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Redcat Racing Dukono PRO

Redcat Racing Dukono & Dukono PRO Monster Trucks

The last of the five new vehicles to be announced this week from Redcat Racing are the Dukono & Dukono PRO Monster Trucks. Both of these beasts are ready-to-run 1/10th scalers that were designed to make your backyard a full-on monster truck bash-arena. Here is the lowdown on both models- Dukono Monster Truck * High ground clearance chassis * Increased chassis lean for [...]


Pro Boat Valvryn 25 F1 Tunnel Hull

Pro Boat Valvryn 25″ F1 Tunnel Hull RTR

New from Pro Boat is the dynamic Valvryn 25″ F1 Tunnel Hull RTR. The Valvryn sports serious power with a 3000kV 4 pole brushless motor and comes with a self-righting hull design to make your life easy down at the local lake. Here are more highlights- * Dynamite 30 amp marine ESC * Durable ABS hull & canopy * Molded composite interior * Spektrum [...]


Redcat Racing Rampage R5

Redcat Racing 1/5 8S Rampage R5 Monster Truck

Part of the 5 vehicle announcement from Redcat Racing yesterday included the Rampage R5 Monster Truck. The R5 is a true beast coming in at 1/5 in size, plus it sports a gnarly 8S LiPo Capable brushless power system. When 6S just isn’t enough, the R5 is ready to put down some crazy 8S power. Here is more of the [...]


ARRMA 3S BLX 4x4 Granite Senton

ARRMA Announces 3S BLX Power For The Granite & Senton 4x4s

Here is the big news that all you ARRMA fans have been waiting for- just announced are 3S BLX powered versions of the 4×4 Granite and 4×4 Senton. That’s right, now you can get massive BLX brushless power in the RTR 4×4 Granite or RTR 4×4 Senton, here is more of the scoop- * 100 amp 3S capable BLX100 waterproof ESC * [...]


Rage RC RZX Buggy Unboxing

Unboxing The 1/6 Rage RC RZX Buggy

It has been about a month since Rage RC announced the 1/6 RZX RTR Brushless Buggy and we are stoked to finally have one in our hands. The first thing we did once it arrived was to grab a camera and get some all important unboxing pictures. As we pulled the RZX out of the box we took a bunch of [...]


Blackbox 800Z/Sonic 540-M3 25.5T ROAR Spec Combo

Reedy Blackbox 800Z/Sonic 540-M3 ROAR Spec Combo

Just announced by Reedy is a Blackbox 800Z/Sonic 540-M3 ROAR Spec Combo. The combo combines a Reedy ESC with a Reedy 25.5 turn brushless motor to give racers the power they need to own the podium. Here are some of its features and specifications- * Fully ROAR approved * Motor features the ROAR minimum resistance value * Precise control, sensored system * Excellent throttle [...]


Rage RC RZX 1/6 Buggy

Rage RC 1/6 RZX Brushless Buggy

Have you been looking for a new buggy to buy? What about a large scaler with serious power? If so, have a look at the new Rage RC RZX Brushless Buggy. The RZX comes in at a large 1/6th in scale and is loaded with a powerful 2350kV brushless motor. Here is more of the scoop- * Ready-to-run, 1/6th scale * 2wd [...]


HRC Tri-Pole MR30 Gold Connectors

HRC Tri-Pole MR30 Gold Brushless Motor Connectors

Coming soon from HRC are gold plated Tri-Pole MR30 Brushless Motor Connectors. These three pole connectors can be used between your brushless motor and ESC to make it faster/easier to change out motors between vehicles. HRC9020P – MR30 Triple – 1 male & 1 female HRC9020M10 – MR30 Triple – male 10 pcs HRC9020F10 – MR30 Triple – female 10 pcs The connectors are [...]


Losi 22S SCT

New and Hot – Losi 22S Brushless SCT RTR

Just announced this morning by Losi is the 22S Short Course Truck. The 22S is an all new ready-to-run short course truck from Losi that is based on their championship winning 22 platform. The 22 platform has always been known for incredible handling, now we can’t wait to check it out in SCT RTR form. Here are the highlights- * Brings [...]


Hobbywing XeRun Axe

Hobbywing XeRun Axe Power System

Just announced for all you rock crawling fans is the XeRun Axe Power System from Hobbywing. The Axe power system uses a number of innovations to make it one of the best systems on the market for rock crawling. * Staggered pole rotor for ultra-low torque ripple * All new, heavy duty, waterproof sensor harness * High driving efficiency for longer battery life * [...]


Castle Creations Sidewinder 4 ESC Review

Castle Creations Sidewinder 4 ESC Review

New for the bashing world from Castle Creations is the Sidewinder 4. Castle has been known since their very start as the company to go to when you are looking for serious power. How well does the SW4 handle the day in day out torture of bashing? Does it cog? How smooth is the power delivery? Read on to find [...]


Traxxas Red Edition M41

Traxxas Red Edition M41 Widebody Catamaran

With summer comes time on the water and Traxxas has just announced their Red Edition M41 Widebody Catamaran. Originally designed in full scale by DCB founder Dave Hemmingson, the Red Edition M41 has a great scale look, with extreme performance under the hood. * Hull designed for speed and stability * Virtually unsinkable * 50+ mph top speed * 40″ hull * Scale detailed cockpit * [...]


Castle Creations B Link Bluetooth

Castle Wireless B•LINK Bluetooth Programming Adapter

Just announced by Castle Creations is the B•LINK Bluetooth programming adapter. The new B•LINK allows you to connect wirelessly to your Castle ESC to make programming changes. Not having to hook up wires for programming saves time, plus the new B•LINK makes it easier than ever to make adjustments on your ESC with Castle’s free smart device app. * Initial release [...]


Mugen MBX8 Eco Buggy

Mugen 1/8 MBX8 Eco Buggy

Are you ready to race 8th scale this summer? If you are still looking for a buggy, have a look at the new Mugen MXB8 Eco. The Eco version of the MBX8 is the electric version with the Eco sharing the latest updates from its nitro powered sibling. * Designed for increased durability, acceleration, and run-time * New high traction differentials * New [...]


Losi Tenacity Desert Buggy

Losi TENACITY Desert Buggy

After a series of teasers, Losi has officially announced the TENACITY Desert Buggy. The newest TENACITY series vehicle is 1/10th scaled and comes in ready-to-run form. For power, the buggy sports a 550 sized Dynamite 3800kV brushless motor, and to help put all that glorious power to ground is Spektrum’s AVC electronic stability control system. Here are more details- * Scale [...]