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ST Racing Concepts Vaterra Ascender Diff Cover Proline beadlock Rings

ST Racing Concepts Vaterra Ascender Diff Cover & Proline Bea…

Just announced from STRC are new Aluminum Diff Covers for the Vaterra Ascender and Beadlock Rings for Pro-Line Wheels. Both items are CNC machined from aluminum then anodized in one of your favorite colors to give your rig a trick look. The STRC Ascender Diff Covers help improve durability and are a direct replacement for the factory units. These are available [...]


GPM Aluminum Upgrades rcMart

Video – GPM Aluminum Upgrades at rcMart

The crew over at rcMart shot us a new video that they’ve worked up featuring GPM Aluminum Upgrades. You see, GPM upgrades are available in a bunch of different colors, plus they are made to fit a plethora of different vehicles. Watch the video above to learn more or you can Hit This Link to view all the GPM products [...]


STRC Aluminum Vaterra Ascender Shock Components

ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Shock Components for Vaterra Asc…

New from ST Racing Concepts are Aluminum Threaded Shock Bodies, Lower Caps, Upper Caps, and Spring Collars for the Vaterra Ascender. These are available in several different colors and are CNC machined for a precise fit. The upper shock caps are priced at $18 for a 4 piece set, while the bodies, lower caps, and collars are priced at $16 [...]


STRC Aluminum Upgrades Vaterra Ascender

ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Option Parts for the Vaterra Asc…

It’s time to bling out that Vaterra Ascender of yours with new Aluminum Upgrade Parts from ST Racing Concepts. All the STRC parts for the Ascender are available in 3 different colors- scale black, gun metal, and natural silver, all of which should look pretty trick out on the trail. Some of the new parts include- * CNC Machined Aluminum ESC [...]


Pro-Line Aluminum top shaft

Aluminum Top Shaft For The PRO-2 Performance Tranny

Pro-Line Racing has announced an Aluminum Top Shaft for their performance transmission. Weighing in at just 4.4 grams, it is 64% lighter than the original steel unit. A lighter top shaft can help your truck accelerate faster, a good thing while racing, especially in the stock classes. The top shaft is street priced at $13, it has a part number of [...]


Exotek rear bulkhead

Exotek DEX210 Mid-Motor Rear Bulkhead

New from Exotek Racing is an Aluminum Bulkhead for mid-motor versions of the Durango DEX210 buggy. The bulkhead also fits the DESC210/DEST210 and is made from beefy 7075 aluminum. * Makes for easier gearbox removal * Suspension stays in place when gearbox is removed * Stronger mount for inner ball stud * Lowers the inner camber link mounting point for better handling * Anodized black [...]


SSD Bearing Caps

SSD D60 Axle Aluminum Bearing Caps

Beef up your D60 axle case for the Axial SCX10 with new Aluminum Bearing Caps from SSD. These are CNC machined from aluminum and were designed for the worst abuse you can throw at them. They have a part number of #SSD00065 and you can get more details at This Link over on the official SSD website. Kick off your weekend [...]


rcmart 400

rcMart 400 Day Warranty On GPM Products

Just announced is a 400 Day Warranty for GPM Products when bought from rcMart. This long warranty period shows the confidence that both rcMart and GPM have in their products. To get all the details hit up This Link over on the official rcMart website. Catch Up on more rcMart news right here on BigSquidRC.


SSD Servo Mount

SSD RC Servo Mount Plate For D60 Axles

New from SSD RC is a Servo Mounting Plate for their D60 axle case. The mount is CNC machined from aluminum and comes anodized in black to help maintain scale appearance. Your stock servo posts are used on the plate and it has a part number of #SSD00057. For more details simply hit up This Link over on SSD’s official [...]


Losi Aluminum Front Splindles

Losi Aluminum Front Spindle Set For The LST2 & XXL/E

Toughen up your Losi LST2 XXL/E monster truck while adding some bling with new Aluminum Spindles. These are genuine Losi upgrade parts for a perfect fit and are anodized in red to really set your truck off. The spindles are street priced at $29, they have a part number of #LOS344000, and Right Here is the link that you want for [...]


Boom Racing Sakura D4 RWD/AWD

Boom Racing Upgrades For The Sakura D4 RWD/AWD

Need some bling for that new 3Racing Sakura D4 RWD/AWD of yours? No fear, the crew at Boom Racing have a bunch of upgrade parts to make your car stand out from the crowd. Some of the new upgrades include- * Carbon fiber chassis and upper deck * Aluminum shock towers * Aluminum rear hubs * Aluminum steering system, mixing plate and crank set * [...]


STRC Blue Axial Yeti Parts

STRC Blue Anodized Option Parts for the Axial Yeti

STRC recently announced that they will be releasing some of their popular aluminum upgrade parts for the Axial Yeti with “Tamiya” Blue Anodizing. This is a lighter shade of blue to match the stock Yeti RTR body. 5 pieces will be initially released in the light blue with more to follow. #STA80070DB2 – Aluminum rear diff case, $17 #STA31105B – Aluminum front [...]


exotek hpi bulkhead

Exotek HPI Sprint 2 Aluminum Bulkhead Set

New from the crew at Exotek Racing is an Alloy Bulkhead Set for the HPI Sprint 2. Adding a trick bulkhead like the one from Exotek to your Sprint 2 will give it some bling while making it tougher than the stock. The Exotek unit also makes it easier to wrench on your car by using set screws to hold [...]


Gmade Zero Ackerman Knuckles

Gmade Aluminum Zero Ackerman Knuckles

The crew at Gmade have announced some new Zero Ackerman Aluminum Knuckles. These were designed to fit the Gmade GS01 axles and are CNC machined from heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum. Why would you want them? The zero ackerman knuckles will give your Gmade truck a much smaller turning radius, thus making it easier to get into (and out of) [...]


SSD TRailing Arms Axial Yeti

SSD Rear Trailing Arms for the Axial Yeti

New from SSD RC are aluminum Trailing Arms for the Axial Yeti. The trailing arms are CNC machined for extra strength and are anodized grey for a trick look. They come with durable plastic rod ends and are a direct fit on the Yeti. The part number for the trailing arms is #SSD00048 and Right Here is the link [...]