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Dynamite Reaction 80C LiPo Packs
Dynamite RC has announced higher output 80C Reaction series LiPo batteries. The 80C Reaction LiPos are intended for the serious basher or entry level racer and come in 2S, 3S, and 4S cell counts. They all use hard cases for added protection and come in capacities up to 6400mAh.

* 5C charge rate
* Capacities from 5700-6400mAh
* Available with prewired Deans, EC3, EC5, and Traxxas connectors
* XH balance connectors
* New cases for increased durability

Prices range from $95 to $165, they are expected to hit hobby shops in early May, and you can get more information at This Link over on the Dynamite website.

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Fantom LiPo Battery
The guys over at Fantom Racing have announced their latest go-fast LiPo pack, a 2S 6000mAh hardcase. This pack comes in 3 different styles- with Traxxas connector, with Deans, or with bullets, with each sporting a street price of $94. These new Pro Series packs are said to have the lowest internal resistance and highest voltage available in rc. Some of their other features and specifications include-

* Capacity- 6000mAh
* Voltage- 2S, 7.4V
* C-Rate- 80C continuous & 160C burst
* Dimensions- 138.6mm x 47mm x 25mm
* Weight- 300 grams (10.58 ounces) 4mm bullet style
* Balance Connector- JST / XH

To get more information on the new LiPo packs check out This Link over on the official Fantom Racing website.

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FlightPower FP Series LiPo Batteries
FlightPower has a new FP Series of LiPo batteries on the way. The FP series will offer a wide variety of voltages and capacities, and will come in 4 different discharge rates, from 25C to 70C. Also, there is a new FPRX series on the way for receiver packs. Charge rates range from 1C up to 3C and the Power packs come with the industry standard XH balancing connector. Close cell matching and rigid quality control enable FlightPower to give an industry leading 2 year limited warranty.

The new FP series packs will be available early this Summer, Click This Link to get more information over on the official FlightPower website.

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TrakPower 90C LiPo Batteries
TrakPower has announced new 90C discharge LiPo packs. The 90C discharge rate gives more power than previous TrakPower offerings and they come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs. All the packs come with a hardcase for more protection and are approved for ROAR sanctioned competition.

The new 90C Trakpower packs include-

TKPC0605 1S 3.7V 6500mAh 4mm
TKPC0607 2S 7.4V 3250mAh 4mm
TKPC0610 2S 7.4V 4500mAh Shorty 5mm
TKPC0615 2S 7.4V 5600mAh Deans
TKPC0616 2S 7.4V 5600mAh 5mm
TKPC0620 2S 7.4V 7200mAh Deans
TKPC0621 2S 7.4V 7200mAh 5mm
TKPC0625 2S 7.4V 6000mAh Saddle Pack 4mm
TKPC0630 4S 14.8V 6700mAh Deans
TKPC0631 4S 14.8V 6700mAh 5mm

Prices range from $59-$159 and they are in stock right now. Hit up This Link for more information on all the LiPo batteries that TrakPower has to offer.

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Team Orion 100C Lipo batteries
Team Orion has announced the latest additions to their LiPo battery line-up. The new Orion LiPos use all the latest technology to achieve discharge rates of 100C while utilizing up to a 5C charge rate. These packs use a robust hard case to protect the cells inside and a JST-XH connector for balancing. The new packs include-

ORI14058 Carbon Pro 7200 1S (Tubes)
ORI14059 Carbon Pro 6000 2S (Deans Plug)
ORI14060 Carbon Pro 7200 2S (Deans Plug)
ORI14061 Carbon Pro 6000 2S (Tubes)
ORI14062 Carbon Pro 7200 2S (Tubes)
ORI14063 Carbon Pro 5800 Saddle Pack (Tubes)
ORI14064 Carbon Pro 5800 Saddle Pack (Deans Plug)
ORI14065 Carbon Pro 5800 2S Saddle Block (Tubes)
ORI14066 Carbon Pro 4500 2S Shorty Pack

To visit the official Orion website hit up This Link.

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HPI 8000 Lipo Battery
The PlazmaPro line of Lipo Batteries are HPI’s high-end packs. One of the latest packs in the line-up is a 2S 7.4V 8000. The 8000 is stated to be capable of a 95C discharge and comes with dual 4mm bullet connectors for a better fit in a variety of applications.

* Capacity- 8000mAh
* Voltage- 2S 7.4V
* Discharge- 95C
* Dimensions: 138.5 x 46.5 x 24mm
* Uses 4mm bullet connectors

The part number for the HPI 8000 Lipo is #110601 and you can get more information Right Here on the official HPI Racing website.

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THE TrakPower 7.4v 2S 70C 6800mAh Lipo Battery Review

TrakPower Lipo Battery Review

What makes for a good Lipo battery? That depends on what you are looking for, but most people look for excellent runtimes, lots of voltage, and a long cycle life. We’ve been using and abusing a TrakPower 2S 70C 6800 for a few months now. How does it stack up to the competition? Does it have a lot of power? Can it take some abuse and not puff? Click the “Read More” to find out…


THE Tattu 7.4v 2S 80C 6200mAh Lipo Battery Review

Tattu Lipo Battery Review

Tattu is one of the newer names in the Lipo Battery biz. Seeing as how a majority of hobbyists run electric now days, Lipos are highly in demand. Today we are taking a close look at the Tattu 2S 80C 6200 to see exactly how it performs. Should a Tattu be at the top of your “to buy” list? Hit the “Read More” to find out…


Tattu 6200 Lipo
Just a few years ago new Lipo companies were popping up all the time, since then the Lipo frenzy has died down a notch. Lipo is still hot of course and one of the latest companies to arrive on the scene is Tattu. Tattu is focused on putting out high quality packs that will not only make your bash machine faster, but also be long lasting. Pictured above is their new 2S 6200 hardcase pack which fits in a vast array of bash vehicles.

* Max continuous discharge- 80C/496 amps
* Size- 138x47x25mm
* Gross weight- 397 grams
* Balance plug- JST-XH-3P
* Wire size- 12AWG
* Plug type- 4.0mm Banana Plug to Deans

The part number for the Tattu 2S 6200 is #TA-80-6200-2S-H and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official Tattu website.

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Duratrax Onyx 35C Lipo Batteries
Duratrax is expanding their line-up of Onyx 35C Lipo Batteries. The 35C Onyx Lipo’s are known for accurate capacities and offering a great bang-for-the-buck. Available in soft or hard pack, with Traxxas or Dean’s connectors, there is an Onyx for nearly any application.

DTXC1930 11.1V 1300mAh 3S Soft Case Deans, $22.99
DTXC1931 11.1V 1300mAh 3S Soft Case Traxxas, $25.99
DTXC1936 7.4V 2000mAh 2S Soft Case Deans, $24.99
DTXC1937 7.4V 2000mAh 2S Soft Case Traxxas, $25.99
DTXC1964 7.4V 5000mAh 2S Hard Case Deans, $59.99
DTXC1965 7.4V 5000mAh 2S Hard Case Traxxas, $59.99
DTXC1966 11.1V 5000mAh 3S Soft Case Traxxas, $89.99
DTXC1967 11.1V 5000mAh 3S Soft Case Deans, $89.99
DTXC1970 7.4V 5700mAh 2S Soft Case Traxxas, $64.99
DTXC1978 11.1V 6400mAh 3S Soft Case Deans, $109.99
DTXC1979 11.1V 6400mAh 3S Soft Case Traxxas, $109.99
DTXC1982 7.4V 8000mAh 2S Soft Case Deans, $89.99
DTXC1983 7.4V 8000mAh 2S Soft Case Traxxas, $89.99
DTXC1995 11.1V 8000mAh 3S Soft Case Deans, $129.99
DTXC1997 11.1V 8000mAh 3S Soft Case Traxxas, $129.99

To get more information on Onyx Lipo batteries, hit THIS LINK.

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TrakPower Hard Case Lipo Batteries
Thankfully April Fools day is over and we can switch back from “Racer” news to what we are all about, covering the bash scene.

If you are looking for a high-end battery to power your bash machine the crew over at TrakPower has a new line-up of hard case Lipo’s. These new Lipo’s pack more punch with 80C discharge rates and they come with either 4mm bullet or genuine Deans connectors.

The new models include-

* TKPC0505 2S 7.4V 4600mAh 80C Hard Case 4mm ($69)
* TKPC0395 2S 7.4V 5600mAh 60C Hard Case 4mm ($99)
* TKPC0510 2S 7.4V 6000mAh 80C Hard Case Deans ($99)
* TKPC0515 2S 7.4V 6000mAh 80C Hard Case 4mm ($99)
* TKPC0520 2S 7.4V 7200mAh 80C Hard Case Deans ($119)
* TKPC0525 2S 7.4V 7200mAh 80C Hard Case 4mm ($119)
* TKPC0530 2S 7.4V 6000mAh 80C Hard Case Saddle Pack ($99)
* TKPC0535 4S 14.14V 6800mAh 80C Hard Case Deans ($199)

For more information just hit up the Official TrakPower Website, and to read more TrakPower news here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.

Alpha Series Gens Ace Lipo Batteries
The crew over at Gens Ace have just announced two new Lipo Batteries, a 2S 6000 mah 70C hardcase, and a 2S 7000 mah 50C hardcase. 4mm bullet connectors are used to connect your wires to the packs and they have a release date of this May. For more information hit up the official Gens Ace Website.

Looking for more Lipo battery information? Check out THIS link.

duratrax onyx 35 lipo batteries
Duratrax has just announced their new line-up of affordable 35C Lipo Batteries. Their new 35C Lipo’s are said to pack more power for even better performance. Available in a wide range of capacities, some of the packs comes with a hard-case and you can get them with either a Dean’s or Traxxas connector. Some of their other features include-

* 35C discharge ratings for more power
* Two packs feature impactand puncture-resistant hard ABS cases
* All other packs have smaller, weight-reducing soft cases
* Consistent power, charge after charge
* True-rated for dependable stated capacity
* Available with Deans® or Traxxas® connectors

The new Onyx packs include-

DTXC1930 Onyx LiPo 11.1V 1300mAh 35C Deans, $29.99
DTXC1964 Onyx LiPo 7.4V 5000mAh 35C Hard Case Deans, 59.99
DTXC1965 Onyx LiPo 7.4V 5000mAh 35C Hard Case Traxxas, 59.99
DTXC1966 Onyx LiPo 11.1V 5000mAh 35C Traxxas, 89.99
DTXC1967 Onyx LiPo 11.1V 5000mAh 35C Deans, 89.99
DTXC1970 Onyx LiPo 7.4V 5700mAh 35C Traxxas, 64.99
DTXC1978 Onyx LiPo 11.1V 6400mAh 35C Deans, 109.99
DTXC1979 Onyx LiPo 11.1V 6400mAh 35C Traxxas, 109.99
DTXC1982 Onyx LiPo 7.4V 8000mAh 35C Deans, 89.99
DTXC1983 Onyx LiPo 7.4V 8000mAh 35C Traxxas, 89.99
DTXC1995 Onyx LiPo 11.1V 8000mAh 35C Deans, 129.99
DTXC1997 Onyx LiPo 11.1V 8000mAh 35C Traxxas, 129.99

These packs are available right now and you can get more information on all of Duratrax’s products over at their Official Website.

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