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Tesla Model 3 to Use ARRMA BLX Motors!

The latest hot rumor around the rc world is that ARRMA RC is going 1:1 scale with a larger version of their BLX Motors intended to be a power upgrade for Full Scale Tesla Cars. I put my $1000 down yesterday on the new Model 3 and the BigSquidRC Bash Crew can’t wait to see how much faster it will [...]



Futaba Smart Phone Transmitter APP

You always remember your phone, but a few times I have forgotten to bring my transmitter to a a bash. Well, Futaba is about to fix that and revolutionize the high end transmitter game. Futaba are about to announce a new Smart Phone App that will work with their new receivers by allowing you to actually steer your vehicle with [...]



Horizon Hobby Dash Button

So you know those new Amazon Dash buttons? It looks like the folks at Horizon Hobby are jumping on board with a similar setup. The really interesting part is they will offer a new Smart-Parts Sensor for all new Horizon vehicles. When you are out bashing and you break an A-Arm, or destroy a gear, the car will know what [...]



Traxxas Savage 4.6

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew got quite the surprise in the mail today! We were not expecting any new vehicles, so imagine our surprise when we opened the box to see the all new Traxxas Savage 4.6! Everyone wants to know what the collaboration between Traxxas and HPI will be like, looks like we’ll be finding out this weekend. Expect full [...]



Team Losi Parts 3D Printer

Don’t you just hate it when a part you need is out of stock? Don’t have time to wait for a parts delivery? Maybe you are at the track and they don’t have the part you need? Well, cut the wait time way down and just print your own parts! The Losi Parts 3D Printer will solve all of your [...]


Vaterra Craigslist

Man Buys Vaterra Nissan GTR Off Craigslist for $75,000

It has been reported today that a Naperville Illinois man bought a Vaterra Nissan GTR off of Craigslist for $75,000. While a Vaterra sells for under $300 at a local hobby shop, because of the cars incredible scale realism a seller was able to pass one off as the full size version in a Craigslist ad for 75 grand. It [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 04.03.2013, Your Questions My Rhetoric

Cubby, Bigsquid is now a racer sight? You guys used to be so cool, now you’ve lost your F@#$##@ minds!!!! I’ll never be back again @$$ho1es. Russell Cubby– Each year gets more amazing to me. April Fools comes every single year on April 1st, and every single year we post crazy stuff just for kicks (like THIS). Yet… every year we get [...]


April 1st m7_compound

Pro-Line Introduces the New M7 Compound

Racers rejoice! Pro-Line has done it again. They have just introduced their new M7 Compound. It’s Really Super Soft and apparently so sticky, there is a warning label that says ‘WARNING: Touching two M7 tires together may result in them being permanently stuck together!’ They warn that you should wear gloves as all times when handling them, and to avoid [...]


april 1st luge1

Traxxas Sponsors Women’s Luge

Running out of fast sports to sponsor, Traxxas has set their eye on the Winter Games and Women’s Luge. Not only are they going to be a Winter Olympics sponsor, but they have sponsored several women’s racers as well! Traxxas not wanting to miss out on any opportunities will be selling Traxxas Branded Cow Bells for people to ring [...]


april 1st xoxo

Atomik RC – XOXO Hugs and Kisses Edition

The folks over at Venom Atomik RC didn’t want to be left out of the ‘lets name our vehicles with X and O in them’ trend, so they have rebranded their Gambler as the XOXO Hugs and Kisses Edition! I know my daughter is already a huge fan, and honestly anything with a X and a O seems to [...]


april 1st onyx2245

Onyx 2245 10 Battery Charger

Now this I can use! The new Onyx 2245 has the ability to charge and balance 10 batteries at once! The built in power supply will need to be plugged into 3 different 25amp outlets for a total of 75amps of charging power! It can handle 1s to 10s lipo’s, or 75NiMh cells at once. If you only want to [...]


april 1st hybrid

HPI Ford Focus Hybrid!

We have all been waiting anxiously for the HPI Racing eXtreme Gas motors and vehicles to arrive. Well, HPI has decided to go one step further with the new Ford Focus Hybrid! It will combine the power of a brushless system as well as the eXtreme Gas system. HPI says we can expect about 7 minutes of run time [...]


april 1 - ecx flash

ECX Flash – 101mph – $199!

We got word today that ECX is jumping into the high-speed arena full force with their new ECX Flash! The Flash is a 1/10th scale vehicle that will be running their new brushless system. With the correct gearing, they say it will hit 101 mph! The best part, since it’s a ECX vehicle it should hit the hobby shops at [...]