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ryan villopotoHey it’s Monday, time for another Cub Report, thanks to everyone that tunes in each week to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. :)

First off, nope, not moto, not F1, but rc! Specifically- this weekend is a big dealio for us as we are having our BigSquidRC Uber Bash and Swap Meet on Saturday. Consider yourself cordially invited to come break some parts with us, to set up a free swap meet table, and to generally enjoy the basher lifestyle. We’ll be having the usual events like RC Sumo, Shopping Cart Slam, and Obstacle Course, along with a few surprises.

For consumers, entry into the bash is absolutely free, as is setting up a swap meet table. If you are anything like me you’ve got boxes of old rc gear in your garage that really should be cleared out to make space for new uber gear, so bring it with ya and make some cash. 10 am is the official start time, feel free to bring your pit table, pit chair and EZ Up. Also, Brian will be doing a raffle to give away some of our beat up old review vehicles for prizes, that should be worth the trip alone. Click right HERE to get all the info you need to hit the event.

We are also giving away a brand new Helion Invictus monster truck and Helion Animus 18th scale SCT in conjunction HobbyTown USA Orland Park. To get the info you need to win Click Here.

For industry types, and it sounds like we’ve got a few coming already, if you are interested in putting up a display of some sort hit the “contact us” button at the top of the page and tell Brian what you are thinking of doing (and yes, it will be free, we just want to coordinate). Or, simply show up and get a feel for a hardcore basher crowd for marketing research. If you’ve been stuck behind the desk more than you like, this Saturday should be a great time to rub elbows with all the people you work so hard to make product for.

On a different note…

We just finished reviewing the new Futaba 4PL Super (4PLS) with telemetry. We hooked up all the sensors, gave it a bunch of trigger time, then I had one of my super awesome ideas to test its durability (these always seem to get me in “extra” amounts of trouble). Anyways, simply dropping/hucking transmitters has become quite mundane so I thought we’d up the ante on the 4PLS (insert evil grin here). The previous 4PL was arguably the best radio you could buy for bashing, so I really wanted to see what the new 4PLS could withstand. The durability test I came up with involved the roof of a building and a Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3. Did the 4PLS prove to be the toughest radio you can buy or did it explode into a million pieces? Am I going to get punched in the face by every single Futaba employee I run into for the rest of my life? Stay tuned to later in the week to find out…

That’s it for this week ya bunch of lunatics, hopefully we’ll see a bunch of you guys this Saturday at our uber bash, until then support your local hobby shops and bash spots.

YOUR Cub Reporter


So a few days ago I got an email from a reader that asked if I knew anything about the Wednesday night bashing that was going on at Oakridge Hobbies and Toys, a local shop here in the Chicagoland area. To which I replied, nope, but you had me at bashing! The next day I grabbed my camera to head out and look for this mystical night bashing, and sure enough there were a bunch of people in a parking lot tearing it up! These guys were running anything and everything. Nitro, electric, monster trucks and on-road. Living up to true basher style there really wasn’t much organization, just a bunch of people having a blast, jumping ramps, racing to the end of the parking lot, and breaking stuff at high speeds. Apparently these evening bashes have been going on for a couple of months, and are on Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm, but I was told they often stay later as the lights in the parking lot stay on after 9pm.

If you are in the Chicago Suburb area on a Wednesday night with nothing to do, maybe stop on by and check it out. Heck, you might catch someone from the BSRC crew! Everyone was friendly, and helping each other out from tuning to vehicle repair. While I was there, I handed out a bunch of stickers as well as gave the LaTrax Rally a little more testing while trying not to be a speed bump for the monster trucks.

For more information, you can check out the Oakridge Hobbies website, and don’t forget to tell them Big Squid RC sent ya.

Speaking of bashing, don’t forget our Big Squid RC Bash and Swap Meet is coming up fast!


That’s right, the official Big Squid RC Bash date has been announced, and this year we are going to entertain a Swap Meet as well!

Have a bunch of RC stuff collecting dust in your garage or closet? Why not bring it with, set up a table and put a price tag on it! Maybe someone will trade that old buggy for the monster truck you have been wanting! You will need to BYOT (Bring your own table), and please try to limit your amount of items to one table full.

The bash will be held in the Orland Park Illinois Hobby Town. Registration starts at 10am, and events start at 11am!

As far as events at the bash, we will be running an Obstacle Course, RC Sumo, the ever popular Shopping Cart Slam plus a few more!

We have started to gather prizes for the event, so make sure to mark your calendars! August 3rd 2013 is going to be a blast!

We recommend being on a 2.4Ghz radio system, as these bashes tend to be a little chaotic. Also, the intended vehicles for this bash are Monster Trucks and Short Course Vehicles. We will allow some ‘other’ vehicles to participate, but there may be events your vehicle may not be able to join in. For example, if you want to enter your 1/5 scale ride in the Sumo, and there are no other 1/5th scales signed up.

Watch for more information and details as they get sorted out.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

rc_drift_challenge HotSlots Bash Fest 2013 Urbana IL

Just a quick reminder that there are a few RC events going on this weekend that you will be able to run into some of the Big Squid RC crew at!

This Saturday June 15th in Champaign Illinois is the Hot Slots Bash! For complete information, just Click Here, or you can call 217-607-1837.

And on Sunday June 16th is the second round of the RC Drift Challenge at Hobby Town USA in Orland Park. You can Click Here for more info on that one.

And finally, Adam the Intern will be at The Clifs Off Road Park in Marseiles IL. for a 2 day scale/crawl event. That one is a little harder to get info on, but the closed FB group can be found Here.

If you see one of the Big Squid RC crew at one of the events, make sure to say hello!

What RC’ing are you doing this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


Hi my name is Eli
I have the traxxas slash 4×4 ultimate edition came with the lcg chassis. Well my steering servo gave out i told traxxas i was having problems with it they sent me a replacement one since it came from the factory like that. Well i got tired of waiting for it to come in so i went for a drive and smacked a tree at 50mph and snapped my chassis. Is there any way i can just get the chassis i dont need the conversion as mine came like that already. I just bought it feb 16th i believe and i broke it like a week later lol. So i just need the chassis. My local hobby said a week when i broke it then it turned into the end of march, now its almost the end of april and no chassis. Can you help?

Cubby- Yo what’s up Eli, it sounds like you are having the same problem a lot of people are. The Traxxas part number #7422 LCG “chassis only” isn’t in stock at the major distributors, thus the reason why your LHS can’t get ya one. The conversion kits aren’t in stock either, so ya, you’ve pretty much gotta wait it out a little longer. The only word I could find out on the chassis was another couple weeks before they hit the distributors.
Traxxas has typically been known for having a great parts supply, so it’s not often when people have been forced to wait on replacement parts. Hang in there just a little longer Eli, or you can just convert your Slash 4×4 to the high ground clearance model, which is arguably better for bashing anyways.

Just really try to establish who and where people are meeting and bashing in uk.. in in peterborough so maybe a way away from you.. any information on good sites to make contacts and info on any events that go on around uk would be great…
I have E-revo mamba monster, revo 3.3′s and Tmaxx
Cheers Dean E.

Cubby- Yo what’s up bro, and thanks for the email.
You have just asked an age old question, “How do I find other people to bash with?”. Of course bashing by yourself is fun, but the more the merrier certainly holds true when it comes to rc. Back in the old days, pre-internet, it boiled down to keeping your eyes open and asking around at your LHS. Today, both of those still hold true. The guys working behind the counter of your LHS talk to a lot of different people each day, if there are people meeting up most likely they would have heard about it. If they have not heard of anyone meeting up locally to bash, shoot’em your contact info in case someone else comes in looking. About searching on the internet, I would recommend the MSUKForums to you. Those guys re-post some of our pr’s and seem like cool dudes, so check them out. If there is bashing going on in the UK, you’ll probably find it there, if not, put up a new post and see if anyone responds. Best of luck and shoot us some pics from your first UK bash.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of lunatics, shoot me all that funky stuff running through your head to Cubby at If your letter makes the bigtime you’ll get a free sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” we’ll hook ya up with one of our sweet new t-shirts.
YOUR Cub Reporter

JQ Products THE RTR Snow Bash Video
There is nothing more fun after a fresh snowfall than heading outside for some snow bashing. JQ Products has just posted a neat video featuring their new THE RTR 8th scale nitro buggy and two boys getting their bash on outside in the white fluffy stuff. The video shows that the rc hobby really is great fun- anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

The new JQ Products RTR buggy goes on sale later this month with a street price of only $299, which should make it a good option for many of you bashers out there. Check out the video below for some snow bashing action, and hit up the official JQ Products Website for more information on all of their products.

Looking for more JQ Products news here on BigSquidRC? Check out THIS link.

Around the end of November a buzz starts to happen around the office. People start chatting, discussing, then arguing about what vehicles should be considered for our “BASH VEHICLE of the YEAR” award. This years decision was EXTREMELY close. Last years winner, the Thunder Tiger MT4 was a little easier to settle on, but this year there were two standouts. It was so close, we had to go to the white board and list off the good and the bad to get a better idea of a clear winner. Even then there were people on both sides of the fence.

arrma granite

All that being said, we’d like to congratulate ARRMA RC on the ARRMA GRANITE as winning our BASH VEHICLE of the YEAR 2012! The Granite proved basically indestructible as you can check out in our Beat Down VIDEO, and it also won the 2WD Monster Truck Shootout, and Basher Approved Status! It’s at a great price point, and a awesome vehicle to get into the hobby with that will bring smiles to many backyard bashers.

Props to the runner up. In a VERY close second was the ECX Torment! The Torment has been a great go-to vehicle for the last year, but there were just a few more things keeping it from winning. It is also a great truck, and you can’t really go wrong with choosing one. There are a lot of companies that should take a look at the durability of this short course!

Other considerations were the Axial EXO and Atomik 1/18 Metal Mulisha Rally Car. Both great vehicles that saw a lot of use this year.

Congrats again to ARRMA RC and their awesome monster truck, the ARRMA GRANITE!

Tamiya RC Soccer
Playing rc soccer is a popular way of bashing with your buddies here in the states, but from this video it looks like the Tamiya guys have taken it to a whole new level overseas. As seen in this video, goals with actual nets are used, and the field itself looks in pristine condition. Now if we can just get Brian to put a field like that in one of our back offices. :)

Want more information on all of Tamiya’s fine products? Hit up their official website right HERE. Looking for more Tamiya news here on BigSquidRC? THIS is the link you want.

FreshPark Ramp
Every weekend warrior likes to air it out, but sometimes coming up with a good ramp can be a hassle. Luckily for you FreshPark has a solution. FreshPark, also known for their high quality skate and moto ramps, is selling ramps targeted at the rc crowd. Pictured above is their “Launch Ramp” that is weatherproof, folds down flat, holds up to 500 lbs, and costs about $230. Hit up this LINK for more information.

Want to check out pictures of people hitting ramps at our BigSquidRC Summer Kick Off Bash? If so, click right HERE.

We have been arguing discussing what vehicle we thought deserves the honor of Big Squid RC’s Bash Vehicle of the Year for a while now. A lot of great vehicles have driven over our desks this year, and while I think it was close between several, one really stood out.

Thunder Tiger MT4-G3

Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 Monster Truck

This year’s winner of Bash Vehicle of the Year goes to the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 1/8th scale monster truck. It was darn near indestructible while being launched off dozens of huge ramps, super fast out of the box with the ability to run on 4S or 6s, and it was just a beast of a machine all around! Congratulations Thunder Tiger for making an awesome truck! You can read our full review HERE.

Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL

I mentioned the decision was close.. the other two vehicles that we have been going back and forth with were the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 (see our review here) which brought us a lot of back flipping skate park enjoyment this year. You can see our video of it in action HERE.

The other close contender was the Speed Passion RS2. (check our review here) For it’s insane $99 sale price tag, with a brushless motor and 2.4GHz radio system! It was truly the budget basher! Heck it was like buying a brushless system and getting a truck and radio for free!

If you are looking to do some serious bashing, you can’t really go wrong with any of the 3 vehicles above, now get out there and bash!

Everyone loves to bash with some style… If you need a couple pointers, be sure to check out Hobby Outlook this month! Our own Brian “Bad Boy Basher” has an excellent 4 page article covering exactly what it takes to bash big, and bash in style. Check it out, then head down to your local Hobby Town and buy something awesome to sharpen those bashing skills :)

Cubby Yes indeed you are once again reading what is considered by nearly no one the best rc based pundit piece on the entire intrernet, THE Cub Report.

Have you checked out the torture testing vids Brian worked up for the Electrix Boost and the Thunder Tiger DT12 SC? Why would we even post such a thing? Because… wait for it… pretty much to prove that when we say a buggy/truck is tough, we actually mean it, and there are the vids to prove it. We don’t write up test reports before we actually have the truck in hand like some other media outlets have done. We don’t have to get our reviews proof read by the manufacture before it gets posted. We don’t do it to bad mouth a product, I mean you haven’t seen us post a vid of a truck we taco’ed or broke in half have ya (ok, I take that one back… LOL, but never in malice)? When something breaks we do report it, when it doesn’t break we want the world to see just how tough the new Electrix and Thunder Tiger is. Toughness sells to the basher crowd, period. Chances are if you are reading this you are either a marketing guy at Traxxas, on the board at ROAR (hi guys!), or you are a basher (like 90% of the rc community), and you wanna know if that new truck you are looking at buying is gonna break in half the first time you accidentally tap a curb, we hope our testing and reviews help you out that’s all.

Oh and… speaking of Electrix…. three words- Short Course Truck. How cool will, I mean would that be for them to put out, I mean possibly put out an affordable yet unbreakable short course truck? :)

I hear the BSRC “Basher Approved” logo is going to appear in some pretty cool magazine ads all around the world. What am I talking about? You’ll just have to wait and see but when you do hopefully you’ll be stoked to see a company advertise the fact their product was tough enough to win our highest award.

Ok, so you wanna hit the coolest bashfest on the planet but don’t know where to go. Hey, it’s called Bash-A-Palooza and it goes down this Saturday in Chicago at RCX! We’ve got bashers driving in from Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Ohio, and we are cordially asking for you to attend as well. We want your support of our event, and no, we aren’t making a dime off of it. Anywhos… here’s some quick facts you’ll need to know when you attend Bash-A-Palooza…

There is no entry fee for Bash-A-Palooza. By that I mean zero, nada. But… you’ll have to pay to enter RCX, regular ticket price is $20, but you can buy them cheaper on-line. We have inquired if there will be a parking fee for your full size scoot and haven’t gotten a solid answer, my guess is expect to pay $10 to park. If we find out more info on parking we’ll post and let ya know.

There are two different “classes” at Bash-A-Palooza- Monster Truck and Short Course. Read- no 8th scales. Why no love for the 8th scales? Because we’ll have a lot of guys out there running bone stock 2wd Slash’s, not a good mix with fire breathing 8th scale buggies. Anyways, you can enter just one class or both, but you can’t enter multiple times in both.

The RCX guys told us we will be supplied with AC power.

You’ll want to bring an extension cord, power strip, pit table and chair with you. RCX has said they “might” be supplying pit tables, but bring yours just in case. Oh and spare parts, lots of’em! :)

Brain (aka- Brian) and Wrench are the guys work’n Bash-A-Palooza, Saturday is your chance to hang out with’em and bench-race about bashing.

Bash-A-Palooza is located on the second level of the Odium where there is normally an indoor soccer field. The soccer astro-turf has been pulled up for RCX so we’ll be running on concrete.

Nitro is cool at RCX and I hope a lot of you guys bring it, we’ll need the extra noise to get the muggles upstairs to see what bashing is all about.

BSRC will have some CRAZY HOT booth babes running around the show. Feel absolutely free to ask to have your picture taken with them if you want, that’s what they are there for.

Bash-A-Palooza will be on the second level but we’ll also have a small booth downstairs next to Air Age/RCCA and the Mini-Z track. Evan, Adam The Intern and Pro Driver Guy Tim will be working the booth. Stop by the booth, say hello and pick up some free BSRC stickers!

Registration for Bash-A-Palooza starts at 10 am and ends at 11 am . You can warm-up/practice from 10 to 11. First event starts promptly at 11 am. We’ll be taking a break somewhere in the middle of the day for people to grab some food and walk the show (read- try to get BSRC booth babe phone numbers).

When will Bash-A-Palooza get over? I have no idea, that will be determined by how many entries we get. I will say the show closes at 8 pm so we can’t go any longer than that.

Free stuff. Thanks to our sponsors we have a lot of free stuff to give away. From little stuff like t-shirts up to brand spank’n new trucks when you enter Bash-A-Palooza you will get a ticket that gives you a shot at winning the swag. We will not be selling these tickets so your chance of winning depends on how many entries we get. And ya, you actually have to compete with a truck to enter.

This is a no pressure environment, no seriously I mean it. Bash-A-Palooza is just about fun, period. You don’t win any award for going the fastest, or jumping the highest, it’s about hang’n out with other bashers and having a blast while going huge.

You gotta be on DSM/2.4 GHz to enter. There are simply too many cars driving around at RCX to even attempt running on 27 or 75 MGz. And hey, it might be a great excuse for ya to pick up that new Tactic or Futaba radio you’ve been wanting.

That’s it for this week, hope to see you are RCX but if you can’t make it support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

rcx prize blitz Things have really been crazy around the office lately. RCX is right around the corner, and our
Bash-A-Palooza event is going to rock the house. We have been gathering prizes around here, and it’s getting tough to walk the halls with all the stuff we are packing up to bring! We just updated the Bash-A-Palooza page with a huge list of prizes we are giving away.. about $1500 worth! And We are adding another prize to the list! A new HPI Blitz with the updated waterproofing! So we have the monster truck guys, and the short course guys covered for awesome prizes at the event! Make sure you click that link and plan on attending! Most of the Big Squid RC crew will be there hanging out, making news, and having a good time, so stop by and chat with some of the guys. I’m sure they want to hear from the readers!

In other news around here, the REVIEWS page has been updated with all the latest links! So if you missed one of our recent reviews, head on over there. I can’t believe how big that page is getting! Might have to think about a different format for that section to make it easier to find stuff.

Gonna keep this one short, lots to do.. see you all next week at RCX!