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TheToyz Drift Tuner Kits
The crew over at TheToyz have a cool new Tuner Kit to take your drift car from bland to show worthy. Each kit includes rear view mirrors, an inner-cooler, chrome mufflers, brake discs, two different styles of windshield wipers, and all the necessary mounting hardware. While the tuner kit is aimed at the drifting crowd, several of the parts can be used on just about any build to add the scale realism you are after.

You can get the tuner kits with red, blue, or chrome brake discs, and they have an affordable street price of $8. To get more information simply Click This Link to head over to TheToyz official website.

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MIP Stickeez Strips
MIP has a new product that allows you to bond your closed cell foam tire inserts to the wheel called Stickeez. Using Stickeez has a couple of upsides- a more consistent feel while driving, and they help keep your wheels from becoming out of balance after every run.

* Helps sidewall of SC tires
* Reusable, semi-permanent
* Easy to install
* Made in the USA

The Stickeez have a part number of #5115, an MSRP of $7, and you can get complete information at This Link on MIP’s website

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Rogue Element Lug Nuts
After 8 years of limited release, Rogue Element Components is gearing up for a final production run of Scale Alloy Lug Nuts. These ultra scale detailed lug nuts are what put REC on the map, if you want to get your hands on some, now is the time to get your order in.

There are 2 different styles to choose from, 8-bolt and Warn Lockers, and they are priced at $29 a set. The lug nuts are 3/8″ in diameter and use a Nylock nut that is threaded for M4x.7 Tamiya & Axial axles. A special wrench is included to make it easy to get them on and off.

To get your set pre-ordered you can hit up the Official Rogue Element website.

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RPM Mega Bearing Blaster
RPM RC has announced a new, larger sized, bearing blaster. The new unit is called the Mega Bearing Blaster and can handle bearings up to 1.25″ in diameter. That means it can handle the bearings from your 1/5th scale, or even your rollerblade or skateboard.

The Mega Bearing Blaster is easy to use and has a part number of #70420. Street price is $9 and it should start hitting hobby shops later this month. For more information click This Link that will take you over to the official RPM website.

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Killer Body RC ihobby
Killer Body RC is based out of the Chicago metro and are an O.E.M. of polycarbonate bodies, accessories, and both rc and die cast cars. The biggest news in their booth this year was the Warrior line-up of small Mini-Z sized off-road and on-road vehicles. The RTR Warriors are not shipping yet but should be a hit among the small scale crowd when they land in hobby shops.

Also featured in their booth was a variety of scale looking bodies for both on-road and off-road. Whether you be a consumer looking for a trick new lid for your SCT, or a company looking to source some polycarbonate bodies, you can get more information on Killer Body RC at This Link.

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Team Associated RC10 Classic Accessories
For all you RC10 Classic lovers, Team Associated has just announced some new accessories for your favorite buggy. Some are just for customization, while others allow you to convert your older ride over to newer shoes.

The list of accessories include-

* #6252 Bellcrank Steering Kit- Available Sept.
* #6301 RC10 Chassis, black- Sept.
* #6309 RC10 Nose Plate, black- Sept.
* #6369 RC10 CVA 1/4″ Axle- Sept.
* #6371 RC10 CVA 3/16″ Axle*- Sept. (*Requires #6802 RC10 Rear Wheel Conversion)
* #6603 RC10 Motor Plate, black- Sept.
* #6900 RC10 Transmission Bearing Set- Oct.
* #6905 RC10 Ball Bearing Set- Oct.
* #6801 RC10 Front Wheel Conversion kit to mount the B4 front wheels- Sept.
* #6802 RC10 Rear Wheel Conversion kit to mount the new rear wheels- Sept.
* #6805W RC10 2.2″ Rear Wheel, 3/16″, white- Sept.
* #6805Y RC10 2.2″ Rear Wheel, 3/16″, yellow- Sept.

To get more information on all the RC10 Classic accessories simply click THIS LINK that takes you over to the official Team Associated site.

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JConcepts SC10 Body Mount Grommet with Leash
Isn’t it amazing how you can go out for an easy bash session, barely hit anything, and come back missing one (or more) body clips? Most of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew has made the switch over to Pro-Line Thumbwashers so we don’t have to worry about losing body clips anymore, but for those of you that have not JConcepts might have a way for you to never lose another clip.

The new JConcepts body mount grommets w/ leash are made from silicone to help cushion your body and keep body clips from disappearing. They are available in three different colors (blue, black and clear) and have a retail price of $6. While they were designed to fit the Associated SC10, they should work on other models as well. For more information hit THIS LINK that takes you over to the JConcepts website.

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thetoyz angel halo lights
Perhaps you’ve seen a trick angel halo eye light kit installed on a full scale car or motorcycle and wondered where you could get some for your rc machine. The crew over at TheToyz now have the hook-up for you.

TheToyz offer the lights in 8 different color combo’s that feature 5mm diameter middle bulbs and 8.1mm diameter halos. They come wired in pairs with an in-line switch and receiver plug to make them easy to install. 4.2 to 6 is the recommended input voltage.

These are available right now and have a street price of $7. Hit THIS LINK for more information.

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team3six dash

Hey guys if you are looking to add that little bit of scale flair to your dashboard then look no further. Team3six has a cool little CONTROL PANEL KIT that will work really well as dash bits on your scale build. The kit actually comes with 6 different styles of panels that can be used in any combination you can dream up. Just to add the finishing touches they include Red, Yellow and Green LED’s with the resistors already in place to speed up install time. They also toss in gauge decal kits in black and white as well as some button head screws to bring it all together.

The LiPo safe charging bag is a simple tool that many of us use multiple times a day and probably take for granted. Nearly every RC company on earth makes a bag of their own, but have you ever wondered where the idea came from? It was the brainchild of Mark Wood. He invented the thing. And he’s still making them. The Original LipoSack is made in the US of US sourced materials. You can find out the history of this seemingly minor, but potentially life saving invention at the LipoSack web site, and while you’re there be sure to check out their products.

Alumicraft RC aren’t the only ones making aluminum bodies for 1/5 scalers. Race Car Prototypes, which is a company known more for making full scale race car bodies, is releasing their own aluminum body, which you can see to the left right (sorry, I was writing this post while looking in a mirror) here. But the one that caught my eye is their rally body seen above. It appears to be based on a full scale body that they designed for All German Motorsports, it’s a BMW X6 trophy truck.

Check out the Race Car Prototypes web site, but don’t expect to find much info about these new products there.

Sunshine Systems, whom we first met back at IHobby 2011, are lighting up the place with their selection of RC ready LED light systems. New to the product line is a new connector thing that allows you to daisy chain together multiple strings of light systems. Go back to our IHobby archives and check out the review we did of these lights to see how they standup. Spoiler: we liked ‘em. Then check out the Sunshine Systems web site for more info.

VGRacing is at the show in full force, showing off their huge line of roll cages for all kinds of vehicles, including their somewhat new green cage for the Traxxas 1/10 Grave Digger, seen above at the left. Hit up the Roll Cage City web site for more info and then go to to buy.