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team associatedHello everyone, welcome to another week in the rc hobby, and welcome again to THE Cub Report.

The 2013 Supercross Series is officially over but it went out with one heck of a bang. While the big boy pants class was all wrapped up last week, both of the 250 region titles came down to real nail-biters. On the East Coast Wild Willy Hahn won his first supercross title, but just barely. KTM rider Marvin “The Martian” Musquin came up about 10 feet short of making a last lap pass to rob Hahn of the title. For the West coat, Eli Tomac was the reigning champ and a huge favorite, but after a couple of mid-season crashes he ended up way behind on points. K-Roc capitalized and gave KTM their very first Supercross title. I can’t imagine how stoked the Big Orange team and Roger DeCoster are right now.

BTW, thank goodness the Lucas Oil outdoor motocross nationals start in just two weeks. :) If I had to guess, I’d say there is going to be a whole lot of orange up front there too.

I am soooo not the serious type, but… cancer Freak’n sucks….

A couple really kick a$$ rc guys are battling with cancer right now- Car Action’s Steven Bess, and a good friend of mine Richard S. (internet handle Go1die) from Missouri. You guys probably haven’t heard about Go1die, but he’s an old racing friend of mine who always made everyone around him smile, he’s a great hearted guy that always stood up for the right things, and is one of the few people walking this planet that I would actually trust my kids with. Go1die also helped me out tremendously a few years ago when THE Cub Report first went up on the web.

Go1die and Steven are both really cool guys, and both are going through the bone marrow transplant process right now, just like a lot of other great people are. I know everyone has their own problems, and everyone is busy keeping their own lives on track, but if you’ve been slammed with life and haven’t done anything charitable in a while please consider being checked out to be a bone marrow donor. It’s painless and fast to see if you might be a suitable donor. HERE is a Link with some info if you are interested, it might be the most important link you ever click on the internet. Seriously consider it, you, yes YOU, can save someones life.

And on to a legit rc rant that I am particularly fired up about. After the previous subject I hate to get all negative, but I am straight up pissed off about this…

Freak’n cherry pickers, enough is enough.

Recently a PR went out on how an IFMAR world champ and his uber-scoot factory teammate cleaned up the stock class at a recent race. W T F. That is wrong on every single level. The “stock” class never was, and never will be, intended for the elite/world class level of racers of the sport. The “stock” class was made for, and is still intended to be, for newer, lesser skilled racers. Shame on the factory drivers, sponsors, and the track involved.

Why should the factory drivers be ashamed? Because it’s cherry picking, no different than if Bubba were to drop down and pwn the “C” class on a motocross track. There is no honor in cherry picking. None. In fact it’s a responsibility of being a factory paid driver to set a good example, to show newer drivers what is, and what is not, good sportsmanship.

The sponsors of the factory shoes should be ashamed too, especially by advertising the fact their uber drivers dropped down to pwn the stock class. What’s next, are factory drivers gonna show up to my local track and race novice just to pick up some easy trophies? Are the teams so hard up for trophies they actually think cherry picking is acceptable? No, it’s sickening, pathetic, and looks terrible.

Oh and, lets not forget about the track that allowed the big names to compete. If I was the race director and had some multi-time IFMAR world champ (or any big name factory guy) show up and attempt to sign up for a “stock”, “super stock”, or “expert stock” class I’d say “Glad to see ya, thanks for coming, but have fun WATCHING the race today because you aren’t going to be in it.”, simple as that. Sometimes it takes the tiniest amount of balls to do what’s right.

Regardless of what you might think, racing is done for one reason, to sell product. Do certain manufactures actually think consumers are so freak’n stupid that they are ok with cherry picking? I talk to a whole lot of Joe Blow consumers on a daily basis, and I can assure you that even casual rc’ers freak’n hate cherry picking. If a company is really wanting to sell product, it’s about winning only the most prestigious of events against the best of the best competition. A whole lot of good marketing can be flushed down the toilet real quick by advertising/condoning cherry picking in action.

A whole lot of people have been turning their heads and looking the other way allowing blatant cherry picking to go on. It is about time some of the “big name” people in this hobby sit down and think REAL HARD about what is truly important in rc racing and to re-evaluate their priorities. Racing toy cars is enough of a joke without certain people doing more things to make a mockery of it.

That’s it for this week ya’ll, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can. Oh and, if you see someone cherry picking, why not speak up and tell them what you think about it…

YOUR Cub Reporter

FPV RC CubbyHey now, it’s Monday and you’ve found THE Cub Report, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it good, here’s to hoping this is one of the “good” ones. LOL

I like boring people right off the start with some full scale racing news. I literally eat, breathe, and sleep full scale racing, so my entire life centers around the F1 and Supercross schedules. Brian says “Cubby- we need you to work on that XYZ RC review this Saturday”, and I’m forced to reply, “WTF are you crazy? I was up all night watching F1 qualifying and I am following/watching Supercross all day, tell Adam to do it.” You would think after all these years Brian would know better than bother me on an F1/SX weekend. “Sigh”.

Speaking of F1, Ferrari won again over the weekend. Alonso simply pwn’ed the field in China, it really was something of beauty. And… what a podium, Alonso, Robot Kimi and Moons-Over-My-Hammy (and no Vettel, whewww). Above all I’m hoping that somebody can give Red Bull a run for their money this season, and with a few more weeks like this it might just be a good season.

The Dunge caught and passed RV2 Saturday night to take the Supercross win in Minneapolis. I haven’t been a Leprechaun fan since he took out Dungey in the STL a couple years ago, so I was pretty stoked to see that big orange KTM come out on top Saturday night. Supercross is getting late in their season so I kinda doubt Dungey can wrestle that title from RV2, but that’s why they run ALL the races, so miracles can happen.

Oh ya, and then there is life in RC.

I am still amazed at how BigSquidRC has changed rc. I guess I’ve had that thought running through the back of my mind for the last couple of years, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually said it out loud.

And how have we changed rc?

Here is an example- I’ve been told by more than one manufacture that they’ve sat around a big conference table having a meeting about “What would BigSquid think?” about a potential new product.

How would that change rc? Because our angle, our view, is a lot different than what the “norm” used to be in the industry. The “normal/common” point of view used to be- how thick is that carbon fiber? What is the coating on the shock shafts like at a molecular level? Our view is- does it traction roll on pavement? Does it break when you drive-it-like-you-stole-it?

I’ve been told that in the “old days”, a certain manufacture would design a new car, drive it a bunch, refine it, hand it to team drivers, then ship it. But now days they beat it with a hammer, jump it off a roof, then hand the controller to the secretary (that is literally a quote). That’s one hell of a change, and I think one that ultimately helps the “average” end consumer. Sure, having some uber-nitride coating on your shocks is great if you are one of the very few people trying to smash the local lap record, but for the other 99% the ability to accidentally hit a curb and have it not be a day ender makes for a much happier consumer.

To boil it down, I think we’ve helped bring the hobby back to less emphasis on technically uber parts, to more of an emphasis on how it works in the local cul-de-sac. In the old days a whole lot of product was designed from the ground up for the local pro guys while not even considering what the guy who runs once every couple weeks in his backyard would think about it. “Average Joe Blows” tend to be a silent majority and I think we’ve become a big, loud, clear voice for them. We’ve taken what is being said a thousand times a day at local bash spots and put it where the people that make and shape the hobby can actually become aware of it, and… they trust us enough to listen.

There are other ways that I think we’ve changed rc, maybe I’ll go over them at some other time, the Lites class is getting ready to come on Speed, so I really must jam. :)

That’s it for this week ya’ll, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby at Auto Show Monster Energy MustangHey gang it’s Monday morning and time to bust out another work week. Wherever you are I hope you kick ass and the week flies by.

First up is some actual rc news, and relatively big news at that. We reported a few months ago about the Thunder Tiger eMTA. If you are a core basher you already know what it is, if not, it’s a new brushless monster truck that features a rather futuristic chassis. Battery packs fit in the eMTA sideways instead of front-to-rear, it utilizes laid down shocks with a rocker arm system, and it generally has a much different look (under the hood) than a “normal” monster truck. Anywhos, the eMTA was first released overseas but now it’s headed to our shores, a fact that has many hardcore bashers rejoicing. Not many “new” platforms get released in the uber monster truck category, so the eMTA is a big deal to those guys fighting for king-of-the-hill at their local bash spot every weekend.

Speaking of hardcore bash machines… our “March Bashness” contest is right around the corner. Of course we’ll need your guys help filling out the starting bracket of the 16 top bash-mobiles, look for a post containing more info in the very near future. “March Bashness” talk around the office has heated up, we all have certain favorites that we would like to see make the sweet 16, but there are so many good bashers out there that making the top 16 isn’t going to be easy. For example- long time bash legends like Traxxas and HPI have lots of great choices, but you also have to factor in some of the new faces like ARRMA, ECX, Vaterra, and several vehicles from Thunder Tiger.

Our last two March Bashness contests have been freak’n insane, I can’t help but think this years is going to be the craziest yet. The #1 thing I’ve learned about March Bashness is- never underestimate brand loyalty, people go to great lengths to see there favorite vehicle come out on top.

And to another subject…

So… arguably the biggest news from last week was Trinity putting out a PR stating that they have (along with a few other companies that sell re-badged motors) sued ROAR. First things first- I have attempted to look up information on the case, you know, just to make sure it was actually filed, and I’ve yet to find that it exists in the real world. Ya, maybe I’m a total moron at using Google, so I’m going to ask you guys to help prove that I am an idiot. That should be easy enough right? Please feel free to shoot me proof that the class action suit was actually filed- links, a phone number, whatever. I’ll gladly post the information next week and freely admit I’m a total moron (if you guys can come up with concrete info).

So… “if” the there is a class action suit against ROAR, there are a bunch of different opinions floating around. Some people say it’s a disgrace to see it come to this, others are totally on the motor companies side, while ROAR fanboys are screaming how bogus it all is. Personally, I’m not a fan of either group, but it sure will be interesting to follow as it unfolds.

I would guess that a “worst case scenario” for ROAR would be that it ends up folding due to litigation. In case you haven’t already heard, a group of four men have apparently started a “new” sanctioning body called RCRAA, “ready” to step right in should that ever happen . No doubt rc racing needs a huge overhaul, so whether or not ROAR ends up kick’n the bucket, perhaps RCRAA can help further the sport. The RCRAA guys say they are hoping to sanction races as early as this summer, best of luck to them, they’ve got a long, tough, nasty road ahead of them.

Btw… RC Pro Series is still up and running, if people think ROAR sucks so bad why don’t they just support them???

Different topic-

So… over the weekend some of our moto industry friends gave the BSRC crew some VIP love at the St Louis Supercross. I am lucky and get to attend multiple rounds, but for some of our other contributors they just hit one, the St Louis event. This year the racing was as good as ever with Bubba, RV2, Bam-Bam and Reedy having a great battle in the big boy pants main. If you’ve never been, it’s worth your time and cash to see these guys risking life and limb for your entertainment.

As many of you know, Traxxas has stepped up their support of AMA/Feld Supercross this year. In case you can’t make one of the races, Traxxas has one of their try-me-tracks set up in the pit area and they get a short demo on the track right before the night show. At the STL round they had a pair of Revo’s huck’n one of the triples. Unfortunately they could only double in and ended up breaking one of the trucks, not exactly an ideal performance in front of 50,000 people, but none the less, still better than nothing. Traxxas keeps going huge exposing the masses to our wonderful hobby, once again props to them.

That’s it for this week folks, have a great week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby iHobby Truck Give awayThe AMA Supercross series is 4 races deep and Davi Millsaps is still sporting the red plate, who would have guessed that before the season began? Dungey visited the LCQ again Saturday night but went on to win the main, Speedy Reedy has become a first lap human torpedo, RV2 is the fastest guy on the track but 4th in points, and Bubba’s knee is a mess but he looked faster than he has in the last two years. Bam-Bam’s sx season is over points wise, but he put it on the podium, Shorty is a riding a bike off the showroom and beat a bunch of factory talent, and Canard’s early season speed seems to have gone missing. Yes my friends, supercross is awfully good this season.

On to rc…

First up a couple of reminders. This coming Saturday, February 9th, the BigSquidRC Bash Crew will be doing special coverage of the world’s largest indoor flying event, eFest, from Champaign Illinois. Expect news posts and a live video feed (as much as the net will allow) from the event floor. If you can’t join us in person keep an eye on our front page to see exactly what we come up with.

Last week we posted three reviews- the Axial Jeep Wrangler, iMaxRC X200 charger, and Radiant Reaktor brushless system. This week we’ll be posting reviews on Pro-Line Pro-2 performance upgrades, TrakPower DPS power supply and VR-1 dual charger, Atomik 8th scale Deegan SCT, and the electric Thunder Tiger Mini Cooper. Yes, another huge week for reviews here on BigSquidRC. Btw, shoot us an email on how you are liking our new A/B/C/D grading system, we’d like to know if you like it better than our old 1-10 system.

Also… try and catch our Wednesday night Google+ LIVE show. This week we just might be breaking more big news (like we did last week, more on that later), and we will once again be inviting you, yes you, to join us live in the Google+ Hangout live video feed. To be able to join in with us, you’ll need to have a G+ account plus a webcam and mic already set-up. More details on Wednesday…

Also in rc news…

The Nuremberg Toy Fair was huge last week, so huge it put a serious hurt’n on us media outlets. It’s pretty rare when we simply can’t keep up with all the new products being introduced. In fact, I think last week was the first time ever. Congrats to the big German show, and congrats to the industry for its continued growth.

What was the biggest news from the Toy Fair? You’d have to have been living on Mars to have not heard about Vaterra yet. Horizon has been teasing about an all new brand for months now and they did the official unveiling at Nuremberg. It was a nicely done introduction- a big reveal at the Toy Fair, the Vaterra dot com and FB page went live with perfect timing, and they even sent out some pretty sweet press kits to the media.

It’s quite obvious someone over at Horizon has been eating/breathing/shit’n Vaterra for the last 6 months. For example- the unveil was amazing, all the pics of the new vehicles were incredibly well done, all the videos were amazing, and all the products look to be solid inside and out. I have the feeling a bunch of midnight oil got burnt by the Horizon crew the last few months, but it turned out awesome and hopefully those guys are finally able to get some much needed sleep.

The actual Vaterra product looks incredible, to the point of being legit shelf queens that you can actually drive. As a hobby grade rc’er it was burnt in my brain from the start that you can either have a high performance hobby grade rc, or you can have an incredibly detailed scale looking body, but you can’t have both. Vaterra is the first entire line (off and on-road) in our industry that shows that yes you can, you can have your performance cake and incredible scale looking icing too.

Horizon already had two solid line-ups, the legendary Losi line, and the upstart ECX line of surface vehicles. Was there a need for a third? Some industry types will say definitely, the third brand name helps put even more Horizon product on LHS shelves to help push other brands off. Then other industry types know how long (and how much money) it takes to get a new brand off the ground. Certainly it takes years for a new brand to earn its keep on LHS shelves, and certainly it takes millions of marketing dollars to firmly plant the name into consumers heads.

Vaterra is certainly off to a stellar start. Everything they’ve done thus far has been top notch, certainly a testament to the rc passion of the staff over at Horizon. 2012 was very quiet for them, but thus far Horizon owns 2013. Now it’s a matter of waiting to test the actual product. Does the performance and reliability of the new Vaterra gear stack up to all the marketing hype and incredible scale looks? We’ll find out soon enough, and should the actual platforms be rock solid, Vaterra has a long prosperous future in rc. In fact, the Vaterra line might go down as a real game changer, the line that proved that us rc’ers can finally have machines that look as good as they perform.

On a different note…

We broke some pretty big news on our Wednesday night Google+ LIVE show last week. We broke the news that HPI will soon be exclusively distributed by Hobbico/Great Planes. In the past HPI was distributed by Great Planes, HRP and Horizon, starting later this year they will only be available from GP. No doubt Great Planes is the premier distributor of rc products in the entire world, they’ve got their act together, and they should be able to take HPI to new heights. Rumors have been floating around for years about the financial status of HPI, hopefully exclusive distribution by GP will fix any ills that might be going on over there. Look for the official announcement to be made March 1st.

Speaking of HPI, they once again had their Octane gas engines on display at Nuremberg. If there is one thing that can put HPI on top of the heap it would be their Octane powered vehicles taking over the market. If the Octane works as advertised, HPI is staring directly at a sales floor success like they’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, and I know first hand, that there is at least one other “big” name that is getting close to announcing their own gas power-plant for smaller scales. I hope HPI’s decision to announce their gas platform well over a year before it could hit shelves does not come back to haunt them.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of rc fanatics. Thanks for reading, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

THE Weekly RC Cub ReportHey guys, happy Monday, and welcome to yet another funk-a-licious edition of THE Cub Report. Put your head down, charge forward, and before you know it we’ll be sitting at the weekend.

That wacky carnival also known as the AMA Supercross series went through Phoenix on Saturday night. Dungey couldn’t beat Jimmy Albertson in the LCQ, Bubba smoked the qual but looked like his bike was stuck in second during the main, RV2 hit the dirt again, Speedy Reedy is keeping it real (real conservative), Canard continues to impress, Bam-Bam got his first big boy pants win, and Davi left the stadium with his points lead. Overall, one heck of an evening of racing. Oh ya, and Traxxas was once again all over the place with their cross-advertising, props to them.

So… last week I was a bit preoccupied, but this week is all about the future, more specifically what lies ahead for BigSquidRC, and for you, our readers, in 2013. First up for “changes” would have to be our announcement that BigSquidRC is not just doing car/truck coverage anymore, we are now covering the entire hobby grade spectrum- cars/trucks/heli’s/planes/quads/boats etc.

And here’s why- because that’s where the market is heading. While the mainstream media sources may still be telling you it’s bad to mix and mingle, and that you should only get into smaller and smaller niches, there are two pretty important factions going the opposite direction. 1. The manufactures have been pushing broader product catalogs for quite some time (Traxxas and Firelands Group adding air products are recent examples of this), and 2. the average Joe-Blow consumer is increasingly ignoring all the hype and has been buying whatever strikes their fancy, whether it be air, sea, or land. 3. Younger consumers, those who grew up on the internet, tend to be more global (as in, not confined to just surface or air) buyers.

For certain contributors here at BigSquidRC, covering all the major groups of the hobby grade rc market is quite simple. For example, perhaps the majority of the contributors here have been surface guys, but they have also been into boats and also played with planes and heli’s whenever they found one they liked. Other contributors here are completely the opposite- they have been programmed hard by the media sources to only like one segment of the hobby (cars/trucks) while ignoring others (like air and water) as useless and uninteresting. Today you can still see the mainstream media sources preaching this theme, to only like this or that, and to get into smaller and smaller niches. For example, these media sources will preach “just do surface”, and the flavor of the week is “scale crawling”, so just do that because everything else sucks. Then surely enough, 6 months later, forget about scale crawling, “rally cars” are the only thing you should be interested in. We aim to cover everything the best we can and let you guys and your various tastes make the smart decision on what you eventually spend your cash on.

Now I’ve been as bad as anyone at pushing one thing or another over the years, perhaps the only thing I have stayed consistent on is not being resistant to change, especially when it’s for the overall good of the hobby. Yes indeed, I’ve railed on the air and boat scene just because I never had an interest in them, and railed on mainstream media with the word “car” in their title when they touched a boat or an aircraft (luckily BSRC doesn’t contain any such limiting words), but even I can realize where our hobby is heading.

To boil it down, we’ve already seen a lot of synergy between air, sea and ground, on both the manufacturing and consumer levels, and it’s going to do nothing but grow, so BigSquidRC is going to broaden its coverage. We’ll remain surface heavy of course, but we’ll be covering what most “basher types” would find interesting in the air and water markets as well.

Big change number 2 for 2013- the words “live interactive content” has been extremely mis-used over the years, but we’ll finally be taking it to a level where it’ll be worthwhile. For instance- BigSquidRC will be covering a big indoor flight event, E-Fest in Champaign Illinois, about a month from now. Yes, we’ll be posting our normal coverage, but in addition, we’ll be doing a live G+ feed, where not only can you view the event live (and see what we are doing live), but you’ll be able to jump in on the feed, live on your own camera and mic. This will not only give you an unprecedented live look at an event that you’ve probably never seen before, but you’ll be able to talk with the BSRC staff in real time while we are there, and the world can catch a glimpse of you and hear your comments live.

Now certainly, this is virgin territory for us, and there are a lot of bugs to get worked out, and it will certainly be quite a learning process, but you will be able to come along with us, every step of the way. Our weekly Wednesday night G+ Live shows will become increasingly focused on more involvement from you guys, and we’ll be doing more and more G+ Live segments from every event we attend. The emphasis being, you may be stuck in a cubicle in Cedar Rapids, or a dorm room in Denver, yet you’ll be able to be able to be a part of all the live action from an rc show we are covering in Toledo, or an unboxing we are doing at the BSRC offices, or even be right there with us while we are testing a new truck down at the local track.

Yes, we’ve bit off a lot for 2013 my friends, and we might just be crazy enough to pull it off. Enjoy the ride, it should be a wild one.

That’s it for now guys, have a great week and be sure to support your local hobby shops and bash spots.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver Features Axial EXO Terra Buggy
We were amazed the other night while watching the Monster Energy Cup live on SpeedTV. One of the commercials run during the broadcast was from Kobalt Tools and it featured a hobby grade helicopter as well as a Axial EXO Terra Buggy. Kobalt was advertising their new Double-Drive Screwdriver and it was cool to see them using hobby grade rc’s to help illustrate how their new tool works. The new Kobalt commercial is more proof that hobby grade rc’s are getting more and more mainstream.

If you haven’t heard about the Kobalt Double-Drive Screwdriver its claim to fame is the fact that it is twice as fast as a normal screwdriver. Some of its other features are-

* Patented Double Drive™ technology 2 times faster than standard ratcheting
* Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber grip
* Convenient thumb switch reverses gear drive
* Multiple sizes for all applications
* Bits storage function in handle
* 32-Piece Double-Drive Screwdriver Set with Bonus Pouch and Extension Bar

Street price on the Double-Drive is $20 and they are available right now down at your local Lowe’s store. Hit up the official Lowe’s Website for more information.

Looking for more rc on tv? Hit up THIS link.

traxxas rally commercial

For those of you watching the Monster Energy Supercross on SpeedTV, you have been treated to a new Traxxas commercial, this time featuring a bunch of different Traxxas vehicles including the new Traxxas Rally car! It’s nice to see them update from just the mostly Slash commercials.

Want to see more RC On TV? Click the link.

Hey, remember a few days ago, when we told you about that whole Traxxas giving away motorcycles thing?  Well we finally got the official word from Traxxas about how, when, and where these things are going to happen.  There’s 17 bikes in total (well, 16 now, they already gave one away) that can be won if you take the time to attend one of the 17 16 remaining rounds of Supercross this season.

The motorcycle they’re giving away is a Traxxas Edition Kawasaki KX450F Motocross equipped with Pro Circuit T4R exhaust systems.

To enter all you have to do is go to the Traxxas area and fill out an Official Entry Form or there will also be a way to enter using your cell phone via text message.  The text message entry procedure will vary from venue to venue.  You can get your name in the hat twice if you use both entry methods.  But you have to be present to win.

For all the complete rules and info hit up the Traxxas Supercross Sweekstakes web page.

There’s a list of the dates of events after the break.


In a never ending attempt to market their small racing toys to big racing fans, Traxxas have now taken to giving away full scale motorcycles.  You may have recently heard (elsewhere, because I apparently dropped the ball) about Traxxas putting up the cash to become the “Official RC Truck of Supercross.”  Well to capitalize on that, at every round of the Supercross 2011 season Traxxas will be giving away a Kawasaki KX450 dirt bike that’s dolled up in Traxxas sponsorship style.  No details about how the giveaways are going to go down have been given yet, but I suspect you’ll have to attend one of the rounds of the Supercross 2011 season.