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MaxAmps 3450

MaxAmps Announces New 18650 Lithium Ion Cells

The folks over at MaxAmps have announced a new pair of new 18650 Lithium Ion Cells. Available right now are 2150 and 3450mAh capacities, cells that are perfect for applications like rc cars, flashlights, e-cigs, electric scooters, robotics, car starter packs, etc. The 2150 is a high current design for high amperage output, while the 3450 is designed for maximum [...]


Spektrum Smart Technology Charger LiPo Power Supply

Spektrum Drops All New Smart Technology Chargers, Batteries,…

Here is some huge news from Spektrum, all new Smart Technology Products! What are Smart Technology Products? Products that make your life easier thanks to new technology. The new Spektrum products can take all the guesswork out of charging, as well as making your battery charging routine safer than before. First up is a whole line-up of new Smart LiPo Batteries. [...]


Reedy LiPo Batteries

3 New LiPo Batteries From Reedy

Just announced by Reedy are three new LiPo Batteries. All three LiPos are small in size with two of the packs designed for use in small scale vehicles, while the third was designed for use in nitro starter boxes. * Reedy Wolfpack HV-LiPo 2100mAh 30C 7.6V #27330 * Reedy Wolfpack LiPo 1600mAh 30C 7.4V #27331 * Reedy LiPo Pro SB 2100mAh 20C 14.8V [...]


Dynamite Powerstage Bundle 3

New Powerstage Bundles From Dynamite

Looking for an affordable power solution for your new ready to run? If so, have a look at the new Powerstage Bundles from the good folks over at Dynamite. The stage 1 bundle comes with a Dynamite Battery Charger and 7 cell NiMH to give your rig more speed and power. Next up is the stage 2 bundle that jumps up [...]


Common Sense 4S Lectron LiPo

Common Sense RC Lectron Pro 14.8V 7600mAh 75C LiPo

Do you need a new battery for your 1/8th scaler or monster truck? If so, Common Sense RC has announced the Lectron Pro 4S 7600. The Lectron is a hard case pack for added protection and is rated at a 75C discharge. Here are more of its highlights- * 2C maximum charge rate * JST-XH balance connector * Weight- 626 grams * Length- 5.43″ * [...]


Common Sense RC LiPo Voltage Checker

Common Sense RC Cell Spy 8 Voltage Checker

New from the crew over at Common Sense RC is the Cell Spy 8 Voltage Checker. The Spy 8 is an affordable and easy way of checking the individual cell voltage on your batteries. Also, the Spy 8 is a cell balancer, as well as a servo tester. Here are some of its highlights- * Shows pack voltage, as well as [...]


Hyperion Bitcoin

Hyperion Now Accepting Bitcoin

The world of rc seems to get more high tech every day. An example of this is the fact that Hyperion has announced that they are now accepting Bitcoin for payment when buying off the Hyperion-World website. To make the deal even better, you get an extra 15% off by paying with Bitcoin. Hyperion has long been known for their [...]


New Onyx NiMH Batteries

New NiMH Batteries From Onyx

Just announced by Onyx is a new line-up of NiMH batteries. The new Onyx batteries come in a wide variety of sizes, cell counts, and capacities to fit nearly any application. Manufactured to the highest standards, the Onyx batteries also come with a 2 year warranty to give you peace of mind. Pricing varies on the different models, but you can [...]


Reedy HV LiPo

Reedy 4S Zappers SG Competition HV-LiPo Batteries

All new from Reedy is a pair of 4S high voltage HV LiPo Batteries. The cells use a different internal design to produce more voltage than a typical LiPo. * Silicon Graphene HV-LiPo chemistry * Longer cycle-life * Reduced internal resistance * Comes in a durable hard case * Built to ROAR/EFRA/BRCA/IFMAR specifications * #27327 – Reedy Zappers SG 5200mAh 110C 15.2V 4S * #27328 – Reedy [...]


Maclan Racing Race Formula Graphene LiHV Batteries

Maclan Racing Race Formula Graphene LiHV Batteries

Maclan Racing is best known for their brushless power system, but today they have officially announced a new line-up of Lithium based batteries. New from Maclan are four Race Formula Graphene LiHV Batteries. The LiHV Maclan packs yield higher voltage under load than traditional LiPo packs, therefore giving your truck or buggy more power. Here are more of their highlights- * [...]


MaxAmps LiHV Quadcopter Race Packs

MaxAmps FPV Race Edition LiHV 1600 4S Packs

If you are a hardcore drone racer, it is all about speed. To help you go faster than your competition, MaxAmps has announced LiHV Race Edition 4S 1600 packs. The MaxAmps LiHV cells put out far superior voltage compared to normal LiPo batteries, thus giving your drone more power. * Charges up to 4.35 volts per cell * 150C rated discharge * [...]


MaxAmps 9000XL 4s LiPo Traxxas X-Maxx

MaxAmps 4S 9000XL LiPo Batteries For the X-Maxx

Have you just installed an 8S power up kit to your Traxxas X-Maxx? Have a new 8S X-Maxx on the way? To help power your beast MaxAmps has announced a 4S 9000XL LiPo Battery Set. The set comes with a pair of 100C rated 4S 9000mAh LiPo packs to give your truck 29.6 volts of glorious power. The MaxAmps packs [...]


Reedy Zappers LiPo

Reedy Zappers Hi-Voltage Low Profile & 1S LiPos

Available now from Reedy are 3 new packs in their Zappers LiPo battery line-up. The Reedy Zappers aren’t your normal LiPo, they use LiHV cells that put out more voltage than typical packs and can be charged up to 8.7 volts on a 2S pack, or 4.35 on a 1 cell. The three new packs include a 1 cell 8000mAh, a [...]


Bashers Basics – The Bench – Charging Station

Charging RC batteries is probably one of the most dangerous part of the whole hobby (we aren’t renowned for being daredevils), but there is a way to do it right, and a way to do it wrong, not sure if you are safe? Never fear, Bashers Basics is here! There are 3 steps to take to diagnose your battery charging situation [...]


Hitec Power Peak D7 Review

Hitec Power Peak D7 Charger Review

Now days it seems like everybody brings 10 cars to go bashing. When you run 10 cars, you need to charge a lot of battery packs, and charge them quick. To meet this demand, Hitec released the Power Peak D7 Dual Charger. The Power Peak D7 is no joke with 20 amps of charging power available on both channels and [...]