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Pro Boat Alpha Patrol

Pro Boat Alpha Patrol Twin-Jet Boat

After making a big splash with the announcement of their River Jet Boat, Pro Boat has released full details on their new Alpha Patrol. The Alpha Patrol has a tough military look with amazing scale detailing. If you are looking for a little something different to do this spring, or something with some serious scale detailing, you need to take [...]


Pro Boat Zelos 48 inch Brushless Catamaran

Pro Boat Zelos 48″ Brushless Catamaran RTR

Go big on the water with the new 48″ RTR Zelos Catamaran from Pro Boat. Power is the name of the game with the Zelos and it is said to be the fastest boat in its class (55+ mph). It comes stock with a huge 1000kV brushless motor and an ESC that is ready to take on 8S LiPo batteries. [...]


Helion Rivos XS

Helion Rivos XS Boat

There is still plenty of time for fun on the water this year so why not take a look at the new Helion Rivos XS. The Rivos XS is a small boat perfect for bust out serious water action in ponds and small lakes. It is 100% factory assembled and you just need AA transmitter batteries to get up and [...]


Atomik Barbwire XL

Atomik Barbwire XL RTR Brushless Boat

Get out on the water with the new Atomik Barbwire XL. The Barbwire XL comes with a powerful brushless system, but its best feature has to be its innovative self-righting ballast driven hull system. With the self-righting system you can drive harder without having to worry so much about crashing. The new larger size of the XL also increases its [...]


AquaCraft Atlantic II Tugboat

AquaCraft Atlantic II Harbor Tugboat

With scale realism being of the utmost importance now days, AquaCraft’s new Atlantic II Tugboat brings it in force. The closer you look at the pictures the more amazed you are with its fine scale detailing. The Atlantic II is powered by a 550 size electric motor and comes with a 30 amp ESC. When run on recommended batteries (3S 2200mAh), [...]


AquaCraft Fletcher Class Destroyer

AquaCraft 1/72 US Fletcher Class Destroyer ARR

At 61″ long and standing 17″ tall, the US Fletcher Class Destroyer from AquaCraft is a beast. And while it may be huge, it is loaded with fine scale detailing so it looks great on the water, or when perched in your rc garage. The Destroyer utilizes a sturdy pre-painted fiberglass hull and a pair of 550 motors for power. * [...]


aquacraft miss seattle

AquaCraft Miss Seattle U-16 Brushless Unlimited Hydroplane

Want to talk about wild? Unlimited hydroplane boats are some of the wildest and fastest boats on the water. For your bashing pleasure the crew over at AquaCraft have a new unlimited hydroplane on the way called the Miss Seattle. The Miss Seattle is a RTR that comes fully assembled and ready to tackle the water. An unlimited hydroplane has to [...]


atomik rc arc boat

Atomik A.R.C 58″ RTR Electric Boat

Atomik RC (formerly the Venom Group folks) have just announced the new Atomik A.R.C 58″ RTR Electric Boat. That’s almost 5 feet of water slicing machine people! They claim it’s the first large scale boat that out performs their gas counterparts. It boasts 2000 watts of brushless power with a water-cooled ESC for 40+ mph out of the box! The [...]


RCX 2012 – Strike Models, RC naval combat

Strike Models is in attendance this year, showing off their line of naval combat boats. And when I say combat, I mean it. These boats feature functioning turrets to engage enemy vessels on the high seas. Strike Models sells many, many different kits based on full size ships from the WWI and WWII eras.  For more info about these ships, [...]


Video: AquaCraft Motley Crew FE Cat

We gave you the low-down on the AquaCraft Mötley Crüe Motley Crew FE Catamaran last week, now AquaCraft has uploaded a video of the bad-boy in action.  The vid also goes into some details as to what the boat is made of, and I have to say I like the look of those black anodized parts.  I might have to [...]


Waterproof? P-Shaw says MaxAmps, try water COOLED…

Look at that pack pictured above.  No, I mean really look at it.  Notice anything different about it?  Check the pic at left right (I’m an idiot), how about now?  See the tubing and brass nipples?  Why would it have those you ask?  Well because this pack is water-cooled!  Obviously made for boaters looking to eek a little more performance [...]


Two New Boats from Venom Group

Summer is coming fast, and Venom Group has you covered with two new boat releases to get you out on the water!First up is the King of Shaves P1 RTR Gas Boat. This thing is nearly 5 feet long, powered by a 2+ HP Water-Cooled 26cc gasoline marine engine, and driven with a 2.4GHz 3-channel radio. Venom Group claims [...]


Traxxas Spartan street date.

Mark your calendars.  December 16th, just in time for Christmas, the Traxxas Spartan brushless deep-v will be available, and for a reasonable $399.99.  We got a good look at this appropriately candy cane colored monster at iHobby, so check out the gallery below then bust out your pencil and paper and start writing your wish list to Robot Santa Claus [...]


More pics of the Traxxas Spartan

We got a request for more pictures of the Traxxas Spartan (formerly the Titan), so here’s a gallery for y’all. Click the little ones for the big ones. Traxxas Spartan gallery


Awesome new product from Pro Boat.

Those of us that drive boats have, at one time or another, been in a position where our boat was dead in the water.  Either the batteries dumped quicker than we thought, or we cut a turn too hard and flipped the thing.  Retrieving the boat has become as much an art form as driving it.  Whether it’s specially made [...]