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metal mulisha rally car

We wanted to make sure and let everyone know the Atomik RC Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha 1/18th Scale Rally Car is on sale now! You can click HERE to visit the sale page!
It’s hard to beat $99 and FREE shipping on a vehicle we couldn’t destroy. And believe me, we tried.

We recently reviewed the Rally Car, and you can read the full review here.

Just a heads up that the Atomik RC Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha Motorcycle is on sale now! If you have been thinking about picking one up, now is the time before the sale ends! Click HERE to visit the sale page!

Hit this link for our Atomik RC news with more Brian Deegan goodness!

THE Atomik Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1:18 Scale Rally Car Review

It’s safe to say, that at this moment the RC Rally Car scene is pretty hot! Just about every company on the planet has a new rally car, or is working on one. The folks at Atomik not only predicted this trend, they mashed it with Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha on top of their Ford Fiesta license to take their 1/18th scale car to the next level. Can all the looks be backed up by performance? Keep reading to find out..


We just posted the Brian Deegan Rally Car Photos, so now it’s time for the Atomik RC 1/18 scale Metal Mulisha Short Course Truck! Can’t wait to get these vehicles tested! Out of the box they are looking great. The paint schemes look really cool.

Keep reading to see more pictures and comparison shots of the Rally and Short Course side by side!

atomik rc 1:8 scale brian deegan 4x4 truck

We have posted several Atomik RC stories about their licensed Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha vehicles, and today we have another one. It’s the Atomik RC Brian Deegan / Metal Mulisah 1/8 Scale Ford Raptor 150 RTR Truck!. What has us really excited, is this isn’t just a Venom Gambler with a new body, this is a new 4WD Short Course Truck!

It comes RTR with a 2.4GHz radio, Officially Licensed Ford Raptor SVT F-150 body, a 4-pole 2400Kv Brushless system, and even a 3-Cell LiPO battery! This thing has basher written all over it!

Click MORE to see the video of the new 4×4 in action!

Deegan Raptor Atomik Truck
As we Reported a couple of weeks ago, Atomik RC now has a new Metal Mulisha, Brian Deegan, 18th scale, officially licensed Ford Raptor 150 RTR short course truck. The new Atomik truck features full time 4wd, waterproof electronics, oil filled shocks, a 370 size brushed motor, and comes with a 6 cell Ni-mh battery. Street price is expected to be around $130, and they should be shipping in late August. Hit up THIS link for more information.

Looking for other Atomik/Venom news on BigSquid? HERE ya go.

brian deegan rally car

The folks over at Atomik RC keep putting smiles on our faces as they announced another Brian Deegan / Metal Mulisah vehicle. This time it’s in the form of a 1/18th scale rally car! Some of the details… 4wd, Official Licensed Ford Fiesta Rally Body, it’s a scale replica of Brian’s X-Games rally Cross car. It has a 370 brushed motor, 2.4GHz radio, and also comes with a 1000mAh NiMh battery.

Rally cars are the current ‘craze’ at the moment, and it’s great to see Atomik be on the ball with this one.

Click MORE to see the video of the rally in action!