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Boom Racing Asian RECON G6

Boom Racing To Host First Asian RECON G6

The folks at Boom Racing are proud to announce that they are the hosts for the very first RECON G6 to be held in Asia. That’s right folks, Brian Parker & his crew will be making the trek this November to Hong Kong to put on one of his epic scale off-road events. The scale off-road scene has been blowing [...]


Boom Racing PHAT Rear Axle

Boom Racing PHAT Rear Axle for RC4WD Trucks

Make your RC4WD truck stand out in a crowd with a PHAT Rear Axle from Boom Racing. The PHAT rear axle fits RC4WD trucks like the Trail Finder 2 and Gelande 2, or can be used in your own custom build. Weighing in at 220 grams, the PHAT axle is a beast and comes with helical bevel gears for increased [...]


Boom Racing Drift Gyro

Boom Racing 007-BR V2 Drift Gyro Released

Hey rc drifting fans, AsiaTees Hobbies has just announced the release of Boom Racing’s latest Gyro, the 007-BR V2. If you don’t know much about gyros for car use, they act like a type of electronic stability control, making it much easier to drive your car on slick surfaces. The V2 007-BR is aimed at great performance while not breaking your [...]



Review – Boom Racing Boomerang Type G scale shocks

Whats up gang, Evol here with a little product review goodness for ya. With spring time finally arriving here in the midwest a lot of us would be RC’ers have come out of hibernation to hit the trails and do a little scaling. AsiaTees had sent me some Boom Racing Boomerang Type G scaler shocks to test out and I [...]


Boom Racing UNIQ Shocks

Boom Racing UNIQ Boomerang Shocks Now At AsiaTees

The folks over at Asiatees Hobbies wanted us to let you know about the new UNIQ feature on Boom Racing’s Boomerang Type G Shocks. You see, now you can configure the Boomerangs uniquely to your rig. On the Boom Racing UNIQ shocks you can customize the length, as well as the colors of your shock reservoir, the main shock body, [...]


Boom Racing Wheels

New Klaw and Aegis 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels From Boom Racing

New to the EVO line of wheels from Boom Racing is the Klaw and Aegis. These are both 1.9″ sized beadlocks that are machined from aluminum. Both offer a neat scale look while adding weight down low for better performance out on the trail. Pricing is right at $28 and more details can be found at This Link over on [...]


Boom Racing SCX10 Short Wheelbase Chassis

Boom Racing Kameleon 01 Axial SCX10 Short Wheelbase Chassis

Coming soon from Boom Racing is the Kameleon 01 Short Wheelbase Chassis for the Axial SCX10. With the Boom Racing SWB chassis you can give your SCX10 an entirely new scale look. The chassis is a 4-link design that features the same wheelbase as the Tamiya CC01, thus making it easy to mount up a bunch of different cool bodies. [...]



Everybody's Scalin' - Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Scaler …

Happy Black Friday to all! Holiday shopping season is officially underway, and you know, hobbyists, particularly scalers, can be a tough lot to buy for. Why? Because we buy it all ourselves! With that said we still do like to get gifts from other people from time to time, so here is an ecclectic mix of products that any scaler should [...]


Boom Racing PHAT Steel Axle Housings

Boom Racing PHAT Steel Axle Housings At AsiaTees

Beef up that Axial SCX10 of yours with the new Boom Racing PHAT Steel Axle Housings from AsiaTees Hobbies. Cast from steel, the axle housings help add weight (180 grams each) to get more traction, while also being extremely durable. There are two colors to pick from, silver or black, and they are priced at just $29. Want more details? [...]


Boom Racing Voodoo CVD Center Drive Shafts

Boom Racing Voodoo CVD Center Drive Shafts

New from Boom Racing are very trick Voodoo CVD Center Drive Shafts. These beefy metal drive shafts are available in various lengths from 45mm to 145mm, thus helping them fit a huge variety of different 1/10th and 1/14th scaled trucks. As you can see, they have a great scale look that can add some serious flair to your next build. The [...]


Boom Racing Type G Shocks

Video – Boom Racing Boomerang Type G Shocks

The folks over at AsiaTees Hobbies have released a new video showcasing Boom Racing’s new Type G Shocks. The Type G shocks were designed for a great scale look with an internal spring design. The Type Gs are available in a bunch of different colors, but for now are only available in a 120mm length (eye-to-eye 110mm). Check out the [...]


Boom Racing Evo Beadlock

Boom Racing Evo Beadlock Wheels at AsiaTees Hobbies

Need some sharp looking wheels for your trail rig? If so, AsiaTees Hobbies wanted us to let you know that Boom Racing has a huge line-up of Beadlock Wheels. Available for both 1.9″ or 2.2″ tires, the Boom Racing Beadlock wheels are made from aluminum and are priced to fit almost anyone’s budget (starting around $20 per pair). They are [...]


Boom Racing Gyro

Boom Racing 007-BR Drift Gyro

The rc world is truly split about gyros, half consider them the Devil, while the other half appreciate how their technology enhances the driving experience. If you’ve ever driven a rear wheel drive drift car, then you already know how incredibly hard they are to get around a track. To help make RWD drift cars more fun, Boom Racing has [...]


Boom Racing Shocks

Boom Racing Boomerang Type G Shocks Now Available For Pre-Or…

If you’ve been looking for a really trick looking set of shocks for your scale rig take a look at the new Boomerang Type G units from Boom Racing. The folks at AsiaTees Hobbies sent us a note to let everyone know they are now available for pre-order and will be shipping soon. Some of the features of the Boomrang [...]


Boom Racing Sakura D4 RWD/AWD

Boom Racing Upgrades For The Sakura D4 RWD/AWD

Need some bling for that new 3Racing Sakura D4 RWD/AWD of yours? No fear, the crew at Boom Racing have a bunch of upgrade parts to make your car stand out from the crowd. Some of the new upgrades include- * Carbon fiber chassis and upper deck * Aluminum shock towers * Aluminum rear hubs * Aluminum steering system, mixing plate and crank set * [...]