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Two New Boats from Venom Group

Summer is coming fast, and Venom Group has you covered with two new boat releases to get you out on the water!First up is the King of Shaves P1 RTR Gas Boat. This thing is nearly 5 feet long, powered by a 2+ HP Water-Cooled 26cc gasoline marine engine, and driven with a 2.4GHz 3-channel radio. Venom Group claims [...]


Traxxas Spartan street date.

Mark your calendars.  December 16th, just in time for Christmas, the Traxxas Spartan brushless deep-v will be available, and for a reasonable $399.99.  We got a good look at this appropriately candy cane colored monster at iHobby, so check out the gallery below then bust out your pencil and paper and start writing your wish list to Robot Santa Claus [...]


More pics of the Traxxas Spartan

We got a request for more pictures of the Traxxas Spartan (formerly the Titan), so here’s a gallery for y’all. Click the little ones for the big ones. Traxxas Spartan gallery


Awesome new product from Pro Boat.

Those of us that drive boats have, at one time or another, been in a position where our boat was dead in the water.  Either the batteries dumped quicker than we thought, or we cut a turn too hard and flipped the thing.  Retrieving the boat has become as much an art form as driving it.  Whether it’s specially made [...]


Aquacraft SV27R

AquaCraft has revised their highly popular and influential SV27 Brushless (it’s the Traxxas Slash of the boat world…). They added an “R” to the name… … …ha… But that’s not really all that’s new about the SV27R. The already super fast brushless Vee has a new, more powerful motor to make it even faster.  And to make sure you [...]


Pro Boat Miss Geico 29 BL brushless catamaran

Pro Boat‘s new Miss Geico 29 BL is one cool Cat.  This 30″ catamaran RTR is built for speed with a 1500Kv brushless motor, 45 amp speed control, and dual 2S LiPo capability.  The Miss Geico is fully licensed to look like the full scale version and features a lot of the details you’d expect to see.  It also comes [...]


Official word: Traxxas Titan Deep-V Brushless Boat

Those guys from Texas are lettin fly with the details about the new Traxxas Titan Deep-V brushless boat (not to be confused with the Traxxas Titan 12-turn motor, obviously).  This 3-foot beast is packed to the gills with power.  Driven by a Velineon 540 XL brushless motor and VXL-6s Marine ESC, Traxxas is boasting of 50+ MPH speeds out of [...]


Aquacraft updates Rio 51 to new Rio 51Z

Attention boaters!  The venerable Aquacraft Rio 51 has been pushed aside in favor of a new flavor.  Today Aquacraft has announced the Rio 51Z, which is almost the same thing, only better.  Now it comes stock with a 26 cc Zenoah® G260PUM marine engine for all the power you might want.  To keep that power under control Aquacraft has also [...]