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Pro-Line Pro-MT Video

Must See Video – Extreme Bashing the Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT

There is no doubt that the Pro-Line PRO-MT is a gnarly basher. I mean, it earned enough of our respect that we gave it our prestigious 2014 Bash Vehicle of the Year award. To really emphasize just how fast and how much punishment the PRO-MT can take, Pro-Line has released a new video to drive the point home. During the [...]



Event Coverage – Mark Twain Hobby Demo Days Crawl & Bash

This past weekend I attended what’s becoming a bigger and bigger event each year – the spring “Demo Days” Crawl & Bash held at Mark Twain Hobby Center in St. Charles, MO. The shindig gets its name because various models are put out for the public to bash the heck out of. In addition to showing off the latest r/c [...]


Cubby in Asian food market

THE Cub Report, 04.28.2014, Version- Who Made Who

Have you been to a bash this year? Ever? Well I just got back home from a bash and the scene looks alive and well, much better off than some other hobbies I am into. Have you seen the state of car audio or even off-road motorcycling lately? Compared to those, rc bashing is seriously kicking ass. If you haven’t [...]


THE Cub Report, 07.29.2013, Version – No Life ’til Leather

Hey it’s Monday, time for another Cub Report, thanks to everyone that tunes in each week to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. First off, nope, not moto, not F1, but rc! Specifically- this weekend is a big dealio for us as we are having our BigSquidRC Uber Bash and Swap Meet on Saturday. Consider yourself [...]



Bashing at Oakridge Hobbies and Toys

So a few days ago I got an email from a reader that asked if I knew anything about the Wednesday night bashing that was going on at Oakridge Hobbies and Toys, a local shop here in the Chicagoland area. To which I replied, nope, but you had me at bashing! The next day I grabbed my camera to head [...]



Big Squid RC Bash And Swap Meet – August 3rd 2013!

That’s right, the official Big Squid RC Bash date has been announced, and this year we are going to entertain a Swap Meet as well! Have a bunch of RC stuff collecting dust in your garage or closet? Why not bring it with, set up a table and put a price tag on it! Maybe someone will trade that old [...]


Drift, Bash and Scale Events This Weekend!

Just a quick reminder that there are a few RC events going on this weekend that you will be able to run into some of the Big Squid RC crew at! This Saturday June 15th in Champaign Illinois is the Hot Slots Bash! For complete information, just Click Here, or you can call 217-607-1837. And on Sunday June 16th is [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 04.18.2013, Version- You Write The Questio…

Hi my name is Eli I have the traxxas slash 4×4 ultimate edition came with the lcg chassis. Well my steering servo gave out i told traxxas i was having problems with it they sent me a replacement one since it came from the factory like that. Well i got tired of waiting for it to come in so [...]


JQ Products Snow Bashing Video

There is nothing more fun after a fresh snowfall than heading outside for some snow bashing. JQ Products has just posted a neat video featuring their new THE RTR 8th scale nitro buggy and two boys getting their bash on outside in the white fluffy stuff. The video shows that the rc hobby really is great fun- anytime, anywhere and [...]


arrma granite

Big Squid RC 2012 Bash Vehicle of the Year!

Around the end of November a buzz starts to happen around the office. People start chatting, discussing, then arguing about what vehicles should be considered for our “BASH VEHICLE of the YEAR” award. This years decision was EXTREMELY close. Last years winner, the Thunder Tiger MT4 was a little easier to settle on, but this year there were two standouts. [...]


Tamiya RC Soccer

Tamiya RC Soccer Video

Playing rc soccer is a popular way of bashing with your buddies here in the states, but from this video it looks like the Tamiya guys have taken it to a whole new level overseas. As seen in this video, goals with actual nets are used, and the field itself looks in pristine condition. Now if we can just get [...]


FreshPark Ramp

FreshPark Makes RC Ramps

Every weekend warrior likes to air it out, but sometimes coming up with a good ramp can be a hassle. Luckily for you FreshPark has a solution. FreshPark, also known for their high quality skate and moto ramps, is selling ramps targeted at the rc crowd. Pictured above is their “Launch Ramp” that is weatherproof, folds down flat, holds up [...]


Thunder Tiger MT4-G3

Bash Vehicle of the Year!

We have been arguing discussing what vehicle we thought deserves the honor of Big Squid RC’s Bash Vehicle of the Year for a while now. A lot of great vehicles have driven over our desks this year, and while I think it was close between several, one really stood out. Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 Monster Truck This year’s winner of Bash Vehicle [...]


BSRC Hobby Outlook Vol3 I2

Hobby Outlook Vol. 2 Issue 3 featuring Big Squid RC!

Everyone loves to bash with some style… If you need a couple pointers, be sure to check out Hobby Outlook this month! Our own Brian “Bad Boy Basher” has an excellent 4 page article covering exactly what it takes to bash big, and bash in style. Check it out, then head down to your local Hobby Town [...]


THE Cub Report- 08.01.2011- Conspiracy Of One

Yes indeed you are once again reading what is considered by nearly no one the best rc based pundit piece on the entire intrernet, THE Cub Report. Have you checked out the torture testing vids Brian worked up for the Electrix Boost and the Thunder Tiger DT12 SC? Why would we even post such a thing? Because… wait for it… [...]