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Deadloc Racing SCX10II Loaded Hybrid Portal Axles

Deadloc Racing SCX10/SCX10II Loaded Hybrid Portal Axles

Pre-orders are being taken right now for the new SCX10/SCX10II Loaded Hybrid Portal Axles from Deadloc Racing. These beefy axles are a portal design to give your Axial more clearance. This makes it easier to get over extreme terrain, plus they can add a new tough look to your rig. Here are some of their highlights- * CNC machined from 6061 [...]


MB-RC Long Travel Kit 2wd Traxxas Slash

Marton Brothers RC 2WD Slash Long Travel Suspension Kits

Do you like going epic with your 2wd Traxxas Slash? If so, have a look at the Long Travel Suspension Kits from Marton Brothers RC. These kits can be used to vastly increase the travel on your Slash, giving it the suspension needed for huge jumps, or simply to give your truck a radical new look. * Available for the front [...]


Integy Piggyback Shocks For Scale Crawlers

Integy Piggyback Shocks For Scale Crawlers

New from Integy are Piggyback Shocks for scale crawlers. These are 114mm in length and are cool because they sport adjustable rebound damping. You can get the shocks in four different colors to match your rig and they are CNC machined from a high quality aluminum alloy. The Integy shocks are shipping right now with pricing of $39 and a part [...]


Integy Machined Axle Housing TRX-4

Integy Machined Axle Housings For The TRX-4

New from Integy are Machined Axle Housings for the Traxxas TRX-4. The housings are made from a machined alloy for added strength, plus they simply look cool. * Available in six different colors to match your rig * Machined alloy main body and diff covers * Hex hardware Pricing for one of the housings is $79 with the front unit sporting a part number [...]


RC4WD Terraflex Aluminum Axle Housing AR44

RC4WD Teraflex Aluminum Axle Housing For AR44 Axles

Shipping now from RC4WD is a Terraflex Aluminum Axle Housing for AR44 axles. The housing has been CNC machine from billet aluminum and is fully licensed by Terraflex. * Black anodized finish * Red Terraflex logo * Length- 5.2″ * Weight- 2.4oz The part number for the very trick housing set is #Z-A0124 and it is priced at $99. Get full details over on RC4WD’s [...]


STRC HPI Venture Aluminum Upgrades

More HPI Venture Aluminum Upgrades From STRC

New from STRC for the HPI Venture is an Aluminum Transmission Case and Aluminum Rear Lock-Outs. Steve and his crew over at STRC designed both items to be more durable than the stock units they replace, as well as being very cool looking. Also, both parts are available in a multitude of different colors to help match your rig. The aluminum [...]


Exotek Losi Baja Rey Aluminum Front Gearbox Case

Exotek Aluminum Front Gearbox Case For The Baja Rey

For all you Losi Baja Rey owners, Exotek has announced a new Aluminum Front Gearbox Case. The gearbox case should be stronger than the stock plastic parts, plus it just looks awesome. * CNC machined * Heavy duty design * Improves internal gear mesh * Comes with larger 11mm bearing to handle more power Street pricing for the aluminum gearbox cover is $45, it has [...]


Voltage Hobbies Arrma Talion Chassis Brace

Voltage Hobbies Aluminum Chassis Braces For ARRMA Talion/Kra…

New from Voltage Hobbies are Front & Rear Aluminum Chassis Braces for the ARRMA Kraton and Talion. All you members of the ARRMA Army will be stoked to hear that the braces are CNC machined from high grade 7075 aluminum and both braces were designed for a factory fit. Each chassis brace is priced right around $25 and full details can [...]


Integy Aluminum Suspension Kit Traxxas Bigfoot

Integy Aluminum Suspension Kit For The Traxxas Bigfoot

Have you been looking for ways to hop-up your Traxxas Bigfoot monster truck? If so, have a look at the new Aluminum Suspension Kit from Integy. The suspension kit from Integy comes with loads of aluminum upgrades for your Bigfoot, plus all those parts are available in blue, red, silver, green, orange, or grey. The parts included in the kit [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 Kit

New Traxxas Products At SEMA 2017

Yesterday we posted about the new ’79 Ford Bronco body from Traxxas, today we are posting more new products that are on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Well known as being one of the leaders in ready-to-run trucks, Traxxas has announced a new TRX-4 Kit. The scale crawling crowd loves to build their trucks from the ground, so [...]


Integy Traxxas Bigfoot Aluminum Kit

Integy Aluminum Kit For The Traxxas Bigfoot

Are you ready to beef up and bling-out your Traxxas Bigfoot truck? If so, Integy has announced an Aluminum Alloy Suspension Kit that should be perfect for the job. The Integy kit comes with a slew of upgrade parts that you can order in blue, silver, red, orange, or green. The parts in the kit include aluminum a-arms, front knuckles, [...]


Voltage Hobbies ARRMA Shock Towers

Voltage Hobbies ARRMA Aluminum Shock Towers

Have you been looking for upgrades to go on your 1/8th scale ARRMA? If so, have a look at these trick looking Shock Towers from Voltage Hobbies. Voltage Hobbies has shock towers for a number 1/8th ARRMA vehicles that are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum. The towers are up to 6mm in thickness and were designed to take the worst [...]


Integy Alloy Gearbox Housing LCG Transfer Case SCX10 II

Integy Alloy Gearbox Housing With LCG Transfer Case

Now available from Integy is an Alloy Gearbox Housing With LCG Transfer Case for the SCX10 II. The housing is much tougher than the stock plastic parts, or it can be used for a nice touch of bling. Available in red, gunmetal, or black, the gearbox housing sports heavy duty metal gears, bearings, and steel gear shafts. Street pricing for the [...]


RC4WD Aluminum Steering Knuckles SCX10 II

RC4WD Aluminum Steering Knuckles For The SCX10 II

Beef up your SCX10 II with Aluminum Steering Knuckles from RC4WD. The RC4WD knuckles are made from durable CNC machine aluminum and were designed to take on the toughest of terrain. * Black anodized finish with laser etched RC4WD logo * Weight- 0.78oz Street pricing for the uber knuckles is just $24, they sport a part number of #Z-S1747, and Right Here is [...]


Green Traxxas X-Maxx Upgrades

Green X-Maxx Aluminum Accessories From Traxxas

Recently announced by Traxxas are Green Aluminum Accessories for the X-Maxx monster truck. The heavy duty aluminum upgrades can make your X-Maxx tougher, plus they are perfect for you guys going after a green theme. Some of the upcoming green aluminum upgrades include- * Aluminum spring retainers, $25 * Aluminum GTX shock bodies, $20 * Aluminum GTX shock caps, $40 * Complete Aluminum GTX [...]