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Aluminum Upgrades Thunder Tiger MT4 G3
One of the main vehicles that we use during BigSquidRC demonstrations is the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 Monster Truck. The MT4 is a great demo vehicle- it goes huge on the jumps and is generally tough as nails.

Our friends over at AsiaTees Hobbies know how much we thrash our MT4 so they sent over a care package of GPM Racing Products Aluminum Upgrades. The GPM aluminum parts are available in a wide variety of colors and we found them very easy to install on our demo truck. If you are looking to up the bling factor of your MT4, hit up This Link to get more information on the GPM parts over on the AsiaTees website.

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Dromida Aluminum Drivetrain Kit
Looking to beef up the drivetrain on your Dromida 18th scaler? Well you are in luck with Dromida’s Aluminum Drivetrain Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to bulletproof your drivetrain, and it does so in style with blue anodizing. The kit includes-

* Spur gear with o-rings & springs
* Center drive shaft
* Four dog bones
* Four axles

The part number is #DIDC1160, the kit has a street price of $25, and you can find more information on the Official Dromida Website.

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strc lock-out axial
New from the STRC crew are CNC Machined Rear Lock-outs for the Axial SCX10. These are much stronger than the stock units and come in a wide array of colors to match your rig. The added precision of the machined aluminum lock-outs will keep your axle running true and can also help keep it from bending.

The part number for the lock-outs is #STA30493, they have a street price of $25 a pair, and you can get more information at This Link over on the STRC website.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday, have a free Mystery Link on us! St Patrick's Day
AsiaTees is known for having a big selection of hop-up parts for a bunch of different vehicles. We just received word they are offering a St Patrick’s Day Deal. Today through March 21st you can get 15% off of green and silver parts. To get all the information simply click This Link to head over to the official AsiaTees website.

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RC4WD Steering Knuckles Axial SCX10
Stock plastic parts aren’t known for their durability, therefore the crew over at RC4WD have announced new aluminum steering knuckles for the Axial SCX10. Black in color, these knuckles look the part and should be difficult to destroy on those long trail drives.

* CNC machined from billet aluminum
* Easy to install
* Weight (each)- 0.35oz

The part number is #Z-S1216, they have a street price of $29, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official RC4WD website.

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STRC Custom build chassis set
The folks over at ST Racing Concepts have announced a new Chassis Set for custom builders. This set is for people who like to use their own length suspension links during a custom build. The kit comes in three different colors and is designed to be used with an Axial center transmission. The chassis set includes-

* 4mm aluminum chassis rails
* 4mm aluminum side plates
* Front 4 link plate
* 18mm aluminum posts
* Mounting hardware

The part number is #STA3050 and it has a retail price of $49. Hit up This Link to check out the official STRC website.

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Dromida Aluminum Shock/Shock Tower Upgrade Kit
Dromida has announced Aluminum Shock Upgrade Kits to help beef up your Dromida RTR vehicle. Each kit comes with aluminum front & rear towers, four aluminum shocks, and four shock springs. The aluminum is anodized blue for a trick look and they should be much tougher than the stock plastic units.

The part number for the SC4.18 kit is #DIDC1172, the MT4.18 kit is #DIDC1171, and the BX4.18 kit is DIDC1170. Each kits has a street price of $54 and they are scheduled for a mid-January release. For more information simply Click Here.

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RC4WD Aluminum Rear Axle Case for Vaterra Twin Hammers
The Vaterra Twin Hammers has become a popular truck to bash and trail drive with. With its popularity comes aftermarket hop-up parts. Today our friends over at RC4WD have announced a very trick looking aluminum rear axle case for the Twin Hammers. The aluminum axle case is much stronger than stock and helps add to the trucks scale realism.

* OEM fit and finish
* Easy to install
* Made from CNC machined aluminum
* Weight: 4.65oz
* Anodized in a Gun Metal color

The part number is #Z-A0085, the street price comes in at $129, and you can get more information by hitting up This Link.

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JConcepts RC10 Classic Steering bell cranks
The JConcepts crew has been putting out lots of accessories for the Associated RC10 Classic buggy. Their latest is a tough aluminum bell-crank set. These are much stronger than stock, but they eliminate the stock servo saver, so plan on either mounting up another servo saver (like a Kimbrough) or only running a high end metal gear servo with these bell-cranks.

* CNC machined aluminum construction
* Black or blue anodized finish
* Comes with genuine Associated screw hardware
* Improves steering response

The part number for blue is #2309-1, black is #2309-2, and they are priced at $33. For more information simply hit up This Link.

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Rogue Element Transmission Case RC10

Rogue Element Components have announced a trick looking aluminum transmission case for the Associated RC10 Classic buggy. The tranny case is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, making it strong, lightweight, and it will not warp with heat or stress. Plus, this limited edition case is bound to bring up the bling-factor of your buggy several notches.

The price of the Rogue Element case is $65, hit up This Link to head over to the official Rogue Elements website.

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STRC ST Racing Concepts hop up parts axial SCX10 Wraith
The crew over at STRC/ST Racing Concepts have some trick new aluminum hop-ups for the Axial SCX10 & Wraith.

First up are Heavy Duty “H” Chassis Braces for the SCX10. These are CNC machined out of aluminum and are used to strengthen the chassis, reducing twist on tough trails. The “H” brace is available in four different colors, has a part number of #STA80026HBK/GM/G/S, and has a retail price of $15.

Next up is an Aluminum Off-Axle Servo Mount & Panhard for the Wraith. To get the ultimate in scale realism, Wraith owners often times move the steering servo off of the front axle. The new STRC CNC machined servo mount does just that. It also comes in four colors- black, green, gun metal or silver. The part number is #STA30792PBK/GM/G/S and it has a retail price of $40.

Also new from STRC are Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Towers for the SCX10. These CNC machined towers look trick and come with the same geometry as the stock pieces. Also available in multiple colors, the part number is #STA80025FBK/GM/G/S for the front towers, #STA80025RBK/GM/G/S for the rear, and they both have a retail price of $25.

For more information on everything STRC simply click on This Link.

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RC4WD Trailing Arms Vaterra Twin Hammers
Add more durability and RC4WD’s renown scale realism with their new rear trailing arms for the Vaterra Twin Hammers.

* Gun metal anodized finish
* CNC machined from aluminum
* Weight: 2.08oz

The part number for the trailing arms is #Z-S0949, they have a street price of $29, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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STRC Axial Teaser Shot
Our friends over at ST Racing Concepts/STRC have been working overtime to come up with trick new parts. Exactly what parts are they? Our lips are sealed for now, however we are allowed to share with you these two teaser shots.

Pictured above is an Axial truck with a Tamiya Jeep body. Below is a Traxxas Slash 4×4. Can you spot any new parts in these pictures? Comments are open to let your voice be heard.

Want more information on STRC products? Hit up This Link for their official website. For more STRC news on BigSquidRC, simply click Here.

STRC Slash 4x4 BackSlash