11, while the medium has a part number of #98303 and a price of $10.

Also new from AKA is their racer backpack. Show your support for the hobby while having the space for a laptop and 8th scale buggy inside. These have a part number of #98302 and a street price of $99.

To get more information on the backpack and cinch sacks simply hit up This Link to head over to the official AKA website.

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RC4WD Break-In Testing Unit
How about this one for a unique product? RC4WD has announced their new Break-In Testing Unit. This is basically a set of rollers that allows you to run your truck/car/buggy on the test bench. Having a testing unit such as this can come in mighty handing when breaking in your truck or to make sure it is functioning properly after doing some wrenching.

* Frame made from CNC machined aluminum
* Black anodized finish
* Weight- 1149 grams
* Roller OD- .98″
* Width- 5.98″
* Length- 13.98″
* Height- 1.57″

The part number is #Z-X0014 and they are street priced at $69 each (you will need two of these for a 4wd truck). You can find more details at This Link over on the official RC4WD website.

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As you may of seen in some recent reviews, more and more stock/included radio transmitters have had hard plastic wheels. Seems that many companies are trying to save that $0.07 cents of foam that we all have become accustomed to, and we are not fans. So we got a hold of the folks at PPR RC Products, the guys that make the Reptile Radio Wheel Grips so we could give their stuff a try.

The grips come in a normal or soft compound. Unless you knew there were two compounds, you probably wouldn’t notice, but once you know, you can feel that one is a little softer to squeeze. We used the grips on several different radios, from our Hydro Dipped Tactic and Futaba 4PLS to our new HPI Octane radio.

We had no problems installing the grips onto any of the radios we wanted to try them with. They are a pretty tight fit, and on some of the wheels that needed a little more effort to get them installed we chose to remove the wheel first, install the grip, and put the wheel back on. We did this because we just didn’t want to end up cracking the plastic wheel, or the connection that it screws into. It takes an extra minute to install, but better safe than sorry.

When installing them on radios that had a plastic wheel, it was a unanimous decision that we liked the feel of the Reptile Grip to just the stock plastic wheel. There was no slippage, from our fingers or from the grip to the wheel.

When replacing a radio foam, there were a few people that were fans of the new grip, but a few that still preferred the feel of the foam. This is going to be one of those personal preference things. But if you are like a few of us, and have destroyed your foam, the grips will make a good replacement.

Something that we REALLY like about the PPR Reptile Grips are all the different colors and styles they come in, and the fact that no two are alike. Every time you visit the website, there are new ones to check out. In a way they are almost a collectible. If you see a color or style you like, you better order it because the next batch might look completely different.

As you can see, we got a variety of styles to try and some even matched our radios!

If you are looking for a better grip for that stock plastic wheel, or if you are looking for something that will turn heads at the next bash, or up on the drivers stand, give the Reptile grips a try.

They cost about $12 each, and are worth every penny to not have to use that stock plastic wheel.

Hit the official PPR Grips website for more info, and to order.

Beef up your 2wd ECX with some new Front Spindles from RPM. The RPM spindles are molded from RPM’s uber plastic blend and were designed to be long lasting and trouble free. The RPM spindles also utilize larger bearings, a necessity for hardcore bashing.

The RPM spindles have a part number of #73292, they are priced at $11, and they should start hitting hobby shops later in the month. Get full details at This Link over on RPM’s website.

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RPM Mock Intake and Blower Set
Nothing looks tougher sticking out of a hood than a big intake and blower. Now RPM makes it easy to put one on your car or truck with their mock intake and blower set. The RPM unit is made for scale realism featuring blower belt ridges, pulley splines and recessed butterflies in the scoop. It is easy to install requiring the use of just 3 screws, and with a large flat plate underneath, it won’t get torn off when you crash.

The part number for black is #73412 and they are street priced at $9. Chrome has a part number of #73413 and their street price is $11. Both start hitting hobby shops in late July and you can get full details at This Link over on the official RPM website.

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KO Propo EX-1 KIY Options
The KO Propo EX-1 KIY is pretty trick right out of the box, but now KO has announced some new items to uber-it-out even more.

First up is a new 3D Drop Down Wheel Extension Unit. The new drop down is lighter than the previous version and helps reduce the distance between the trigger and the wheel. It has a part number of #10549.

A new Base Battery Stand is also available from KO Propo. The stylish new base makes it easy to mount a Lithium battery to the KIY for a change in weight balance and for longer runtimes. The part number is #10546.

To fit in the base is a new 2S 1550mAh Li-Fe battery. Using a Li-Fe pack in your transmitter is definitely the way to go, expect longer times between charging and a better weight distribution. To charge the pack KO has also announced a new battery charger. It is a fast charger with up to a 2 amp charge rate and features easy one button operation. The part number for the Li-Fe pack is #73018 and the part number for the charger is #51201.

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Asiatees Hobbies Scale Accessories
Scale rc continues to be hot again this summer so Asiatees Hobbies wanted us to let you know about some of their scale accessories. They now stock scale accessories from Boom Racing to give your rc garage a real authentic look. From a female scale figure to bottles of Coke, they offer a bunch of different scale items that you can check out At This Link on their official website.

Find out more about Asiatees at This Link on BigSquidRC.

RPM RC Products
It would be difficult to find a more iconic name for basher parts than RPM RC Products. For years the RPM crew has been making ultra tough plastic parts to give bashers more time driving, and less time wrenching. When you look around the BSRC offices nearly every one of our “personal vehicles” has RPM parts all over it.

RPM is based out of Southern California, so while in the area we were lucky enough to get to spend some time with them.

RPM is extremely proud that all their parts are made right here in the USA. They are set-up to design, make the molds, and actually produce their famous plastic parts entirely under one roof. Also of note, while most of their parts go out the door under the RPM logo, they also do OEM work for some “famous” rc names. If you are an rc company needing some plastic parts made, it might be worth your time to give RPM a ring.

Along with Brian, we were most struck by the pure passion shown around the RPM offices. They eat, sleep, and breathe, making the highest quality parts possible, and that a lot of heart and soul goes into every single product they make. The RPM crew is hardcore about getting the design perfect, the molds perfect, and ultimately, the best plastic upgrade parts you can put on your bash machine.

We would like to say “Thank You!” to Richard, Atticus and the entire crew at RPM, we learned so much about the fine art of making plastic parts, and about the rc industry as a whole. The folks over at RPM are good people, give them your support whenever you can.

Muchmore Power Station Pro
While most of the items that Muchmore Racing puts out are for the hardcore racing crowd, they recently introduced a nifty Power Station Pro that can come in handy for just about anyone. The Power Station Pro is a distribution block that has three 10 amp outputs, one 20 amp output, and even two 5V 2 amp outputs for USB devices in one anodized aluminum case #MMRP1065 is the part number for black, #MMRP1066 is the part number for blue, and each is street priced at $59.

For the high-zoot racing crowd, Muchmore also has a new LED Setup Board. If you want the ultimate in work surfaces, this 19 x 14.2 x .5″ board is as fancy as they come, and it has a part number of #MMRR3001 and is priced at $179.

Lastly, Muchmore has announced their new Tweak Master. The Tweak Master comes with a tempered glass base and carbon fiber tube to help work the tweak out of your touring car. The part number for the Tweak Master is #MMRR3002 while it is priced at $89.

Time for one last TGIF Mystery Link for the day.

TheToyz Drift Tuner Kits
The crew over at TheToyz have a cool new Tuner Kit to take your drift car from bland to show worthy. Each kit includes rear view mirrors, an inner-cooler, chrome mufflers, brake discs, two different styles of windshield wipers, and all the necessary mounting hardware. While the tuner kit is aimed at the drifting crowd, several of the parts can be used on just about any build to add the scale realism you are after.

You can get the tuner kits with red, blue, or chrome brake discs, and they have an affordable street price of $8. To get more information simply Click This Link to head over to TheToyz official website.

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MIP Stickeez Strips
MIP has a new product that allows you to bond your closed cell foam tire inserts to the wheel called Stickeez. Using Stickeez has a couple of upsides- a more consistent feel while driving, and they help keep your wheels from becoming out of balance after every run.

* Helps sidewall of SC tires
* Reusable, semi-permanent
* Easy to install
* Made in the USA

The Stickeez have a part number of #5115, an MSRP of $7, and you can get complete information at This Link on MIP’s website

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Rogue Element Lug Nuts
After 8 years of limited release, Rogue Element Components is gearing up for a final production run of Scale Alloy Lug Nuts. These ultra scale detailed lug nuts are what put REC on the map, if you want to get your hands on some, now is the time to get your order in.

There are 2 different styles to choose from, 8-bolt and Warn Lockers, and they are priced at $29 a set. The lug nuts are 3/8″ in diameter and use a Nylock nut that is threaded for M4x.7 Tamiya & Axial axles. A special wrench is included to make it easy to get them on and off.

To get your set pre-ordered you can hit up the Official Rogue Element website.

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