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AKA Chainlink Rasp Buggy Tires

AKA Announces Chain Link and Rasp 1/8 Buggy Tires

The folks over at AKA have announced that their Chain Link and Rasp tire designs will soon be available for 1/8th scale buggies. Both tire designs are suitable for use in high-bite conditions and are available as just tires, tires with inserts, or pre-mounted. The pre-mounts are available on either white or yellow wheels, and both tires are available in [...]


AKA Tire Punch

New Pit Tools from AKA

The folks at AKA have announced three new products to make your life in the pits easier. First up is a 2 N 1 Handheld Wheel Balancer. Their new balancer fits both 12 and 17mm wheel hexes which covers the majority of short course trucks, 10th scale buggies, and 8th scalers on the market. Its small size takes up very [...]


AKA EVO Chain Link

AKA EVO Chain Link Tires

For all you guys looking to go fast on high-bite tracks, AKA has just announced EVO Chain Link Tires. The EVO Chain Links are available for 1/10th buggies as well as stadium trucks and are the latest installment in AKA’s EVO line. The interlocking tread pattern on the Chain Links create more support for the tire’s carcass, giving them more [...]


AKA Enduro 3 Tires

AKA Announces Updated Enduro 3 and Cityblock 3 Short Co…

AKA has announced that they have updated two of their short course truck tires to make them faster than ever. The new Enduro 3 keeps its long wearing tread pattern but now comes on the AKA Typo tire carcass, while the Cityblock 3 features a more open tread design for better performance on loose surfaces. Both are available pre-mounted and [...]


AKA Cinch sacks

AKA Cinch Sacks and Racer Backpack

The crew over at AKA have announced some new accessories to help make your rc life easier. First up are Cinch Sacks. Made from nylon and featuring a handy draw string, the cinch sacks should help keep your dirty rc car from making a mess in your full size rig during transport. These come in two sizes, large which is [...]


AKA Double Play Nut Driver

AKA Double Play Nut Driver

We are all about saving space and having the right tool for the job. Enter from stage left, the new AKA Double Play Nut Driver. The Double Play has a machined aluminum handle to shave weight, while it saves space by putting both a 5.5 & 7mm socket into one wrench. A hard anodized finished gives it a cool factory [...]



THE Cub Report, 10.12.2014, Version- #‎ForzaJules‬

Hey, first things first, don’t forget that this weekend is our huge, way-over-the-top, 10 Year Anniversary Bash & Party. We’ll be going big, crashing hard, eat’n cake, and giving away some way super dope gear. Like what? Like a brand new nobody-can-buy-yet Axial Yeti XL and a top of the line Futaba 4PX. All you have to do to win [...]


AKA Nut Driver

Coming Soon – AKA 7mm & 5.5mm Nut Driver

To make your life of wrenching a little easier, the crew over at AKA are teasing a nifty 2-n-1 Nut Driver. It fits the common 7 and 5.5mm nuts you are always wrenching on and was designed to save some space in your tool box. Hit up This Link to check out AKA’s official website. Get more AKA news Right Here [...]


AKA Roadblock SC Tire Review

Product Spotlight – AKA Roadblock SC Tires

When AKA announced their new do-it-all Roadblock SC tires, we just had to try a set. We rarely bash on just one surface so we were very interested to see if the Roadblocks would work all the surfaces we like to bash on. With a fresh set of Roadblocks mounted up we grabbed two of our favorite short course vehicles [...]


AKA Roadblock SC Tires

AKA Roadblock Short Course Truck Tires & Pre-Mounts

The guys over at AKA have a new “do it all” short course truck tire called the Roadblock. The Roadblock uses a dense tread pattern for long life and is designed to get traction on a wide variety of surfaces like asphalt and grass. The Roadblocks come with AKA red inserts and are available two ways – as tires, [...]



AKA Mule Rolling Gear Bag

AKA has a new gear bag called the Mule to get all your equipment to the track or bash spot in one trip. Made from durable nylon mesh and reinforced with plastic, the Mule can make it a whole lot easier to get all that stuff of yours around, and to do it in style. * Size– 31″ x 14.5″ x [...]


RC Driver Magazine

Industry News – LRP America, AKA Typo, & RC Driver

Back in September LRP opened up a new facility in Southern California. Their long term distribution deal with Associated had ended so LRP America was formed. Here in America we are used to only seeing LRP electronic speed controllers, but they have a much more vast product line that includes cars, trucks and buggies. Now it sounds like us Yanks [...]


AKA Evo 1:10 Wheels

AKA 1:10 EVO Wheels and 1:10 Slingshot Tires

You probably know AKA from their 8th scale tires but they are making a big push into the 1:10 scale class with their new Evolution series wheels and tires. The big news is the use of an “L” shaped bead on their 10th scale Evo wheels. An “L” shaped bead is said to allow for a stronger bond and is commonly [...]


AKA Handlebar STD Buggy Tires

AKA Handlebar STD Tires and Pre-Mounts

The latest addition to AKA’s tires line-up is the Handlebar STD for 10th scale buggy. The new STD version of the Handlebar has taller treads to give more traction and longer tire life. They are available in three different compounds- Clay, Super Soft, and Soft compound. The new Handlbar STD’s are also available pre-mounted on either white or yellow HEXlite [...]



AKA Has New Short Course Tires and Inserts

Short course trucks are still on fire and AKA has just introduced a revised line-up of tires for them. Taking several of their popular tread patterns they have made them wider, thus improving their grip. The tires that got the upgrade are the Handlebar 2, Cityblock 2, Enduro 2, and the Wishbone 2. Some of the tires also got further [...]