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Venom Pro Power 1350W DC Power Supply

Venom Pro Power 1350W DC Power Supply

Need serious power for your battery charger? If so you should have a look at the new Pro Power 1350 from Venom. It was made to go with Venom’s new Pro Touch HD battery charger, but can be used on any charger that needs lots of current. It is contained in a durable steel chassis and comes with 4 temperature [...]


Venom ProTouch HD Charger

1350 Watt Venom ProTouch HD Battery Charger

Need a Battery Charger with serious power? If so, have a look at the new ProTouch HD from Venom. The ProTouch can charge at up to 45 amps, more than enough for most power hungry batteries. * Backlit touchscreen display * Max cell count- 8S LiPo, 20 cell NiMH * Max charge rate- 45 amps * DC only, 11-32 volt input * LiHV compatible The ProTouch [...]


Hitec X2 AC Plus Charger

Hitec X2 AC Plus AC/DC Multi Charger

Hitec brings all the bells and whistles with their new X2 AC Plus battery charger. It has dual port charging, it has a built in 10 amp power supply, and you can even use a Smartphone to control it with an optional WiFi Module. * Internal balance circuits * 10 different charge profiles * Charges NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion, and Lead [...]


Reedy Compact Charger

Reedy 423-S Compact Balance Charger

Reedy has announced an affordable new balance charger called the 423-S. A single button is used to keep operation simple and it can charge LiPo, LiFe, NiMH, or NiCd batteries. For power, the 423-S is rated for a maximum rate of 4 amps and it has a maximum LiPo cell count of 3S. The charger is street priced at $49, it [...]


MaxAmps 24 Volt Power Supply

New Upgraded MaxAmps 24 Volt Power Supply

MaxAmps has announced that they have done some upgrades to their beefy 24 Volt Power Supply. First off, variable speed fans have been included to make the unit quieter. Secondly, the power supply now comes with an extra set of outputs making it easier to connect a second battery charger. What remains the same is its huge power output, with [...]


Venom Pro3 Charger

Venom Pro3 AC/DC Battery Charger

The folks over at Venom have just announced their Pro Charger 3. The Pro3 is an AC/DC unit that charges LiPo batteries, as well as NiMH and Lead Acid. The Pro3 sports a maximum charge rate of 7 amps and has a maximum cell count of 6S LiPo and 15 cell NiMH. Multiple different charging leads are included, while five [...]


Hitec X4 Advanced Charger

Hitec X4 Advanced Battery Charger

The latest charger from Hitec is the X4 Advanced Single Cell. The new X4 is set up to charge four AA or AAA cells and is Bluetooth compatible with your Apple or Android device. The X4 allows you to monitor the battery charger via your cell phone or tablet, a feature that can come in pretty handy. Some of the [...]


Dynamite Passport Ultra 100W AC/DC Touch Battery Charger

Dynamite Passport Ultra 100W Touch Screen Battery Charg…

Touch screens look cool and can make products easier to use. The latest charger from Dynamite, the Passport Ultra 100W, has a touch screen and much more. The Passport features a 400 x 240 pixel TFT Color Touch Screen and can charge LiFe/LiIon/LiPo/NiCd/NiMH/Pb batteries. For power it can charge at up to 10 amps and is rated for a maximum [...]


SKYRC Ultimate 1000W Charger

SKYRC Ultimate 1000W Battery Charger

How many times have you been at the track and wished you could control your battery charger from your cell phone? Now you can with the SKYRC Ultimate 1000W. With the optional Wi-Fi module, the Ultimate 1000W can be controlled by both Apple and Android devices, helping to make it easy to use. Like its name implies the Ultimate 1000W it [...]


Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 80 Charger

Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 80 Battery Charger

For all you high power charging enthusiasts, Graupner has a 1000 watt Ultra Duo Plus 80 battery charger. You can charge at up to 20 amps per channel with this beast, and it charges a maximum cell count of 7S LiPO. A high contrast 128 x 64 LCD display with backlighting makes it easy to read, while 20 memory pre-sets [...]


rage rc battery charger

Product Spotlight – Rage RC 80 Watt Multi Charger

Every hobbyist needs a good battery charger, but there are so many on the market it is hard to chose which one. Since we received one of the new Rage RC 80 Watt Multi Chargers we’ve been using and abusing it to see how it stacks up. Here is what we found out- * The unit is AC/DC. This makes it [...]


Duratrax Onyx 110 Review

Product Spotlight – Duratrax Onyx 110 Battery Charger

Many bashers are on a budget, while others aren’t looking for the best money can buy, they just want products that are easy to use. The Onyx 110 battery charger from Duratrax is aimed right at these types of hobbyists. It comes with an ultra-low price point, $24, and could not be easier to use. We’ve been using one for [...]


Team Orion Advantage IQ-4X

Team Orion Advantage IQ-4X Charger

New from Team Orion is a four port single cell charger. The IQ-4X charges everything from single cell AAs to your favorite micro quad pack. Some of its features include- * 6 watts of charge power per port * Large LCD display * 5 volt/1 amp USB port * Charge, discharge, refresh, break-in, and cycle modes * Charges NiMH, NiCd, LiPo and LiFe * Comes with [...]


Rage RC Products

Unboxing – Rage RC Products

There is a new company on the rc landscape called Rage RC. The Rage line-up is brought to you by the folks over at HRP (Hobby & Recreation Products) and is focused on new hobbyists and people on a budget. We recently received several of their products for review so we took some pictures while we unboxed them to give [...]


Orion Advantage Touch V2 Charger

Orion Advantage Touch V2 AC/DC Charger

The folks over at Team Orion have announced a new charger, the Advantage Touch V2. Featuring a touch screen, the Advantage Touch V2 is an AC/DC charger that can charge a wide variety of different cell chemistries. * Charges NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, LiIon and Pb * Updatable firmware * Advanced cell balancing w/ 4-in-1 balance board * Touch sensitive 3” 400 x 240 [...]