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Everybody’s Scalin’ – Expensive Doesn’t Mean Overpriced

The topic of expensive vs. overpriced is one that I’ve been meaning to tackle for sometime, and with the holidays quickly approaching I figure now is as good a time as ever. Consider this a prelude to my “Stocking Stuffers For Your Scaler” piece that’s going to go live on Black Friday next week. Here at Big Squid we try our [...]


JConcepts 1974 Ford Bronco Body

JConcepts 1974 Ford Bronco Body

Put a different look on that trail rig of yours with the new 1974 Ford Bronco Body from JConcepts. The ’74 Bronco has a nice vintage look that is sure to set your truck apart on the trail. * Officially licensed by Ford * 1:1 grill and headlight treatment * Fits Axial & Vaterra 1.9″ trucks * Fender flares to clear 1.9″ tires * Made [...]


Axial Yeti Trophy Truck Review

Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck Review

Axial Racing once again set off to set the world on fire with their new Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck. Using the proven Yeti platform of 4wd featuring a solid rear axle, the Trophy Truck was designed to bring true scale realism to the 1/10th truck market. Did they hit the mark? Is it a good basher? Can it take a [...]


Axial RR10 Sway Bar Set

Axial RR10 Rear Sway Bar Set

New from Axial Racing for the upcoming RR10 Bomber is a Sway Bar Set. The sway bar will help keep torque twist at bay while allowing you to soften up the suspension for bumps and jumps. The sway bar set gives the RR10 more stability at speed and is constructed out of steel for extra durability. The sway bar is priced [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – The RR10 Looks Badass

Whether we are talking about the scaling genre or r/c landscape as a whole, 2015 has been pretty slow on the news front compared to many of the big announcements that took place in 2014. Well, at least that was the case about a month ago. Holy cow has the news started coming in fast and furious! If 2015 was [...]


STRC 17mm Hex Conversion

ST Racing Concepts 17mm Hex Conversion For Axial AR60 Axles

Get ready to put some huge tires on your Axial Wraith or Deadbolt with the new 17mm Hex Conversion from ST Racing Concepts. CNC machined from aluminum, these adapters open up a whole new world of wheel possibilities for your rig. The 17mm hexes are available in black, gun metal, Monster Truck green, or in natural silver. The conversion kit has [...]



Axial Racing RR10 Bomber 1/10th Scale RTR

The weekend was buzzing with Axial Racing rumors the world caught it’s first hint at the new Axial RR10 Bomber 4WD 1/10th Scale RTR. Now the official word it out with pics, a video, and details! Axial has partnered with Randy Slawson of Bomber Fabrication on this project, and while you can see hints of a Axial Wraith under the body, [...]



Axial RR10 Rock Racer

Looks like Christmas is coming early from Axial Racing! Sadly this is the best shot we have of the new Axial Racing RR10 Rock Racer. It’s a 10th scale RTR that looks a bit like a cross between a Wraith and a Yeti. It has a few cool licensed parts like King shocks and BFGoodrich Baja tires on Walker [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Large Scale Scaling

Sooooo….after the onslaught of news over the last week I think it’s pretty safe to say that large scale r/c is the new hotness. The industry has been trending that way for awhile now, but the X-Maxx will most likely blow it wide open. With that in mind, plus the myriad of various large scale crawlers available on the market, I’m now jonesing for a [...]



Everyzombie's Spookin' - Howler Customs Battery & Electronic…

Happy Halloween all ye spooks. Hope it’s a good one for you and your kinderlach. I apologize for the mediocre pun at the top of the page, but all Hallow’s Eve is my favorite holiday and I’m feelin’ festive! When discussing hop-ups for the Axial SCX10 family of trucks, it seems that the battery tray is either bottom of the list [...]


RPM Steering Knuckles SCX10

RPM Front Steering Knuckles For The Axial SCX10

Beef up your Axial SCX10 with new Steering Knuckles from RPM. Engineered for optimal strength, the RPM Knuckles feature beefed up steering arms and more material around the king pin bolt holes. The knuckles also offer more clearance on the steering arm for the C-Hub retaining screw and less slop in the king pin bolt holes for improved steering accuracy. The [...]


RPM Front Tower Axial Yeti XL

RPM Front Shock Tower For The Axial Yeti XL

New from RPM is a Front Shock Tower for the Axial Yeti XL. The tower is made from RPM’s uber blend of nylon and adds more support to the camber link ears and shock mounts to aid in durability. RPM stands firmly behind their work, therefore a lifetime warranty comes standard with the tower. Street price for the tower is just [...]


ST Racing Concepts Axial SCX10 Lift Kit

Teaser – ST Racing Concepts Axial SCX10 Lift Kit

Bigger, faster, taller, that is the American way. To make your Axial SCX10 even more of a beast, ST Racing Concepts is teasing a new Lift Kit. Just like with full sized trucks, the STRC Lift Kit will allow you to mount longer shocks and bigger (2.2″) tires to your Axial, perfect for your next mud/mega truck build. More information [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Is Axial the Top Dog?

Hola everyone. Welcome to the 2nd Anniversary of Everybody’s Scalin’. Yeah, I can’t believe the Squid crew has put up with me for two years either. The best part about doing this each week? My wife has an English degree from a top flight, hoity toity university while I’m just a doofus that plays with toys….yet I’m the person with a weekly [...]


SSD Steel Driveshaft Axial Yeti

New Scale Steel Driveshafts from SSD

Beef up your Axial Wraith or Yeti with new Scale Steel Driveshafts from SSD RC. The new driveshafts are CNC machined from hardened steel to not break or twist, even under the hardest of trail conditions. They were designed to keep a scale look to them, while precision cut splines keep their action smooth. A 50 degree operating angle is [...]