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JConcepts Hazard Radio Wheel

JConcepts Hazard Radio Wheel for Sanwa M12/MT4

Customize your Sanwa M12 or MT4 transmitter with a new Hazard Radio Wheel from JConcepts. Hazard wheels have long been available for your short course truck, now JConcepts is offering the same great look to bolt on to your Sanwa transmitter. The wheel comes with a pre-installed Dirt-Tech foam grip for a better feel and it features the intricate detailing [...]


Airtronics SV-PLUS ZERO ESC/RX Combo

Airtronics SV-PLUS ZERO ESC/RX Combo

New from Airtronics is a Combination ESC & Receiver. Yes, both the ESC and receiver are integrated into one item to save space, save weight, and to make for an easier install. The ESC is for use with sensored brushless motors and has a cell limit of 2S LiPo and a motor limit of 4.5 turns on 2S. The receiver [...]


Airtronics M12S

Airtronics M12S Transmitter

Meet the latest and greatest transmitter from Airtronics, the M12S. The M12S is said to be 30% faster than the previous model and comes with all the features that you could want in a high-end radio. Some of its features include- * Drop down wheel option * Fully adjustable trigger * Comes with Li-Fe battery * Has brighter backlighting * Telemetry mixing function * Earphone jack * [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Built PRO-MT RTR

Pro-Line Pro-Built PRO-MT RTR Monster Truck

Pro-Line has just announced their very first RTR Truck, the Pro-Built PRO-MT. Of course you remember the PRO-MT, the truck we selected as our Bash Vehicle of the Year last year, it is an incredible bash machine. Now the PRO-MT comes fully assembled, fully loaded with electronics, ready for you to just add a battery to start bashing! Some of [...]


Sanwa M12 40th Anniversary

Sanwa Limited Edition 40th Anniversary M12 Transmitter

All you hardcore Sanwa guys should be interested to know there is Limited Edition 40th Anniversary M12 transmitter headed to the market. The 40th Anniversary M12 comes with a special black piano lacquer finish to give it a unique high-end look and each unit has its serial number engraved into a special plate. It also comes with an aluminum steering [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 05.15.2014, Version- You Make Up Questions, I Mak…

“Hello Guys, okay? I am a lover of your site, mostly I read your review. One suggestion: How about doing a review of the Airtronics radio m12? I’m from Brazil thank you, V. Hugo” Cubby- Hey now Hugo, thanks for the mad love and be sure to hit up Brian for a free sticker pack. You can plaster your car/truck/buggy with BSRC stickers and [...]


Team Grid Drop Down

Team GRID Transmitter Wheel Drop Down Adapters

The crew over at Team GRID have sent out a press release regarding their 2014 drop down wheel lineup. This year Team GRID will be producing drop down wheels for the Spektrum DX3R/Pro, the Sanwa MT4/MT4 S, and the popular Futaba 4PL/4PLS. The drop down units are CNC machined out of aluminum and install in just minutes. To check [...]


JConcepts Radio Bag

JConcepts Radio Bags For Futaba, Airtronics and Spektrum

It’s always a good idea to use a padded bag when transporting your high-buck transmitter. JConcepts has just announced several new radio bags. These bags are specifically cut out for popular radios from companies like Futaba, Spektrum, and Airtronics. Each radio bag uses a zipper for quick access and has a pocket inside for extra storage. Expect a street price [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 03.07.2013, Version- More Questions, Less …

i have to say, the scale winch by integy looks freakin awesome! i really want one but i dont have a crawler, so, my question is, do you think it will fit on the my stampede? maybe with a little modding? i really want one but i dont want to drop the cash and it not fit. Mason Cubby– Hey what’s [...]



RCX 2012 – Airtronics

Airtronics newest entry level radio that is great for any basher, the MX-V.  These value 2.4ghz radios always catch my attention because at times, you get some serious bang for the buck without the cost of the higher end units.  Compatibility is always important within a line (receivers that work with all the FHSS surface radios within the family) so [...]


Hobby People Radio Giveaway

Hobby People 25 Radio Giveaway

It’s not a patented Big Squid RC giveaway (another one coming soon, keep your eye on the front page), but it’s still an awesome giveaway.  Traditional and online retailer Hobby People is giving away 25 radios over the next couple months.  All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter and, as along as you’re a resident of the [...]


airtronics mt4 telemetry radio (2)

Airtronics MT-4 – 2.4Ghz, 4-channel, telemetry

Airtronics has been spending some time cooking up something new.  The MT-4 is their new mid-range radio with all kinds of high-end features.  It starts with a new, light weight pistol grip design that features adjustable steering movement, trigger, and a selection of grips.  But more important is what’s packed inside.  The onboard computer features a fast navigation system to [...]


XTM Racing 1/8 scale Sand Rail

Looks like RCCA got an exclusive first look at the new XTM Racing 1/8 scale Rail.  From the pictures they’re sharing on the interwebs the Rail looks a lot like a scaled down 5B (NTTAWWT).  It’s going to be available as a brushless electric and nitro version, is 4WD with three differentials, and comes RTR with a 2.4 GHz radio [...]


Airtronics MX3 Review (1)

Airtronics MX-3 Review

From: Airtronics The Airtronics MX-3 is a 3 channel computer radio system. This means that instead of having a few little nobs to adjust your throttle and steering trim, you get complete control of all sorts of settings.  It can store settings for up to 5 different vehicles, this allows you to just carry one radio and not have to [...]