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Drake Edition Losi Mini 8ight buggy
New today from the folks over at Losi are two new editions of their popular Mini 8IGHT Buggy. The first is the Adam Drake Edition, the second the Dakotah Phend Edition. Adam Drake is one of the most popular drivers on the circuit, while young gun Dakotah Phend has been showing the speed to win at any level of competition.

Each buggy comes with the drivers personal paint scheme and are based on the Mini Eight platform that features a 4500kv brushless motor, waterproofing, and a Spektrum radio system. Part number for the Drake Edition is #LOS01002, while the part number for the Phend Edition is #LOS01001. Expect a street price of $259 for each unit. To get even more information simply click THIS LINK to head over to the official Losi website.

Hit THIS LINK to view more Losi news right here on BigSquidRC.

Editor’s Note — Here are the facts: Adam Drake was top qualifier in the buggy class. Jared Tebo TQ’d the truggy class. Tebo then went on to win both the buggy and truggy classes. Jeff was sent there to take pictures and provide coverage of the event. What we got back from him was this “story.” There is some truth here but much of the rest may be slightly exaggerated, greatly overstated, or outright fabricated. Read at your own risk and take it all with a grain of salt. Jeff also says that places, names, and times may have been changed to protect the innocent. We think he just forgot to write down all that stuff.

– Big Squid Editorial Board

Day 1

Journal Entry – Friday 3:30pm – Dear Diary, Just got off the phone with Brian, he wants me to cover the 2010 ROAR Off-Road Fuel Nationals this weekend. Get “a story to tell,” he says.

My phone is ringing, the caller ID shows Brian (Big Squid). I ponder for a second why he may be calling me. Have I not done enough posts this week? Possible. Has my new site design not included enough ad blocks? Could be. Is the site down? Most probable.

Having decided what this call is about I pick up the phone and go on the defensive. Before he says a word I start apologizing for seeding all those Warez and pr0n torrents off the server and taking down the site again, but he acts surprised and asks me what I’m talking about. “Oh nothing, never mind…” I say, “what’s up Boss?” Brian starts barking out the orders in typical over-bearing boss fashion. “The ROAR Nats are this weekend, you live closest to them, get your camera and get out there. Don’t leave until you have a story to tell and a bunch of pictures to post!” He then starts chanting over and over again “WE NEED CONTENT! CONTENT IS KING!”

I “accept” the assignment and hang up the phone, not really knowing what to expect. Brian told me it was going to be a long weekend, that’s all I know. I’ve never been to a big national RC event. I’ve never even been to a real RC race, I’m a basher to the core baby. My first opportunity to do both and I’m going to be stuck behind my Canon 5D and “Holly Hobby – Little Journalist” notepad the whole time. Sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous weekend. But then I key in on one thing he said, “have a story to tell,” and think to myself “I can work with that.”


Normally we write the news in our own voice here at BSRC, but this one is too important for us to jack up, so we’re going to let the organizers speak for themselves.

March 6th, 2010, RC Racing lost one of its family.  Leighton Dillard or as he was affectionately known Big L died on the drivers stand during the PyscoNitroBlast in Atlanta.  Leighton was well known all over the southeast in RC Racing. He had a passion for it like no other.  Five years ago, he helped open the “Leighton Dillard Memorial R/C Park” formerly known as “Trackseekers R/C Park” .  He had two dreams, one was to have a track that would host a professional race and the other was to “Run with the Big Boys”.  Last year, HIS track hosted an R/C Pro Race.  He designed the track and was soooo proud.  (Dream number one came true).  When Leighton died, Adam Drake and Mike Truhe were on the drivers stand next to him.  He was running with the Big Boys when his heart failed him and he died on the drivers stand with them.  Leighton Dillard was 41 years old when he died.  He loved his family and provided for them when he was alive.  However, like a lot of us, he did not have provisions for them in the event of his untimely death.  Shellie, Chris and Jessica need our help.  Adam and Mike are doing their part to help, won’t you?

All you have to do is purchase a raffle ticket for Adam or Mike race vehicle for $10.00 and have a chance to win.


For $10.00 you can have a chance to win Adam Drake’s Losi Truggy or Mike Truhe’s Losi Buggy.  They come complete electronics, engine, and all the hop-ups Adam and Mike useThe radio and transponder are not included, but it is complete straight from the race track to the winner of the raffle.  The drawing will be held Friday night June 18 at the Leighton Dillard Memorial Race.  Trackseekers R/C Club is feeding the drivers that night and hosting a live and silent auction to raise money for the family.  You DO NOT have to be present to win, but you might want to come race on Leighton’s Pro Track.  This is the last lay out Leighton did before he died.  Come race with us for a really good cause and help us raise money for Leighton’s family.

Check out Trackseekers for more info.

I will personally place your contact info onto the raffle ticket and enter it into the drawing.  If you have any additional question feel free to contact Bubba Barham at or 601-946-2337.  All proceeds will go directly to the Dillard family.

Follow this link to buy a raffle ticket for Mike Truhe’s buggy.

Follow this link to buy a raffle ticket for Adam Drake’s truggy.

So what do you say Big Squidateers?  I got my raffle tickets, how about you?  If you’re in the Flowood, MS area and you attend the event in person send us some pictures and tell us all about it.  You can email all that stuff to Brian (at)