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Posts Tagged ‘aluminum upgrades

Boom Racing Aluminum Upgrades
The folks over at AsiaTees Hobbies wanted us to let you know that Boom Racing now has an extensive line of aluminum upgrades for the Losi Mini Rock Crawler. These upgrades are made from tough aluminum and are available in silver, black, red, and blue. Some of the aluminum upgrades include-

* Front knuckles
* Chassis link set
* Gear cover
* C-hubs
* Steering tie rod
* Platform skid plate
* Front and rear link arms

Check out the video below (narrated by Nik Johnson) to learn more about the upgrades, or you can Click Right Here for more details over on the official AsiaTees website.

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STRC Aluminum Parts Associated B5 B5M
The folks over at STRC make some of the trickest, best fitting aluminum upgrades on the market. Recently they announced a slew of black anodized parts for the Associated B5/B5M. These are much stronger than the stock parts and help give your buggy that cool murdered out look. The parts include-

* STC91428BK – Heatsink Aluminum Motor Plate – $13
* STC91414BK – Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers – $30
* STC91398BK – Aluminum HD Front Hinge-pin Brace – $7
* STC91445BK – Aluminum Upper Shock Mount Bushings (4 pcs) – $11
* STC91364BK – Aluminum Bulkhead (25 Deg.) – $17
* STC91518BK – Aluminum Rear Camber Link Mount for B5M – $10
* STC91377BK – Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace/Camber link mount for B5 – $18
* STC91391BK – Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Set – $26
* STC91441BK – Aluminum Rear Hex Adapters (1 pair) – $11
* STC91400BK – Aluminum Caster Blocks (1 pair) – $29

Check out This Link over on the STRC website for more details on all their Associated B5/B5M option parts.

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Exotek Skid Plate Weight Durango
One way of getting a more planted feel from the rear of your Team Durango DEX/DESC410 is by adding weight. To make that task easy (and trick looking), Exotek has announced a new Rear Skid Plate Weight that perfectly fits both vehicles. Made from 6061 aluminum alloy, the Exotek part looks cool and helps to keep the rear end of your Durango planted to the track.

The part number is #1448, they have a street price of $18, and you get can full details at This Link over on Exotek’s website.

Want to learn more about Exotek? Check out This Link for more Exotek news on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line PRO-2 Aluminum Steering Rack
You can never have a tough enough truck, nor can you have enough bling. The new PRO-2 Aluminum Steering Rack from Pro-Line does both. Made from aluminum with a carbon fiber steering link, it has both the bling and toughness you are after. The rack comes with bearings for silky smooth performance, while an eliminated servo saver helps to give the most precise control possible.

The rack fits the Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT, Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Buggy, Traxxas Slash 2WD and Traxxas Electric Rustler. It has a part number of #6067-01, a street price of $42, and you can get complete details at This Link over on Pro-Line’s website.

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Axial AX10 Aluminum Parts
There is no better way to beef up (and bling out) your rig than with aluminum parts. Axial Racing has announced three new aluminum upgrades for their popular AX10 trucks.

The Axial AX10 Aluminum Shock Tower Brace is machined from aluminum and is best suited for high power applications and general bashing. These help eliminate chassis flex and are compatible with second gen AX10 chassis plates. They come in pairs with a part number of #AX31101, a street price of $36, and they are available right now.

The AX10 Aluminum Upper Link Capture Plates help reinforce the upper link mounts and are hard anodized for durability. If you bash your AX10 hard these should come in quite handy. These have a part number of #AX31099, a street price of $36, and they are available right now.

To add even more bling, you can pick up one of the new Axial AX10 Aluminum Skid Plates. The skid plate adds rigidity to the chassis and will give your buddies an eye full of bling should you ever end up on your lid. The Axial logo is laser etched and it comes with all the hardware you need for installation. The part number is #AX31100, it is priced at $32, and you can get your hands on one right now.

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Yokomo BD7 Boom Racing Upgrades
For all you Yokomo BD7 touring car drivers, Asiatees Hobbies is now stocking a complete line-up of aluminum upgrade parts for your car. The bling-bling parts are made by Boom Racing and are available in three different colors- blue, silver, and the ever popular black. These aluminum parts can help beef up your whip and make it stand out in the crowd at your local bash spot. Hit up This Link for complete details.

Also in the news at Asiatees is their Father’s Day Sale. Using a special code at checkout you can score an extra 10% off upgrade parts. This offer is good until June 15th and you can get complete information at This Link over on Asiatee’s website.

Want to learn more about Asiatees? Hit up This Link right here on BigSquidRC.

RC4WD Aluminum Tube Front Fender Axial Jeep Rubicon
RC4WD has announced a couple of new scale accessories for the Axial Jeep Rubicon. First up is an aluminum tube front fender with body panel. These are CNC machined from aluminum and come with an anodized black finish. Each fender weighs 1.7oz and they can add a nice touch of scale realism to your Axial scale/trail rig.

RC4WD has announced aluminum rear fenders for the Rubicon as well. These are also CNC machined with a black finish and weigh in at 1.02oz each. These are easy to mount, using 5 screws per fender, and are a perfect compliment to the front fender set.

Part numbers are #Z-S1156 for the front fenders, #Z-S1140 for the rears, and both are available right now. The fronts are street priced at $39, the rears are $29, and you can get complete information Right Here on RC4WD’s website.

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ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Parts Associated B5 B5M
The good folks over at ST Racing Concepts have just announced a number of new aluminum upgrade parts for the Associated B5 & B5M buggy. If you are looking to add durability to your B5/B5M while adding some bling, have a look at the parts below.

First up are the STRC aluminum rear camber link mounts. Made from high grade aluminum these mounts add some weight to the rear of the buggy for more rear traction, and are available in three different colors (gun metal, blue, and silver). The part number for the B5 unit is #STC91377B/GM/S and it is priced at $18. The unit for the B5M is #STC91518B/GM/S and comes in at $10.

STRC also has new aluminum hex adapters. The stock hexes are made from plastic and can strip out, the high grade aluminum units from STRC are much more difficult to round off. These are also available in three different colors, the part numbers are #STC91441B/GM/S, and they are priced at $11 per pair.

The STRC crew has also worked up CNC machined aluminum shock mount bushings. The STRC units are more precise and durable than the stock pieces for smoother suspension action. These one piece units have a part number of #STC91445B/GM/S and are priced at $11 for a complete set of 4.

Get more information on all these parts at This Link over on the official STRC website, and you can click Right Here for more STRC news on BigSquidRC.

Asiatess Memorial Day Sale
For Memorial Day AsiaTees Hobbies is having a sale. Now through May 27th you can save 10% on all red, silver, and blue upgrade parts. To get all the details on the sale simply click This Link.

AsiaTees is also offering 10% off all car kits. This promotion runs through May 30th and includes brands like Serpent, Team C, and Tamiya. Hit up This Link for all the details and to find out which cars are included in the sale.

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Boom Racing Performance Combo 3Racing Sakura D3
You guys that are into the drift scene know all about the 3Racing Sakura D3. It made a name for itself last year by being one of the best (and coolest) drift cars you could buy. However, every car can be made better (and tougher!) with aftermarket parts. Our friends over at Asiatee Hobbies are now stocking the Boom Racing Performance Combo for the Sakura D3. The combo of upgrade aluminum parts is available in 7 different colors (including Pink!) and should help the Sakura live through worst you can throw at it. The performance combo includes-

* Aluminum front and rear arms
* Aluminum body posts
* Aluminum caster block c-hubs
* Aluminum front knuckles
* Aluminum rear hubs
* Aluminum steering system

The performance combos are priced at $109, they are available right now, and you can get more information by hitting up This Link on the Asiatees website.

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RDRP Kyosho RB6 Suspension Mounts
On the quest to completely uber-out the Kyosho RB6, the folks over at RDRP have just announced some trick aluminum rear suspension mounts. German designed and made from 7075-T6 aluminum, these mounts make it easy to alter the rear toe of your buggy via Delrin inserts. On the bling side of things, they come murdered out in black anodizing which is all the rage right now.

The RDRP set has a part number of #RDRP0212 and you can get more details by hitting up the RDRP website at This Link.

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Rogue Element Alloy Wheels
Rogue Element Components has been making very trick aluminum parts for years. Sadly, that is about to come to an end as they are phasing out rc production and moving on to other things. However, they are still doing a limited number of releases, included their new Alloy Wheels & Nuts for the Tamiya Sand Scorcher, Rough Rider, and other SRBs. The latest edition of these wheels are sleeker, more scale in appearance, and have the high-end look that everyone wants.

Pricing is $120 per set and they are designed to use the stock Tamiya tires. To get more information on how to get your hands on a set, hit up This Link to head over to the official Rogue Elements website.

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AsiaTees GPM Losi Micro SCT
The crew over at AsiaTees Hobbies are all about aluminum upgrade parts, from large to small, they have a large variety of vehicles covered. A couple of weeks ago we tried out some of their Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 parts, this week we’ll be taking a closer look at the smallest of the small, a GPM Aluminum Upgrade Combo for the Losi Micro SCT.

The upgrade combo includes 9 different items from GPM Racing. The set includes a-arms, towers, and new camber rods to change the front toe of the truck. We found all the parts mounted right up without issue, and after a half dozen packs of driving they work as well today as when they were installed. We used the included tie-rods to give our truck toe-out, this helped it turn in more quickly at corner entry. The combo we received was in black, which seems to be the “hot” color now days, and they definitely looked trick on the truck.

If you want to toughen up (or simply bling-out) your Losi Micro SCT, give the combo a try. It is available in four different colors, is priced at $79, and you can get complete information at This Link over on the AsiaTees website.

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