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RC4WD Mickey Thompson Tires for HPI Baja and Losi 5IVE-T
RC4WD has just announced a new size of their popular Licensed Baja MTZ tires. These are officially licensed by Mickey Thompson and give a totally trick scale look to your Losi 5IVE-T or HPI Baja 5T/SC. Some of the features include-

* OD: 6.88″(175mm)
* Width: 3.11″(79mm)
* X4 Rubber Compound for good traction and long tread life
* Fits HI Baja 5T Front wheels and Losi Five-T wheels
* Comes with 2 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Tires and 2 foam inserts
* Trick Mickey Thompson sticker sheet

Street price is $55 and they are available for pre-order right now over at TGN Distributing. For more information hit up RC4WD’s official WEBSITE.

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HPI SFL-11MGWP waterproof servo
No doubt HPI has sold zillions of vehicles from their 5th scale Baja line-up of buggies and trucks. And no doubt they’ve been great fun to drive as well as solid bashers. However, some bashers like to drive their HPI Baja’s in the wet as well as the dry. Unfortunately the stock servo’s were not sealed to keep water out. Alas, HPI has answered the call of all those scuba gear equipped Baja drivers with their new SFL-11MGWP Waterproof Servo. Some of the specs are-

*25kg-cm of torque at 6 volts
*Metal gear
*Futaba connector
*Requires 25 tooth servo arm

Tentative pricing looks to be around $150 and we’ll pass along a release date for here in the states when we hear more. Hit THIS link for more information.

Been a while since you checked out our extreme HPI Baja 5B torture video? If so, check it out HERE.

Kraken RC is showing off their recently announced X2 chassis for the HPI Baja 5 line of vehicles. If it looks like a molded chassis, that’s because it is. In fact, it’s the first ever molded chassis for HPI’s 1/5 scale vehicles. It’s made from a specially formulated polymer created by DuPont, and Kraken claims it has great hardness, rigidity, abrasion resistance and thermostability, making for one durable molded chassis. But more importantly, Kraken says this chassis is made specifically for the basher crowd.  That would be us. The X2 Chassis is also covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Check out the Kraken RC web site for more details.

aluminum baja 5t body

This had me drooling from the moment I saw it! It’s a new Aluminum Baja 5T body from Alumicraft RC. They sent word about some details and pricing.
The body, roof, and engine cover weigh a total of 2.8 pounds, and is made from 0.63 and 0.80 Aluminum. Over all size has it at 32 1/4 inches long x 14.5 inches wide x 6 inches tall.
The rear wing is detached in case it gets damaged it’s easily replaced. The entire body and roof are doubled welded to ensure strength and durability.

The roof is designed for looks as well as air flow to help keep the motor cool. The rear fenders also have luovers to allow the air to pass through to maintain the wind flow.

There is a bit of a sticker shock on this one with it costing about 245.99 BPS. That’s British Pounds Sterling. For us Americans that’s about $399! Ouch. Although I’d rather have a $400 aluminum body than a $250 lexan one. Talk about a 10 on the bling scale! I can only imagine what it would look like after Wrench, Cubby and I get in a good demolition bash session!

The Alumicraft RC website is still under construction, but we will let you know when it’s up and running.

Hello everyone – Even though Old Man Winter has given most of the lower 48 a break this year. For us here in Chicagoland, there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground which is perfect for the snowmobile conversion from Integy. Rear treads and front ski’s are available. For those of you in a milder climate, these bad boys will work great on sand as well. These kits are available for the 5B/T, Savage Flux, Revo, Summit and T/E Maxx.

Head over to the Integy website for more information

BZM Micro was showing off their new 23cc engine for the Baja 5 line at RCX.  This beast is an all new design, not just a bulked up Fuelie or Zenoah.  While this guy may be smaller than a lot of other after-market engines, it’s numbers are anything but.  According to BZM’s dyno testing, when this engine is paired to a Dominator exhaust it can put out over 6 HP at just shy of 15,000 rpm and a peak torque output of 2.54 ft/lbs @ a hair over 12,000 rpm.  That’s a ton of power from a small package.

The 23cc version of this engine will be available very soon through TGN Distributing in the states and MMR Largescale over in Europe, and there’s promise of 26cc and 28.5cc varieties coming later.  Check out the BZM Micro website for more info. Also there’s a video of the dyno test, click the read more button to see it.

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If you’ve ever snapped a shock tower on your Baja 5B/T/SC then you might want to take a look at these new, super beefy towers from Team Chase.  In the picture to the right you can see a stock shock tower at the top and Team Chase’s redesigned and much stronger tower below.  Beyond the redesign, Team Chase is molding the pieces in their proprietary plastic blend which should provide Baja bashers with the strength they need to keep their Baja in one piece.

Keep an eye on Team Chase’s website for more info, all Team Chase parts are distributed by TGN.

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Those fellas at Kershaw Designs are a bit sick in the head.  In a totally good way of course.  You’d have to be a little messed up to come up with the idea to take a Traxxas E-Revo and stretch it out to the same wheel base as a HPI Baja 5T.  That’s exactly what this new chassis conversion kit does.  The chassis is a beautifully machined hunk of metal that adds eight inches to the length of the E-Revo.  Also included in the conversion are giant 7.5″ wheels with 23mm hexes, an optional but probably necessary sway-bar kit, a heavy duty slipper clutch spring, and extra long body posts for mounting the (not included) 5T body.  You can get it all together in one kit for $379.99, or break it down into individual components with the chassis itself costing $249.99, $99 for the wheels and tires, and everything else for a few extra bucks.  Most of the parts are available now, but there is a two week wait on the chassis.

Check out the Kershaw Designs website for more info.

Click to embiggen.

Next month, at the RC Expo, there will be a raffle to raise some money for the American Red Cross Services for Armed Forces.  The grand prize?  A completely custom HPI Baja 5T worth $10,000.  HPI, TGN, the upstanding gents of the Baja Addicts forum, and innumerable other companies have donated all kinds of parts to build what is likely the ultimate 5T.  The heart of this beast will be a 4-bolt 27.2cc race engine and it’ll be wrapped in a custom paint job.  If you’re not lucky enough to win the 5T, you’ll also have a chance to win a new HPI Mini Trophy Truck.

RC Expo 2011 is March 19th and 20th.  You can buy tickets in person at the show for $2.00, or if you can’t make it, you can order tickets through TGN’s web site from now until March 7th.  You don’t need to be present at the show to win.

It’s an awesome prize for a great cause, you should all be whipping out your credit cards right this very second.

HPI Racing has some new gear for the recently released Baja 5SC and the Baja 5T.  The new TR-10 wheels are true bead locks that will hold your tires securely without glue.  The wheels are available in four finishes: white, black, gunmetal gray, and chrome.  The fronts measure in at 120x60mm and have a 4mm offset while the rears are 120x65mm with 10mm offset.  You’ll have to provide the bead lock rings, but HPI does have heavy duty rings available in a variety of colors.

The front wheels have a price of $32.00, the rears will retail for $37.00, while the rings will set you back $15 for a set for two wheels (four rings).  Keep an eye on the HPI Racing web site for more info.

Kershaw Designs loves them some brushless converted 5Bs and 5Ts and to prove it they’ve expanded their line of Mod 1.5 pinions that mesh with the stock spur gears on the Baja Fives.  The full line now includes 12 – 20 tooth 8mm bore steel pinions and 14 – 20 tooth 10mm bore hardened steel pinions.  Prices are $14 for the 8s and $24 for the 10s.

Check out the Kershaw web site for more info.

Dan Fischer from Kershaw Designs dropped by the RC Driver Live show today to show off a bunch of new products and custom rigs. The biggest news from the show is Kershaw’s new Baja 5B/5T dedicated brushless chassis. The new chassis is going to be distributed through TGN Distributing. According to Dan it’s going to be a relatively easy swap, just take the front and rear ends off your 5B and bolt them straight on to the new brushless chassis. One of the big advantages over using a normal brushless conversion is the weight. This new chassis will shave over a pound off the total weight.

Dan also took the time to show off their 1/5 scale brushless buggy, the Grenadier III (top pic of this post). It features a 4wd drive train that can easily be converted to 2wd and you have a choice of using a E-Revo transmission with 2 speed option or a Savage transmission with 3 speed standard and a reverse option. You can expect to pay around 900 bigguns for this and the wait is three to four months. Check out the product page on the Kershaw site for more info about this buggy.

Click through after the break for the video. And be sure to keep an eye on the TGN web site and the Kershaw Designs web site for more info.


RPM has taken a keen interest in your rear end it seems.  That is, if you drive a Baja 5B or 5T.  The latest new product fresh out of their molds is a rear skid plate for said Baja 5Ts and 5bs.  This new bolt-on skid plate is intended to provide additional protection for all those aftermarket exhaust pipes that hang low out the back end.  And of course it’s made out of the legendary RPM Material so you know it’s going to take every hit and just keep on keepin’ on.  The skid plate is engineered to work with all the stock components that are already there, but it is ideally paired with RPMs 5B/5T rear bumper that was announced a couple weeks ago.

MSRP for the skid plate is $21.95 and hit should be hitting shelves shortly.  Check out the RPM web site for more info.