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Losi XXL2-E MT

Losi 1/8 LST XXL2-E RTR Brushless 4WD MT with AVC

Ever driven an overpowered monster truck that was nearly impossible to keep on its wheels? The folks at Losi set out to fix that with their new LST XXL2-E. You see the XXL2-E comes with AVC stability control to help put 6S worth of brushless power to the ground. It also comes with the LST’s legendary reputation for toughness and [...]


Mamba Monster X ESC

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X Extreme 1/8th Waterpr…

The folks over at Castle Creations have just released full details on their new 8th Scale ESC called the Monster X. Here is the scoop on some of its new features-> * Programmable auxiliary wire to make “on-the-go” adjustments such as torque control, reverse, max throttle, and max brake. * Waterproof for bashing in any weather * Maximum cell count is 6S LiPo * [...]


Pro Boat Impulse 31-inch Deep-V V3 Brushless RTR

Pro Boat Impulse 31 Deep-V V3 Brushless RTR

With all this heat, getting in some time at the lake sounds like a fantastic idea. That sounds like a great excuse to get a boat to me. Now that you are in the boat market, the latest and greatest from Pro Boat is the Impulse 31. The Impulse is 31 inches long and comes with a mighty 1750kV brushless [...]


Losi TLD SCTE Review

Losi Ten-SCTE Troy Lee Designs RTR Review

If you are into motocross then you already know who Troy Lee is. If not, he is the helmet painter of the stars, known for impeccable custom helmet paint jobs and for very trick motocross apparel. Horizon Hobby teamed up with the Troy Lee Designs motocross/supercross team several years ago, now their collaboration has brought about a special edition Troy [...]


Dromida Brushless Review

Dromida Speed Series 1/18th Brushless 4WD RTR Review

In case you didn’t notice, the original brushed Dromida 18th Scalers flew off the shelves at local dealers. While the originals were fun to drive and held together well, they were missing one thing- big power. To right that situation Dromida has new versions of all their vehicles with Brushless Power Systems. Do the new vehicles give you a true [...]



LRP iX8 V2 1/8th Brushless ESC

The latest 1/8th esc from the folks at LRP is the iX8 V2. What’s new with the V2? It comes with new hardware to make it run cooler and comes pre-loaded with V2.6 team firmware. * 6S LiPo cell limit * No motor limit * USB software can be updated * Optimized sensored design * 6 volt 6 amp BEC The part number for the LRP [...]


Castle X Series

2 New X Series Extreme ESCs from Castle Creations

What is the latest news from Castle Creations? That would be their Mamba X Series 1/5th esc called the XL X and their 1/18th esc called the Micro X. These new controllers are more Extreme than ever with some neat new features. The coolest new feature that comes on both controllers is the addition of an Auxiliary Wire that allows [...]


Unboxing ECX Ruckus 4WD Brushless

Unboxing the ECX Ruckus 4WD Brushless RTR

Want to do some serious bashing? If so, it is hard to beat a 4wd monster truck. The folks over at ECX have a Brushless and AVC equipped version of their Torment 4WD that is aimed right at a typical basher. With its big tires and serious power under the hood, it should be a prime bashing vehicle. Below you’ll find [...]


Reedy SC600-BL ESC

Reedy SC600-BL Sensorless Brushless RTR ESC

Intended for use in 1/10th scale vehicles, the new Reedy SC600-BL esc is geared right at the basher crowd. The new Reedy is water-resistant for all you folks that like to bash when the going gets wet and it was designed to work with a wide range of sensorless brushless motors. * Auto detect for LiPo cell count * Cooling fan * 3.5mm [...]


Losi Mini 8IGHT AVC

Losi Mini 8IGHT with AVC

For our European readers, Horizon Hobby UK has announced a new version of the Losi Mini 8IGHT buggy that comes standard with AVC stability control. The addition of AVC should make the already stellar handling Mini 8IGHT even better when the going gets slick or extra rough. Some of its other features include- * 4500kV Dynamite brushless motor * Everything needed to [...]


Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Review

Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA Monster Truck Review

When we first saw the Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to get one in our hands. Its body had a nice scale look, it had a big ole’ brushless system inside, and it is one of the first trucks to hit the market with an on-board engine sound module. We’ve been bashing the daylights [...]


Unboxing Dromida Brushless RTRs

Unboxing the Brushless Speed Series Dromida 1/18th Scal…

The 1/18th scale Dromida off-road vehicles have been a hit since they started shipping to hobby shops, and why not, they are both fun and affordable. To up the fun factor even more, Dromida is now shipping a new version of their entire line-up featuring Brushless Power Systems. As we cracked open our test units we broke out the camera and [...]


LRP Twister 2 Buggy

LRP S10 Twister 2 Brushless RTR 2WD Buggy

New from LRP is the brushless powered S10 Twister 2 RTR Buggy. For your bashing enjoyment the buggy comes with features like splashproof electronics, 8.5 turn brushless motor, slipper clutch, ball bearings, and fully adjustable suspension geometry. The Twister 2 buggy has a part number of #120312 and Right Here is the link on the LRP website for complete details. More new [...]


Associated SC10 Brushless RTR LiPo Combo

Team Associated 1/10 SC10 Brushless LiPo RTR Combos

To make it easier than ever for newbies to get started in the hobby, Team Associated has announced 3 new SC10 Brushless LiPo Combos. Each truck comes with a waterproof brushless ESC, a water resistant receiver box, 3300kV Reedy brushless motor, battery charger, and a 3300mAh Reedy LiPo. For part numbers, the Lucas Oil version is #7046C, the Rockstar/Makita version is [...]



Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Unboxing

Since we first heard about it’s upcoming release, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck. When we got the call asking if we’d like the FIRST ONE before anyone else, I could only hope they didn’t hear the extra excitement in my voice. This truck is truly a beast. We like the body style, [...]