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Axial Yeti Trophy Truck Kit

2 New Releases From Axial

Recently announced by Axial Racing are a pair of new products for all you off-roaders out there. First up is the Kit Version of the Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck. The Trophy Truck kit comes with a retro body, solid rear axle, and independent front suspension. Pricing is $349 and it has a part number of #AX90068. The second new item is [...]


STRC Axial Option Parts

New Axial Option Parts From STRC

Just announced by ST Racing Concepts are three new upgrades for Axial vehicles. First up are Aluminum Steering Knuckles for the Bomber, Wraith, and Deadbolt. These are available in four different colors and are CNC machined from high quality aluminum. These are a replacement for earlier units from STRC and work well with STRC’s Axial aluminum steering kits. Pricing is $32 [...]


Axial Method Wheels

New Wheels From Axial Racing

New from Axial Racing are several sets of wheels. First up are some Method beadlock wheels for your crawler or trial rig. These are 3 piece units that are made to fit 2.2″ tires. Axial Racing also has some new Method 2.2/3.0″ wheels made to fit a variety of short course style tires. The wheels are priced from $15 to $27 [...]


Axial Retro Trophy Truck Body

2 New Trophy Truck Bodies from Axial Racing

New from Axial Racing are a pair of Trophy Truck Bodies. One has a retro look while the other is modeled after a modern style truck. Both are made from .040 polycarbonate and come in clear so you can paint them. The bodies are priced at $70 to $75 and you can hit up the official Axial Racing website At [...]


RC4WD D44 Axle

Four New D44 Axles from RC4WD

Shipping now are four new D44 Axles from RC4WD. If scale realism is your game, these should be right up your alley. For the SCX10, RC4WD is offering both a narrow front and rear axle, and a wide front & rear for the Wraith/AR60. These are CNC machined from aluminum and have a removable diff cover. Black anodizing gives them a [...]


SSD HD Diff Cover for Axial

2 New Axial Upgrades from SSD

Add scale appeal while beefing up your Axial with a couple of new upgrades from SSD RC. The first upgrade is a HD Diff Cover for the Axial Wraith/RR10/Yeti/AX10. These are a low profile design that have been CNC machined out of aluminum and are available anodized in black or in grey. Sporting a true scale inspired look, they have a [...]


T-Bone Racing Front Bumper Axial Yeti Trophy Truck

T-Bone Racing Front Bumper For The Axial Trophy Truck

T-Bone Racing has made quite a name for themselves among the bashing crowd. They are known for extremely tough, yet affordable products. Their latest creation is a Front Bumper for the Axial Trophy Truck. Designed to take the worst you can throw it, and backed by a lifetime warranty, the TBR bumper can really help beef up your Trophy Truck. * [...]


Axial RR10 Bomber

Axial RR10 Bomber Review

When the Axial RR10 Bomber was first announced, it was a bit of a surprise to many people. Of course we were more than eager to get our hands on their latest ride, and put it to the test. As you can see, during our testing we had all sorts of weather, so there were plenty of opportunities to push [...]


RC4WD N-Fab Front Bumper Axial SCX10

RC4WD N-Fab Front Bumper For Axial SCX10

Go big and bold with the new RC4WD N-Fab Front Bumper for the Axial SCX10. Of course the bumper is officially licensed by N-Fab, ensuring a scale appearance, while its heavy duty steel construction means it can take serious abuse out on the trail. Also of note, the N-Fab bumper is hand welded and powder coated black for even more [...]


MIP Axial Spline Drive Kits

MIP CVD Spline Drive Kits For Axial Trucks

MIP has just announced 6 new C1 X-Duty CVD Spline Drive Kits for various Axial trucks. These are are truly heavy duty and are made from the highest quality steel. The driveshafts have also been heat tempered for added durability. Once installed, you’ll no longer have to worry about popping a driveshaft while out on the trail, even when powered [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Night Moves

Awhile back I had a conversation with a scaler buddy that seemed completely bewildered and confused when I explained to him how hard it was for me to do what seemed like a basic thing to him – building a kit or tearing down a rig after heavy use. “But Doug, you’ve been doing this for 20 years and it takes you [...]


Axial Trail Breaker Electric Motor

Axial Trail Breaker Rebuildable Electric Motors

While brushless has completely taken over the bashing world, there is still a place where the controlled power of brushed motors still rules, in crawling. New from Axial Racing are a pair of Rebuildable Brushed Motors. Axial is offering 35 and 55 turn units to give your off-road rig precise power while out on the trail. * Balanced commutator * Brushes can [...]


Axial RR10 Bomber Parts

Axial RR10 Bomber Parts Now Available

The good folks over at Axial Racing have put out a press release for their latest RR10 Bomber parts and accessories. The first product in the announcement is the Axial RR10 Bomber Body. This is made from .040″ polycarbonate and comes with decals and overspray protection. The body is priced at $29 and has a part number of #AX31327. The second item [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Tin Foil Hatting for 2016

Happy New Year! With the first day of 2016 upon us I figured I’d put on my tinfoil had and make a couple predictions for what we’ll see in the world of scaling over the next 365 days. Before looking ahead, last year I made several predictions for 2015- that a scale short course truck would come out (while technically a “Trophy Truck”, this was [...]


T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck

T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid For The Axial Yeti Trophy Truck

Do you have a new Axial Yeti Trophy Truck? If so you aren’t alone, and like many new owners you are probably looking to hop it up. New from T-Bone Racing is a Chassis Skid for your new Trophy Truck. The skid plate protects your chassis while making the bottom of your truck slicker to help navigating tough rock sections. [...]